Hard Target 2

Former mixed martial arts fighter Wes "the Jailer" Baylor could not deny myself the reward of a million dollars for the final fight offered to him in Myanmar. But when he is in battle, he learns that he was deceived and became the object of a manhunt. A Wes given only water and filled rubies belt, which will receive the last survivor. Baylor needs to outsmart the well-armed group of hunters and the treacherous landscape of the jungle to make themselves persecutors have become the prey.

  • Roel Reiné

Release Date: 2016-09-06
IMDb icon 5.3/10
  • Country: US
  • Language: English
Evvy Tomi
07 June 2018 | 11:01

Open the page of the film "Hard target 2". In the centre of caste — Scott edkins. Have good. Director — Roal ' rain... So, and who is it? Eva, Yes, is the Director of the second and third "death race"! Very good. "The main role — a charismatic actor, directing — a proven Director. A remake of the well not can be Proval..." — crossed the head of prejudice that there was suppressed memories. For the same the idea was before viewing the original.

But the first media brand in the time has become for me a bolt from the blue. It would seem that only that gave birth to the "hard boiled" John Woo and living in bloom Jean-Claude van Damme really not might have mistakes on the triangle. But unfortunately the output is a dull Thriller, which the King of Shooting and a Belgian Fighter not failed neither a fight, no shooting. Disappointing that still, I'll tell you. If before viewing "Terminator" and"Robocop" I figured nothing good. see, "Hard target" with its unexpected slop put me knife back.

Conducting preliminary comparison, we can say that Realy Rhine still far from John Waugh, here to belittle Scott Adkins before ZHKVD well does not. Van damn — real soldier. How many vsamdelishny Champions all sorts of martial arts competitions, Jean-Claude deprived of a clear understanding of what is cine fight why they no no way should be like a real hassle. For his long career ZHKVD only once worked under the tutelage of the choreographer class, but and in the beginning of his way (we are talking about the Corey Yuen in the movie "No retreat and no surrender"). And so Jean-Claude or he put the fighting (mediocre), or worked under the guidance of slightly less than mediocre choreographers than it, or even give themselves in order to all sorts of mediocrity.

But edkins in youth clearly for ourselves it will not a real fighter, and decorative. So it is not engaged in the winning fights on some competitions and delivery standards for getting a black belt in five martial arts. Yes, perhaps, for Gopnik more dangerous than Jean-Claude, but the viewer dearer Scott. Van Damme just made after 1986 that has caused banal hakiki or vertuhaya in the heads of stationary targets. Amateurs, of course, to still admire the final fights Jean-Claude hardwood vs Bolo Yang and Michel, Kissy. The experts realize the majority of Kenobi with participation van Damme has too many dramatic pauses and facial expressions of objectification Yes muscles of the fighters, only need to cover choreography of poverty.

"Hard target" — this is a solid showreel Adkins. The film in all its glory shows the fighting capacity of the British, bringing a thoughtful spectator on the idea that born Scott in 1960 (van as Damme), the 90 waited even more popular than a Belgian Muscle. In this fighting game from Edkins a lot of different battles in each which he boasts not only strong muscles (van as Damme), and also with fast movements and complex beats — from double firing up to 720 degrees vertuhaya in the jump. If ZHKVD in the original dull and lazily dealt with bots, then Scott manages to even the most pedestrian pawns to beat representable. In the remake, in contrast the first part, the main character will fight not only bots, but with the titans: the fight against michiteru, underground fighters and mercenaries (led Gigi Janine) are filled with drive. No, fist action is not flawless, it rating — solid four. Good fights that will please the eye.

The remake surpasses the original is not only the criterion of action, but and drama index. "Hard target 2" is a action, so the dramatic aspect of such wedding General — if no celebration, nothing terrible, but since present, the event automatically gets points for a basket of fun. Character in the performance of the van Damme not had a worthy motive to meddle in the thick of the violence, it the behavior was one continuous kinoplanet: it solves other people's problems just because he's a good guy. But here is the edkins, in turn, was forced to stand on the warpath, so snickering as hunters originally defined it in opposition to themselves. To speaking of the antagonists. In the original characters do not have been disclosed neither a jot, a remake of the same bothered to convey to the audience that the personalities are the villains and what skills each of them possesses. Also, we note that "Hard target 2" refers to the fact 1% of the fighters that surprising the audience with unexpected twists.

Total. This awesome Thriller is recommended for all those who does not suffer from romanophobia.

7 out of 10

Elladine Jovia
06 September 2016 | 01:19

Hard target 1993 — incredibly atmospheric and memorable film. I like a rose by the fighters of the 80 — x 90 — x Hard Target was for me, an important movie on the time. When the modern viewer is not has been spoilt by blockbusters. And now, after almost twenty-three year released a sequel with an actor who is not provides the modern fighters finally sink into Genesis Scott Edkins (Undisputed 2, 3). I must say immediately about that the continuation is absolutely not like the first part, it is visually and is largely narrative. Except for some references. And this is, undoubtedly, a plus, to look a little different on "Hard target". Take a look at new "Hard target".

Visually the film takes us in a completely different location in Myanmar. Worse it or is better is a moot point! But what the atmosphere of the locations has not will be denied. Of the dusty city and an abandoned factory, we are in bright green jungle. And here still, on my opinion, place the action in than — it is better than the original. At least lots of bright colors. But you need to understand that every film has its own atmosphere and if the first part was the sense of the possible imminent danger of the main character (more than in the second part), then and more gloomy atmosphere works. In the second film, she just be did not work out as necessary. So as, hero Adkins very lucky Dickens and is with that he's just a fighter. In the first film is where was justified. Therefore, the second part loses the atmosphere of all fronts. Have not. 

Character to unfortunately, in the second part also loses the original. In the first part was a retired marine force recon, I he had some knowledge of skills a similar situation. In the second part — this is a fighter for the ring, which is in the hands of weapons are not kept. I realize without pathos and omissions not to do, otherwise the film would just not work, but not the most likely, and where — and is absurd! That is why the main character of the sequel loses the original character of ZHKVD. If you compare the other Central character, but it is the girl who accompanies the hero, then again for background personally, I was more impressed with of the first part, its motives and etc. 

Now, what exactly like in this movie. I liked the fact that the writers tried to do other than the original, Sabiha in the film is only a couple of references. And they turned and the most important thing. Plot the film is not is repeated, except for the drawstring action. And personally I got after watching this film a good impression. It is felt that the writers, the Director, wanted to show a slightly different story, felt after watching that the film was done with care. From the film a lot of shoals and stupid, but is one when the continuation of a beloved classic is not so ashamed.

7 of 10

Isis Keir
15 April 2018 | 02:13

This is my the sixth film with the participation of Scott Adkins, and first with him in the main role.

The film is absolutely unfair to lower the rating, but it surprisingly — after all, HT2 is a continuation of the imperishable classics with Jean Claude our Yakunin, the sequels and remakes among the "experts" accepted blame, otherwise no-no, and then suddenly someone — any doubt, a judgment, or sophistication of the humor. Of course, milttary, maybe the movie you do not much, but why deliberately type in the confusing for the ordinary viewer?


Fashion such heroes as the Jailer, alas, sunk in the fly in our days unconditionally capitulated to the commercial craft about the characters who console duper.

The movie has disadvantages, Yes, but they are small, say, for example music, in the beginning, Yes, vigorous heavy, I W up the volume did, but and do not understand that group rattles, for those moments when the Jailer wanders through the jungle, occasionally weighing bream adversary, or sending thereof to the forefathers, could also powerful instrumentals to write to (I think it is appropriate to be electronic samples a La Far Cry 3)... and such beautiful action scenes with wow effect, and dynamic soundtracks underlining the tense situation, it seems that no do!

Replica Rhone Mitra also reminded what — that improvisation (partly — them sometimes return the sarcasm Scott),but whether a good?.. Even if they squeezed in the scope of the heroic genre... Perepelochka with the Jailer, however, was taken.

"Sorry, lady, you're not my type."
"Nonsense, the taste of all the same."

Although, if you like Shakespearean dialogue, so the action is not your genre. For this — theatre!

Thank you, the choreographer, the supplied with knowledge of the facts, scenes, fights, everything was very tasty, beautiful, and spectacular movement, somewhere reminiscent of "equilibrium" by Kurt Wimmer, the fight scenes themselves are similar to those we saw in the cult "From the cradle up to grave" Andrzej Bartkowiak, and "Carrier" Louis Leterrier.

You can praise and a philosophical note, when dipping an alcoholic, which is the protagonist, at least action, re-locates the impetus for a normal life. Meaning in the movie is inspiring.

I'm generally not a fan of the acting, yeah and the militants whom it can care?

And you care the same? Then come in... the theater, Khabensky.

And still, why write that edkins played out there bad? In any of these points he looked unlikely?

Wes "Jailer" Baylor is not an emo boy, and a fighter, which was closed, and scoop in the open expression of emotions after the tragedy, the perpetrator of which he also involuntarily and has become. What acting with regards to Scott's work, then this is a worthy incarnation of the hero, reminiscent of those sharp guys with hard eyes, which usually plays Jason Statham.

Still would like to have also to note die folgenden abbilder

Robert Knepper, who was where to turn, rascal-the field organic in the image of the imposing antagonist Aldrich, respect, and the famous "Believe it!" But I think that earned. Adam Saunders that I say, look, epee, musketeer, and psycho one bottle! Rhona Mitra — the actress that one can pull on themselves is obviously a failure of the film (eg. "Skinwalkers", although it is not quite a good example of that  the"b", generally very lucky with the acting ensemble, but it is quite a different story), here again trying on the image of warrior, but now with adjusted mental instability (that is to say, not wait for the return of major Eden Sinclair! It is a distant way.).

The other guys, too, honestly his fee worked, to the penny, colorful characters, but about them will keep silent, so I only the confrontation between Robert vs. Scott were concentrated. ("... Where's the ring?" — "You it stand.").

Roel Rhine really talented Director and operator particular, showed this work on fantasy "the Scorpion King 3", formerly — the Thriller "death race 2", and 2008 — the year of more and adequately attempted to pull a Steven Seagal from the infamous pit, boring tyagomotinu category "B", that settled with zero start — "gambling debt". Personally, in my eyes, Roel disgraced himself only once, unfastened green on lousy slasher "Brutal". In this time our guy did a cool action movie, it you your serials, with degreasing action, for the sequel is seen have him the respect and to the source, captured by the legendary John Woo, already in 1993 — year and generally old school the bearded times...

Who is the director of the movie Hard Target 2?
This tv-show was directed by Roel Reiné.
What is the genre of Hard Target 2?
The tv-show belongs to the genres of Action, Thriller.
Who starred in Hard Target 2?
Many famous actors starred in this tv-show, here are the names of the most famous: Scott Adkins, Robert Knepper, Rhona Mitra, Temuera Morrison, Ann Truong.
What is Hard Target 2 IMDB Ranking?
At the moment, the rating is 5.3.
When was Hard Target 2 released?
The start date for this tv-show on USA TV is 2016-09-06.