Grizzly Man

The film tells the sad fate of researcher-lover Timothy Treadwell, who devoted himself to studying the habits of the most fierce bear on the planet — the grizzly. The life of Treadwell ended in October 2003 in Alaska. Huge ripped bear researcher and his girlfriend during the trip. For paintings of friends and colleagues Timothy trying to understand the reasons for his unusual Hobbies and answer that makes modern man to abandon the benefits of civilization in favor of friendship with a giant bear.

  • Werner Herzog

Release Date: 2005-12-07
IMDb icon 7.8/10
  • Country: US
  • Language: English
  • Revenue: Cumulative Worldwide $4,064,179
Lissa Molini
04 March 2009 | 12:01

This Unusual documentary novel of Unusual Director and screenwriter Werner Herzog about extraordinary researcher of life wild grizzly bears on Alaska — Timothy Tredwell, videoprice on the person, "who just loved the bears." Think a definite feeling she You will not cause. Most likely, no middle ground, and only extreme enthusiasm or complete rejection.

Starts the narrative, and we see? It turns out the man in the frame is beginning to tell on the backdrop of peacefully(!) grazing on the lawn of grizzly bears on that he is a "knight-errant", "the samurai, always ready to death", "a flower or an invisible spirit who can see, but will not harm"...

And leaving throwing the phrase: "I feel death, even the tips of their toes..." And all anything, one little detail really painful rushed in eyes — under the name of the researcher showed the dates of birth and death — 1957-2003 And here you start to think that happened. About this story Director? How? Why? About this parable and says.

the Mouth of his in the numerous long expeditions to Alaska. video Camera with a tripod was with him all the time, it as a prism of its perception of the world as way to do your video diary what is happening with him in the wild. You should give credit to the author, he took a lot of unique documentaries with a constant feature — Timothy always was in the frame so there is happening, so he did — ran, stood, watched... and not made it actors theatre wildlife — the grizzly bears.

the Mouth of his friends, other scholars, loved him women, parents, helped him employees who conducted the investigation into his death, of one who had seen his last alive even the mouth of the pathologist. All these people are trying to understand the nature of this strange and violent passions of the life of bears in the wild.

Parable, yeah it hint have some class. And lesson that in the wild HAVE boundaries. And this lesson has been taught Timothy and his girlfriend in full and even too cruel. But on the other hand, all the border ONLY in our head and if you look at the wider world under the angle with other positions, remove do SOMETHING like in you believe what I live for. And no matter what it will be!

And did well, when people live life is not wonder leaves a bit of his perception to live after him. Timothy had left a lot of unique edited into the detailed shots of life in the wild. And also their belief, idea and the organization of people under the name

8 from 10

Lizzy Asel
16 February 2013 | 02:36

What respect for that standing ovation? Or may be to whom?

Tim — a typical example of a loser at life who decided to run away from life and found this ideal.. . to the wild bears. It so hate society, the government and people in General, it is clearly evident from his monologues, right after the screaming hatred that decided to run away from the civilization Alaska to the bears, foxes, in their animal abode. They are steel him replacing human society, they become "friends."

Heroism and misconceptions Tim along with his complacency and fearlessness in the end, played with him a cruel joke. He thought about the loud this shouted that it in society bears in security that he is there is nothing to fear, it is there is fish water. And people in contrast it, afraid to even go there, but if drop, , you will definitely be eaten. It a hero, Yes, but all others are just pathetic little people... But as a result, those researchers, who there time left, was still alive, and Tim successfully was eaten by his "friends safe". Irony Yes only...

A third of the film — a purely American dialogues and interviews... a bunch of meaningless words in the dialogues, ridiculous-looking expressions of emotion, open mouths and eyes — classic sentai genre in the game in front of the camera. Listen and see — nice little, informative not more... a Typical movie for the typical American.

The only thing that the film is really beautiful — landscapes of the Alaskan wilderness, where very rarely ventured and where is the Kingdom of animals. The beauty of the wildlife of Tim seen he really loved.

Life should be loved in the form which it is, and not to run from her it is absurd then to die...

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Rosanne Corbet
29 December 2018 | 04:54

A documentary film about Timothy Tredwell — the guy who moved to Alaska to live side-by-side with grizzly bears, and filmed a lot of footage on the camcorder.

It would seem that this? In the world of the ascetics, who are for the preservation of nature. They enrich biology and popular scientific transfer unique frames, they serve as evidence that among the people still missing are passionate, tend to at risk individuals, they teach compassion and courage of the younger generation. Why is a film by Herzog about Timothy collected such mixed reviews?

The thing that this picture is not about the nature and not even about the relationship of man and nature ribbon the man, about Timothy. About his life and tragic death, on which will be announced in one of the first scenes of the film — the naturalist and his friend ate those the bears, for which he like struggled.

Some of the young audience in solidarity with a defender of the Grizzlies, with its a strong protest to address human civilization. Yes, the boy is very cute, bright, but it is completely marginalized, like the hippies of the new generation. He disinterested, which makes it ideas lifestyle shred of respect. Very comfortable person to be someone with a flag or model for imitation, after all, the Timothy of the way to climb to achieve his goal. And what is the true nature of this goal — I admire conservationist Alaska unaware, slipped in a frame.

However, the older people, with experience, boring and boring as I'm not agree with the situation unconditionally. Always when you watch movies about people one or another extreme, think about their family, primarily parents, of course, but also friends and even just acquaintances. The unexpected death of a loved one is perceived by others much more painful and sharper than if he died after a long illness.

But in the movie "Man grizzly" is not even it's important. With the first frame there is the confusion about what is happening because something this kid doesn't so. What is — will become a bit clearer later.

I think everyone will perceive differently the care of Timothy from the civilization. I on that I saw tips the Director's role here is special played I him do not completely agree. And do not that he says the frame, not that say loved ones, friends and acquaintances of the deceased young man, and that the Director has edited and published of the shots that took by myself Timothy.

On that tape I saw, first of all, sozialisierung kid with highly unbalanced psyche, which is clearly not hurt medical care. Later, this explained. Have was in a lifetime period of unsuccessful attempts to find a niche in society, he wanted to be important, famous. Data for that it was, but did not work. So often often. The inability to socialize as he wants, brought a young man to complete marginalization in the company with drugs and alcohol. These according to shake the psyche and even finding the strength to turn them, the person is not can them to the end to get rid of, on life remains marked — nervous, twitchy, flowing into the extreme — under the character of Timothy falls completely. When he open, sometimes just shining, it just feels so good, so nice, so genuine.

But in his diary he writes that his friend rebuked him that it ruined everything. And the sincerity of his some kind of simulated... So if you pray to God to rain on the benefit of animals, not do this in camera and especially not take 15 takes, after each of the which will demonstrate that the rain has gone. I believe that Timothy he believes that he says, but to him — no. I only see an unhappy kid who does not found himself among people who did not enough love of others and self-respect who needs to go noticed by others. And I see the protector of nature, and just a boy who plays with secret of himself, unpredictable forces. It any act of despair, and coupled with him the illusion that managed, managed to escape from a closed vicious circle. Still managed to show themselves and to Shine among the famous personalities.

There are reviewers who accuse others Timothy of people in that he didn't love. I do not will. Not always easy to show love. Must be present and desire to receive it. And vanity often prevents understanding between loved ones. As was case Timothy — unknown. Mother still keeps its favorite toy, but the ashes of Timothy is an old friend. Why? Many questions remain without answers.

Why was this kid? The footage they shot, unique, but technology goes forward in leaps and bounds, and drones the BBC, led by remotely located in the safety of operators rented more sophisticated not less interesting episodes from the life of animals. In one of them lonely floating in the vast ocean, a polar bear in the red Book, which is unlikely destined to reach the banks, causing more empathy and confidence to be all applications Timothy on the grizzly, which, according to the specialists, yet the extinction of the Daleks. What the protection of nature, Yes, someone in the soul of this idea of fall for sure, but itself his life among the bears as say the Park staff to be more harmful than useful — the naturalist has taught bears to fear man and to fear us should we need to watch out for...

Still, Timothy was able to accomplish a truly wonderful thing — the most important thing in his life, he hath made to her last moments (audio recording became a witness to the incident): when it has been lost, it is struggling was trying to save his girlfriend. However, because it is he her resisting, was taken here. So worth it is the adventure of two young lives who died for nothing, from the desire to stand out from pride of himself constructed illusions?

Someone my review is not like it. So be it. This film can be interpreted in many different ways, and he good because with Timothy as and any person, ambiguous. And this ambiguity very well the Director managed to convey. And the kids really, really sorry.

8 from 10

How much has Grizzly Man made?
Commercial tv-show fees worldwide today are Cumulative Worldwide $4,064,179.
Who is the director of the movie Grizzly Man?
This tv-show was directed by Werner Herzog.
What is the genre of Grizzly Man?
The tv-show belongs to the genres of Biography, Documentary.
Who starred in Grizzly Man?
Many famous actors starred in this tv-show, here are the names of the most famous: Werner Herzog, Carol Dexter, Val Dexter, Sam Egli, Franc G. Fallico.
What is Grizzly Man IMDB Ranking?
At the moment, the rating is 7.8.
When was Grizzly Man released?
The start date for this tv-show on USA TV is 2005-12-07.