Evil always returns, and it cannot be controlled. You can temporarily destroy, shoot, burn, but will return it is still inevitable. Michael Myers is not finished his work in Haddonfield, and soon he will return home to kill again.

  • David Gordon Green

Release Date: 2018-10-19
IMDb icon 6.6/10
  • Country: US
  • Language: English
  • Budget: $10,000,000
Calida Dombrowski
12 May 2019 | 05:29

I must say that I have seen other movies about Michael Myers, this — first to me. Although I know what was it in other films.

Why is there such a low score of the film? I sincerely understand.

The film is amazing. From the beginning to the end, he keeps tension. In my opinion, the operator and the Director have tried on glory. It looks more than realistic, the picture quality and sound are just awesome. The actors also play well. I can feel the hate Lori, dispassionate, but steady desire to kill Michael, misunderstanding daughter Lori and etc. pleasure of the film will be received for sure.

As for the plot... Yeah, it definitely not is unique. But still can you say about many horror films and thrillers. The film is interesting, you every time wonder, will this character die or not, this question remains exactly to the final. There is a lot of story, the film unfolds quite rapidly, and there is absolutely disastrous moments. Everything in moderation. Heroes revealed good: Lori, which for many years living with desire to destroy Michael and some fear it hides itself even; Michael, which no one can understand, but one thing is clear: this machine murder is. not a man, he thinks he only cuts, but some feelings in there are times he wants to destroy Lori; daughter Lori, who is absolutely not understand the mother, who blames the mother in spoiled in childhood and now just wants to live a normal life with his family; granddaughter, grandmother who understands that also understanding mom, but very much wants to improve relations with your family; a COP who blames himself for the what many years ago, is not killed Michael; and a psychiatrist, desperate to understand what is in head and soul Michael Myers.

For fans of thrillers: I sincerely recommend this movie to watch. I looked stopping.

PS not Scary. it but the tension was. And to you knew I of those people who rarely get scared or impressed on thrillers. But in this case, night of the theater, there was a feeling that somewhere in how can meet Michael. And then those who worked the movie, everything turned out:)

8 from 10

Eleonore Wardlaw
27 October 2018 | 08:52

Why people go with mind?.. What should occur, in order to take out of the human beings that a fraction of a life that which are: laughter, self-acceptance, finding harmony with the world around you, love — is replacing appendage, poor quality and dry product of the old yarns, which only a sharp pain and an inevitable Eclipse?.. What needs to happen?.. Who defines the criteria of normality and what is "normal", — no different from the total mass of the figure, a cog in the scheme of the watch movement or the same adherence of the models behavior that was founded in the body initially?.. Questions — plenty of; the answer is only one — People. What behind this phenomenon?.. Hman — it's something more than just a commoner or know this away from a friendly handshake or a hateful glance askance, is a matter of life or one crazy moment?..

".. not know you,
I in a continuous smoke,
In the ruined life of the storm
And suffering that not understand — 
Where the bears we rock event.."

Priver, a beautiful past! Went to rest 70 the 80s, the unforgettable years of youth and boiling, seething even life, then the Cup was full and blocked him all the space of the planet Earth; people would look at sky, saw this light, on earth — salvation, go — given the wonderful back — inescapable experience, *legacy (will return to this phenomenon of nature). Nothing was required more only — water, air and and the screens went from the bloody streams of the skilled and virtuoso of the genre — slasher! You think is: SLE-CHER! In the six letters of a world that contains several other worlds, and them — still a few; to enumerate each of the constituent elements and spread the boned shelves — no time is not enough, because grab not to keep, now it with you MiG — gone! As long after we missed how we were not enough murderers with their silent but absolutely inevitable March; as we needed the adrenaline, injected intravenously, as the band X-Japan; how can we live without this amazing atmosphere, where matter through electrical discharges, and sheet to the tree stood in anticipation of napadenie.. He snuck up on me, he simply waited, he was concealed for the tree, he knew when again will rise...

"the Vows say...
Then to them to violate.
Feeling rich..
And the word vulgar."

Michael Myers.. How are You?.. You eat the silence with spoons and savor it from morning to the dark night?.. What You hit the the gray-haired woman?.. Perhaps this is one of the most innocuous maniace on our street, — because the blade is only one, and nothing supernatural, but why us again throws in a shiver?.. Not from deliberate naturalness and liveliness happening lewdness whether?.. Not from the piercing screech of metal that we have heard times given?.. Who said the age of great composers ' works was held?.. I allocate only two points, and behind them the ocean of the feelings and explosions pop in the mouth: the hero, descended from the booklet 1978 year the kind of music that this accompanies the immortal process. Unlikely John carpenter overestimates his talent, as the Creator of suspense, but he's definitely aware of the genius of those strings, batter is not even in serdtsevinka, and somewhere around her; tightening not so much inside, and outer shell: Yes, in that moment when they play this killer theme — no safe, no one under the protection; You just shut the window? and blocking place? the keys in the castle, Il beside him?.. Not the Bank of courtesy and admiration: it is the most penetrating you atmospheric trip and burning remains immune to the defense audible alarm: perhaps if You waiting for such a Death — You will hear somewhere between her and this tune or a part of her...

"the Pleasure remains...
As well as the pain.
A word is meaningless...
And erased from memory."

Infernal metaphysical Evil.. On th, where we went to their logical constructs! But because Michael Myers does it unconsciously, how God said in psychiatric institutions: "was in the heat of passion", i.e., he is interested people whom he shreds on kebab — he was a little attractive; it turns out what is the reason for all excesses and why it was allowed in this magical and fantastic world where the reign of faith, understanding.. that it still can reign Supreme?.. And, after all case in that Michael — this is just a link: no, this is not a Man, have no; it is the relationship of the victim with its nature; for each will be rewarded according to the essence of it.. here we come to the beginning of the story: the legacy rushing through the depths of time and irretrievably bygone years; a legacy that leave a Bthe man: what he was doing the whole Life than thought to strive for that it took.. Closer to end Hthe man and his legacy (in other words — the what he inherited) — merged, merged, like blood snow-white carpet and forms its artistic pattern, — achieved absolute of human existence, reunites you with by a and you the this world, and more.. well, as lived get the beast — was lascivious ghoul — placed on count as a pig; drenched in the scum toilet — most push down; puzzled over how to catch the criminal elements — mix you will razmitim skull — what is not Retribution?.. And don't say it's unfair.

"no God, No universe, there is no do of mankind, there is heaven, the other hell. All it's only a dream, intricate a stupid dream. No nothing but you. And you just thought, wandering thought, an aimless thought, a homeless thought, lost in eternal space."

9 of the 10

Lilas Spielman
20 October 2018 | 11:22

40 years passed since serial killer Michael Myers has committed a brutal murder in the town of Haddonfield. The only survivor Laurie Strode from a naive girl became a woman, from where you had a daughter and a granddaughter. Here only a nightmare past and leave her, spoil relations with family and life has turned into a constant fear and training with the purpose to stand up for their lives.

Meanwhile, two curious journalist interested in the story of Michael Myers visit it in a psychiatric hospital, where trying to learn from his motives prompted to commit bloody crimes. However, Michael Myers as it was 40 years and left, and frustrated, they leave not having achieved a response.

As in"Halloween" in 1978, so in the continuation (new part completely ignores all the sequels), the reason which Michael Myers is on freedom — it's an escape. It is not known whether the accident bus accident, in which transported Myers and other psihichki ill patients in a new hospital, or is there was a plan to Michael's, but with a broken bus and starts a new series of bloody crimes has already become a legendary maniac. And the first are those with the visitors of the hospital... Haunted some, but it clear purpose, Michael kills everyone without parsing — men, women and children... In the same time, the audience will feel the contrast between the cold-blooded murder with a hammer the baby's mother and will hold its breath over Myers bent over a baby's crib.

The film is virtually the Canon of horror all items — inactive officers of the law, the phrase "I Think I heard something. I'll go check," screaming girls, illogical actions of the main characters, screamers and virtually invulnerable maniac. The apotheosis of stupidity may be a house Laurie, of whom she made fortress and in which I forgot about glass insert. The emphasis is placed on metal grille door, in the beginning of the film and which miraculously evaporates or part of the plan of the main character, or a hint to the Director that the maniac is not like to get to his victim. There are a couple of unexpected moments, but which can be described as "you Can guess". Halloween is just a background, Recalling the currently only date and Halloween teenage party.

To incomparable actress Jamie Lee Curtis to relate with all due respect, how to nick castle, not matter what most of the time, his face covered by a mask. Yes, outside to her, the filmmakers make it image blurry, showing with back or expertly masking the surrounding reality. In General, the female part, represented by Actresses Judy Greer and Andy Matychak, was much stronger than men's, which was, in fact, cannon fodder.

Theme music — will evoke nostalgia and delight the ear.

And how came the film: sweetness or nastiness, everyone decides for himself, or for the first time after seeing the same as a longtime fan of this once successfully invented the works of John carpenter!

How much did it cost to make Halloween?
According to various sources, the cost of producing the tv-show was at least $10,000,000.
Who is the director of the movie Halloween?
This tv-show was directed by David Gordon Green.
What is the genre of Halloween?
The tv-show belongs to the genres of Thriller, Horror, Best movies 2018, Best Horror Movies 2018, Best Thriller Movies 2018.
Who starred in Halloween?
Many famous actors starred in this tv-show, here are the names of the most famous: Jamie Lee Curtis, Judy Greer, Virginia Gardner, Will Patton, Miles Robbins.
What is Halloween IMDB Ranking?
At the moment, the rating is 6.6.
When was Halloween released?
The start date for this tv-show on USA TV is 2018-10-19.