Into the Blue 2: The Reef

Sebastian and Danny for the good pay, being hired as a scuba divers guide to diving in the beautiful and perilous reefs of the Hawaiian Islands. In the process of steam becomes hostage to new customers, and they will need all their skill and love to survive.

  • Stephen Herek

Release Date: 2009-04-21
IMDb icon 4.7/10
  • Country: US
  • Language: English
Joannes Blessington
05 July 2009 | 11:33

At the time, in 2005, came the picture with Paul Walker (star of fast and the furious) and Jessica Alba, this is average thing was, in it all of this was happening to Paradise beaches, which the story was bad things, kill people, betrayal and the like sins.

History, it seems, was told to end all were not so simple. To change the star Duo in the second part came similar, but other people, all we do unknown, no to the naked eye, it becomes clear that MGM decided to "zustrichi dough" on a known name. That this often goes we know this film is not exception.

Let's start first, create a picture decided to hang on the man who in the 90s was filming things for Disney, such as "101 Dalmatians", "the Rock star" and other nonsense, this man Stephen Herek. What he learned in his work it's nice to remove that in principle it is clear, it's not nice to shoot a picture, the action of which takes place on the Golden beaches, with gorgeous underwater scenes, all the same hard.

That turned out bad, so that's the plot, in principle, it is already accustomed to, so what to make not will. Of the only acting I known only — March Tomasson, who lit up in several episodes of "LОST"-Oh, yeah she played tuhlovato.

In General, the picture is of themselves, some cuts, like from good components, but with poor implementation and weak many parameters to look only for those who missed fly only in order to have plenty of policestate on a beautiful species.

Rating: 4 out of 10: in addition to great scenery in the film is not present anything good.

Lisette Lavena
23 October 2009 | 11:19

Will begin the story of my opinion, formed after watching the movie "Welcome to Paradise! 2: the Reef" probably the PC it frankly quite boring and I am not impressed. And there's nothing special about that could to select.

The idea to make a film about the group of divers is not very original. But in the shooting no no decent cinematic scale, nor any variety, full of drive and adrenaline events. All pretty dry, fresh and clear.

The acting is also not is a plus point of the film and not very dynamic and exciting. The Duo of actors Chris Carmack Laura vandervoort, personally, I did not played not close together, not pull them down on a couple in love and all here. The other characters of the strip and the actors chosen to play is also nothing special memorable.

Film, and all it is good only the beautiful scenery of the ocean beach, still a good underwater film. Movies on my opinion, of the category and looked forgot. Waste of energy and another attempt to make money on the name of making a sequel to a successful film. The first part was good, and the second, the creators only spoil the good impression created after watching the first movie.

Into the Blue 2: The Reef is definitely on the fan, in I have not seen any worthy of a Thriller, nor adventure, nor the more Thriller.

5 from 10

Nani Alvis
12 March 2010 | 03:42

What at first catches the eye when browsing "Welcome to Paradise 2: the Reef", so that is tons of tanned and elastic female bodies, although there... why do tons of... given them flat tummies, more tons... But this still not change, the beauty of the beaches, sand, clear ocean water and the insanely blue sky in together with the beauty of the main characters — one is the movie cannot see.

In comparison with the original, with which the word sequel is not has nothing to do (well, except for water themes and problems inherent in the content of the deep sea), stellar names in the cast is diminished, but cute little faces and torsos pumped less, not have become. Of less familiar is present only Laura vandervoort (Hello TV series "Rival"), but new faces, the more such (again: watch the movie and admire the views), obviously went to the film just for that more project on emerging from video, we other was not expected.

So, with views and nature of the characters figured out — it remains to deal with the technical side of the paintings and her story. And technically everything is made perfectly — plans for water is worse than plans for land a couple facing the music tune in the film is screwed up as time to place.

The story in the least interesting. Under the end I would like a little more twists in the plot, but and what is Casey Cooper was satisfied, although the buildup in the beginning may seem overly lengthy, but in the film everything is the size and the intrigue connected with... not with kazhu with whom than the frame is present. So what is the reason for viewing terms of plot, too, can count as a plus a string of the merits of the film.

Summary: sequels to well-known designs coming out at once on DVD, not always meet the standards of the original and high expectations of the audience, but "Welcome to Paradise 2: the Reef" in the swim to the viewer's heart kept its average result and pleased with the main characters, good camera work, and quite a bad storyline.

7 of 10

Who is the director of the movie Into the Blue 2: The Reef?
This tv-show was directed by Stephen Herek.
What is the genre of Into the Blue 2: The Reef?
The tv-show belongs to the genres of Action, Thriller, Adventure.
Who starred in Into the Blue 2: The Reef?
Many famous actors starred in this tv-show, here are the names of the most famous: Chris Carmack, Laura Vandervoort, Marsha Thomason, Michael Graziadei, Mircea Monroe.
What is Into the Blue 2: The Reef IMDB Ranking?
At the moment, the rating is 4.7.
When was Into the Blue 2: The Reef released?
The start date for this tv-show on USA TV is 2009-04-21.