On Halloween, a group of friends encounter an "extreme" haunted house that promises to feed on their darkest fears. The night turns deadly as they come to the horrifying realization that some nightmares are real.

  • Scott Beck
  • Bryan Woods

Release Date: 2019-09-13
IMDb icon 6.3/10
  • Country: US
  • Language: English
  • Revenue: Cumulative Worldwide $1,980,097
Clarette Gherardo
23 October 2019 | 01:57

Russian distributors decided that the name "They" in the wave of hype "It" will help to collect more cash. A very strange strategic decision, because in the original movie called "Ghosts." How to me, and is the name does not reflect what happens on the screen. Generally, the name and description is not very true reflect the events in the film.

The company of teenagers on Halloween decides to have fun one of the most popular ways now — quests. They find very dumb place where at the entrance, they meets creepy the clown who brings in their phones and makes you sign a standard paper about the absence of claims. Nothing in not afraid of guys, because they think this is a standard bureaucracy and actors, despite that the house is located on a vacant lot, for him to pay in General, the place looks long abandoned. First voltage minimum. About the viewer realizes that happen, so watching a movie relaxed. But voltage every scene begins to grow... Movies Kostroma not are new as one of I have viewed is very good. So the surprise is becoming more and harder. It and show "They" — the film is very simple, predictable, there are no twists. As think the beginning of the movie end — he will end. But the predictable plot — barely noticeable minus on the background of how the film came out in the end.

From the point of view of a horror film — task 100%. The screamer, the atmosphere — all the highest level. Even I sitting the movie theater was uncomfortable and uncomfortable with the feeling that I'm inside the movie run of the quest doesn along with characters in the film. I even heard from the tension of sitting in the hall gave out obscene remarks and comments support heroes.

Antagonists was strange. In fact them there no motivation, no story, only a vague stuffing about a new face. The viewer must guess that they need, why should they new and so on. On the background we show the sad story of final girl, which is not drop is not catchy, but only annoying. We can say that the dramatic part of the film has completely failed.

But let's not forget it's a horror movie. His main task — to scare. Yes, this film is poorly written the plot leaves the score of the game and camera work. But it's also necessary to be able to create! Me personally the film touched seemed creepy. I would advise it to watch at night with popcorn and a good sound. Not more.

5 from 10

Bliss Donaldson
18 October 2019 | 02:25

Scott Beck and Bryan woods, who took part in writing a script for the film "a Quiet place" in new project Directors and writers at the same time. Of the independent of the young professionals listed only a feeble "Night light". A new adaptation of the long-suffering works of Stephen king, became only the second in the full meter for these Directors. So personally I don't have huge expectations for about this project.

At the head of the plot stand the teenagers who are in the midst of a Halloween party decided to experience the thrill. Therefore a curious gaze fell on an attractive idea. visit the room of fear. All of a sudden they come across one kind eagerly wishing to try out the secret room. But as you progress through the quest, a group of people realize that everything that happens is weakly similar to the game, they become the prey of something unknown.

Serial line the awareness of young people is taking place all the progressive stages of the narrative and understanding of the deplorable situation in they were their own. At this end with positive features relating to story component. The story — the weakest side of the picture. It all starts with another whiny story from the childhood of the main character, which will be the guiding star in the 90 minutes. And it could work if the creators more carefully walked through the past be hurt the most delicate strings of the soul girls, and so that the background does not catchy, duck still remains a logical conclusion.

The story itself is in plain text hinted that should not wait here for something clever. But how could not try to fill their picture with interesting plot and relationship between characters. This situation is to understand the problem of humanity and anti-human in modern society. You could put the conditions that will be able to get only one and play the positions of the characters. To reveal each character and his real motives for max. But, so C. there is nothing in the film, we are forced to watch a typical story, which the villains nor the victim of circumstances — do not have its twist.

Villains like usually there is adequate motivation. She is only that will change his image of a person. So true and clear, why they are so long what wanted to do. Their goal was to lure the prey to yourself den it would be logical that they immediately capture and to fulfill his plan. But after all, the film must stretch what is happening in 1 hour 30 minutes that is why beings in masks had to wait a bit, and continue to walk very slowly. Such foolishness and omissions filled the entire film that much spoils the overall impression.

If the story — this is the main fault, horror scene of acts the complete opposite. Here there is complete diversity of the palette: insects, broken limbs, peel the skin and etc. the Combination of different scary elements is so mixed that creates an atmosphere of oppression and alarming expectations is inevitable. In addition, in the pattern is present the trap and test that only dreamed of Macaulay Calcio. At first they might look too primitive, but in the future, even the most stupid of scenery turn into the interior of the terrifying and incredibly deadly traps.

All this notably seasoned with excellent shooting. The operator is not afraid to remove all the nasty awfully brutal moments closeup. It certainly has added and without that terrible moments of shocking certain effect. However, this insane running and the unstoppable grinder, closer to the end begins to pall. To blame the main story, which in the second half of the film generally disappeared from the radar visibility. Because of what just had to show quick and a long process of achieving the goal.

Actors to evaluate it is not it, so C. it actually there was nothing. Fear and unrestrained squeals can demonstrate each. But the cast is to blame for this is pointless, after all, along with the game should be good, the opened way, which is of course not seen.

The film "Haunt" is suffering from the common mistakes of the average of all paintings popular in the horror genre. However, for the account detailed workings to the conscience of the scary effects, the creators pull their creation out of deep pits. To watch a product, but the first to forget to disable the head.

5 from 10

Gwenneth Hurless
21 September 2019 | 10:49

Halloween in life happens. Sometimes the streets of the quiet town suddenly there is a silent killer with the head with a knife in hand, to lime the light of everyone who caught him on the eye. In this beautiful night is the most important to always be on the alert, otherwise it is likely that at least for a moment let your mind wander and miss the opening of some of the black gates, once in which ago unlikely I'll be back. And it is quite likely that you come across a mysterious Jack. the true spirit of Halloween, which never forgives people's mistakes. And it does not matter if you believe in the mystique, or the same treat it with skepticism. Importantly, what actions make and what emotions overcomes your heart. if Jack something is not like, he will give you know I don't want. and knees really start to shake. As seen clearly, Hallouin not an ordinary celebration, but in ancient times it actually have been a special ritual, with which the jokes were bad. The time with time, old beliefs and fears flowed in quite a different direction and become merry carnival in which you can show your mates a hilarious costume of a monster and get all messed up on the party. With the popularity of Halloween has increased so much that it will be not only the U.S. and Britain, but and other countries people are not away as to have fun with a cocktail in the hands, can be to spend a night in watching an endless string of horror films. Benefit neither from the first nor from the last is no shortage observed. And so in the genre of horror we see this expanse of all kinds of nightmares that is sure to interest the audience. Outside doubt the true king of Halloween years on a couple of the mythical Jack was Michael Myers, that the maniac in the mask, not poronui for the entire franchise nor the words. However, Directors time and again, if not try to throw it from the podium, so to press. It turns out it's not all the creators of the film "They" is also not worked. And still despite the existing art problems, Scott Beck and Bryan woods have created quite palatable slasher classics which never will be, but hate to themselves not cause.

So, the plot of the film takes place in the eve of Halloween, when American towns are decorated with pumpkins and other props, symbolizing that descends on the earth the darkness and from the darkest depths begin to escape various monsters, led by the mere desire to do something obscene. However, really no one else there things to in there believed the ancestors a thousand, and maybe more years ago. Today at agenda is a party, from which the few refuse. And even closed in yourself Harper (Katie Stevens), in his personal life where there are constant troubles, all decides to tag along after in a bar where mandatory, there are guys ready to brighten up the vulnerable girl's heart. But as this night of banal drinks simply must be diluted with something unexpected and sinister, the boys conceive to break out of the crowd go to the so-called "House of fear" to be scare and thereby put an effective end to the the Halloween that well, just have to give them something special. Once away from the noise and idle of the hand in the side of the companies, the heroes pay attention to the inviting sign entirely unknown to them "House of fear" and certainly agree with him go. Their absolutely not bother you that the building itself leaves much to be desired, and in creepy costumes assistants behave inappropriately. The face of fun guys mandatory forget about the instinct of self-preservation and downright ready to go in the clutches of those who can make it just hurts, and even kill. So not surprising that another group of carefree American youth no idea how save himself, falls into the frankly tense situation, cheering, yelling, waving his arms and gradually leaves the screens to keep in the spotlight only those who according to the authors can give a real rebuff insane psychopaths.

In the relatively recent past monsters Halloween hunted for their victims primarily by alone, choosing as locations of urban areas where each we feel security really caught the imaginary. However, these iconic and venerable villains like Michael Myers, Freddy Krueger and Jason Voorhees for a rare exception came to an end. They were replaced by a crazy carnival ride motley senseless violence in which is absolutely not feel the suspense. The most important thing in such a situation to throw at the frame as much variegated props and run a theme Park, a crowd dressed maniacs or monsters that we have seen in the example of such new-fangled genre of works like "Hellfest" or"Blogfest". Of course in a small number of such films are well able to amuse and still in the eve of Halloween I want to be able to scare that haven't been viewed, but those as "They" like to give not able. The film is made qualitatively, have a good soundtrack, good camera work, but the story itself leaves much to be desired, because it based on frankly boring stereotypes, that one break is not want. In once a viewer is with the impersonal by students in some colorful alteration, at first, frightened of nowhere appeared plastic skeletons, and then comes the unsophisticated planned the massacre under the heart-rending cries. Like this is supposed to be fun, but more than any "Hellfest" goes, the boring it becomes. But it should be noted that apart from context, "They" can bring pleasure to the viewer, albeit very limited.

Has coped fairly well with their roles are young actors, which previously could be seen mostly in TV series. In a big movie they often flashed on background nothing stood out. So what the opportunity to visit the project of producer Eli Roth, as he had was perceived to be Katie Stevens and company. As a gift from the possibility of further prospects. Of course, actors don't even managed to a fraction to reach their potential, and all the dramatic sketches, scattered in the beginning of the film, nor to something sensible like and did, but the main thing here is still the fact that the guys externally itself is quite nice, they know how to shout loudly and become swollen eyes. Different from one not required. So that "They" in the end it turned out such what is, and your audience of course find.

5 from 10

How much has Haunt made?
Commercial tv-show fees worldwide today are Cumulative Worldwide $1,980,097.
Who is the director of the movie Haunt?
This tv-show was directed by Scott Beck, Bryan Woods.
What is the genre of Haunt?
The tv-show belongs to the genres of Thriller, Drama, Horror, Best Horror Movies 2019.
Who starred in Haunt?
Many famous actors starred in this tv-show, here are the names of the most famous: Katie Stevens, Will Brittain, Lauryn Alisa McClain, Andrew Caldwell, Shazi Raja.
What is Haunt IMDB Ranking?
At the moment, the rating is 6.3.
When was Haunt released?
The start date for this tv-show on USA TV is 2019-09-13.