Grand Isle

A young father accused of murder. To prove his innocence, he tells what happened to him last night at the family home of Franklin.

  • Stephen S. Campanelli

Release Date: 2020-01-03
IMDb icon 4.8/10
  • Country: US
  • Language: English
Hyacintha Benedicto
16 February 2020 | 11:51

It is difficult to retell the plot, so as not to setpolarity all the little interesting that is in this film. In luxury house live the husband with the wife, hire a guy to fix the fallen at a difficult time for the fence. Well and heap, in short, the guy in a story that would know — be held away from this fence, and from these people.

Film on an hour and forty, and not to say that don't looked — on the contrary, is quite intriguing. However, just yesterday I looked at this movie, but today and remember nothing. Well, no, there are certainly different thrillers, but here from a good in principle ideas to make that the pain — it is still necessary to try. Povilsya I, of course, cage in the main role, apparently, that the bet was made, and a poster appropriate for which he though an old but looks pretty decent for than his character in this film. Here as always, lead — troubles end, more than a solid hour of tediousness — it is also necessary to try to survive without rewind off, except that frequent spitting in TV swearing in the authors of this "masterpiece".

A "masterpiece" indeed, the more! Not gift it is direct shaft reviews all positive! Not such thrillers we don't! However, I watched. At first all waited that is about to begin something intense, interesting, then not expected, but somehow autopilot was looking but in the end, have completely lost the last spark of hope, just stopped trying to predict quite a obvious ending. In General, then, the film was catchy and intriguing places, but things the behavior of the characters is just terrible and not always amenable to sound logic. It don't like in the film.

The story of the good word is. Like started less well, but then everything flowed in some crap. As and the almost complete lack Thriller in the Thriller. The entire movie three main characters "stew in its own juice" in the same house, pouring of the empty empty just adding myself in glasses of alcohol. Full movie drinking — it's unlimited; Yes that was happening to famous American cinema? What film — all some alcoholics, junkie, then the perverts, and all together one bottle. No, I'm not a prude and not a moralist, but the trend is not good. And the world believes in Russia drink a lot. Hmm, after these films have the confidence in each other.

In General, for libations arguments, Thriller I here is not saw, if only in the end, and only the words, the show really did not shown. But the emphasis was on the unfortunate fate of the protagonist, brought to the total despair of their own self-blame. Ah, poor he poor, pity him! Yes nonsense! Victims it ought to regret, but not drunken jerk, according to whom nuthouse crying for a long time. But here's how times the victims, and really showed didn't said that there as a only hints but the secondary replicas. Incorrectly placed accents, absolutely wrong! Again, excessive tolerance or what is it? Figure knows. But I didn't like even more than no Thriller in the Thriller.

The ending is completely predictable, as however the whole film. However, the whole film expecting some bright interchange, so if the whole film is blank, but in the end is not get anything interesting, and the more nervewracking and exciting. Deceived by promises and unfulfilled hopes. Dreary feeling in the soul only from this. And from the nasty film residue, since the two hours to observe ITES obryzga face cage — not be pleasant. Once a great actor that how I thought sneaking out crisis his last movies are quite satisfactory, but but even again drop down. It is of course not Mandy I never tired to find fault with and wonder what she's many people like it, but also not ays.

The result: boring, boring, tedious, well, very slow for a Thriller, and Thriller, as such, no quite, some conversations Yes booze. To watch suggest only ardent fans of cage, and basically you can safely go by and not to waste time on this "masterpiece".

3 of the 10

Alberta Finlay
08 December 2019 | 08:12

1988. Buddy with his young wife and six-month old child barely make ends meet ends. Odd jobs, it gets the order to fix the fence in the Victorian family home of Franklin. The situation is very strange, when you consider that is coming a terrible storm, yeah and Walter with his wife behaving very suspiciously. But  $ 200 the road lying the young man decides to lightweight, first glance, the case.

Already not young & fancy to suffer from loneliness the complete lack of attention from the part of the husband. She's delicate, mysterious and very energetic. However, mired in alcohol mentally stuck here already 15 years in the Vietnam war, former marine Walter not want to see your wife. He seems to have a mental illness, constantly freaks out looks in the window have not leaves of his rifle.

In fact in district one for other children begin to disappear. And when the next day after the storm, young buddy is in police charge the murder of a teenager found in his car (and I suspect in the involvement of another three) it should remember all details dark nights that occurred him in hurricane the house of Franklin. The only way he can prove his innocence and to help find the real killers.

In short: the film is reminiscent of erotic thrillers 90-ies of the last century. A young guy already six months devoid of sex due to the depression of his wife after childbirth. Hot babe and her husband is impotent, suffering from alcoholism. And then, of course: one will try to seduce the other, husband is cuckold not remains debt. Well and, of course, where do without real motive, passions and intractable mysteries.

At first glance, a very gripping Thriller. The more it contributes viewing of the trailer. We must pay tribute to Nicolas cage, who tried to do everything possible to pull the film. It was interesting to see him hair with the style of "Air prison" 1997 — one of my favorite paintings with his participation. This is already the fifth film N. Cage in this year, another will be released in January, so it is impossible not to admire its labour power. In the role of crazy-crazy Walter Franklin he looked very impressive and tried to convey the energy of his character. Considering the protracted crisis in the film career of the actor — this movie isn't looked bad than others. A low budget film In class began well, but again pumped up scenario. Impressive Luke Benward in the role of the main character buddy, not less seductive role Qadi Strickland, the game to watch which was very interesting.

However, even this couldn't get weak and lethargic scenario. As and the efforts of Director Stephen S. Campanelli — from the school of veteran the business of Clint Eastwood. There is in this scenario hints of a number very good ideas, but on their style, General flow it is not matter, lacking in this narrative holes — the plot moves, so not find your continue and at least some explanation. The same scene with two children, selling cookies was very impressive to beat on. Or the relationship of Walter and fancy that escape the real offender... When appropriate improvement strong experienced writer who would be able to make some very important plot changes, the film only won, and could finish also great as started. However, this was not been. Honestly, from the third minute began to guess about the whole background of the story, including the explanation of crime puzzles.

The visual and technical side of the film completed on a decent level and makes "Grand Isle" a good Thriller. Tense music, camera solutions, acting is forced passion to follow the dynamics of development, however, in the same time, sample dialogues, tedious monologues and cliched plot moves in the second part of the tape down the intensity. Although in General the film is not bad. Some add a rating for the efforts of Nicolas cage.

Some interesting facts:

Hurricane "Gilbert" swept over the Caribbean sea and the Gulf of Mexico in 12 — September 19, 1988, and is one of the most destructive in history. For different data it has claimed the lives of more than 300 people, mostly in Mexico, destroyed buildings and almost the entire crop on the affected areas. For rough estimates, the damage exceeded $ 7 billion.

The film was shot in the town of Grand Isle in Jefferson County, Louisiana located on a barrier island of the same name in the Gulf of Mexico. And the city of Saint-Francisville, in the County Felicia, Louisiana.

Presentation of the film took place on 15 Nov 2019 on international film festival "Lonely star" (Lone Star Film Festival) in North American Fort worth. 6 Dec the movie was presented in cinemas in new York.

The film was the first experience of joint work of Nicolas cage and Kelsey grammer of.

Stephen S. Campanelli has devoted his film "all American military units fighting on the world."

7 of 10

Mala Zwart
10 December 2019 | 07:54

Just a look at the poster for the new movie of Nicolas cage (already the fifth in this year, but who is generally believed) makes it clear that for the project the viewer is waiting for. The project of a Stephen S. Campanelli (author of low-quality "Acceleration") is a kind of old-fashioned Thriller category B, which once the dawn of "zero" played on the CTC channel — unless the actors then in one step from the category C.

The action took place in 1988 year. The main character — working buddy, struggling with financial problems, lack of sex in marriage (!) and the health of your daughter. The whole movie is a story of buddy the detective about that occurred recently in a gorgeous estate. Buddy worked in her part-time worker, and the house belonged to a guy named Walter and his wife fancy. Walter, in the performance of proud and already drunken Nicolas cage, was a marine in Vietnam, and at the time of the film, he just delirious psychopath. So or differently, but the owner of the mansion offers buddy 20 000 dollars for the murder of his wife, which says the owner, suffers from incurable "blood cancer", but trouble buddy at this is only the beginning.

Think would make a good Thriller. In the first place due to non-linear narrative. However that the film came out so too theatrical. Fancy — deliberately sexualityandu, and hero cage the Frank eater. At this, obviously, the film is very quickly slipping into a love triangle, which is trying to dilute the crazy plot twists. In the end, formulaic script in some point it becomes unruly and wild, but without clowning in the style of the cage. For example, in  the"Island Stuhr Museum of the Prairie" has an intimate scene with fancy buddy. She was soaked in sexual tension, but the sex show — it's great destroys the atmosphere of the film.

The story of the murder of his wife is also too superficial. First, it is ridiculous funny. Not here so many put on map. Secondly, the audience is not particularly worried happened: irony in"the Island" is not missing that original concept, in which buddy tells the story, not is smart or exciting. It just a mechanical way to bring the story up to the viewer.

As for the acting, then the cage, like, it was boring and this is another reason for which "the Island" disappoints. Most of the film Nicholas is like sleep; it could not convincingly read a monologue about death of the nobility. Have Qadi Strickland, there are a couple of spectacular appearances, but she too often overplays. Have Luke Benward sort of cute appearance, but his hero buddy — fool, although initially it was assumed that he should be kind and a mysterious young man.

Under better circumstances, "the Island Stuhr Museum of the Prairie" could would be a worthy Thriller of an average hand. However naplevatelski approach to script implement (which is a hideous montage) leads to one major failure of 2019: too mild to be interesting, but too "black" to like. Long ago it became clear that Nicolas cage no parsing chooses the role, but maybe a little quality control is not hurt. 

3 of the 10

Who is the director of the movie Grand Isle?
This tv-show was directed by Stephen S. Campanelli.
What is the genre of Grand Isle?
The tv-show belongs to the genres of Action, Thriller.
Who starred in Grand Isle?
Many famous actors starred in this tv-show, here are the names of the most famous: Nicolas Cage, KaDee Strickland, Luke Benward, Kelsey Grammer, Zulay Henao.
What is Grand Isle IMDB Ranking?
At the moment, the rating is 4.8.
When was Grand Isle released?
The start date for this tv-show on USA TV is 2020-01-03.