Naina Mathur always wanted to be a teacher, but she has Tourette's syndrome. Students openly mock the woman, and the principals don't want to take to work. And even his own mother doesn't believe that Naina will be able to become a teacher. But fate gives the girl a chance — she gets a dream job at an elite school. That's just the class that she inherited, consists of bullies and majors, and they are the teacher with a tick just by the way — it's a new object of ridicule. How to turn your weakness into strength? Yes, just not to be afraid, and especially to laugh at yourself!

  • Siddharth Malhotra

Release Date: 2018-03-23
IMDb icon 7.5/10
  • Country: IN
  • Language: Hindi | English
  • Runtime: 1h:46m
  • Budget: $2,000,000
Marguerite Senecal
14 June 2018 | 10:26

A young teacher at device work every time gets rejected. Prevent it implemented Tourette's syndrome, especially clearly manifested in minutes of excitement. Yeah and rest also makes itself felt, causing increased Icahn. This aspect of her illness poses a threat only employment, but introduces a negative component, casting a shadow on itself. In the best case, her attacks cause a grimace of discontent, in the worst — sardonic laughter. But not linear gives up is trying to deal with the manifestations of his illness. Feeling part of society and the teaching community, due to a restless temper, she finally manages to place the teacher in a prestigious school. But reach the audience is small, it is important to keep her attention. The problem is that its audience consists entirely of children dysfunctional. the poor, the slums. It can be said, closed, closed audience, which was is the chance. We are talking about the children, who knows no rules and accepted norms of behaviour. The task of the teacher is to to root, to eradicate them limited view of the world, to expand the idea of myself about other. Well and, of course, to give them the knowledge to prepare for the exams. For a young teacher, this process becomes a serious challenge and test of aptitude. In not familiar Indian passionate and sensual romantic love. It is a movie about more serious things, for love is sometimes windy and often behaves quite lightly. In the role — Indian movie star Rani Mukherjee. To play a similar role to her not the first time, changing only the technology of communication, patterns of behavior in society.

If the film "Darkness", her eyes blind heroine was absent, here he is decorated with smile painted with immeasurable love to their unlucky pupils. What, how not for the kindness and warmth that can break through any door, for which anarchy, nihilism and a complete disregard for the learning process. Despite the illness, she will not give up in patience, courage, strength of character and ability to go to the end. To transform the consciousness of students and to sow the fruits of reasonable, good, eternal any — four months — the ultimate goal of the homeroom teacher. To teach disorderly, dissolute, not capable of training pupils to obey, to listen and to hear. However, why so -  unable to? But just so they are administration of the school, including the Director and head of the education part. To reverse their preconceived notions about the children about hopeless and worthless is only one way. And to give warmth, to replace the callousness and insensitivity on openness and trust relationships, regardless of social class, skin color and language learners. Below, a glimmer of light exercises in the end of the tunnel, went to the despair and hopelessness and come faith, love and hope for the best.

Shayna Alburg
14 February 2019 | 08:45

My 300-hundredth review Indian film. Anniversary, so say it Indian film. It turns out I they have wrote so much.

After Last another film with Rani Mukherjee about not quite a healthy person who turns everything inside. Rani just done, have her gorgeous work role of inferior beings, or rather physically handicapped, and here spiritually such people are above all of us together. We need to learn from their durability, life force and respect not only to ourselves, but and others.

Watched, and tears flowed in streams. And thought: we all my life locked myself in the scope of the prejudices, fabrications and superstitions. So are cruel, deaf to myself to others, these frames we do not allow to breathe, they like glasses on the nose good seeing, distort reality, and this movie breaks the frame holding the emotions. In Indian cinema still alive actual, normal human feelings and values, even those aware of the error and up on the right way, in contrast the Western paradigm, where there is no place for forgiveness and repentance, and the incorrigible villain and must be destroyed.

People with all kinds of congenital or acquired diseases, it is very hard to live a normal life in the modern world, a lot of jeers from others on the appearance or odd behavior, they can easily destroy faith in humanity. Relatively well to those who does not understand that laugh at them and just enjoy life. They harmless little touches. But, there are those who is mind and aware of their own deficiencies. Them especially hard to endure any mockery of themselves. Either have to suffer and cry in your pillow or lock yourself from all house and don't go out on the street. Well, or how did the heroine of the film, start to laugh at a and thereby to cause confusion of others, which gradually degenerates into consideration. hard work, perseverance and the desire to go to their goal, why would not worth, doing their job. Gradually most callous hearts are the most violent people are melting and start with understand the problem is a disabled person. Yeah and really, he don't fault that was born with it, than the fate rewarded with the lives. I and his daughter constantly say that over such people never laugh, but the more fun. Because life is so unpredictable that any healthy person can happen something that lead to disability. As they say "God is not Timoshka, he sees a little bit", one of this is not insured. It I have it to clearly understand and now any lack of any is perfectly normal, and even makes friends with these children.

How many would not been removed fascinating films about school will always remain in the spotlight until the existing educational system. It is a great story on such a problem through the eyes of Indian filmmakers, but it's the entire population of the planet. In each country has its own specifics of training in schools, that relationships among teachers and students. Very interesting, but it was informative to see this movie with the whole family (even my husband wept, and we do daughters sobbed in three streams), especially about such an important problem as all kinds of disease among people. Rani is generally well done, it I've always liked, and after such films as "Last hope" and that it actually captivated me for a long time. linear Mathur, played by Rani has a stunningly strong character. Such images have Rani work with the soul. I remember her playing in the film "Last hope", where she played a blind-deaf-dumb girl, not even played a deployed all her life in front of us. Here it was somewhat different. More enthusiasm, smiles, imagination, kindness — so many things it gave to his disciples. At first they certainly abused her could it also won them attention the trust proving to them every day that they are able to listen and hear in the end to gain the knowledge that they will help to find their place in life. Another interesting character in this movie, and it was head teacher in the school. Sorry I do not know this actor, but he showed quite contradictory. He is somewhere antagonist Nani. I feel that this man spent many years at school conserved, its views, approach to training and the mentality in General gives the dust of ages, but problem that he is sure — he's right. For it has the pupils sensible, and is stupid, as the class Nani. They for him just the same ballast. It absolutely not understand new methods of Nani, her desire to transform the mentality of these young rebels and do wonders how she can teach with such an unusual disease. But still he gets his lesson from Nani, and closer I she felt a certain respect due to its a purely human act.

a Very touching film about children and human violence against unlike the them people. And nothing changing then as people came out of caves, they struggling to try to control and keep the framework all around, but if someone these frames stands out, then all — not worthy to live among people, it is necessary to destroy morally and physically. This nonsense was always like always be, how would not been removed and did not show such films, few people think about this issue and few want to change something, in ourselves first and foremost. The film is about non-standard teacher with an unusual oddities. And picture perfectly shows what external difference does not play any role, if you the professional. Great movie! Causes a storm of emotions and laughter and tears! Such films are useful to watch everyone and then perhaps the world still will be a little kinder and more tolerant. Mental and a good movie will brighten up any evening. Touching, evokes positive emotions, a little tear — a tear of happiness for these people teachers. I recommend to view by far. Film after watching that you see, it — is what you are who you are really, and no illnesses and problems you don't break, if you have faith in itself.

of 10 10

Norrie Vere
29 July 2018 | 01:18

Tourette Syndrome, a very rare disease, the behavior of the patients do not always reasonably are perceived by others, seen, observed involuntary twitching — tics of the facial muscles, eyes and here, they resulted sound impulses, in the form of hiccups, can you imagine how hard people with this diagnosis, they are difficult to perceive how the interlocutors, and even more actress, vividly portray a character, Ranicki did I she felt.

I have many do not surprising Indian education, but the behavior of the main character just wins in a child, this child suffered so much ridicule and humiliation, hardened, not bitter, got two education and a wild desire to prove the professional skill of the teacher, is it was difficult, she was entrusted with a class of of urgency and students it difficult teenagers from the slums, the chance caught up with children another class in the same school, each of which is a feint, a kind of protest against moral and physical oppression is tired of bullies. It classes differed from the stereotypical lessons and in the mind of the teacher Nani the Math had a lot of ideas on how available in reality to explain to the students the material more, with role-playing games, changing the location of the sessions, air the sports hall, the pupils creating a comfortable environment, at this, never irritated, it it was the natural state of the soul, to smile, to joke, to be on the same wavelength — didn't always work out, the children certainly those, Each child with their problems, and the hidden dreams of future the implementation of which, they doubted, but the teacher convinced them that small steps, need to go to their goal, not idling, not defaming, stay human.

She has experienced many disappointments, betrayals, but she was rewarded for it works. 

Rani of Mukerji (Naina Mathur) that in someone could not to doubt, maybe it looks already not a romantic character, (Honeybun) but I love it — real all the time. word incendiary device. She did not disappoint their fans and return true triumphal not a commercial project, the budget is exceeded in two times. The rest of the cast too much, teenagers just walked into characters seemed so sincere. Have to the final, seeing old Nano — wept, was really alone what if, all my favorite Actresses 90 2000s, will not see the previous, it dawned on me this sad truth — my young, romantic characters, actors and favorite movie — remained past bitterly resigned to the obvious took it...

Mental movie!. Highly recommend. It will be shown in Russia for teachers ' day!

of 10 10

How long is Hichki?
2h 26m
How much did it cost to make Hichki?
According to various sources, the cost of producing the tv-show was at least $2,000,000.
Who is the director of the movie Hichki?
This tv-show was directed by Siddharth Malhotra.
What is the genre of Hichki?
The tv-show belongs to the genres of Comedy, Drama.
Who starred in Hichki?
Many famous actors starred in this tv-show, here are the names of the most famous: Rani Mukerji, Asif Basra, Supriya Pilgaonkar, Ivan Rodrigues, Shivkumar Subramaniam.
What is Hichki IMDB Ranking?
At the moment, the rating is 7.5.
When was Hichki released?
The start date for this tv-show on USA TV is 2018-03-23.