Hot Summer Nights

This sweltering summer Daniel will remember for a long time, because he managed to fall in love with the most popular girl of Cape cod and contact with drug dealers. So here's the thing: the brother of the girl — urban rebel and partner Daniel, and he'd better never find out...

  • Elijah Bynum

Release Date: 2018-07-27
IMDb icon 6.4/10
  • Country: US
  • Language: English
Jeniffer McClees
24 August 2018 | 04:24

Overall impression: Well that friends, whom clover?

How I've been waiting for this movie, but fate took me from him, not giving him a look. The reason is simple — not shown in the cinema of my city. I had read rave reviews about how Mike Monroe licks sourball, yeah listen to the glorious sound. Let's items

A) Music — no sound I remember the delightful music. So I sang and danced to unfortunately, this is not happened. Put on Repeat? Well, no, sorry. Yes, in the story composition music fits well, simple, without obligations to listen to 100,500 times do not want. And what the right move as soon comes the dramatic moment — Pushcha drama. Checked

B) Characters
 — Kast attractive, but I'll give us? Timothy "bored peach" Salame — praise is for GUIL: you've played brilliantly, harmoniously fit into the role. Have a guy rebelling hormones and he wants to show himself as an adult. Mike Monroe, "Hello? Prostitutiona?" It the discrepancy caused my confusion, question — the girl has seen a lot or not? It is made the way it is already a claim to the Creator than to the artist. Yeah and the tandem of Timothy and Camis I didn't come. No sensations of love, of love. And comical look together, I see a number Annasophia Robb or zoey Deutch. Alex "the boss" row — local, which kicks... actually, unemployed. In the film, the hero always goes in holey t-shirt to better ventilated. The game is good, all the rest by.

C) Plot and genre — great start skukozhennuyu a narrative that is incredibly slack. Such a mess, it is something! All case in that the debut of Director should call or delight or failure. And then me neither. one or more. Trying to shoot blanks Elijah Bynum got involved in school "a La" pulp melodramatic story. In where to the horror of many expressive means, koie look cliche on cliche. And for example, rain — tragedy; salute — first kiss, etc. So the story is obviously predictable look, even from a tiny synopsis. Or crime clean up, replacing at something else. Or romance the plot to season more.

Despite that the film looks aesthetically alluring, the plot is boring. Retro style is available, I even be said it. a lot. This is such a dramatic film about growing up, where the VoiceOver traces its history, talking about a boyish, love and the nonsense that happened with characters. Vital whether? Perhaps, after all, no fiction for fact no, but and the characters are frankly dull. Especially the character Alex row.

What we liked:
a predictable finale, about imagining the ending in my head, knew the ending. I was pleased with it. 6 10 for the careful debut film.

PS and I see!

6 from 10

Lesya Benedicto
30 July 2018 | 09:48

If you decide to feel "Hot summer nights" yourself, be prepared only almost idiotic plot, which is then ironically, the on a serious soup, but to useless secondary characters, tons of unfunny and strange humor and as your eyes will successfully fall apart quite promising idea. But everything order. "Hot summer nights" was doomed to sweet and sour fate with the beginning. Elijah Bynum, writing the script, not was able to immediately to implement the project for financial reasons. Subsequently, the script hung in the"Black list of best scripts" for about two years.

Determined to put a picture of yourself, Bynum searched for cash for shooting his debut movie. In 2015 it not only procured the necessary funds, but and ensnared in the cast is promising Mike Monroe, who after the horror "It Follows" David Robert Mitchell, was at all hearing. And the main role of Elijah is found the then unknown Timothy Salama, which, in turn, preparing for the role of Elio Perlman that will bring him the first nomination on"Oscar". Shooting the ambitious project took place in summer 2015. A picture of Bynum was first shown at SXSW, but interested in the purchase of a movie not found. The situation is not saved even decent reviews of the invited journalists. And clear that no one not would be interested in "Summer nights", if not ribbon bows Guadagnino "Call me my name", which introduced the world to one of the major acting discoveries of the last years.

With grief in half, last fall, "Summer nights" on the background of the General hype and hysteria Salama still found a distributor and to celebrate, reach theaters are actually three years after the beginning of the film.

Go to the story. His plot of the film is, of course, "Call me and his name is": first love, fateful summer, growing up. However, to sympathize with the main character "Nights" not necessary. If  ZMSI could not only understand, but and enjoy the emotion that the character Salome, then be a "soul mate" with Daniel of the picture Binma have you probably don't get even the end of the session.

What so here to talk, unopened and surface characters — the main Forte of this film. Scenario, the decision to construct characters on the basis of images instead of to fully disclose, — it is always a very controversial move, but here and even more so. Mike Monroe not presented on the bike, and just a collective image of a girl-dreams; Salame plays a typical Chicco with a weirdo, which, with a strange motivation, ready to turn into a poor kid. From the three main characters I want to highlight only hunter in performed by Alex Rowe. This character is even more clichéd than the previous two, but to empathize with the final will have it, so like no one else.

About minor characters and say not want to, because then, as in many other stupid movies, they can be divided on two categories: the "furniture" and cheap "Chekhov's gun". By the way, a tough COP in the performance of Thomas Jane gets right under both. He though some influence on the plot, but is created purely with one purpose. From his mouth. must sound really pathetic, but a memorable speech about the summer. To the the replica was only the trailer, so no "wow-effect" from it is not to experience. And about the role William Fichtner is better to remain silent. Believe me, after a couple of days you will forget all about that he played here.

The tragedy of "Summer nights" — no logical or any plausible plot. If you take away from scenario existing the moment, the cliche that will be only a little bit of connected sketches of the different days of summer.

It would seem that humor or some action needs to save this situation, but there not all so simple. The main characters like just kidding, but the viewer is not can feel the chemistry between them. You never put yourself in the place of others and not characters. Unless you will this case is interesting to listen to and observe what are they are joking with each other?

Despite ironic, rather in a joking manner, the beginning of the picture, the action in it. On the screen is all that same thing can see hundreds of different films, only then emphasis on the monotony. From boredom saves scene almost no time-lapse quoting Goodfellas.

But all the cons of film it still you can look up to bottom, feeling the desire to leave the room. And it is a merit, as ironically, the same Elijah of Bynum. You need to accept that he is himself a writer, but not means he's a bad Director. Despite all sorts of clichés, borrowings, allusions and citations, the formulation of the tape can leave you at least some positive emotions. Here you and wonderful color correction, and the coolest variety of locations, and strong camera work, and techniques inspired by Scorsese and Paul Thomas Anderson. Zuma to characters, a peculiar installation, the game with light light — all of the above makes it clear that Bynum knew how you need to remove this movie.

Watchable film make and good acting, despite the above-mentioned problem with characters. Monroe and really makes you want to fall in love with her. From Alex Rowe lot required. Be yourself a rebel and sweet smile — spectators young age will definitely be excited. But here Salama the situation is somewhat different. Perhaps due to the expectations and interest it.

He, as in "Homeland", "Lady-bird", "the Interstellar", looks organic, sometimes even captures the heart of the audience with his playing and type, but nothing more. Come out this film before the films Luke Guadagnino — there is no mass hysteria Salame not would happen, I assure you.

So if you go to film the purpose to admire the Timothy, of course, hurry to the theater, but wouldn't it be easier just Google it the photo shoot? But if you go to session to see the actor's revelation on the level of "Miss Stevens" or"Call me her name", then suggest to wait for the fall premiere of "Beautiful boy".

By the way, if vaguely heard positive feedback about the soundtrack, it is true. And not the case when the movie just heard a good song, it's not in it. The music here is very well written in the painting, as if written specifically for these scenes. "Space Oddity" and"Surrender" — juicy of the film.

I waited "Hot summer nights" something supernatural and did not build illusions about them. From me it becomes even sadder, because when long awaited films are you disappointed because of high expectations — this is when frustration sets in due to logical reasons — is another.

5 from 10

Shari Camille
09 September 2018 | 01:10

"Hot summer nights" — very good crime drama that will appeal to all lovers of meaningful and rich story of different relations in the environment of dangerous circumstances.

The plot invisible to the society the teenager becomes part of the drug business, in which the young hero manifests itself with a very promising side. Things are going to mountain, but the thing — the guy falls in love with own sister of his partner, while still recently promised him not to mess with her. And all nothing but soon external circumstances cause the characters to go on exceptional measure, the endanger itself, close.

Frankly, that I was surprised absolutely not expected a positive effect from viewing this picture. Have from the first minute the story draws to itself attention, then we watches real dive in the personal drama of the characters, which in the end will result in an unexpected ending, and will remain a long aftertaste. We can say that the whole story and the statement is clearly divided into three components. The first part of storytelling — this is pure crime drama with all its details. In the frame we drugs, money, danger, adrenaline and a real buzz. The second half of the film is entirely devoted to the disclosure of the characters ' personalities where shown drama, fears, dreams, desires, thirst for adventure and love. It may seem that the middle of the film sags at the action, but but it will perfectly enhances the upcoming effect and dramatic intensity in the final part of the story. The middle of the film — it's a drama and nothing but drama with a love line, sensitive words and desire to love and be loved. What on the final part, this is a real disaster in a literal sense, so as the city of falls strongest hurricane in the history of the state (the film is based on real events). In the frame of the disaster is not only the streets of the city, but in the lives of the characters who are to perform certain actions, for which the spectator will condemn or just understand and forgive without the sediment in the heart.

Overall, definitely recommend to all. The picture is good, editing is perfect, the color and texture of all that is happening is only only one positive emotions. I especially want to thank the excellent casting, by which all the characters look great in their images. Everyone empathize with every support or even condemn, but it was very important points when viewing any film. Pleasant viewing.

Who is the director of the movie Hot Summer Nights?
This tv-show was directed by Elijah Bynum.
What is the genre of Hot Summer Nights?
The tv-show belongs to the genres of Drama, Best movies 2018.
Who starred in Hot Summer Nights?
Many famous actors starred in this tv-show, here are the names of the most famous: Timothée Chalamet, Maika Monroe, Alex Roe, Emory Cohen, Thomas Jane.
What is Hot Summer Nights IMDB Ranking?
At the moment, the rating is 6.4.
When was Hot Summer Nights released?
The start date for this tv-show on USA TV is 2018-07-27.