In the Line of Fire

In that ill-fated day in Dallas was killed President Kennedy, Frank Horrigan was among the guards. Memories of an unfulfilled mission for many years has not let him sleep. 30 years later, the maniac psycho threatening to kill the President, Frank chooses a target for persecution. And in this dangerous game only willpower will decide who will survive...

  • Wolfgang Petersen

Release Date: 1993-07-09
IMDb icon 7.2/10
  • Country: US
  • Language: English
  • Budget: $40,000,000
  • Revenue: Cumulative Worldwide $176,997,168
Alica Braswell
03 August 2010 | 04:38

I was always fascinated with the confrontation with different movies. When two man in different sides confront each other. And they are true professionals, they know know in hundred times more than ordinary mortals. And like the scales fall professionalism of one in opposed to the professionalism of the other, and the finale shows who still was the best in the business. Well, the truth, best as a rule, is a positive character. Here why I loved that movie. However, one idea of confrontation fed you will not. Important story, important acting, what are important things and the parts of which are scattered throughout the film. And in this film almost all the indicators height.

Not one I admired the game with John Malkovich. If you believe the heading "awards", then in 1994, he was nominated 4 times various film awards in the category "best villain" or "best supporting actor" and, alas, no never received a Oscar, nor at least nobody desired MTV. For the actor is a bit disappointing. It clear this role Mitch Leary. Not surprised to learn that he was preparing for a role the Stanislavsky system, and it is no secret that many Hollywood actors prefer this system work exclusively for her. John turned into his character, before us appeared a fully thought out character, which has its own life, its past, its fate and John Malkovich so played by fact, a fictional person that it seems like really Mitch Leary plays himself Mitch Leary.

As for agent Harrigan, then again causes some sympathy for the idea of Superman, and professional, but still a middle-aged agent. We are generously show the weaknesses of the hero Clint Eastwood. He already do not in the form to run fast and to catch up, it his forces leave that when they need, cold and malaise knock it off balance, dizziness interfere with concentration. We show a man who is not like how I was before, but the less slipping accepts the challenge of a killer. And when a fever, they cannot fully carry out your professional actions, then we show that he is as people as ordinary people, only at the more interesting and dangerous work. In contrast various superheroes, which will hurt in hands and feet, but they are all the same for the rest of the movie forget about the wound run, jump, shoot, and in the end fight with the main villain.

The only thing that do not like film, this is the scene in the Elevator, and it is the piece of the massacre. Very unnatural. In addition, there was doubt that the chilled agent with the temperature would have allowed to the protection of the President. Or Harrigan concealed, that is he sick? But is before going not agents have to pass some kind of a little bit of a medical examination? Not know there them with this things, but such issues arose. But all this stuff. Acting — brilliant, the story — exciting to watch — fun.

8 from 10

Dianna Pearline
04 October 2010 | 08:31

One of the factors of attracting a large number of audience to the movie is if it is removed one, two or several(and sometimes a whole bunch, as in "the Expendables")famous actors. This film, I watched it is because of this reason, in General, of course, Clint Eastwood.

I recall that on the box Forrest Gump, in the movie, it was written:"changed by the help of modern technology historical chronicle",and so, in this movie, released a year earlier, this is also present, and on the box this one does not showing off. Well, okay, now on the tape itself.

Most memorable character of John Malkovich. Such cold-blooded and calculating killer I haven't seen already for a long time. And Clint Eastwood on this time remember poorly, because his character is typical of a seasoned special agent who knows everything all sees through people?

About the plot. A great detective story about attempted to the President. A large number of exciting moments, almost the entire film the audience are kept in suspense, developed characters and interesting dialogues.

Action. It here is not so much, which is not too good, fights are poorly staged, the blood too much obviously that fake. The only thing that is done very cool chase, but them on the film is only a couple of pieces.

In General, this film combines the all best of the classic fighters such as "die hard" and"Lethal weapon",creating thereby a kind of benchmark of the genre, from which have for many years take an example. For a little while, he became a timeless classic of American cinema, with its pluses and minuses.

Abigail Zelde
15 November 2014 | 03:38

What's great about the US? Democracy? Well, Yes, one person — one voice, of course, if you're not an Indian, not a southerner, not Negro, not Chinese, not Italian, even more than a woman. What? Oh yeah, we talk about modern America, which is trying to look better and cleaner than it is. So, then, let me think. Wars, and with them and win? About Yes, the only victory won by the gallant "Yankee" was over the Indians that nothing was to counter gunpowder weapons Yes dynamite sticks. A great victory, Yes. What? Civil war? I belittle. There would any case would have won Americans. What else? Oh, fast food! No, it bad example, so as the across-obesity has become a downright scourge of the 21st century. *scratched his head* Well well, there is only one, but it is the violent death of rulers this nice country by the hands of "concerned" citizens. And about this will be discussed today. So, it — "In the line of fire".

Frank Horrigan, an aging secret service agent. He cynical, it hard, it to the impossibility of rude. Naturally, in this situation with a hero of Clint Eastwood's no one wants to work, a boss is rushing to send the last C out of sight and out of mind, for example to hunt for a gang of counterfeiters. And naturally, the reason for such an unbearable character Frank are the events of the past that a concrete slab lying on the soul of the hero. The thing that at the time, Frank was the bodyguard for John F. Kennedy and failed to save the 35th President of the USA from a bullet. And after the incident, the hero, tortured by guilt, closed in himself, he broke off relations with your friends from his wife left him, and all left Frank so is it work, and also the possibility to play piano a local bar. Pleasant enough, does not it? But one day in the life of a hero of Clint Eastwood's changing dramatically and the reason to become a man without the past, present and future, a man that behind the fictitious name of John Booth and who hides his true person for a lot of masks, man, that is obsessed with one idea only — to kill the President.

That is not say, and Clint Eastwood versatile actor, each of roles which can be remembered by the viewer for a long time. Someone remembers Clint Eastwood as "the last cowboy with the Wild West," someone like a weary veteran past the horrors of war in Vietnam just dream about one — to left alone, well and someone remember the actor as a daring boxer Philo of Biddo, what to a his faithful orangutan Clive has been throwing punches Yes slap a gang of bikers. For me the most colorful characters Clint Eastwood played those people who are faced with an obsessive serial killer and were forced to play with the last of cat and mouse. And that is why this film I miss well, not could.

And that the same can be said about this picture? In fact, only good. Clint Eastwood and John Malkovich — fine actors, each of which was able to recreate on screen, unforgettable image. And let the goals the characters are different, but their characters in very similar. Each of the they were disappointed in life and they almost nothing left. Frank Horrigan clings to your job as a lifeline and only do not allow him to drink to be introspective, which is not will be good. At this hero Clint Eastwood spit on President, him to spit on sacred American democracy, and also do not care that says there is a narcissistic asshole of the protection of the President, but not him care for colleagues to the simple hard workers, it here's why. For their sake, but also in order to atone for a mistake made thirty years ago to the ill-fated bullet that was intended for the President. "John Booth" is disappointed worldwide and people of inhabit it, and he wants to prove to Frank, ordinary citizens, the President, and most importantly yourself, that everything is garbage. That in the world nothing is worth to save, no anyone would deserve love, and if so, then all so it was nice to get away at this slamming the door on good-bye. And because "John Booth" is calling the one person who as it seems it understand — Frank Horrigan. Guy who took everything and got nothing in return. At this character is John Malkovich not trying to convert Frank on their side, how can it then will try to make the infamous Dr. Lecter with Clarice Starling, he is not necessary. He just wants to talk, he wants to play the audience. And he plays. And hell this role John Malkovich was supposed to "Oscar", well, or at least  a Golden globe, because such villains in the world cinema times two and a handful.

Thereby, the entire film takes place in the anticipation of something ominous, the atmosphere is injected with every minute of it, Frank Horrigan be on close of death, and hero John Malkovich just cynical smiles turning round neck another passerby who just don't lucky enough to be in the day killer. All this results in enchanting ending that leaves neesley imprint on the soul.

What same secondary actors? And you know they are not lost on the background of their famous colleagues. Here for example, al, in the performance of Dylan McDermott — young and untried secret agent, who happen to be partners with Frank. Usually, in this kind of movies like hero perceived as background, just not here. Dylan McDermott all the soul invested in your character and feelings the boy's face sincere, real. One scene in the car when al burst into tears, worth. Or also Rene Russo. The talented actress, which is not so and can often be seen on the big screen, but every the appearance is able to be remembered for a long time. So same here. About such as Lily to say that a woman with iron eggs, but it is essentially only a screen for which hides a vulnerable and sensitive girl, which simply does not someone to rely on in this harsh and cruel world, and because it trying to look cool and independent.

Well, then there say? "In the line of fire" — a great detective Thriller with a twisted story line for a view which the time flies by. Recommend.

8 from 10

How much has In the Line of Fire made?
Commercial tv-show fees worldwide today are Cumulative Worldwide $176,997,168.
How much did it cost to make In the Line of Fire?
According to various sources, the cost of producing the tv-show was at least $40,000,000.
Who is the director of the movie In the Line of Fire?
This tv-show was directed by Wolfgang Petersen.
What is the genre of In the Line of Fire?
The tv-show belongs to the genres of Action, Crime, Drama.
Who starred in In the Line of Fire?
Many famous actors starred in this tv-show, here are the names of the most famous: Clint Eastwood, John Malkovich, Rene Russo, Dylan McDermott, Gary Cole.
What is In the Line of Fire IMDB Ranking?
At the moment, the rating is 7.2.
When was In the Line of Fire released?
The start date for this tv-show on USA TV is 1993-07-09.