Grave Halloween

A group of teenagers went into the Forest of Death. Soon they have to regret that they came to this place...

  • Steven R. Monroe

Release Date: 2013-10-19
IMDb icon 4.2/10
  • Country: CA
  • Language: English
Petunia Saffier
25 August 2014 | 12:40

The Director of Steven R. Monroe never was considered one of the best representatives of their profession. In the best case, it paintings looked strong middling, but often, it where he had a hand, perished in the vast ocean of "B" category. Perhaps we you would not noticed his work, if in 2010, he has not occurred on the whole world thanks to its bloody slasher "I spit on your grave", which stirred up the minds of many persistent connoisseurs of the genre, to whom I carry myself and I. After such an unexpected triumph Monroe, to unfortunately as 6 of the movies he went back to the unsophisticated given, so that in 2013 to release a sequel to his best pictures. Well and traditions, after the premiere of "I spit on your grave 2", the Director continued to shoot marginal projects. As first of them was "Grave Halloween". The painting was presented to the world on TV Syfy, which never been famous for high-quality content in the horror genre. To recall the poor "the Ghost in the school" with Danny Trejo or "Peranakan". And "Grave Halloween" is getting a full in a number of these forgotten strips to its pulled in light some ardent seeker of new horror movies, prowling in search of unexpected good luck. sorry roofing, painting Monroe's only in the beginning captures the attention, and the rest of the time, so much.

So, plot this canadian horror unfolding in Japan. The main character of the film is the beautiful student Maiko (kaitlyn Wong), whose the biological mother was done with him in the Forest of suicides. Deciding to go to officially forbidden by the authorities of the place, Maiko invites his American friends to join it the more so on the plan of study, they have to shoot a little documentary. Only Maiko wants not just go to the forest, where killed her mother. The main objective is to conduct an ancient Japanese ritual in the eve of Halloween, which aims to calm the souls of the departed. Arriving at the place, the characters almost immediately start to feel for a grim aura of the forest. In the program is expected to meet with the school pranksters, who decided to play Maiko with friends, unpleasant acquaintance with inadequate policemen, multiple hallucinations and cheap horror stories, not able to dip the viewer in the atmosphere of despair.

To be honest, "Grave Halloween" starts quite decent despite a couple of false moments with the dreams of the main character, was interested in its essence is quite deep. He fact that the action takes place in a remote Japanese town and its nearby woods, and not USA or Canada, have configures a mystical way. Besides entertaining the legend of the Forest of suicides, which is really is the reality itself to himself unsettling. The Director throws in a little the frame of such frightening things as the old car in which to consider the instruction for the suicide, and also presenting us with an old sign, with words in which demand not log in the forest, or at least not take them... here our heroes enter the forbidden wilderness, and with this starts the parade of patterns and primitive directorial techniques designed to scare its audience. Constantly appearing over the trees figure in white tire already closer to the middle of the view, appearing out of nowhere, the locals are trying to scare as characters us his mystical tales, but nothing but sadness they did not cause. Of course in a few moments Stephen Monroe all managed to make a successful attempt to intimidate, but in General, it pains terribly upset. Japanese exoticism in the film also impossibly little. The Director thought that when migrating a site of action in the land of the rising sun the film will instantly sparkle with new colors, but it clearly has paid off. Exciting legend of the Forest of suicides needs constant feeding and to unfortunately, almost none. And what is not cause of admiration and the sense of novelty.

But all this "Grave Halloween" surprise quality camera work Michael C. Blundell and good acting parties. The main character in the performance of beauty kaitlyn Wong has become a true flagship of the narrative and despite the permanent stagnation in category "B", the actress proved that it has the talent to attract to itself attention. But unfortunately, her efforts not can consider Directors with status. What as for the rest of the cast, then some of them embodied "nerds", and other harmless bullies. The sense of artificiality of their the game is not called, it is a pity all efforts were wasted because of incompetent work of the Director.

In the end I want to say that "Grave Halloween" is not involved in view and nothing special are not shown. It is absolutely continuous tape in the horror genre, which is not be able to develop their potential. And after all, when the desired history of the Forest of suicides could leave at least blood chilling story. But did not work...

3 of the 10

Vera Sacci
28 October 2014 | 01:11

Without long foreplay, perhaps start to the rating for this movie.

If you cling to every movie-Boo-Boo, you can safely delete most part standing films of the collection. So not need to do some things can just close my eyes.

The actors were not bad they really want to believe. Inner emotions, whether it is a bitch is a Director or silly friends funny, pretty well appear to each character.

The film so very efficiently. Any claims to the installation and chart no. The camera is not rolling no shaking, all the graphics of the points made are very sensible, so the movie cheap is absolutely not looks like.

The plot is very interesting, because it is the famous legend of the "the Forest of suicides" in Japan, we all know, Asian myths and legends are really frightening. It only one of interpretations of what can happen to people who do not see anything but themselves and do not pay attention to the seemingly the obvious. And that's where can have good intentions.

The ending of the film can for many be obvious, but no less daunting than for others.

Therefore, it is highly recommend to see with this film. Judges "meat" of the movie, I think it is like it, although the dead "beauty" in the movie is present. A touch of blood and decomposition the basis of mysticism, a perfect balance.

8. out of 10

Constancia Ruscher
29 November 2014 | 06:33

Several students from the different countries are studying in a kind of cinematic high school in Japan. Of this educational institution offers a beautiful view on mount Fuji, from the foot of which there is a terrible forest Suicide. In the forest, the mother of the main character, whose name is Maiko and went to the light brand goodwill.

And all remained last if not the time to pass the course work. There a group of students, rallying around Maiko, decide to make a documentary like "Maiko is looking for a mother." They go to this is the forest, and begin to look for the tree on which the hanged mother Maiko.

But instead of wood, it comes the Grim old Man, prophesying all sorts of horrors and learning the rules adopted in this strange place. Then found Stupid Friends, who wanted to play a joke on the Good Guys — friends Maiko. In as a fun, young scum, stealing a watch from tents, where lived in the middle of the woods one of the local customers. But as warned a Grim old Man, to do it decisively impossible. Not the concepts of it here.

Further-more, there are ghosts of all sorts of suicides, (and you want?), and unfolds for us the drama. Drama about how a few narrow-minded teenagers in the world do not very talented actors, roam in the forest in broad daylight, pretending they were lost. When taking this pointless conversation. With them happen intractable logical explanation of the adventure, but in the end, most of them to fortunately, sent to the hereafter.

The suspense in all of this is absolute zero. According to mount Fuji, the action takes place in Japan among glavgeroev no no Japanese and that would give to understand that the terror was planned, but did not take place on the screen dates back if not the Japanese folklore, the to Japanese cinema, in film and it appears the woman, flowing black hair which ominously close to her face. And also a little girl with a similar hair.

The Director of this picture is the Steven R. Monroe, on account of which there is a good remake of "I Spit On Your Grave."

But, apparently, the inspiration sometimes changes the Creator. And "Grave Halloween" as times the fruit of such edit.

Who is the director of the movie Grave Halloween?
This tv-show was directed by Steven R. Monroe.
What is the genre of Grave Halloween?
The tv-show belongs to the genres of Horror.
Who starred in Grave Halloween?
Many famous actors starred in this tv-show, here are the names of the most famous: Kaitlyn Leeb, Cassi Thomson, Graham Wardle, Dejan Loyola, Jeffrey Ballard.
What is Grave Halloween IMDB Ranking?
At the moment, the rating is 4.2.
When was Grave Halloween released?
The start date for this tv-show on USA TV is 2013-10-19.