Connor Macleod, a Scot, who in 1536 was struck down in battle, but mysteriously resurrected, and his own clan banished him. Teacher McLeod was a Spanish nobleman, who explained that he belongs to an immortal race of warriors to kill, only beheading with a sword... a Battle between Macleod and his eternal enemy, the Kurgan, which began in Scotland of the XVI century and continues in modern Manhattan. The outcome of this battle depends the fate of all mortals. It's part of the duel going on for centuries.

  • Russell Mulcahy

Release Date: 1986-03-07
IMDb icon 7.1/10
  • Country: GB
  • Language: English
  • Budget: $16,000,000
  • Revenue: Cumulative Worldwide $5,900,000
Tina Georgine
13 February 2005 | 08:41

Oh, they used to shoot fantastic movies! Oh, could!
Cult movie Russell Mulcahy...

"Highlander" — beginning of the great Saga of immortal warrior Connor Maclaud, a native of mountain village in Scotland its adventure "silicon valley". Immediately apologize for the irony, because the film is really great. A real work of art.
Great fiction — spectacular shot from the beautiful landscapes of Scotland, to  the"gray" everyday life of our time.

Perhaps the most famous role of Christopher Lambert, the best work of Russell Mulcahy and unique (sometimes useless) music group "Queen"... in a word a cult and just a good movie!

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Nessi Sussi
02 January 2011 | 02:40

Hooray, Hooray! I finally revealed the secret of Phil Connors of the "Groundhog Day"! Yes, to anybody even in a head does not thought the Phil Downer — just one immortal, from the clan Macleod, but in a provincial town Pinkston was simply no one to come and beheading cynical reporter. So lived it out day day, he unaware your destination. Thus only one survived — Phil Conners!

Well, seriously, without any swords and higher is written without mysticism and prayer the movie "Highlander" is definitely one of the immortal masterpieces of fantastic cinema. He immortalized the name of Christopher Lambert, good and a very fine European actor, who was Besson Ferreri, which, however, after the "Highlander" otherwise, how McLeod and is not called. Yeah and Director, Russell Mulcahy, sturdy craftsman, nothing more outstanding themselves are not spotted still then, is perceived as "the guy that took the Highlander. The film became a cultural phenomenon. He stretched on 3 a full-fledged sequel, a TV series, several feature-length continuation of the series, 14 books, Opera, the animated series, comics, video games, without the end parodied all who do not too lazy, firmly established in the everyday life of mass culture, there was a kind of "universe of Highlander." Yes there, I a child, playing at war games with friends, shouting vile if Serge still managed to shoot me out of water gun: "And I create! I — MacLeod!". And they understand me, because "Highlander," then, as "Robocop" or"Terminator" — saw all.

And arguments "for" film will always be much more than  against. "Vs" film just aging with every year the special effects on which sneers the youth of today, yeah specific slowness characteristic of the most leisurely of fantastic ribbons ' 80s, in which action as it does not intended at the head of the table. And "for" — everything else: a fascinating story, breathtaking charismatic hero who wants to emulate and who you want to be, because immortal the child looks extremely attractive and promising, cool fights swords, real battles, and not all new-fangled police shooting, a kind of nobleness and mystery, which covers all the infinite existence of the hero, living century, the see and remembering almost everything!

MacLeod — character the idea is amazingly useful. He one can tell the truth about things, which others can only guess! His experience exceeds the experience of any person in thousands of times, he has the knowledge that no one destined to have. And it makes the image of the Highlander is attractive to be full of enthusiasm.

Of course, immortality has its drawbacks. "Bicentennial man" for two hundred years lost all loved ones that you talk about polutysyacheletnego life Macleod. He is doomed to be lonely, because doesn every time to lose and to lose loved ones, to the same he pronounced the mystery of personality, and also need a no-no, and die officially, rising in a other name in our time of total control over a population associated with numerous bureaucratic difficulties. And do not forget that a poor mountaineer always drags a trail of death and he lives in constant expectation of his own death from the sword is the same, but stronger. However, the person is not can be all the time alone, he had to fall in love, find friends and lose them. once per time. So Conner Macleod — personality is deeply interesting, thoughtful, somewhat autistic and depressed.

The lion's share of the attractiveness of the Highlander laid down in well written character in a also all kinds of speculation, which, without doubt surrounds the viewer any hero. But it is not necessary to dismiss and from Christopher Lambert, with great dedication embodied this character on the screen. Actor of the European school, whose career would go completely the other way without  Highlander, concise and just plays each episode. Time appears before him a hero in a completely different light than before ordinary people, and MacLeod it aware. He keeps your memories of past centuries, he had passed through them have a great love and many life dramas. Frosty face, it seems not expresses nothing — he see all know him in the world no surprises. In fact — he's God. As read my in the same "Groundhog Day", "Just God live as long, used to everything!" But that's tense, anxious eyes, at his in the thick darkness of the night for centuries waiting for the fulfillment of his destiny. How many of them it was such a disturbing, sleepless nights in his life love warmth and caring. We tired 70s, and as tired Highlander! Found by the actor cold-depressive way very seamlessly woven into the fabric is as a cold, grim storytelling, no doubt, based on the tradition of Ridley Scott, who directed a few years earlier "Running on the blade". The actor was so precise that is literally fused with the role. It is rare and, as a rule, is bad for his career, but that you are lucky if you so can get in the soul of the viewer, that he will forever remember you like this.

The film Malkaya as is no suddenly the Director is probably more inclined to the open direction by Ridley Scott is intellectually sci-Fi Thriller, rather than to numerous articles on the topic, devoid of style and unmatched energy of this tape. Abounding with beautiful flash-backs to carry us in the middle ages, the French revolution and the fields of the Second world, the film is visually rich, fascinating beautiful and atmospheric. He is not overloaded with action and special effects, not overloaded with characters and dialogue, and therefore found the Golden mean between the visual and the intellectual. Therefore, as and "Running on the blade," "Highlander" was cold adopted in U.S. year, has been recognized as a dubious achievement, but cited the delight of the Europeans, and the Homeland became a cult only the passage of time. This cult paradoxical. All movies Highlander, starting with the first, steadily sinking in local rental, and the is not interfere with them to become a blockbuster in people, producers to invest in the next continuation. Similar phenomenon I in the movie, not know.

No doubt the film's success to the youth was facilitated by the participation of the group "Quinn", and also a brilliant game ironic Sean Connery, and success research, thoroughly studying any ambiguous film — religious and mystical subtext, through which fans of the universe Highlander write entire philosophical treatises. And for our audience it became one of the first Windows in the world of unplanned Western movie.

"Highlander" — movie fate, if you want. But if you want — fantastic action, or — a religious parable about the angels of heaven and hell, or — a philosophical fiction. It can be perceived as anyone, but the fact remains: the phenomenon and the absolute worship, the beginning of an endless Saga, the film is intelligent, noticeable, world cinema necessary... truly immortal.

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Min Nugent
06 February 2009 | 05:17

Great film, a film legend, a classic of the genre, a masterpiece. All these words no doubt refers to the this film, which has long ranked among my favorite movies. Remember how in my childhood I watched this movie many times as I was astonished by the fighting with swords, as I liked Conor Macleod and didn't like the mound.

This film — the kind of fiction, where the main thing is not effects, the acting, is the kind of fiction, where there is a pretty original plot, but not another attack of evil aliens on the Manhattan or an intergalactic war.

Really liked the picturesque hills of Scotland, and types of new York. Brilliant music to the film, written and performed by the band queen, which was then at the peak of popularity. I watched a lot of movies with Christopher Lambert and the role of the Highlander, if not best, one of the best. Clancy brown who played the Kurgan, also liked.

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How much has Highlander made?
Commercial tv-show fees worldwide today are Cumulative Worldwide $5,900,000.
How much did it cost to make Highlander?
According to various sources, the cost of producing the tv-show was at least $16,000,000.
Who is the director of the movie Highlander?
This tv-show was directed by Russell Mulcahy.
What is the genre of Highlander?
The tv-show belongs to the genres of Action, Adventure, Fantasy.
Who starred in Highlander?
Many famous actors starred in this tv-show, here are the names of the most famous: Christopher Lambert, Roxanne Hart, Clancy Brown, Sean Connery, Beatie Edney.
What is Highlander IMDB Ranking?
At the moment, the rating is 7.1.
When was Highlander released?
The start date for this tv-show on USA TV is 1986-03-07.