Hatchet III

Victor Crowley has been revived and is ready to kill anyone who gets in his way. But this time in its native swamps will be visited by Marybeth girl that knows how to remove his curse and to end the senseless slaughter once and for all.

  • BJ McDonnell

Release Date: 2013-11-07
IMDb icon 5.7/10
  • Country: US
  • Language: English
Jacquelin Belak
14 July 2013 | 05:22

Meet. In the shelf konosevich maniacs arrived. Victor Crowley ugly psychopath with incredible human strength can break people with his bare hands.

When in 2006, Adam green produced the first part of a Comedy slasher Victor Crowley I never thought everything up to trilogy, and the film will acquire the status of a small cult. Trikvel was shot at the scheme, than more the better. Especially in the plan demonstration of the bloody scenes of murders. Here fantasy writers turned in full. Crowley pulls head, pulling out the spine, intestine. Crushes skulls with his bare hands. Fountains of blood and lumps of flesh in different directions. Perhaps it is one of the most bloody and brutal films of the year.

The film is not a terrible. Long gone are the days when the scenes of carnage makes the viewer presses in the chair. It is not shocking, too kitschy filed hard scenes. But the film look without sagging dynamically. This slasher, and not then need to wait for the original plot and outstanding performers.

Actors play itself is quite the level of genre. The axe is a strong slasher with good dark humor and some otilonium 80-ies. Fun, bloody, fast. But, alas, the theme Boobs not disclosed. What kind of sad.

8 from 10

Di Zedekiah
25 August 2013 | 06:55

Maniac people restless and unwilling to lie in the ground longer than necessary. Here and Victor Crowley doesn't want to put up with the fate of the beheaded corpse and to the delight of the few fans rose again. Did is ugly my error and did it become a worthy member of society? No, of course! Victor Crowley took the old the only one who can make it stop Marybeth. Or this time still can't? So anyway, it — "Axe 3".

I wonder why it is necessary of the times time to shoot a sequel to the film, which not only do not were no what high quality, but a little bit successful? Is the sale of such movies on dvd worth shooting new parts or Adam Greene is nowhere to put money, and so it in time comes on some same the rake, not even trying to fix anything? I guess Adam will mutter something like — "is removed because I can." Well, in that case, I cannot busting in a sense of disgust to see an infinite continuation on the killer axe trying to dissuade the audience from viewing this marvel of miraculous. Go?

And as usual, talk about the plot, which usually divided on two parts. The first part is attempting to give the painting some meaning, and the second is — Crowley. And know what I say? From the picture there is a progress in the story starts to make some sense! Yes, it is it seems incredible, but it is. You see, the film to the eighth it not will remind intoxicating nonsense, but here the question that and will make it there directed to the eighth film? It was a rhetorical question. Well so, Marybeth after the "victory" over Crowley comes in a police station, and everything is twisted in the new. Police and special forces ride on island one goal — to get under the hot hand of an angry Ghost and die a stupid death, but what Marybeth? Oh, and it with the hysterical journalist and a stupid Sheriff's Deputy sent to the search for the remains of father Crowley in hoping this will help them to rest the vengeful spirit. So that while the special forces to shoot in the air, and trying to stop an immortal monster with rifle butts, Marybeth with his companions are satisfied with the hassle and trying to get the ashes of Thomas Crowley. Trash you say? I saw good trash, and that before us is utter nonsense, in which there is no humor, style, and the banal sense of proportion.

What to the actors that, despite the that the movie flashed such recognizable — .... the film they not saved Yes however, those actors, to get a picture of the sewers, which drove its crew. So we waiting a dozen characters which for some unknown reason, was given the time much more put in the time, as the main character is good if you got fifteen minutes of screen time. The impression that character with the second part of the picture is not know where to tie the heroine .... and therefore, most of the movie, Marybeth depicts the hanger, but is closer to the end remembers that it is the main heroine of the film and begins to beat Victor Crowley, and not really resist.

What to music that I was like hurried, saying that the creators will find a good composer. So they look for a long time not steel giving the hands of the apes musical instruments told them — play! And they played, on Yes. So played that I was afraid of my blood of the ears will go on the sounds are still "wonderful" tunes.

Before I didn't pay attention to cinematography, so as she was a mediocre, but it was clear that created on screen as now I was deprived of and that. The camera constantly shakes, has mounted the film as have, as a result, one can only wonder how the movie happens is happening.

Summing up, I would say that before us is a worthy continuation of the first two films, but it — the circus, the farce, the darkness. Of course, everyone decides for himself or see no such movie, but believe me, there are far more movies that really worth your time and attention. And to what franchise the adventures of Victor Crowley that the location of the painting was not chosen accidentally drives this film is the place there, on the bottom of the swamp.

2 of 10

Neala Frans
20 June 2013 | 02:59

"Ax" — trilogy irrepressible maniac Victor Crowley, a copy of Friday the 13th. In any sense. Both the Ripper deprived of beauty, have them their own habitat, killed in childhood, revived — how not to kill. Only "Hockey player with a machete" has more than 10 movies, "the Ghost in overalls" — 3. More and not necessary.

Retell the story, not is, for the three films is almost identical. Replaced by: reason for visit to the swamp, victims of the last frame in horror film.

All the heroes of horror — stupid impassable. If the monster can not kill, even from the rifle/Bazooka, it will still attempt to tame butts. Shooting in Victor man turns to him back for that gets to merit. The main character is trying to get an Oscar, pressing on a pity Crowley. And Asian from the previous parts again stuck. Freak ranting and raving, in a literal sense (of realism in murder movie is not intended). Here here I have a good laugh from the soul.

Pleased to this trash only cameo D. Moore (in order to justify the word "Comedy" in string genre), new mystical way of killing the maniac and the absence of some of the blunders of the previous parts. The ending is good, haven't seen it.) The best part of the trilogy, on my opinion.

3 of the 10

Who is the director of the movie Hatchet III?
This tv-show was directed by BJ McDonnell.
What is the genre of Hatchet III?
The tv-show belongs to the genres of Action, Comedy, Horror.
Who starred in Hatchet III?
Many famous actors starred in this tv-show, here are the names of the most famous: Danielle Harris, Kane Hodder, Zach Galligan, Caroline Williams, Parry Shen.
What is Hatchet III IMDB Ranking?
At the moment, the rating is 5.7.
When was Hatchet III released?
The start date for this tv-show on USA TV is 2013-11-07.