Mother and daughter live in the woods far from the village. Some locals are afraid of them and think of witches. One day the mother falls ill, a strange illness.

  • Lukas Feigelfeld

Release Date: 2019-04-19
IMDb icon 5.9/10
  • Country: AT, DE
  • Language: German
  • Revenue: Cumulative Worldwide $21,487
Bernelle Lem
26 November 2018 | 08:54

Anyone who found a special attraction in the kind of gloom "mom!" Aronofsky will probably be attracted and"Witches." The project was implemented in the format of some horrornot folk fable that combines myself as viscous atmosphere of evil, expressed through avant-garde visual style and ideas are already bored of feminism and the place of women in world in a whole. And all well and crazy title of the original names can be forgiven (Hagazussa is the ancient term used for the characteristics of witches, devils and heathens female), and a cheap budget, collected over the expense of crowdfunding. And that can not be forgiven, so it is a kind of insignificance of the project: many of the problems of the film can not be sure refers to the indie debut. The minimalistic dialogues and mind-bending plot it is necessary to correctly build and framing and Director Lucas Feigelfeld — not Lars von Trier and not David Lynch. In the end, its creation out of abstract, dreamlike and nonsensical.

In the Austrian Alpine wilderness of the 15th century is dominated by only a superstition. While a plague is ravaging the unfortunate peasants, paranoid folk exchanged cautions, and  tales of evil spirits, the Witcher and all of a sudden the Jews. Young Albron and her mother share a humble abode somewhere in snowy mountains. A supernatural being lives on this lost earth.

"Witches" is strong, above all, episodic moments. Of course, because the narrative in the large of them is. In the ribbon is no overall plot in the usual way of the word; rather, various household things like milking the goats and lyrical immersion in the swampy pond, shown incredibly disturbing and poetic, and form the basis of the film. Generally "Witch" likes to play with he his perception of reality. The entire film is deliberately made fabulous: the feeling that  the"Witches" if you came with the pages of some medieval stories. In first is guilty of a visual learner, on which the creators and focused.

As "the Witch", a project of the American colleagues, in this tape has one of a kind and message of day today, is not always the case of folklore and fairy tales. Projected actions of women that challenge their social status, are heard like an echo throughout the script. The constant fear in which they live heroine "Witch" stems from today, however, if you think about it, such an interpretation makes the project somehow oversaturated. It is necessary to praise the project for ambiguity in some extreme moments (e.g., hugs mother "Witches" not very soothe and may represent the grip of death), and the less because of the lack of history as such is imbued with the ideas of not possible.

Mediation weird spectacle clearly intended not all — at least for fans and mass movie, I think, not even for narrow-minded sophisticated moviegoers. The "witches" — it's so good, but still protracted sequence, the purpose of which is to immersing the viewer in lethargy. In as some films can achieve this effect unintentionally (well, boring they are, what do), the "Witches" specially build similar technique to relaxed the softened mind of the viewer to throw a grain of truth, which time will bear the fruits of mental labor. "Witches" you can criticize, you can be misunderstood, but one thing is certain: the film, at least, can someone Yes advise.

5 from 10

Jessa Greeson
04 November 2018 | 10:05

Girl Albron lives with his mother high in the mountains in lonely log cabin, because the locals think of their witches. The action takes place in the 15th century, but we know synopsis. Life in the snowy hut somewhere on the edge of the world little has changed in the last 500 years. In the 20th century has only changed clothes. And people with their fears, intolerance to all other desire to crowd together at the basis of similarity remained the same.

The film is an ethnic sketch, few pictures are terrible and hard life of a lonely woman. Here little Albro (Selina Peter) takes care of dying a terrible disease mother (Claudia Martini). Here grown-up of Albron (Alexander Quen) repeats the fate of his mother alone surviving with his daughter, persecuted by villagers with the filing of the local priest. Here in her life appears strange friend (Tanja Petrovsky), but she really need unsociable recluse?

"Witches" by the Austrian Director Lukas Feigelfeld (in the original "Hagazussa") at the right to designate a copyrighted work. He he wrote he was engaged in producing. In fact that his thesis, shot in the expense of crowdfunding. Have Feigelfeld out stylish and solid film with simple but trivial plot does not like the model's debut horror and leave space for interpretation by the viewer. In the film, little action and even less dialogue. The main character in the entire film. says the ten words.

Feigelfeld not seeks to scare the audience with cheap tricks. Horror is injected on a more profound level. In the archaic consciousness the physical world and the world of spirits and demons United. Even in our days, is the man to be alone, how can it begin to overcome the demons. And no matter what demons don't live so much the woods and swamps, how in the minds of people, and eat blood, rather, fears and suppressed desires, nurtured by loneliness.

Ignore the poster the style of heavy metal. Nothing in the film. It to compare with film "the Witch," Robert Eggers ("The' Vitch: A New-England Folktale, 2015"), filmed in a similar style and similar theme. By the way Hagazussa on old German dialect means a demonic female entity.

The soundtrack to the film is drone ambient from MMMD — Mohammad. It is the monotonous hum/buzz under the electronic accompaniment. "Music" (in quotes) on the fan, and very much on the fan. But it is so in the theme of the film that there is somewhere on the level of the stomach. The perfect background for meditative horror film. By the way, the album "Hagazussa — the Heathens A Curse OST" already ninth discography Mohammad.

The film is unconventional and uncomfortable for viewing. He clearly not designed for huge screens, and popkornovyh multiplexes. No, wide screen he is very to face. All the bottomless and endless panorama of the cold Alps look best on the big screen (great job Mariel operator of Bacaro), where they give the opportunity to feel the agoraphobia and feel the king of nature, and a bag of bones, covered a very vulnerable piece of skin. But the mood of the multiplex and the feeling of the crowd if not back then for the nearest wall all spoil. For watching the movie requires a certain mood. Movie you will either tighten, or you sleep.

7 of 10

Atlante Goltz
30 November 2018 | 09:22

There was one girl. Ill have this girl's mother and died. Rose that girl, big became, economic, gave birth to a girl and was the one to live. I went to her maid alone, girlfriend was Packed, Yes only hurt it that girl was big and which child without a man gave birth. And had her goat like the start the girl who became a big goat to milk, so strange was done. And then he killed someone that goat the girl is distraught and ill into the woods went. And in the woods found the girl magic mushrooms and ate them. And then the the girl is very ill and brain-damaged. Because one to live it is always bad, especially when goats are not.

Used in villages not such stories told.

Gloomy (and how otherwise, if we declared: Germany, witch, and the 15th century?)- viscous history of the life of villagers. Enjoyed it such a way that all this plain, General, history can interpret on their own way. Want the story of a hereditary madness? Please. The story of initiation of a young witch? Completely. The tragedy of women left or choose loneliness? There!

Low dialogue, high forest locations, captured by very talented, plus music suitable for the emptiness of the story and here, the viewer's head will modify, tighten anyone screw where necessary.

My daring has converged on that the girl was good, though unsociable. Only they said it and true love spells has done and on the skull wondered. Yes, who knows them now. Not already there no one died all.

How much has Hagazussa made?
Commercial tv-show fees worldwide today are Cumulative Worldwide $21,487.
Who is the director of the movie Hagazussa?
This tv-show was directed by Lukas Feigelfeld.
What is the genre of Hagazussa?
The tv-show belongs to the genres of Drama, Horror, Best Horror Movies 2019.
Who starred in Hagazussa?
Many famous actors starred in this tv-show, here are the names of the most famous: Aleksandra Cwen, Celina Peter, Claudia Martini, Tanja Petrovsky, Haymon Maria Buttinger.
What is Hagazussa IMDB Ranking?
At the moment, the rating is 5.9.
When was Hagazussa released?
The start date for this tv-show on USA TV is 2019-04-19.