Inside Out

Riley is an ordinary 11-year-old schoolgirl, and, like all of us, her behavior define five basic emotions: Joy, Sadness, Fear, Anger and Disgust. Emotions live in the minds of girls and every day to help her cope with the challenges of directing all its actions. From time to time emotions live together but suddenly it turns out that Riley and her emotions struggle to adjust in a small town, in a noisy and crowded metropolis. Each of the emotions considers what she knows best what to do in this difficult situation, and in the mind of the girl there is complete confusion. To establish life in the big city, settle into their new school and make friends with classmates, emotions Riley will have to learn to work together.

  • Pete Docter
  • Ronnie Del Carmen

Release Date: 2015-06-19
IMDb icon 8.2/10
  • Country: US
  • Language: English
  • Budget: $175,000,000
  • Revenue: Cumulative Worldwide $857,611,174
Ilka Paviour
23 June 2015 | 10:40

I last week I read and heard a huge number of views on "the Puzzle", and all he was in main that now, Pixar is back again, and began to shoot as need of in front of us a bomb, a masterpiece, a work of genius. And when I went to the cartoon, I was straight sure now I will blow your mind! What now I will rip direct from the emotions enthusiasm that I have a half hour sit, clutching armrests afraid to breathe! So that's - no, it wasn't so.

The first doubts visited a while watching the short film, which is also all praised as she was just no. Effectively, but does not interested.

And then he began a cartoon... no, let us say at once - it is great! It beautiful, smart, interesting and I will be happy to revise it for the second time. But nothing outstanding in it. In contrast Pandas, Dragons or the valley, here there is no Central, haunting theme. Brain, and thought processes? Yes, they are shown the unusual side, but a little too quickly, superficially and without imagination. Seriously, you after viewing can easily make up a couple of situations that would fit perfectly and here them greedy.

The theme of growing up? This, of course, purely my experience but sometimes it began to seem that the girl just goes with mind. Perhaps you tell it happens, but when you floor the film does not feeling that all over what we will show a deranged child - well, not I expect Pisarevsky cartoons.

The interaction of emotions of different people - that we were shown in the trailer is really good and fun, that's only those moments are very few(very-very). Emotions themselves look good, but that's the Joy of a little annoying. Sometimes not a bit. Sorry, but when the main hero wants to give the father's "bream" is also not is the film in favor. Well and the journey of "lost" emotions addictive. Partly because, as mentioned, little of the original situation (in cartoon this idea of their straight forward to every minute). Partly because of the behaviour of Joy.

In General, repeated again and time cartoon great. Go to it is necessary, and you will absolutely love it. But here to expect from him to do something supernatural is not worth it.

Not a masterpiece.

Carlie Birkle
30 July 2015 | 11:22

can I tihohonko will yell at you? (Anger/Emily Jane)

Of what, what does, what made our girls? Apparently, this question of a children's song to still is haunted by the enthusiasts. In any case, the original altlanta Pixar really looks like an attempt to give the required answer. Eleven-year-old Riley, dlinnenkie, blond, with a touching gap-toothed smile, turned in "Puzzle" inside out: the inner world to the viewer. Oh, of course, without the old-naive pretty absurd with flowers, bells, notebooks and perekladki. All — in strict accordance with the psychological science... well, or almost. The girl sleepily stretches himself, ready to face the day. Responding to glowing in the projector yesterday's a memory, spinning the gears of a personal island family love, and signaled the train of thought approaching the head of the Department. And in there for a Central console, dancing on the balls of your feet from the anticipation of miracles, have waiting in the wings blue-eyed Joy.

What would be the emotions caused a cartoon in the subsequent process of reflection (Yes, the inner Sadness of the author have stretches the memory of viewing his limp fingers cool), an innovative approach to its creation and the ability of pisarova to skillfully combine seemingly incongruous indisputable. In fact, we have a manual on psychology dummies, scientific-comic like funny books of childhood, where the brave scouts measure the distance from the Earth to Jupiter a giant roulette, clouds are singing a song about the water cycle in nature, and made in the field talking bacteria Camille gives informative footnotes. Only then popularly explain to the audience the subject matter is somewhat more complicated, and its a cartoon interpretation of a much wittier (without this in any way, try to draw the four stages of abstract thinking!). The adventure of Grief and Joy, lost in the maze of long-term memory while the Fear, Disgust and Anger awkwardly try to keep a positive attitude little Housewives in the background coming to the disaster of moving in another city, simple, affordable and effectively demonstrates that the memories make us us to be afraid or angry — did not ashamed imaginary friends go once, and parents — same people. At this lecture rigid frame securely hidden under caramel locks and potato forest mental locations, disguised by humor and fiction. As before, the writers of Pixar are trying not so much to configure thinking how to appeal to the senses, to get again to experience the the emotions — sun-gold, cold blue, pure — from which the heart is full of vague tenderness. Stimulate our own best memories, erasing from their film of dust.

Against the background of these experiences presented detection "Puzzle" shortcomings seems to be ingratitude. But, once noticing the key of them already don't dismiss. Personalization geniuses who knew how to see a unique personality in the rat, rusty tractor, a nightmare and a submerged volcano, became hostages of our own creative method: five love described personalities-emotion pushed that the only thing which we in principle be compassionate — very Riley. They — too lively, too complex and bright this background of a simplified and still, in the vast corporeal locations, where eyes — only the window of the command post, and his character — a collection of giant windup toys, symbolizing love to the mother, or hockey, or to wicked ass drawing them away after swimming. For Riley feel for Riley think Riley make decisions. Press the buttons, forcing her to knit his brow, to drag money out of foreign handbags, mindlessly humming the jingle about Lyme with mint. Even a short sob in my mother's shoulder, a sign occurring after crying for a long time of blessed rest — just a reaction to the puppets. No girls. Only gears, ports for flash drives, Yes settled in the mechanism of organic change. "After all, we love our Riley", — the refrain is repeated emotions. Yes, they love her so well as you can love your car or home. Proud of her: so well as you can be proud of a job well done or a good parteyku in simulation of The Sims. Virtual character in the course of a lifetime realized all your random desires, pumped most of the skills and successfully developed five aspects of the personality — bingo! But worth game of the effort?

Ardys Lefty
16 December 2015 | 03:23

Closer to my day of birth mother allowed me to choose the cartoon on which it will be possible to go. I chose the Puzzle, so like watching the trailer of this cartoon, I was looking forward to when I finally see it. And I come in theater what do I see? Stunning, kind and heartwarming family cartoon! Now I explain why it I liked it so much.


The most important thing in any movie or cartoon is the plot. In"the Puzzle," he pretty simple, but simultaneously very unusual.

The story is that in the minds of each person there are five emotions - joy, sadness, anger, disgust and fear. Thanks to them people can be happy, upset, scared, etc.

Such emotions there are the main character Riley. Riley is a girl 11 years, which, together with family moved from a small cozy town in huge bustling San Francisco. And when girls so things are bad, joy and sadness accidentally carried away from your "place of work". Now they have to go back until Riley you stopped being you.

I said, the plot with one hand fairly simple, and the other is incredibly interesting and fantastic. We show an incredibly beautiful world of consciousness, because of which it looks like you got into a fairy tale. But the picture animation later.


Riley is an eleven year old girl, which moved with his family in another city and now is very nervous because of this. For her emotions we observed for a cartoon. It tries to settle in San Francisco, but without joy and sorrow she is easy is given. Riley loves his family very much and play hockey.

Joy-the emotion in the consciousness of Riley, who makes a girl happy. It leaves with Sorrow inside the heads of Riley. She is very cheerful and optimistic, kind and should be a joy. It is not very good with Sadness, so as it believes it is too boring. Joy tries to make Riley was always happy, though she was not always possible.

Sadness is another emotion Riley, who is responsible for that Riley sometimes mourn. At this is she sad constantly, that characteristic of such emotions, as the sadness. It with Joy is for the altars of their "job" and as and Joy tries to come back.

Fear, the third emotion in the girl's head. Fear ensures that Riley didn't went to a dangerous place, not doing things that can harm didn't do anything that could affect the girl. When Joy and Sadness go missing, the Fear along with the other two emotions trying to maintain a good mood, Riley, but, alas, it is it is not very good.

Anger-the fourth emotion Riley. It monitors that girl could repulse the enemy or defend their opinions. It is very easy to anger and then it is difficult to calm. If Anger started to get angry, it already will not stop. That's Riley has problems but this emotion is still need it. Also helps the Anger to the Fear and Disgust to follow the behavior of Riley in the lack of Joy and Sorrow.

Disgust-the last character, we talk. As said Joy, "She sees that Riley is less sick". And that she makes. She gives Riley horrible take on the taste of food and allows you to communicate with those of those who can "vomit". Also Disgust love to Riley looked at hundred not like when the girl was walking in the same same clothing. She also helps others emotions with Riley.

All the characters are very unusual and creative. From each has its own character, which is revealed to over the cartoon. Also interesting characters such as: Bingo-Bongo-imaginary friend Riley, residents of consciousness, the unicorn and many others.


The humor here just fine! Here funny jokes, funny situations, because of which I want to laugh very and very long, fun characters, which also adds a cartoon something like that, which to smiles.

Image animate:

Well here I not going to say much. We are talking about the animation Studio Pixar, of course everything here is just the highest level. I already said the world of consciousness sends man into a fairy tale. So is! The world of consciousness is incredibly colorful and beautiful. We show what may be imagination girl, her fears and dreams.

But if the world of consciousness is incredibly colorful, the ordinary world it is quite common that right. The real world is really like a reality. It is not bright as our consciousness and imagination. Ordinary world and the world of consciousness are so different, that should be. They can't be similar. Surely your imagination and reality is also very different!

Now I want to talk about the sad moments. And them in the cartoon very much. And they really sad. In the cinema I cried about three times. And not just me. Cartoon emotion incredibly emotional! And it's great. It is seen that this movie is not just talking about other people's emotions, but leads to action.


In your birthday I looked the best cartoons that I saw life! I hope in the future we will see more of the same a wonderful, emotional and beautiful cartoon! Many modern cartoons are boring, with stupid humor and crazy story, but "Puzzle"-a cartoon that is worthy of attention as children and adults.

10 10

of course!

How much has Inside Out made?
Commercial tv-show fees worldwide today are Cumulative Worldwide $857,611,174.
How much did it cost to make Inside Out?
According to various sources, the cost of producing the tv-show was at least $175,000,000.
Who is the director of the movie Inside Out?
This tv-show was directed by Pete Docter, Ronnie Del Carmen.
What is the genre of Inside Out?
The tv-show belongs to the genres of Adventure, Comedy, Animation, Best Animation Movies 2015, Best movies 2015, Best Family Movies 2015, Best Fantasy & Sci-fi Movies 2015, Best Disney Movies.
Who starred in Inside Out?
Many famous actors starred in this tv-show, here are the names of the most famous: Amy Poehler, Phyllis Smith, Richard Kind, Bill Hader, Lewis Black.
What is Inside Out IMDB Ranking?
At the moment, the rating is 8.2.
When was Inside Out released?
The start date for this tv-show on USA TV is 2015-06-19.