Grave Encounters 2

Film school student and aspiring filmmaker Alex is obsessed with horror films, especially the acclaimed horror film "grave encounters". Trying to find at least one of the actors of this film alive, the boy comes to believe that everything shown there is true. Soon Alex begins to receive messages from anonymous with the nickname Death Awaits, including, allegedly, nevoshedshie in "grave encounters" scene and identifying the location of the sender, trying to persuade fellow students to go to the countryside and to make a documentary.

Release Date: 2012-10-02
IMDb icon 5.1/10
  • Country: CA, US
  • Language: English
  • Budget: $1,400,000
  • Revenue: Cumulative Worldwide $1,552,486
Dredi Stoller
10 January 2013 | 11:44

Viewing the first "grave encounters" has left ambiguous impression because of the unusual for the fan mocumentary appearance on the screen is almost spooky ghosts of the flesh of blood. For the man who watched the development of the genre with the appearance, it was unexpected. However, with I got used to this and I loved the movie, but it was very interesting that happened main character on. Sequel to me about it.

For the sequel to the film is perfect. Maybe in some places and went too far, but generally do so. Yes, negative reviews have talked about that the teenagers, who had to be witness to the course of the film, terribly bored. And so they usually blunt. But the secrets that unfold before the audience, stand to suffer the flickering of the characters on the screen. The idea of door — that's cool. I just remember some surreal Silent Hill or Alone In The Dark. And it nevozmzhno not to remember the truth. I think if the film was game would have rattled on the whole gaming world fans of horror. It is about the story.

The atmosphere of the film is somewhat spoiled main characters, but the good news is that over time, they are becoming less. The film well pumps horror, but in the pros, I add that sometimes it defuses the tense situation, not need of time to put on pause. Still it's hard to watch a movie when you yourself are getting worse every minute. Some moments seem absurd on first glance, but in principle, easy to fit in the head, if not start criticism.

I don't know if plus is only I or someone else may want to watch "grave encounters 2" because of this, but I note that, despite the second film, I cried times three more than in the first. Well... three times General, but still often.

It was scary and interesting that

8 from 10

Stafani Alegre
24 September 2015 | 02:36

Grave encounters-2 - expected by me, was worse than the first film. It is for me this movie does not disappoint, because from the pictures I nothing was waiting. I put it to the rest of the sequels, which have proven to be "Curse of the sequel" that means: if things like everything is immediately clear. But everything order.

The story of us leads to the first film, where the supposedly real story of a group of people filming the show called "grave encounters". They took his next article about the ghosts, but it was the last for show as effective for the door to the hospital immediately can consider yourself dead. Material film Sean Preston, in skilled hands, Hollywood Director Jerry Hartfield turned in a pretty popular movie. Young student Alex, the message comes with the deleted scene of"the Searchers Graves" unknown; under the name "Death awaits" invites young students to meeting in the most infamous asylum. The guy immediately agrees, not even knowing that waiting for him at the door of a psychiatric clinic.

To be honest, very much like the Directors literally just sucking everything from this story, pulling the ridiculous and absolutely not mandatory scenes in order to increase the timing of the film. Nothing new here have not figured out if the creators wanted to take the same the chips which were in the first movie, then there is definitely a span, because why I look at one and the same? I have seen all these beautiful faces ghosts, and all these cheap special effects in the first film, you had to come up with something new? The plot is empty and predictable "scary" moments, and of course in the movie there was one guard in this building which the law of the genre dies first. In General generally negative points for the storyline.

Acting here more like something professional, at least attempts to make good movies and to transfer their images as this requires the actors tried. Let me and puzzled why was it necessary to pull of the character of Sean Rogerson of the first in the second one, but crazy I think he isn't bad. In fact the main actor of this creations Richard Harmon did so let's say the "four of weak" for somewhere he was sagged and gave a completely unconvincing scene, and what the things I even forgot that it's a movie. In total he played not steadily, but in General not bad. So can game Ben Wilkinson who played as just the same clips of the Director Jerry Hatfield. Not know why, but something it cracked me up, some kind of charisma from it all is a memorable image gave Ben, despite the minimum amount of screen time. The rest nothing good, and brilliant my memory does not remember. The whole picture the actors playing on a neutral position.

Some of the moments that were designed to scare the viewer, I laughed in a loud voice. Loved the moment when a cute girl Ghost chasing our group of fans to look for trouble on his fifth point, so it's very funny all looked. Probably the only time I remember a little bit really caught off guard and scared — this is a moment in the closet when the guys were watching something for a sacrifice that still somehow rites of Satan, a very nice scene and I found it became the only frightening scene in the film. All the rest smacks of some confused nonsense such as a Ghost trying to shoot their movies... there are you serious? It is not terrible, but just ridiculous! I just in perplexity, seems to be funny ashamed what the Vicious brothers and John Poliquin tried to feed the audience.

In the end before us is not a terrible sequel to a good horror film that literally has copied from the first part, no one awesome new chips, everything "scary" moments excerpted from the first film. In fact, we just show the same thing, only worse and with an admixture of some kind of parody which is only the spirit of up the cameras and forcing to make movies. I highly recommend that you watch the first movie if you still it look and no no way is to see the second movie, because this sequel has connected himself with the parts automatically ruined my opinion "the Searchers graves" in a whole.

Done, perhaps with a quote from this film: "Look, no in no way is the building, it not is there there is nothing" — now replace in this sentence the word building on the word movie. Have all I wanted to say for attention.

3 of the 10

Bella Gilbertina
09 March 2013 | 12:19

Student film school one day after watching the movie "grave encounters" does a little, but fairly boring review in Internet, General assessing his 1 the skull. After a short period of time Await the mysterious Death begins to throw material that events film — truth. Alex along with friends is taken for its own investigation.

Interesting and in General thought the course issue of "grave encounters" for life-size could to turn into a total fiasco. Yes what dark on it is paid if not brothers, Vicious in the graphs writers and the young Director and enthusiast. It completely changed and relevant to film his perception. If not pushy and quite inept belief Alex viewers in that "grave encounters 2" just happens to really, he would be much "more plausible, because the audience not so stupid to ignore such a gaudy in the opinion of the Director of the conviction.

The less "Seekers..." have a lot of minuses, that list does not make much sense — error horror, the more style mocumentary quite similar. We will stop better on the pros. First — this dynamics: first we entertaining a quite funny introduction, featuring heroes as full of blockheads, and then interested in investigating the fate of the first film, then throw in the thick of things, stopping to which is not provided by the program. Second — interesting "chips" to stay on which is not has special logic in order to maintain audience interest (if present), but that really interesting and perfectly fit into the story. Thirdly — I then if the actors are not miss, but most of empathize with them and wish to get out of hell (in the first film such feeling was absent). In with the crew of the situation was other way, they were motivated by professional interest. Here we see young guys (a little over 20), which just happened to be in hell due to the characteristic of their age of looseness and the desire to "have fun."

Overall, "grave encounters 2" is not perfect, but and the failure of their it is difficult to call. Strong middling, even a little bit higher.

How much has Grave Encounters 2 made?
Commercial tv-show fees worldwide today are Cumulative Worldwide $1,552,486.
How much did it cost to make Grave Encounters 2?
According to various sources, the cost of producing the tv-show was at least $1,400,000.
Who is the director of the movie Grave Encounters 2?
This tv-show was directed by John Poliquin.
What is the genre of Grave Encounters 2?
The tv-show belongs to the genres of Horror.
Who starred in Grave Encounters 2?
Many famous actors starred in this tv-show, here are the names of the most famous: Shawn C. Phillips, Jennica Fulton, Jeffrey Bowyer-Chapman, Charlie Kerr, Francisco Passuelo.
What is Grave Encounters 2 IMDB Ranking?
At the moment, the rating is 5.1.
When was Grave Encounters 2 released?
The start date for this tv-show on USA TV is 2012-10-02.