Higher Power

When the Universe decides what it wants, it's pointless to resist. With his family's life at stake, Joseph Steadman finds himself the unwilling test subject of a maniacal scientist in a battle that could save the world, or destroy it.

  • Matthew Charles Santoro

Release Date: 2018-05-14
IMDb icon 5.4/10
  • Country: US
  • Language: English
Olivette Joelie
05 September 2018 | 09:11

Since the time man at last knows himself as the rational being started to conquer the planet, he wanted to catch up with the Highest and can beat them, the most ceasing to be a puppet, and the way prepared not the most enviable fate. Eminent philosophers and writers their religious works talked about what might be our with you the reality, we get at least a piece of the divine power. And such mythical heroes as Heracles and Achilles demonstrate to us that the mankind from time immemorial sought to transform itself, to become better, stronger and tougher. However, in thousands of years we only was that dream to beat powerlessness in the face of various disasters, which we nothing to oppose. The still the entire scientific and technical progress of civilization always has been sent to to make man the true ruler of the planet, and can be the whole Universe. Moreover, prospective studies are not only the sphere of technical equipment of reconnaissance systems and defence and cling to a genetic level of living of individuals. Have now in the world has enough funds for in order to increase the speed, muscle mass and vitality of a person, but the perfect; as you know, no limit scientists continue to look for options in order to make a similar nation of the future, which do not know this impossible task. While that we can only dream about how to overcome distance in a matter of seconds without the use of vehicles and raise head of multi-ton cargo and still no prevents us from imagine this would be reality. Fortunately, this is facilitated by techniques of fantastic cinema, with which as time and have used Matthew Santoro, a little-known, but resistant film Director, posted his research in scenario "Higher power", according to the reasons which has put its own film. Based on the ancient mythology and modern technical achievements, Santoro decided to assume, and what is to become omnipotent, if you have yesterday you had serious problems and you were actually a nobody. And it was definitely intriguing reflections, from which is not is just turn away.

So, the plot of the film takes us on the Ground under the threat of a global disaster to wipe with the face of the planet all things. About such is not hesitate eloquent epithets declares to the public a scientist who received information about lost to a deep space black hole, release a bunch of deadly energy, which time and goes to side of the third planet from the Sun in order to crush it. the power that history has didn't know. Of course, the mankind divided into two camps, one of which is ridiculed by the eccentric researcher and the second took it seriously, but still not have the strength to do anything with the received information. So that to save us from disaster can only be some higher power, hope for the intervention which it is almost meaningless. However, quite a different opinion about current another scientist (Colm Fiore), the inventor of the innovative protective complex, which is capable of incredible things, including saving the planet from disaster. The not less than have lost faith in the government the genius of eager to share their experience with the authorities. Instead, he goes to search of a person that can accommodate all faces the most of the electronic "Higher power" capable of transforming the body and create a his immaculate machine is not only for but and heroic deeds, which will give odds to any of the ancient Greek myths. Going through all sorts of candidates, one of which should contain in its body a source of incredible power, the scientist in the end stop your attention on the ordinary guard Joe Stedman (Ron Eldard), in which there was a long black stripe. Losing his wife, losing the location of the daughters and with the fact finding solace in alcohol, Joe seems not the person who deserves to be the Savior of the Earth, and the he will have to take on his shoulders extended to him the honor, because the time remains very little, and if not to cope with themselves, humanity will live only a few hours.

The semantic concept of a "Higher power" combines a global narrative, told from persons modest man, who suddenly realized that he is capable of more than work in full-time and a senseless binge drinking. Being completely ordinary, nothing significant catching the background of the gray mass of a man, Joe clear to each of us. It can you hate because of how far he declined the social ladder, albeit under the pretext of deep inner tragedy. With the other hand at all those troubles that it was imposed, Joe still able to stand on his feet and making on life. But way or otherwise, such a specific and trivial at the same time, the candidate suddenly becomes the man, whom our planet even didn't him in fact forces to compete in the power a divine principle that can not affect the further actions of the hero. True to start, as any spider-Man or Captain America, Joe Statmenu need to learn new facets of pain, to clear the boundaries of consciousness and pass the tests which can break the will of even the most persistent fighter, not mention the alcoholic with not the most sporting forms. And a path that has prepared for it, the scientist is not easy to be. Even more than that, it is the deadly corpse innocent victims. Questionable actions and wildly pounding heart preparing for more nightmares. So that question that Joe Stedman will not be easy. Absolutely not have the more so the evil genius of the hero clearly alludes to that the daughter of the guard and possible Savior of the Earth are in captivity and you can die in any moment.

Sort of "Higher power" can be called a full-fledged film about the superhero, albeit with a very unusual introduction for followed by a series of frankly complex developments in the forcing with anxiety to look for that the same Joe Statmenu to be done next. But sooner or later the prolonged personal drama had to end, after which the Director shows the audience where it was spent a large part of the production budget. The creators absolutely not always special effects, spread cars, punch concrete walls and make the main character like a rocket to drive up. At this his eyes did not catches the fact that the film is clearly not was on you will receive a moment, and because spent on production means do not hundreds of millions of dollars. So all was conceived by the authors performed on a decent technical level. And if not at the entry and missed a few dramatic episodes at which can be properly play, "Higher power" could be radically transformed. However, it doesn't mean you need to pass by in the current version.

6 from 10

Valera Dupin
02 June 2018 | 09:45

When I included this film, were kept in memory poor rating 3.9 points in ImDb — clear that this figure is not may not be compelled to trust, but even though some thought that this movie, you can watch and not to spit. Not know what prompted you to look at it — a good poster or an intriguing description, but, frankly, I have not left disappointed from what he saw. Yes, sometimes lame acting and in particular the main character, but the idea, the implementation was not the worst.

In the beginning to priming the audience talk about the black holes, space and the energies of incredible power that occur after black holes swallow stars. One of the astrophysicists in publicly declares that soon a beam of energy destroyed the Earth then the viewer goes to the more common problems and meets the main character Joe Stigmina working as a security guard. After his wife died he found solace on the bottom of the bottle from why spoil relations with two daughters. Is Joe is in the hands of a strange man whose the voice he hears in his head. The stranger guides the hero Eldard, forcing him under the threat of punishment over his daughters and to perform various tasks like preparing your Guinea pig to an important mission.

In my opinion the first third of the film was too long, causing a sensation of detachment from reality. Tedious story about the alcoholic in the wagon starts to wobble minutes with 30th — 33 minutes, after which there is an interest to view and the show on the screen begins to captivate truly. To final I personally do it was very interesting to learn what it's all over. And here we should give credit to the creators of "Higher power" — they could effectively project a common everyday story about dad daughter who are ashamed on the subject of Space, diluting it element of an exciting Thriller.

Note that in the "Higher power" worked perfectly almost all the special effects. At least those that relate to Superman (who, by the way, here is reminiscent of Dr. Manhattan from "Guardian"). The visual component is executed on a decent level and is a significant advantage of the film. Looking for driving scenes from the last third, and you can not think I included some superhero blockbuster. Though if to understand, the hero of Ron Eldard could be called a superhero... At the analogy with Hancock not able to cope with his strength, but not like those who are regularly in recent years appear film.

As for the main character — the Ron Eldard — guy "Ghost Ship" the beginning of the last decade not to know. Of the toned young man, he became a heavy copy of Gerard Depardieu! Really, the resemblance to my opinion, can be traced quite clearly! But again, the actor is not so successful stars in heaven return of big-budget films, received the opportunity to be in those almost removes the superhero costumes.

The final film in a fairly simple and accessible form explains the relationship between the theme of a Large Space and history of ordinary people. And going this so harmonious, the gap between the two subjects located on different poles, not occur.

Director, a at the same time, writer and editor Matthew Santoro, for which the film "Higher power" was the debut despite the low the ranking, took quite an interesting and exciting movie, telling the story of a man forced for the sake of his family to go to the risk of rash and open in themselves new abilities.

However, to watch You. Your opinion is not impose.

Nice view.

7 of 10

Susie Stephanie
20 July 2019 | 11:04

Strange thing. No previous the title is not had to viewing of this film. Now there are at week 5 pieces coming out. Those the "B-movie" or even "C". Played a role that the site where I watched the film, I had the opportunity to see the trailer. Intrigued. And I turned to look, a little poumnevshie. Not say that moisture flew a fantasy world created by the authors. But yeah, whole the story is interesting, the denouement is epic, the plot is smooth and clear.

Often the problem is a relatively low-budget films is actors presentation. But haven't always spelled out the motivation of some of the characters actions.

Start with the main character. Eldard of course tries to play the emotions, even where it does as well. The bad thing is that do not believe him. He unlike the man in a former drinker, located in the depression as in the present experiencing because of the breakup with the family. It tries to look so. but unfortunately, my coming out. All these his experiences relations with being the film dedicated too much time. It was colorful and to correctly show in minutes 5, and not smear the half an hour of the beginning of the film.

Actually "the villain". It problem that it's too cartoonish. With the beginning of the film it is clear what the purpose of it is intended, i.e., saving the planet. Why they chose fury for awakening superpowers. It is also understandable. It is the fastest way, and time is running out. Why such a cheap way to tried to show the villain, not clear. Mean, entourage is the place where it is, classical music, philosophical debates, and stuff classic zlodejka.

The rest of the characters are cardboard, about them will. Further questions arise about the assumptions of the film. Why the surge went as predicted what a bearded student and not otherwise? Why in two sides. but not five? As it figured? Not understand how they calculated the development of the hero, direct in phases, if such experiments are not carried out previously? Why these camera and microphones the head worked after the irradiation, GG, if all electronics around it came under the influence? Why times the man became the who was he did not raise the wife, the daughter of a drug addict also able? As they is estimated that he was from these actions organizes the power surge?

All from this story would make a high profile blockbuster. But need a budget and good actors. If dream, the role of the hero is approached woody Harelson or Billy Bob Thornton. They would be the drama you pulled cool.

Here ranking on the moment 5.3. I would put 6.5 out of 10. The idea of the rules, the implementation is weak.

Who is the director of the movie Higher Power?
This tv-show was directed by Matthew Charles Santoro.
What is the genre of Higher Power?
The tv-show belongs to the genres of Action, Sci-Fi, Thriller.
Who starred in Higher Power?
Many famous actors starred in this tv-show, here are the names of the most famous: Jordan Hinson, Ron Eldard, Colm Feore, Austin Stowell, Jade Tailor.
What is Higher Power IMDB Ranking?
At the moment, the rating is 5.4.
When was Higher Power released?
The start date for this tv-show on USA TV is 2018-05-14.