The film narrates about the investigation of the writer Truman Capote, the murder of the family of a farmer in Holcomb, Kansas. After months spent in this town, Capote wrote his famous book in cold blood.

  • Douglas McGrath

Release Date: 2006-10-13
IMDb icon 7/10
  • Country: US
  • Language: English
  • Budget: $13,000,000
  • Revenue: Cumulative Worldwide $2,689,799
Tamara Sil
09 December 2012 | 12:35

But I haven't Saint. I an alcoholic. I junkie. I homosexual. I genius. Of course, I could be the others third, fourth, still be a Saint. But for the time being not turns out, I'm sorry. Truman Capote

In the work Hood I fell in love literally with the first row and as familiarity with it works all the more imbued with sympathy for to the author, to the individual. Bright representative of the new York Bohemia of the 50-60s, unusual, eccentric, egotistical and possessed of great talent as not only the narrator, but and listener.

The story contained in his book cold blood made me a great impression, not only because of the events described in it but because she told the Bonnet, demonstrating characters, the killers in particular, not unambiguous characters.

It all started with that the Hood once read an article about the murder of a farm family in a small Kansas town. Murderers are not found, and the cruelty with which it was quite crime shocked not only its residents, but and all America. The hood knew what feelings were experienced by the inhabitants of this town knew about their paternotte fear realized the news can be a great material for his article. Then he no idea how cool this is the trip will change his life — for 6 years, he talked to them events and closely followed them development, and then wrote the book that became the top of his work.

The film tells in some detail not only work progress report to the Hood, but gives us the ability to understand what kind of man he was. Toby Jones has done with role — here is not only extraordinary resemblance with Truman, but and how he was able to pass it manners, behavior and how corny as it sounds, to reveal the inner world. Have not me have any doubt that the Hood was exactly as provided us with Jones. Plus I want to mention Daniel Craig, which again I was surprised and proved his talent is not only the role of bond, and Sandra bullock, which, frankly, I'm not fond of, but there was very glad to see.

I really liked the movie, and I definitely credit it as a favorite, although I will assume that people unfamiliar with the Hood do not read/watched "the cold-Blooded murder" (almost immediately after the book was filmed), it will be less interesting, though, who knows.

8 from 10

Henrie Gawain
06 April 2010 | 09:25

"Bad reputation" tells the story of a Truman Capote at the time of writing it famous novel "In Cold Blood". The article is devoted to the investigation of the murder of the farmer's family in Holcomb, Kansas, with time, grew up in a product. The film revolves around the novel — here and background, talks with character the process of writing, and destiny after the book in light.

One morning Truman saw in the newspaper a short note about the murder, and, blushing, went to a provincial town with the aim to cover this event. However, the locals don't have shown no desire to help him in its beginnings, but Truman managed to find a loophole. Charming, pushy, telling right and left stories of celebrities slightly balagura, it generates interest and inspires confidence, decoupling languages. Little for little it collects information, but there can sometimes be unexpected — find the killers, and the whole his idea with the article transformirovalsya in something more. And most require interviews with criminals, implicated in the case, which are not have no desire to speak with the Hood. And if one to sell was easy enough, just promising money, with others the situation is much more complicated. Here begins to unfold the most interesting line of the relationship of the Hood and condemned killer Perry Smith, a tough man, not deprived of sense of beauty.

"Bad reputation" right after the Shine of the cast then you Sigourney weaver, and Gwyneth Paltrow, and Isabella Rossellini, and Peter Bogdanovich... but more striking is the fact that they play the role of the second plan. And the ball is ruled by the fact three — Toby Jones (though looked in the way the Hood slightly pretentious and coyly, but it didn't stop him used to role — is it some special charm); Sandra bullock (rather uncommon role of Harper Lee — already familiar with the types, weary writer, a close friend of Capote, bullock played her very relaxed and course) Daniel Craig (Perry Smith — a convicted murderer with the soul of the artist and a difficult childhood, at first glance I'm not recognized it Craig and was very surprised when I realized that he is. Of this one can deduce that plays well).

"Capote" Oscar winner I haven't seen what to compare to me not than. "notorious" the left a very positive sensation, enough diversified pattern — forcing smile and stop to mourn. In some places, even scary, for example the scene of the inspection of the house after the murder — not spoken nor the words, the silence, but the tension makes you know. And also very touching, heartfelt and lyrical.

8 from 10

Devora Johm
04 February 2014 | 12:00

Well, the film "notorious" has made on me very strong impression. So strong that I, after two days, revised it again. Then I saw "Capote" (2005), in parallel with it, directly absorbing a book of Truman Capote "cold-Blooded murder." On the same film at the original script, which took eight years after the tragic events are recorded in "In Cold Blood", me have the courage to. I used the word "tragic", but may it will not confuse those who target  notoriety because the film is not all about the crime of Smith and Hickock. In discusses the process of creating novel Capote in its kind of the book-the pioneer of the genre "novel-reportage" "cold-Blooded murder."

Truman Capote (Toby Jones). First session screen pestreet many characters who, in the main — nothing but entourage to show how socially and professionally successful was the author. Truman Capote, "passion for fashion" man resembling a dwarf in expensive outfits with the voice of a broken doll, accidentally brought from the magic wood in a brilliant Bohemians of new York, have achieved success, recognition and respect where a tall young and juicy smashed his forehead trying to run to get rich. It is impossible not to admire its wit, irony, deep intelligence, sensitivity and ability to read a person like a book. Toby Jones so vividly and authentically conveyed the image of the Hood that present writer's different for me now is simply impossible. At all due respect to the talent of the departed Philip Seymour Hoffman, it the Hood is faded and inexpressive. In no not a drop of the charisma that cling to people and forced the little American to take other people's skeletons of the cabinets, scoop, and fish human mystery, and then to tell us about them for lunch at the secret around the world. Jones has managed to show all the palette of feelings, the whole spectrum of emotions from idle curiosity, liking to true affection empty.

Perry Smith (Daniel Craig). Lung beginning of the movie, with funny scenes does not prepares the viewer to that the following discussion will focus on the cold-blooded murder of four people who were shot in their own home without real reason. But when the screen appear the murderers of the Clutters, the temperature changed significantly. The challenge of Daniel Craig was that he had to reliably play the man, striking not only in appearance but and intrinsically different from him. The fate of Perry Smith's tragic. Life is not has babied it since early childhood. Parental divorce, suicide sisters and brother, disaster, where he was badly crippled legs, all it turned very gifted and ambitious man in angry with all the light of the criminal. Craig has shown that can not only to wave a gun and jump expensive suits with trains train. In principle, the typical role to him new, but to play such an ambivalent character, as Smith — a real challenge. How strange, but looking at Perry Smith, I remembered Bane in performed by Tom hardy (" the Dark knight: the legend", 2012).

dick Hickock (Lee pace). If the Pace got the role of a partner Smith. He too, its kind, lucky. To play a real person — always interesting, and doubly interesting to transform into who externally, as they say, "not even close to stand." Pace — tall, handsome man, with correct, expressive facial features, especially beautiful his eyes. A good looking guy to play, don't replay all of Shakespeare's characters (what really, he did for theater stage). In that time, as Hickok — a short, scrawny guy, and after a disaster and the disproportionate face (one eye noticeably smaller than the other). So or differently, but a short period of time, inherited If the Pace, he worked perfectly, having managed not to get lost in the more experienced actors and do not misinterpret his character.

"Bad reputation" — the film is a kaleidoscope. Despite that line — this is a psychological drama, there and then it interspersed with moments of humor, irony, Thriller and God knows what. Therefore, to comprehend it to end after the first viewing personally, I failed. When the focus is first on a speech Gwyneth Paltrow's (brilliant five minutes!), then switches to Comedy notes associated with the odd couple — eccentric Bonnet and imperturbable Nell Harper Lee (very reliable work Sandra Bullock), and then the blood literally freeze in his veins after meeting with criminals, here is difficult immediately spread out on the right shelves. Perry Smith and Richard Hickock — not Bonnie Parker and Clyde barrow. Their cruelty not even the shade loving fever, not to cover up a romantic aura. So absurd and inglorious murder, what can only praise the writer who has left in manuscript the soul and heart.

Of 9 10

How much has Infamous made?
Commercial tv-show fees worldwide today are Cumulative Worldwide $2,689,799.
How much did it cost to make Infamous?
According to various sources, the cost of producing the tv-show was at least $13,000,000.
Who is the director of the movie Infamous?
This tv-show was directed by Douglas McGrath.
What is the genre of Infamous?
The tv-show belongs to the genres of Crime, Drama, Biography.
Who starred in Infamous?
Many famous actors starred in this tv-show, here are the names of the most famous: Sigourney Weaver, Toby Jones, Gwyneth Paltrow, Sandra Bullock, Isabella Rossellini.
What is Infamous IMDB Ranking?
At the moment, the rating is 7.
When was Infamous released?
The start date for this tv-show on USA TV is 2006-10-13.