I Can Speak

Civil servant of low rank Park Min-Jae falls in the district office. And he's a very principled man. Min-Jae on the very top littered with complaints of one local old lady To OK-pun, which does not busy civil servants for over 30 years. Harmful grandma one learns that the bad guy speaks English, and begs him to give her lessons in order to communicate with his American brother. Min-Jae at first refuses, but when he learns that OK-POON feeds his brother-senior home delicious food, agrees. This is the beginning of a great friendship.

  • Hyun-seok Kim

Release Date: 2017-09-21
IMDb icon 7.4/10
  • Country: KR
  • Language: Korean | English
  • Runtime: 1h:59m
Sidoney Sharlene
23 December 2019 | 11:51

The film, which began as a in a sense, a funny Comedy about the emerging friendship of a young officer with his pestering for its numerous and seemingly completely absurd complaints harmful lady, which at this for some reason wants to learn from him English, suddenly its peak is terminated in the Homeric scale of the drama and the tragedy of the woman who 13 years were subjected to terrible things soldiers of the Japanese army in the second world war and that whole life was forced to hide their secrets, not being able to open someone. When there is a transformation, and, most importantly, HOW it happens (and it is necessary to look LIKE) the movie personally I was called kom throat navorachivayutsya tears. A surprising turn of the film, the deepest respect for the authors of the film.

At first, no seriously the movie can not be taken, because the actors are quite the skilled show in some degree the absurdity of the storyline, complete immersion in the initial stage of Comedy events, the more so the actors play to completely serious smah and on how would be a serious topic, but the canvas a purely humorous character. And you Willy-nilly accept the rules of the game, you begin to believe the fun things happening on the screen. But farther — and I must say that not so very much suddenly — the stronger the spring the unfolding drama in the movie the end, those causing the most emotion about, I wrote a little higher.

And eventually, you begin to understand how clearly and accurately they are going to play almost all the role, acting a falsehood as not visible at all, the characters are shown to limit graphic, convex, textured. And at the same time not less delicately spins and the flywheel narrative account of events. In General, no matter where look and come to the conclusion that the film is good, unexpectedly very good.

Of 9 10

Suellen Westphal
07 June 2018 | 03:42

How we become who we are present life? How we are perceived by loved ones and unfamiliar? In what ways and we get what I want? How deep in the currently possible to bury the fear and the pain, sadness and loneliness? In whom it is possible to find support and understanding? On such difficult issues will be able to provide answers to this amazing, not like other film that starts off seemingly with easy, relaxed and humorous story.

On the screen we see two completely opposite personality in every sense, in which can only manifest itself in any confrontation. It's age, characters, worldview, gender differences, behavior — this is just the tip of the iceberg. Who these awesome characters? It is very eccentric Granny and a young Executive civil servant, who is adamant should the service Charter, impartially and calmly carrying out their duties. Most interesting, of course, begins when these two worlds collide, or none — even galaxy, or even better say, entire universes! Whose will take?

The no less than most of face, the more begin to feel each friend. Reasons why it happens, not one and even more. Very weighty reasons. Each of us tries to be helpful, everyone wants to be needed by someone and loved, everyone wants to be lonely, everyone wants to show care, affection and attention. After all, it is human nature. This is the law of nature.

Here at this moment begins the most interesting. The knowledge of each other, the concept and acceptance of the true causes and acts of man, which is also yesterday a stranger, and today so dear and beloved. And desire to help, to protect, to care to become more stronger. And have you can not conceive of how could you ignore all this before. Pain, fear, loneliness — how deep in itself is a to hide, staying at this responsive, attentive, caring, with a crystal clear mind and thoughts to do good in our world.

The film, in which laughter through tears. Deep, incredible with a stunning performance of the actors — this is for me this movie after viewing. Kim Hyun Seok have created a wonderful work that causes the maximum range of feelings and sensations.

The film will be coming back more than once. We strongly recommend to view!

Hildagard Sidman
16 January 2020 | 07:45

A good movie where the affected by many different important topics. Now more... As well the nice thing is that in Asian films know how earlier the Soviet, to combine Comedy with melodrama, add some educational promise and do not hesitate in addition to remember the theme of patriotism on the background of the tragedy of war, in which more people have died than in all previous wars. In civilized Europe why is not in the fashion now to make such, Yes still remember, for example, the horrors of war perpetrated by the Germans, and show that did the Hungarians, the Romanians, the Baltic and not only collaborators in General for the edge of reality, who cares that is part of the history, not the unparalleled! So it is better to continue to fend off the shadows of communism, which, in contrast all, was an Empire and had not planned to enrich themselves at the expense of others.

Meticulous grandmother against all!

Great life theme to which also don't come often! Why some people, especially young people, contrary to what is taught with childhood, it's hard to put yourself in the place of others and treat them as I would like them to treat them. People don't realize that to live a long life as it to addition to live with dignity, how to live with the horrors and nightmares of war, take away a childhood. Here only his grandmother reveals his past is not from her up close and not see it past, contrast the brave heroes of the militants and thrillers, past Vietnam. But my grandmother if not fights shadows of the past that sees in modern life, it fights banal injustice and chaos that he sees around, without any pathos and ulterior motives. Overcoming the mountains of indifference, rudeness and hatred, not stop your struggle, the struggle "for myself and for Sasha", and responsible people around as they it is not treated...

Friendship vs hatred

The theme of friendship of the main characters, which was first indifference, then gave way to a slight dislike, then friendship, then resentment and some betrayal, then forgiveness, and stronger a devoted friendship, you could be a subject for a separate film or even TV series! This point is well designed, you can see with the examples from what is the real friendship is not around interests to first stop, where people will go, because each has his own hut with edge to true friendship nothing interference in including personal selfish interests.

Determination against laziness, cowardice, weakness, corruption, careerism

The power of the spirit, determination, can move mountains and turn rivers, but all will quickly be forgotten and will fall apart if they beat the laziness and greed. Grandma, from which have enough stories to film was finished, not stops the scale of the area, it is against the world of lies, hypocrisy and injustice, she didn't need the money and the fame, she needs completion and the remission of the pain that she has carried through every day. For her need, to those who has a teenager, used to pleasure of self-assertion, at least just said sorry and admitted his immoral mistake. Here only those people were powerless against the same girl, but already in environment where they put the knees by force of arms and terror, now they are forced to listen and to feel, who they as they these include that the martial adventures of their fathers do not there is no attention. It is a pity that really, Korean Chinese movies it remember to Japan continue to lay flowers for those who has tested chemical and biological weapons on the Chinese and organized mass rape and executions, and educated white gentlemen of West often such movies are called just another propaganda of patriotism and if in China, it is, of course, and of communism. I wonder if you say they same thing, watching another American militant, sponsored by the U.S. army providing equipment and in addition weapons soldier or squad to cope with hordes of faceless orcs of the East, whether the Arabs, the Vietnamese or the evil Russian.

Positive example against ignorance and mud

I want to believe that people watching movies and reading books, all will draw conclusions and to use the ideas and educational moments in life. It's time! As a pity the generation that experienced the war will end soon, and we will the generations of those who has grown in times of abundance people without core, but but the trendy clothes, not read also smart and the more scientific works on history or at least the memories of those who lived those times in adulthood, and not infancy, but but a book someone about fashion history or looked fashionable Duda and similar experts, which is why many enough and education and to form opinions...

knowledge of the English against the improper translation

As a teacher, not can not mention that many people underestimate and do not notice. To unfortunately, people used to study to achieve intermediate goals in the form of exams and tests, and also pieces of paper, no which then will be harder to find a job. Forgotten global objectives and the importance of education, no well-developed imagination, but there is a pattern of thinking that often turns into imitation and plagiarism! But here's my grandmother again is the best! It teaches the language not "for myself", not because fashionable, not because everything is so do it has a PURPOSE, and very noble: not only be able to communicate with brother, but and tell the world its the painful truth, so that no one could be translated incorrectly or just don't translated recently saw a whole missing sentence in the interview BBC, such sin not only they are, I believe me, learn the language and compare, where as the information is, especially about the wars policy where more propaganda, no one instructor and not even Goebbels he dreamed that a common thing in our time in news the Internet! The heroine speaks at the Korean, but Express yourself to show its tenacity she could English! Bay the enemy with his arms, and it will be even more difficult to get away from the attacks the lawyer-the American in the end itself apologized your doubts.

I hope in South Korea, do have such woman, according to compared to which our pitching on off-road only boys playing in the machine. Need more grandmothers, more people sick of looking at our yards and the city where people like and some people from the market that Granny defended, spit on a place where they live and intend to raise children, and care only for personal gain. Recommend this movie to friends! This is a Comedy there will be a lot of reasons to smile and also to cry suddenly, in my case, it only remains to regret that the latter does not know himself...

How long is I Can Speak?
2h 39m
Who is the director of the movie I Can Speak?
This tv-show was directed by Hyun-seok Kim.
What is the genre of I Can Speak?
The tv-show belongs to the genres of Comedy, Drama.
Who starred in I Can Speak?
Many famous actors starred in this tv-show, here are the names of the most famous: Mun-hee Na, Je-hoon Lee, Cheol-min Park, Hye-ran Eom, Cynthia Bell.
What is I Can Speak IMDB Ranking?
At the moment, the rating is 7.4.
When was I Can Speak released?
The start date for this tv-show on USA TV is 2017-09-21.