Happy Death Day 2U

Trish handled the maniac who tried to kill her on her birthday and escaped from the time loop. But this is not the end, because now he's going after her friends. So, to win, the girl will again have to meet him face to face and not just in the same day, but also in a parallel reality — and all because of a little research project of her friend Ryan! Mortal anguish? No, endless fun!

  • Christopher Landon

Release Date: 2019-02-13
IMDb icon 6.2/10
  • Country: US
  • Language: English
Jennee Sallyanne
03 March 2019 | 01:01

Since the release on the screens of such cult films as "Halloween", "Friday the 13th" and"Texas chainsaw massacre" was filmed is an uncountable number of horror movies of this plan that the modern viewer the killer in the mask, brutally slaughtering careless students or teenagers, will provoke a rather touching smile than a sense of true fear. So catch these movies are really that an unusual story. In 2017 Director Christopher Landon was a pioneer, clearing the mix of "Scream" and"Groundhog Day", and this year I decided to develop the story and released a sequel with the simple title "Happy new day of death."

synopsis On the next day after disclosed the identity of the killer and she trish is selected from the time loop, she it seems that, finally, her life is getting better. However, all changes suddenly, when in a new loop to be drawn into her friends and they are still haunted by a mysterious killer. In trying to understand the reason trish is forced again to sacrifice himself again and again to understand what has resulted in a new time loop, and who this time is hidden under the mask of evil baby.

acting it would Seem, on some actors may be involved, especially in film, where each role represents a set stamp? However, it is not forget that the film itself went against all the rules, and therefore the actors have embodied here custom images. For example, it is impossible not to mention Jessica's Mouth Comedy really funny the way trish, who, with one hand, shows a good sense of humor, and on the other, not forget to show the dramatic notes of the "last girl". The other actors also behaved on the screen, but still overshadowed by the main character.

Directing On my opinion, Director Christopher Landon is well aware that to scare the viewer him in any case not successful, but the hook it attention all is required. So the film looked at the same time and not boring, and provocatively, the Director mixes from here youth horror, and science fiction, and black Comedy, and detective Thriller. Of this combination has turned out an explosive mix of drive, of laughter and of moderate horror which is literally chained to the screen hold up the long-awaited finale.

Summary So that I'm always wary of the sequels, because really very often, the Directors or the writers broke the genius of the canvas was established in the original, in the end, marring the overall impression of the franchise. To fortunately, "Happy new day death" escaped this fate, according to the fact repeating the atmosphere of the first part, and thus making a positive impression.

8 from 10

Caressa Sallie
04 March 2019 | 10:34

Greetings to all! Today we will talk about his impressions of film "Happy new day of death." In the middle of the action heroine of the previous part — trish and also her friends: Carter and Ryan. And if she used to die in time loop one, then now dying all her friends. Trish will find out why "Groundhog day" comes again...

I can tell you that tape definitely worse than the first part, but not so and ugly because adopted it some aspects. And now let's more in detail, weigh all the "for" and"against."

I'll start with the primitive of weak soundtrack, which is generally not caught on. So and felt a certain pathos and audiorama of the "superheroine" that has repeatedly saddened. I expect more original music, which would help to create a frightening atmosphere along with effect of discharge.

Another drawback of paintings — it is predictability. Almost in 90% cases I knew going to happen next. That will early — predicted with the first few seconds. That will end — again, no intrigue. Though the film and not trying to split hairs or hide this mistake.

Tape openly abusing time-lapse. Perhaps for all the timing about 4-5 moments, such was (AND IS a LOT). The heroine from the falls? Slowmo. Something explodes? Slowmo. And so on. I realize the editors wanted to emphasize all the epic or that scene, but the third time I have tired of this method.

Great dissatisfaction was caused by plot a whole. In short, the authors went into an absurd fiction, and the mystique of "Groundhog day" explained illogical gag from the category "everything went and we have created a time loop"! Not talking about that the sequel changed the course to 180 degrees, having gone from the original for the genre. No more detective and horror. The killer's identity solved and scary moments all zero. Not noticed anything scary. Trash? Trash.

Sick of conversations that sounded JUST AWFUL. The most part was cardboard and was pronounced "on a serious soup". Was simply not interested in hearing about what was going on.

What can be a compliment, is for the actor playing Jessica's Mouth (as trish) and Fi Wu (as Ryan), the other characters generally does not remember. Mouth they played the same brilliant, as in the first part. Her artistry, image and charisma in the merger bring an incredible result and makes a wonderful image. Wu again the image of a comical jerk-geek, who turns out to be "not in the place and time." Plays above average. In the sequel, he is given much more time, about 30 minutes of screen time that was devoted to the problems of this hero. All would be anything, but... I think this character does not deserve much timing, so becomes too boring. Yeah and in addition he given a key plot complication, which he successfully ruined. But at the right moment "the wheel" taken Jessica's Mouth and saves the situation.

A huge plus for detailed storyline. Some of them even able to move and forced to empathize with the main character.

Like easy black humor of the picture, which rests on a stable level. Not intellectual and drops to lower level. On the duration of viewing the tape is not has ceased to amaze jokes.

With the antagonist that makes any sense. No no objective motivation or screen time with him. Yeah and it is unclear why this maniac at the time the authors emphasize absolutely not the kind, you want the mean man in the mask. For the sake of fun running from him? That was kind of looming threat? To stretch the duration?!

No not guess that Blumhouse tried to stir up in this film. MULTIVERSE, CARL! In other words, the authors want to pile kynoselen own (with blackjack and him in the mask of the baby) in the spirit of Marvel and DC. At first it tarnished Glass M. knight of Shyamalan, and here and Christopher Landon (Director of the current picture) have got same idea. Maybe this idea, in global terms, but my opinion the film suffered greatly from this.

Follow-up. "Happy new day death" shows itself well with side of black Comedy, but with parties-fiction-film stars the sky is not enough. The movie is VERY weak than the primary source. But the at least, I will recommend to viewing for fans of the first part and people who just want to relax on easy Comedy Thriller.

6 from 10

Dulciana Jemmie
28 February 2019 | 11:27

Again I went to slashers "Happy new day death", in almost same composition who went to back in 2017 and where we have you ever seen a girl trish.

Kill her in her birthday, and suddenly it again wakes up in the same morning, the same hostel, in have same the botany of the housing same the ill-fated 18th Sep.

And now, to get out of this loop — she needs to know WHO it pursuing every time wants to kill.

Theme "Groundhog day", which is so successfully beaten in the dialogue between trish and Carter

-You that never seen the movie "Groundhog Day" with bill Murrain?

This time slowly drifts in a new "victim" — story of possible parallel universes and it makes the second part much more interesting.

Trish enjoys a happy life with her boyfriend, until suddenly their happy idyll does not interrupt a friend of Carter — Ryan.

For the audience the first part of it already know is the most annoying Asian, who every morning tried to finish the sentence: "Well, dude, you slept with that chick?"

Now, Ryan was in some unknown time loop in which as once trish, WHO is trying to kill.

This time the writer of the first part — Scott Lobdell had not really going to Dodge so that the second film was much more interesting and funnier than the first.

I know quite a few examples of such a magnificent setting when the sequel surpassed the original. It is a good example. Humor — which balancing the blade between vulgarity and excessive sarcasm. Action here more, and the deaths of us show exactly twice — we will justify the name?!

A special gift has the casting Director of this film, which such love took the cast and did not allow "shuffling" in your choice. Jessica's Mouth (trish) all in the same t-shirt, Israel Broussard (Carter)- all also sweet smiles.

All the magic of the first part with love moved to sequel gently warmed in the embrace of a larger budget.

Well, of course. Music. Bless the Director and Christopher Landon for his love for the track of the 80s that only complement the entire this mixture of a good Thriller and pop Comedy.


Of 10 10

*first, though the first part — "have a Happy day death" is worth a look.

Who is the director of the movie Happy Death Day 2U?
This tv-show was directed by Christopher Landon.
What is the genre of Happy Death Day 2U?
The tv-show belongs to the genres of Thriller, Horror, Mystery, Best Horror Movies 2019, Best Mystery Movies 2019, Best Fantasy & Sci-fi Movies 2019.
Who starred in Happy Death Day 2U?
Many famous actors starred in this tv-show, here are the names of the most famous: Jessica Rothe, Israel Broussard, Phi Vu, Suraj Sharma, Sarah Yarkin.
What is Happy Death Day 2U IMDB Ranking?
At the moment, the rating is 6.2.
When was Happy Death Day 2U released?
The start date for this tv-show on USA TV is 2019-02-13.