Ice Age

The action takes place 20 thousand years ago. To avoid approaching from the onset of the ice age cold, animals migrate South. However, some of them still decide to stay — a lonely, Moody mammoth Manfred, as well as a rollicking sloth Sid. By chance the pair encounters a human baby. They resolved to return to his people and go on a journey. Along the way they meet a saber-toothed tiger's cunning. And now this merry company have fun with!

  • Chris Wedge
  • Carlos Saldanha

Release Date: 2002-03-15
IMDb icon 7.5/10
  • Country: US
  • Language: English
  • Budget: $59,000,000
  • Revenue: Cumulative Worldwide $383,257,136
Ansley Calisa
05 October 2019 | 06:23

This cartoon is from me the first place among the rest. On the second another one snow cartoon "the Cold heart". Love the theme of winter. I will begin immediately with the advantages. Cons, most likely, and no.

The depth of this creation. She just rolls in contrast "Shrek." Morality and meaning shown here is deep and not garish straight line, but enough for children could to see and to realize for himself what is bad and what is good for example, realizing that the characters themselves, such as Diego Manfred. An example of this is the scene in the cave, when Manny is looking at the rock carvings remembers his sad story, family, dead people, and the same the moment the baby was his enemy holds his little hand at this rock drawing, how to "assimilate" the pain of a mammoth, and that through this child he forgives the people, knowing that baby what not guilty, putting him in place of their own murdered child. And the issue here is also wide, a huge number of themes and sub-themes, motives here is that I will cover later.

Humor. Witty, but understandable not vulgar jokes, interesting conversations and arguments of the characters on a funny note, cause laughter and smile. This and shows the mind and the absence of stereotyped characters, and having character and traits of the individual.

Music. It here is sufficient, it is appropriate to the theme of individual episodes, funny and touching, rapid and slow, is dedicated to the Majesty of nature or also the squirrel Scrat, diluting the cartoon.

- The characters, their internal world, goals, motives and actions.

Manfred. This mammoth in the beginning appears to us in the form of a closed, indifferent of the mammoth — single with pack and not wanting to deal with whom — either case. He cold quite rudely makes it clear that go to him it but if allow its obnoxious company someone, much neglects. But. According to the development of events, we see behind this mask hides a kind, caring, willing to sacrifice himself for his friends character, showing himself a real man. It act — the rescue of the cub of those who killed his own child and wife, was just the highest level of character development. He puts the baby's father on the place itself, which is so lost the most precious and the boy on the place of his murdered son, knowing that is in it — not to allow to occur again with tragedy. Mammoth shows for children and adults that need to be above revenge, and not to take revenge on those who no what is not guilty, who was just on the place (the child was before the innocent animals, he just born from people who are took a mammoth). So like sarcastic humor Manny. The character is smart, has leadership qualities, but he is clearly melancholic, that makes it special.

Diego. Beautiful, clever and strong tiger appears to us in the beginning to a cunning and cold-blooded evil killer, a soldier who must obey orders of their leader, a soldier, so also lost all the fault of people like and Manfred, from what a heart it became violent. He does not nourish pity for the foundling, Manny, so as above it managed to "work" Soto — definitely a great psychologist and a manipulator. But the light in his soul still not extinguished. A character can analyze, compare, learn to itself, good examples, rejecting unnecessary. For children's a very useful example. Diego — the villain, but the villain is observant and changing that is fine. It says the growth of the individual Diego. After all, in fact, similar situation Manny, but the last of his touching attitude to child to the members of their flock (not an example to the flock of Diego), change the world of the tiger, and he reveals his best qualities. In this character like its absolute tranquility, a touch of good natured humor (even when he was on the dark side), grace and charm. He absolute phlegmatic, at times, with hints of sanguinity (response riding slides). Evil he was rather superficial than real, as a Soto.

Led. Kind of like him all clear, on first glance, it — helpless and awkward, smelly and unattractive in appearance, the sloth, even and silly, to everything. But is only first glance. For unprepossessing exterior hides a big and kind soul who sincerely wants to have friends, to help them and love them. It against the child touches, and, especially — their disputes. In such moments Led he resembles a child. Often, this character sees a lot more than Diego Manny, hitting us with his wisdom. It also, despite the sometimes, undeserved hurtful jokes and taunts at the against the person of Sid, the sloth is absolutely not touchy, he sees all resentment with a smile. By — its charming and very sociable. Thanks to his clumsy the absurdities in the film, a lot of funny moments.

- Well-presented as a Comedy, so and drama. Some scenes, such as the verbal sparring of the Trinity in the gorge, when they wanted to calm the child, or riding the roller coaster, cause laughter. But there a sentimental scene, leading to tears, but not heavy. It — the story of Manny, presented without words, rock painting salvation Diego, and then imaginary death, yeah and final. Very much, especially for children as these are completed. the scene very well.

- The absence of violence, aggression, in children's cartoon. The last battle, the essence not quite a battle, went quickly, without blood is perfectly acceptable for children. On the death of Soto, we just cleverly implied, and not shown in all its glory, as the death of Lord Farquaad in"Shrek".

- Realistic depiction of animals and nature the time. Kids can re-create at yourself head right a picture of prehistoric times.

There are a couple of cons, but some

- Excessive melancholy and faded paint. But this in its kind, makes the cartoon special.

10 of 10

Michell Moriyama
24 November 2012 | 08:41

Work on the stencil is not requires the authors of the invention of something new and interesting. Just takes proven stencil and it spells out the characters, the time of action, characters, plot and so on. Stencil in this case, is more familiar with "Shrek," the large and Moody is the main character and on the contrast next to him a little and chatty which draws a whole load of Comedy cartoon. By the way, this stencil is applied, and further and was used in Russia, creating Alyosha Popovich and talkative horse.

Go ahead. To make the cartoon touching component need to innocent child. But child faceless, character with a dose of humor and also the child should be plot-element. As in "monsters, Inc.". And must be a scene with the parting with the child, to whom they all have attached, but because of different circumstances should be broken up. As in "monsters, Inc.".

And again. May I will look fierce cynic, but this the saber-toothed squirrel I did not like. Well here is not was fascinated by it me as could fascinate many viewers, she even got a chance to pop up in several episodes of the cartoon.

In General, I saw a sort of cartoon clichés, stencil, carbon paper. Under the motto "showing that successfully" I showed a little bit of "Shrek" a little bit "monsters, Inc" and probably still at the little different cartoons that I, alas, have not watched. But with this places cartoon funny, noble Diego definitely adds to the charm, but still, the cartoon, on my opinion, too standard.

6 from 10

Melania Torey
05 November 2013 | 03:16

"Ice age" — this is a really good, rich, fascinating and just a fun cartoon. In the past has won one of the first places. Along with "Shrek" and"Madagascar" its watched by millions of children and adults, all so without ceasing to rejoice favorite characters.

This cartoon is full of positive. Review it is undoubtedly a pleasure. Especially in winter, when played on mailbox after the New Year. I can be very pleased to see "Ice age" and its characters.

The plot here is based on the talking animals, among which are the mammoth Manny, the sloth Sid, the saber-toothed tiger Diego and of course, funny squirrel, trying to not lose mind your nuts. In the cartoon featured most other animals, but we see occasionally (e.g. two a huge rhinoceros). The group, consisting of Manny, Sid and Diego, has adventures, which will make them best friends.

The ending of the cartoon touched me up to depth of soul.

In the end, I will say that is one of the best feature-length cartoons of all time. Looking at these masterpieces, I I lifted the mood. Put positive

10 out of 10

How much has Ice Age made?
Commercial tv-show fees worldwide today are Cumulative Worldwide $383,257,136.
How much did it cost to make Ice Age?
According to various sources, the cost of producing the tv-show was at least $59,000,000.
Who is the director of the movie Ice Age?
This tv-show was directed by Chris Wedge, Carlos Saldanha.
What is the genre of Ice Age?
The tv-show belongs to the genres of Adventure, Comedy, Animation.
Who starred in Ice Age?
Many famous actors starred in this tv-show, here are the names of the most famous: Ray Romano, John Leguizamo, Denis Leary, Goran Visnjic, Jack Black.
What is Ice Age IMDB Ranking?
At the moment, the rating is 7.5.
When was Ice Age released?
The start date for this tv-show on USA TV is 2002-03-15.