Hotel Rwanda

The film is based on real events the mid 90-ies of the last century, when the Hutu people in Rwanda ethnic majority, gave the country a bloody massacre, killing more than a million (! ) people belonging to the Tutsi people. The film's protagonist by the name of Paul — Manager of a prestigious hotel in the capital of Rwanda, in which the killers fled several hundred people. Paul is doing everything in his power to save them. The situation is complicated by the fact that Paul's wife also belongs to the Tutsi people. Paul had great respect, he does not shun any bribery or blackmail; he threatens, begs, flattering... And saves from death 1268 people.

  • Terry George

Release Date: 2005-02-04
IMDb icon 8.1/10
  • Country: IT, ZA, GB
  • Language: English | French | Kinyarwanda
  • Budget: $17,500,000
  • Revenue: Cumulative Worldwide $33,882,243
Ericha Neall
31 October 2011 | 11:20

You know, You worry for something? You worried about poor animals, the plane crashed, flooding in Cambodia, accident in the nuclear power plants in Fukushima!? And all with smart tragic kind of pretend that sincerely empathize and due to the high internal morals and in many ways Christian ethics mourn with the whole world, saying how important it is, how important remember to prevent again. Hypocrisy, lies, inner stupidity ...  what, how you want, if You not know that there was a warm April 1994 in Rwanda. A small, worthless country, on the existence of which I more than I'm sure not know most of my friends. And happened simply incommensurable things for our "civilized" world, where the stands high and blue screens hear lofty words about humanity, values of freedom and democracy and other bullshit. Attention! Please think about it and a little to match the figure, let's say the population of Your city. For one month was cut and shot about 1 million small Uganda.

And the film as times tells us about the history of April 1994. In the film shows the fate of ordinary hotel Manager in Kigali(capital of Rwanda), which is collecting all their will, courage, intelligence, strength and strong as steel nerves, were able to save in hell his family and another 1,200 people of Different nationalities on the territory of the hotel.

You know, after the movie, for me, this administrator — Floor Rusesabagina, was an example of a real man.

And I do not uttering words after watching this film. I even believe it to the end is not can. How do this happened? How? Just how? And is with the presence of UN with the cult of humanistic values, at the historical example of the atrocities of fascism and Nazism. No, guys, this is a movie to watch! Go and watch! And to think. Well and time to think!

The film was shot very clearly. The acting on 100% percent reports the intensity of the environment. I especially want to mention the actor who played General of the UN mission. The film is based on real events and when I began to look for real prototypes of the characters, feeling that not they are. The actors successfully conveyed, what do not allow to do things after the movie. The picture looks on one breath forcing them to survive and sincerely worry about what is happening.

The film is extremely hard, with terrible truth, and excellent shot.

To watch recommend to anyone except people with a weak psyche, and alone.

Of 9 10

Mariya Blodgett
11 November 2010 | 05:54

Of course, one person is unlikely can affect some global events such as wars and conflicts of various kinds: civil, ethnic, interracial, interethnic. And sitting idly by, sipping tea and omits also trouble do not to help. But you can stand up, gather people to unite for a good purpose and act.

And all is so and one in the field soldier. One person does more than the crowd. As an example, the hero of the film, Paul Rusesabagina, not a great figure, and only the Manager of the hotel. At the time of the ethnic conflict in Rwanda, it covers the hotel refugees. Of course, Paul protects people not with his bare hands, in are all available not always a legal means: communication, bribery, flattery, lies, threats, deceit and so not important because at stake are the lives of hundreds of people. It is important that this is really happening in the real world, survivor, two world war, which brought a huge amount of horror, cruelty and violence. Is genocide, ethnic massacres, destruction of entire peoples. The world have not learned that the war — evil, destruction, the worst that can be. And most importantly, people do not fully understand what to live together and in the world, to help other people, if they matter, but not to sit idly by while you do not touch, do not come to your house is not affect you and your loved ones.

And the movie shows this conflict, naturalistic, without unnecessary embellishment and melodrama, although quite violent scenes of murders and massacres are. &Nbsp;actors like these are not play, live: hero don Chidle — simple the essence of man, but has done more than many others, as the authorities, among which are people like hero Jean Reno who wants to help, but the happening on the bureaucracy and other political hitches. And the Colonel of the peacekeeping forces, the hero of nick Nolte, who also is eager to help, but understands and explains the dying in the conflict that these same forces "here just". And a simple statement, Joaquin Phoenix, being able to help, but being yoked and forced to escape, Express the human point of view: "Lord, how ashamed. Ashamed...". They all others like this documentary demonstrates how it was.

But the world is not learning on my mistakes, because the conflict as was so there are, millions of people die. And maybe some people who are able and alone to affect the fate of many or simple, after watching the film, you will understand that you need to live in the world, to help others, will rise from their beds and will act as Floor, will help others and save someone's human life. Understand and will live.... To live in world.

Of 9 10

Deanna Standush
31 March 2008 | 11:57

Paul, the hotel Manager in the city of Rwanda, has not the best years of his life. In 1994 Genocide occurred in Rwanda. The sounds of shootings in the capital has become commonplace, and the mass murder of Tutsi and of Hutu traitors and did not think to calm your spirit. Through luck, money, connections and that Paul is a Hutu, he was able to time to hide his family and thousands of extra people in your hotel at the height of the genocide. But food ran out of money to the bribery is also decreasing day by day.

"Hotel Rwanda" on essentially the same as and "Schindler's List", only to taste and the color look and are perceived, they are completely different. Not matter the lack of abundance of blood and violence, the whole movie is taken seriously, but there is imagination itself completes not enough pixels. Historical film, in which it was important not to shock, but remind. But in my case it turned out that do not "remind", and "tell". Indeed, about these soldiers I to date nothing know.

A good movie about the battle of the endless cruelty of weak good outside and good inside endless.

How much has Hotel Rwanda made?
Commercial tv-show fees worldwide today are Cumulative Worldwide $33,882,243.
How much did it cost to make Hotel Rwanda?
According to various sources, the cost of producing the tv-show was at least $17,500,000.
Who is the director of the movie Hotel Rwanda?
This tv-show was directed by Terry George.
What is the genre of Hotel Rwanda?
The tv-show belongs to the genres of Drama, History, Biography, Best Biography Movies, Best War Movies, Best Thriller Movies, Best Independent Movies, Best History Movies.
Who starred in Hotel Rwanda?
Many famous actors starred in this tv-show, here are the names of the most famous: Xolani Mali, Don Cheadle, Desmond Dube, Hakeem Kae-Kazim, Tony Kgoroge.
What is Hotel Rwanda IMDB Ranking?
At the moment, the rating is 8.1.
When was Hotel Rwanda released?
The start date for this tv-show on USA TV is 2005-02-04.