Ice Age: Collision Course

A desperate pursuit of the elusive acorn katapultiert Skrata to space, where he accidentally starts a whole series of cosmic events. They will change the whole world the Glacial period and will become a real threat to him. To escape, Sid, Manny, Diego and other animals must leave their homes to go to a fun and exciting adventure to exotic new lands and meeting many new colorful characters.

  • Mike Thurmeier
  • Galen T. Chu

Release Date: 2016-07-22
IMDb icon 5.7/10
  • Country: US
  • Language: English
  • Budget: $105,000,000
  • Revenue: Cumulative Worldwide $408,579,038
Binni Bullen
30 September 2016 | 01:59

"Ice age: a Clash is inevitable," sad, sad repeating spectacle for the viewer at least a little adult, it pathetic, cliche, and straight hit in the forehead with his vymochennoy. Of course the problem you obvious, as two and two four, because already since the second film, it became clear in which direction will develop the franchise. For something fresh in terms of humor and ideas for episodes does not hide his intentions to cash in on the audience sympathetic to the characters of the cartoon, which them as family. Say so, so as the first film I decided to the coffin with every fiber of his soul, and sure it love you. And just remember that the story of the survival of a group of animals with little girl, where you will even notice was the real tragedy of the position of a little child, threatened by death, and the story itself evoked genuine emotions. The rest continue as it is a long established, falling in the quality and disappointed you all more often and more often.

As time went on, things change, and after the fourth part with the pirates, where the Studio then took the coverage is still fans of "the Pirates of the Caribbean world", it seems to be a lull. But took, Studio bosses took and sent the poor squirrel with a nut in space, turned on the mode of the "Looney Tunes" introduced in the story of a certain boyfriend Julian daughter Manny, that story was like the elucidation of family relationships, and were clear to all, and to this add a few iconic references of the "Space Odyssey," "Armageddon". And the story takes us in the jungle, where no clear motivation of characters, and the campaign itself was bound for the ears. And the idea about the trap meteorite with the help of magnetism, reminiscent of "the piano of the bushes" roughly kicked you in the head with the hundredth floor. Cartoon impenetrably stupid, false, and resembles a plastic toy with McDonald's (for this purpose, he was shot), it just devoid of soul, perhaps, and all. But here in the end enter into the contradictions, because there is cartoons studios poorer, that's trust delivered much worse than the fifth "Ice age" as in terms of animation, so and terms of humor, plot and everything else.

But those cheap cartoons made in the experiencing sometimes raised on the knees of the least tried to squeeze something fresh and even if a little something original, and imagine some of this work, and even with a twinkle. A shiftless is the obvious continuation, sucked from the remnants of one of the best cartoons of the twenty first century. And I ask, — "And there are many such franchises leading the same game removes such continuation. What do you so to find fault with a harmless Hollywood fake class "B"?". In response answer there is a small exception of the rules, managed to avoid loss of quality, not has ceased from times times to surprise him, and such examples as the whole "toy Story", "How to train your dragon", "Madagascar", "Kung fu Panda"(though third part, I completely neutral, but all she trilogy still Mila), will have the creators of the fifth episode of the "Ice age" to shame for their offspring, which of course is not occur, we will carry the money on the continuation of the pipeline, which the sixth part we will show the afterlife with a squirrel, angels, or even some garbage that is completely killed in the film remains of something human.

good night, and the squirrel still sorry.

Wren Gauthier
18 July 2016 | 10:34

This tape I liked mainly due to proteins and good jokes. But let's look at all the order.

Cons: one big disadvantage of the picture is the song, who could to write this? Sloths? Which by the way, and sing a song. Or mammoths? Minus the second picture in that all of it told in the trailers. And the third disadvantage is the ticky-tacky computer graphics.

Pros: Everything else is the pros of the work: jokes (some not funny), squirrel, funny characters, good story.

In General, I picture me very much, it is better than the fourth part. I got a mountain of pleasure from her. In other franchises the fifth part is terrible (for example, "Terminator: Genesis").

Of 9 10

Russian voice a little pumped up

Georgia McMahon
04 August 2016 | 06:21

The toe of the glacier, the eruption of volcanoes, flood, dinosaurs, continental drift, and now the fall of the meteorite. Desperate and resilient in the face of any disaster prehistoric animals have experienced a lot. And yet, the most admired no video and the creators, their adept at shameless to beat and the same plot for already fifteen years.

Irrepressible desire Skrata to catching of the acorn brought it straight to open space; where the fault occurs in a number of accidents. In the result action Ground flying meteorite. In order to survive, Manny, Sid, Diego and the rest of the herd needs to leave their shelter and begin to find a new home. Weasel Tank out of the world of dinosaurs and decided to help the heroes to stop the meteorite. According to the way they meet with new exotic and colorful animals, including the spiritual leader of Shangri-Lama.

Fox and Blue Sky continue to milk a prehistoric cow. Without enthusiasm. It from the helplessness, the from melancholy. Seem to have a tortured franchise are fed up with not only many viewers, but to the creators themselves. It is obvious that them with each time becoming more boring than churning out cartoons. To really all the bad: interest in authors completely extinguished, imagination and creativity have dried up, and former energy and all disappeared somewhere — that that comes to mind after viewing the next part of the long-running cycle. The franchise already have outlived its usefulness and Sky Blue it understand accept focus on a new, original stories. The more they get the animation Studio did not worse (some are even better than the last "Period"). Such vivid works as "Rio," "Epic," and"Snoopy and the peanuts", only confirms my words.

The new "Ice age" is written well. Cartoon cut checked the diagram and beats effective moves. The plot remains the same (many beloved characters again flee from another disaster), frankly sucked from the finger. The writers seem, especially not bother (poor souls, completely wiped out to the fifth film) and gave a monotonous and stupid spectacle, interesting for the most part the same kids. Well, Oh well, enough of that kinomanskie grumbling. Already quite a children's cartoon all this is forgivable. Maybe the "Ice age" has exhausted itself as the franchise has lost its freshness, but not your typical charm, I must admit. All his characters have are like family and observe their adventures, may have not fun, but in any case it's funny and nice.

Inseparable trio: the mammoth Manny, Sid the sloth and tiger Diego is not has lost its brand of charm and allure. Obsessed squirrel scrat — the main mascot of the loop and reliable source of gags, not changed it same fun for the fifth film in a row trying to get an acorn. Tank — the main source of positivity. Extravagant and crazy weasel is back and she will impress. It seems that he beat them all. The best and funniest character of the cycle. Other characters like new and old, also raise a smile.

The authors keep a vigorous pace and keep a light, positive tone on the entire film. I note the provocative humor. A lot of cartoon jokes, jokes and gags. The dialogues are good, witty references, scientific facts are present. In addition, the cartoon is well-drawn. And boasts a bright, expressive animation and graphics.

In addition to the many jokes, the authors were able to accommodate more and morality in the feed: "Changes — it's not easy, but they — an integral part of our lives." The cartoon is not without humor covers a lot of family problems and encourages all parents and children for peace and mutual understanding, trust and respect.

The series has driven itself into a dead end, but did a bright, funny and very unpretentious

8 from 10

How much has Ice Age: Collision Course made?
Commercial tv-show fees worldwide today are Cumulative Worldwide $408,579,038.
How much did it cost to make Ice Age: Collision Course?
According to various sources, the cost of producing the tv-show was at least $105,000,000.
Who is the director of the movie Ice Age: Collision Course?
This tv-show was directed by Mike Thurmeier, Galen T. Chu.
What is the genre of Ice Age: Collision Course?
The tv-show belongs to the genres of Adventure, Comedy, Animation, Best Animation Movies 2016.
Who starred in Ice Age: Collision Course?
Many famous actors starred in this tv-show, here are the names of the most famous: Stephanie Beatriz, Robert Cardone, Neil deGrasse Tyson, Adam Devine, Jesse Tyler Ferguson.
What is Ice Age: Collision Course IMDB Ranking?
At the moment, the rating is 5.7.
When was Ice Age: Collision Course released?
The start date for this tv-show on USA TV is 2016-07-22.