30-year-old teacher poppy is no different from ordinary people — she was lonely, living on a small salary, which has to rent an apartment with a friend. But poppy believes that she is doing just fine. She goes through life laughing about anything without hesitation, no fear, radiating simply childlike. Such a charge of optimism, finally, really attracted to her happiness.

  • Mike Leigh

Release Date: 2008-11-21
IMDb icon 7/10
  • Country: GB
  • Language: English
  • Revenue: Cumulative Worldwide $18,696,602
Kirsten Nickey
10 February 2010 | 01:29

I would said that the movie the crazy carefree girl. He more about one that, even in fire in Rome would be able to keep the spirit and optimistic expression.

In the life of every person there are a variety of problems: gloomy instructor driving, failed personal life, troubled children, demanding relatives... But the main — it is always to be able to laugh in the face of their problems and just believe that all very good.

Such as poppy, not burn the Roman fires and don't die under the wheels of the car, because just not can. They are born to give joy to the people around, a little bit of sunshine in a gloomy day. And people are pleased that next to them are the kind of person who will always say or do something funny just for the world steel a little lighter.

Great directing and acting, combined in this film. Some of the jokes of the heroine may not distinguished by a rare wit, but but the atmosphere of the action on the screen makes me smile. I want to say thank you for that there are light movies just about good people.

Rosemonde Rosina
04 October 2014 | 08:58

One day I stumbled upon the film "Another year". Looked. Then I didn't know the Director of the movie Michael Lee. My inspiration, mixed with a sense of longing not bounds after seeing. As sorry more about one delightful film, I learned much later, it could revise the "Careless" not one time. I very happy I saw a great Director!

In that moment the woman Pauline, a teacher and living with neighbor rented apartment. It seems that the life of the heroine boring and sad. Poppy says: "I — old maid" to your instructor at the driving. Probably, the history was necessary to take in grey tones with an abundance of melancholy melodies, lots of pauses, where the heroine looks hopeless look in the void. Because the film is about the loneliness. But no! In the movie, a lot of children's drawings, smiles and laughs, jokes, even the strange and sometimes inappropriate, but still jokes. It turns out that the film is about each of us, dear moviegoers. Why movie natural — a layered, no makeup, wrinkled clothes, clumsiness of the actors and almost no musical accompaniment.

Who is around carefree heroine? Single people: adult pregnant sister, a strange drifter, aggressive instructor, a sad neighbor, unhappy child.

What makes Pauline? Not angry sister, speaks to a hobo leaves instructor Scott offers tea a neighbor, saves the student from the fact that one day he turned into instructor Scott.

The question is, is it difficult to the woman to do all this? It's hard to help people and smile? In my opinion, not at all.

What a cheerful personality in the answer? Nothing. Perhaps that is why in the end it finds that we are looking for all — a loved one who will help her save the world every day. I think more of her nothing.

the motion Picture I loved it! Bright, completely natural and relaxed showing several days of the life of a completely ordinary person.

Of 10 10

the Most intense moment of the film: Pauline looks of the window to the fighting boys and nothing is doing. Just looking. (The viewer does not understand that will make the heroine and what she thinks. It seems that it will show you what it really)

Suellen Hassett
26 February 2013 | 12:11

Come in the life of the band, when urgently needed emergency positive! All the same location — book, music, film, familiar character, a stranger... in Spite of the fundamental attitudes and internal censor, urgent! Because the band is not just dark, already with the purple tint..

And me sometimes, and loved ones with a similar range of interests. For such purposes it would be nice to be special like this, "emergency pharmacy list of sources" the positive.

The film itself a source of good, unobtrusive optimism is the only secret key to which is a bit of patience (the main character has a fair number of the unit that has unpredictable effects on specific type of the melancholic).

Usche it is valuable because there are characters in reality, unselfish, sincere and open, without a shadow of hypocrisy, the epitome of humanity and participation. He met. These people are forced to believe in the banal "everything will be fine, just not drop to unbelief." The film is about this character.

The work of the British Mike Leigh, not spoiled nor award-winning no popular, has exceptional performance — reduces the pressure of the atmospheric column, if a little to paraphrase the immortal Ostap.

8 from 10

How much has Happy-Go-Lucky made?
Commercial tv-show fees worldwide today are Cumulative Worldwide $18,696,602.
Who is the director of the movie Happy-Go-Lucky?
This tv-show was directed by Mike Leigh.
What is the genre of Happy-Go-Lucky?
The tv-show belongs to the genres of Comedy, Drama, Romance.
Who starred in Happy-Go-Lucky?
Many famous actors starred in this tv-show, here are the names of the most famous: Sally Hawkins, Elliot Cowan, Alexis Zegerman, Andrea Riseborough, Sinead Matthews.
What is Happy-Go-Lucky IMDB Ranking?
At the moment, the rating is 7.
When was Happy-Go-Lucky released?
The start date for this tv-show on USA TV is 2008-11-21.