Green Street 3: Never Back Down

Danny Harvey fought all his life: first, on the Playground, and then on the football field and later at the head of a fan group called "Green Street Elite". Fourteen years ago, Danny moved away from the football violence and pointed his ability to fight in a different direction — into the world of mixed martial arts. He manages a training room for fighters, one of the most respected in the UK. Despite the fact that Danny is far from my favorite FC "West ham", he is unchanging and faithful "hammer" and constantly monitors the achievements of his team. Joey, the younger brother of Danny, many years hanging out with the "Green Street Elite". Having trained at Danny, Joey also succeeded in MMA, and his older brother repeatedly advised him to focus on go Pro and become someone, instead of screwing around in the group. Joey followed his advice and got a license Professor. But one day, Joey is killed in one of the fan showdown...

  • James Nunn

Release Date: 2014-09-05
IMDb icon 5.2/10
  • Country: GB
  • Language: English
Marla Jarlath
12 November 2013 | 01:14

I will begin with that compare with the first part is not to avoid. So, the first part was good drama, with great actors and characters. But here is the plot of the third part, he actually no, even in some way repeats the first movie, so no interest. The actors and their characters in General are the same as the plot, no you empathy or you even like him have even hero Adkins.

But, in this film, more emphasis on the fight that they are more spectacular, but because of this, less realistic, but sometimes, very notable statement that colitis eyes. The fight of the first film was a street, I would even say such patsanskimi, this is actually the first film at first, and captured. But in the third part of this "dvora romance" is not felt.

But I still watched this movie. And can't say it's bad, no, it's a normal movie, it was the normal or no more less if it just once nor grams of the finish.

5 from 10

Jacquie Begga
16 July 2015 | 10:05

Unlike the second part, which was terrible in almost all, this movie is decent enough for its genre. Of course, Scott edkins not as good as Charlie Hunnam, but is fighting-it is, perhaps, even better. The sexy bartender, staging fights in principle, a fairly good level, i.e., it is seen that the film is not particularly expensive, but the pleasure viewing to not interfere. Here only have two problems.

This "Never Back Down", but not "Green Street 3". With first even with the second parts not here nothing in common except the mention of English football clubs and company GSE. Nor the main character, who was supposedly leader almost not the founder of the GSE or his younger brother, who this the firm was headed in the first parts do not been. Yes, it is echoes the history Major and his younger brother, but if the creators decided to tell, then they should not even be allowed to film even come close.

In addition, with the football here. also nothing in common. Of course, English hooliganism is now not as good as in the XX-th century. Police, camera and etc. things are great spoil them life. Here to only bullshit fighting rules some soldiers, military and etc. could think only people who don't have on that is football but saw a few fights on TV (even over such pit in the first part jiving for Breakfast).

From the movie you can see that a drink of football hooligans: light beer and brandy. Matches they now, it turns out that watching sitting, without any attributes or specific style of clothing. To fight and all were exclusively for the rules, because it is necessary to respect the feelings of others, and they cry run in police, I suppose. Oh yeah, fight now bet, of course. In overall, this is visually a good movie about the fighting of the rules, but add to him the football and more, the first "Hooligans", then it becomes an indescribable nonsense that it is impossible to watch without a laugh irritation.

6 from 10

Kelsey Sven
16 August 2016 | 11:59

A huge success that followed the output screens sporty drama "Hooligans", what few expected, has created two continue. The second part, where the action takes place in the dungeons of the prison, and there was found the fans of the two warring firms of football club "West ham" and"Millwall". From the vast majority of viewers who watched the first "Hooligans", its an indirect sequel caused a deep sense of disappointment. And here nine years later after the release of the original parts again, you can see the fans, "West ham" in the third part. And all unites them — it's the bullies, the fans and the name of the movie. On the business name of the acclaimed film Blo taken only with one purpose: to attract the audience's attention and those decided to watch "Hooligans 3" we must be prepared to view mockbuster, then there is a low-budget film, using best practices successful predecessor.

The protagonist of the film — Danny Harvey. Once he was an ardent fan of "West ham" and times participated in the collisions fans of other clubs. But then, Danny has opened for world martial arts turned into a professional athlete, in contrast his younger brother Joey, who is not followed the footsteps of the older and was killed in one of fighting with which is actually the film starts. Danny arrives at the funeral decides to deal with those guilty of the death of his brother. He know that involved fans of another club and to find the culprits Danny is embedded in the firm, "West ham", in which is not so long ago was it myself. But now everything has changed: fans staged a clandestine tournament, so as them on the tight streets came from the police, and Danny need (somehow) to train a team of fighters from "West ham" to reach final there to defeat her sworn enemies.

Potential viewer to consider the fact that the role of Danny, then have a main role, playing Scott edkins. This entity is only considered an actor, and let the second-class, but and a real fighter martial arts that it is not again clearly demonstrated in movies with their participation, for example, in its image-business card Yuri Boyko in the sequel and the triquel "Undeniable". Here and the film was put Adkins. The idea that the most ardent fans of different clubs to sort things out now some fantasy tournament can appeal only to those who knows English football inside and think this would be better way fans solved their issues. But "Hooligans 3" only some dense parody of the first movie. Another murder, again revenge, again drama, only in the original it was all so deeply that already a heart of enough, but does the drama relate to the surface, replacing all of the demonstration fights.

And it is fine. they would well-staged, spectacular, spectacular, as it was "Indisputable". But then some set of mash shouting, beating each other five to five — that's maximum that was capable of staging the film "Hooligans 3". No drama, the spectacle is disappointing that is here to watch? Yes in principle, see there not that. The only positive thing personally I found detective storyline when you find out who and what killed Joey. Even Scott edkins, whose respect for his fighting qualities, not pleased, but because it invite them to let and secondary role in a famous band (one of the latest was the Comedy "the Brothers of the Grimsby"). But with third, "Hooligans" all that is capable edkins — it's a good idea to wave his hands and feet, but to build a wild face, saying, "I'll kill you". "Neud" I put Scott Adkins, knowing that he is capable of more.

Able to edkins more in the acting role and to demonstrate their fighting skills. But the Directors of the fights in the third, "Bullies" have done their job disgusting to watch do not that and this had to lure the film. Poorly disclosed, or rather virtually no revealed, the drama of the plot. Loosely linked romantic lead. Only interesting final part of the movie that opened the whole the main antagonist. But until then nothing to see. "Hooligans 3" — this is a blatant and senseless use of the name from a sensational picture. It is better hear Elijah wood sings the national anthem "West ham".

3 of the 10

Who is the director of the movie Green Street 3: Never Back Down?
This tv-show was directed by James Nunn.
What is the genre of Green Street 3: Never Back Down?
The tv-show belongs to the genres of Action, Crime, Drama.
Who starred in Green Street 3: Never Back Down?
Many famous actors starred in this tv-show, here are the names of the most famous: Scott Adkins, Kacey Clarke, Joey Ansah, Jack Doolan, Josh Myers.
What is Green Street 3: Never Back Down IMDB Ranking?
At the moment, the rating is 5.2.
When was Green Street 3: Never Back Down released?
The start date for this tv-show on USA TV is 2014-09-05.