Hacksaw Ridge

The true story of Desmond T. Doss, the conscientious objector who, at the Battle of Okinawa, was awarded the Medal of Honor for his incredible bravery and regard for his fellow soldiers. We see his upbringing and how this shaped his views, especially his religious view and anti-killing stance. We see Doss's trials and tribulations after enlisting in the US Army and trying to become a medic. Finally, we see the hell on Earth that was Hacksaw Ridge.

  • Mel Gibson

Release Date: 2016-11-04
IMDb icon 8.1/10
  • Country: AU, US
  • Language: English | Japanese
  • Budget: $40,000,000
  • Revenue: Cumulative Worldwide $180,450,918
Shellie Waynant
29 January 2020 | 01:34

I love military movies, love. Yeah and Mel Gibson is working well in a movie of this genre — just remember "brave heart". Therefore, the expectations from this movie was personally I good, because he, the film, even to the same based on actual events. And it strongly immerses in the atmosphere, I think.

So, the film is about an ordinary boy who went to war as the ideological deviationist. He does not want to take in the arm during the fight — physician. To part of the film, in which shows the actual war itself, the film flows quietly, with a rather trivial story. The actors are pretty good, and I liked without exception. A conventional love story, routine care of the two brothers in the army. Military training, which for the hero such as all the above-mentioned reason. At this reason hero put under the Tribunal. The time of the dialogue of the hero with my wife the detention cell called personally I surge of emotion thanks to great actors.

Well, the other part of the film, as I — home. In her first, immediately visible hand mastera installation and heard a beautiful sound. Actually, that picture and won an Oscar. Also the camera work is quite nice. And all in well-choreographed combat scenes that are filled with blood, which gives a very strong realism. Also, this the realism created by the play of Andrew Garfield. When I understand that all this, all this horror and death occurred in reality — shivers run through skin.

Under the end note the idea of this whole heroic history. Not have to kill enemies for being a hero. You can act as is your conscience. From the movie is here this is a great idea, and Mel coped with by promoting this idea of the viewer. The film is very well made for all the parameters, so

10 of 10

Agnella Mehala
20 December 2016 | 09:13

"Better ten years of negotiations than one day of war" — once said to the famous Soviet diplomat Andrei Gromyko. Man, never participating in military operations, made his motto anti-militarist Orthodox postulate, the most demonstrating a stark contrast with the warriors that survived more than one meat grinder, and neither least have lost the desire to kill everyone who sword of Damocles hangs over for their government. Government that sincerely care about the number of human victims thrown into the greedy jaws of mass graves before get more or less trampled area for the signing of another surrender. The government, which...Wait, we are still not about it. Bypassing the tasty piece of cake, promising another parapolitical talk and discussion, Gibson-Director deliberately takes the canvas of the painting in a totally different direction. The destiny of man, in the background, a lonely figure which was open terrible throat the Second World war. A bloody duel of the two Nations at the Okinawa is not. as a way to again to divide the States and Japan by default, the right and consciously to blame. So heard that "enough!", spoken with a subtle Australian accent, putting a point in the one human destiny around which all commas. Not Godard. Not slightly. Not Bertolucci with his beautiful revolutionary trait in each elected characters. From each has its own way. Desmond Doss, ready to argue, would have signed every word of the last sentence.

It is not known who was the father of an ordinary Doss, and raised whether he son as tell about this scene from "For reasons of conscience." Disturbing true story with fiction, Gibson, the however, creates a portrait, as close as possible on their moral (and physical that could be hidden) qualities to the man who is destined to appear on pretaroli documentary records. Man is a paradox. Slender, if not to say frail, smiling and not particularly causing the Association with a brave Martinet, of which water, fire and copper pipes change bigger than unbridled plastic — current Hollywood gods of Olympus. Customize kicks colleagues, precipitated perplexity and dissatisfaction of the authorities, thrown in a lack of better options, under striking eye the Tribunal, Doss came from the ashes of humiliation a La the Phoenix, — qualifying for the final only the main military award in the form of Medal of honor, but and a whole set of symbolic ringing of the coins in bright ribbons in which "For faultless service" looms the most ironic grin. For not just to survive the horrors of war, but and endure working on the weathercock politics of his native state Doss have to have really strong nerves and remarkable faith. However, on the shortage of it never did not complain.

And what a feat, you ask? Gibson seemed to be stratifies his picture on two cultural layers, the first of which — "Defend their country", the second — "Defend yourself." In both cases, each viewer is able to find personal, subjective value, however, in the question that has final to win — priority of the state over the person person over state — tape biconvex interpretations not allowed. For more convincing historically conditioned identity Doss is virtually ideal, so as it was forged not only during the persecution of basic, but and the battlefield where a terrible mutual attacks claimed the lives faster than the cartridges are stamped on the conveyor. Bullets, literally chews the meat with bones. The Japanese emerge from the underground holes, akin to the poisonous, ubiquitous gas — their territory, their obsession, their Outlook, erecting death in the battle of the degree of desired absolute. War, like a terrible Moloch that grinds an inexperienced recruits and even middle-aged officers, cowardly and brave, smart and narrow-minded. Like a whirlwind, megasha a mountain of corpses, regret, and a natural empathy for the surviving is much more suitable for reports of the plan, rather than long arguments in poorly lit corridors. The more so Gibson, learned his craft in the brutal art naturalism issued scenes, the viewer sensitive spare not particularly used, making recognizable, bronjuice, accent. Ishlist scenes of agonizing death from the pages of the New Testament in  the Passion, enlisting the bloody theocratic component of the "Apocalypse", the Director continues to Torit taking for the soul of the track on the theme of the suffering of the flesh and of the spirit, able to either destroy or elevate your vehicle, and similar stories get him, pay tribute to, to be extremely successful.

Perhaps even the skeptics, as usual mersadies from any derived "based on a true story" (by the way, not always able to give the adaptation a little bit of cultural significance), will be able to catch a minute of silence for the documentary footage of an interview with himself a member Doss — scored for many decades old, gray hair and arthritis. His words "And one more and one more, and one more..." sound from the screen a magical spell, so unlike, for example, full of snake venom stiepiena of Shakespeare's "Macbeth." The latter carried in their lines the prediction of the suffering and imminent death, in as Doss prayed for life. About that it God has allowed to pull out of make left behind the cooling corpses still one of the survivors. It is strange and painful to hear these words the hushed gloom of the hall. Strange because it is unnatural to go into hell, no to turn off desperately screaming instinct of self-preservation. Hurt because with a distinct clarity, following Note Hemingway and desperate sorrow at the advanced, realize that no war, no one piece of disputed land, no assurances about the strategic importance of those or other objects covered with the heat of red-hot front, never will cost those victims who were given to them.

Tamar Grounds
28 November 2016 | 12:12

Tape Pro I found out recently that may played the best party of my experiences. The picture put without the famous Director Mel Gibson (in which no one required) in it tells the story of the hero of the second world war, Desmond Dose that one of the first reasons of conscience refused to go to war weapons even more apply it.

Will at this time short saying that before us is really the best war drama the last couple of years that's right, and even if to compare with"American Sniper" 2014 then the latter does not hold any kind of irritated. Mel Gibson, not shown to this film showing off on the battlefield, he really showed the horror of these bloody battles. There are no fighters, there is no superheroes, there are people, fear, despair and faith, tells us Mal at the course tape. And I said above, there is cool American cats, in inspirational ammoniafree, there is accurate, coordinated action, there are only people who sometimes shooting to kill the enemy, and to only seconds to drown out the roar of their weapons op, the howling and whistling of enemy bullets (fear to turn into the madness). And here in the midst of this madness worn "coward" Doss trying to rescue the wounded, barely alive, more exhausted, the soldiers who have gave up trying to stay on this scorched with fire and shells by the earth like the Holy spirit, only flesh among these sinners.

Phew.. I Think it's time to slowly draw a line, it's really the film and film a large letter, which would be a mistake to miss in the past year. But do not forget that mediocre is not all that the range of emotions you will get directly into the 2nd half of the film,

so as the saying goes, you will need to endure, because 1-St half satisfied low that not surprising for films of this genre. Tied the love story, the clichéd and not without a smile-inducing characters, all this film has it. And if the second pritenzy not, so it allows a bit to relax the audience before the main drama, I love line is clearly not worked.

I don't say you will go yourself and you will understand, you quit hall a lump in the throat and that AHP emotions, what about all that was start you have will have a minimum value.

In the result, we have the best drama of 2016. There is still an Oscar, maybe that will be even more powerful, view, and it now do so

How much has Hacksaw Ridge made?
Commercial tv-show fees worldwide today are Cumulative Worldwide $180,450,918.
How much did it cost to make Hacksaw Ridge?
According to various sources, the cost of producing the tv-show was at least $40,000,000.
Who is the director of the movie Hacksaw Ridge?
This tv-show was directed by Mel Gibson.
What is the genre of Hacksaw Ridge?
The tv-show belongs to the genres of Drama, History, Biography, Best movies 2016, Best Drama Movies 2016.
Who starred in Hacksaw Ridge?
Many famous actors starred in this tv-show, here are the names of the most famous: Andrew Garfield, Richard Pyros, Jacob Warner, Milo Gibson, Darcy Bryce.
What is Hacksaw Ridge IMDB Ranking?
At the moment, the rating is 8.1.
When was Hacksaw Ridge released?
The start date for this tv-show on USA TV is 2016-11-04.