The true story of the brutal and degrading acts of hazing in a University fraternity. Freshman brad, traumatized after a brutal beating, becomes the "outlet" for aggressive and perverse impulses that are in the student community.

  • Andrew Neel

Release Date: 2016-09-23
IMDb icon 5.7/10
  • Country: US
  • Language: English
  • Revenue: Cumulative Worldwide $23,020
Thomasine Centonze
19 December 2016 | 09:10

University for many is the degree in life which starts the the Search itself, about which all talking about. Particularly acute is worth America (American movies?), when the College — this long-awaited release from parent "shackles", and to go there as a virgin — shame shame! Student's time, perhaps the best part of life, because you still have to feel all the hardships of life, but you haven't the naive student, no idea of what is to live. Although who is the concept is?

The film "Goat" shows student community with absolutely the other hand, which usually we don't pay attention. After all, the film is about College! And College — it's drinking, constant partying and kissing under cocaine girls! To fortunately, we tried to show the drama of human becoming, rather than a Comedy about the lame line.

Actually, "Jerk" about box. Stupid and no respect for anyone gantry. For me this it became clear with the first scenes, when the maximum slow motion slow-mo screaming show students fraternity. Have them is the concept of "brotherhood", their slogans and ceremonies, rules and traditions is no one simple and clear — friendship. Have them there concept, understanding and friendship. At least it I in times repeated. They everything seems to communicate, hang out, but during the film it seemed that it all they are engaged in principle. A little College party-party and Hell week for recruits.

So interesting to watch two brothers. I really wanted to increase the timing because not complete was the revelation of the characters. Both a brother is interesting in isolation and certainly had a lot of pitfalls, which decided to remain silent. The elder brother, a true member of the brotherhood Signalfire, is doing its best (in its opinion) to help a brother survive the attack of thugs who robbed and severely beat the guy. The scene is shot really well, with a injection tough, no embellishment beating. Thank you very much for that not began to thumb the theme of "Fathers and children" and one single stage with the dinner described a lot.

The main character can understand, but all the time it seemed that he's above all that. Above the beating in the beginning, the above brotherhood and bullying. This do not his place, but he wants to be strong in spirit, wants to be cool, like him older. But he is weak. Weak in this. Because of this, it with all his strength gives yourself a slap in the car. He has himself because understand that weak at the same time all the police gives it peace and sleep. That is why he makes a photo of his disfigured face to look at him make this pain, live with it never forget.

But it is not a goat, though, and trying by all means to join this unfortunate fraternity. May not seeing all the "rituals" that do to the main character, it older brother and would have remained "a true member of Alphabetagamma". And do not leave a single question, he literally looms in every frame: Which worse — merciless beating or bullying in the brotherhood? Is there in General, the relationship between them and what?

For the main character the brotherhood means becoming. For its neighbor in the room — status society of the College. For his brother — just another Chapter in life long ago it is time to close. For someone's is the meaning of all life.

Sometimes, in our life events occur, the bustle of feet. This is especially hard this age, when you really don't stand still firmly. Like rise, ready to resist, but like, you hard knockdown. And to climb, it takes time. And will power. Most importantly, you need to be yourself and if you must, beat yourself up with such force, that thought flew out and never came back. But no need to turn off the way. Not want to choose a path that does not written for you. In the end all still life will kick you to your way.

Perhaps the brotherhood helped to forget the main character that summer incident. Maybe it just added a coin pain the Treasury of his psychological trauma. Only one thing is clear: he is passed this way not in vain. And the next time he will be a place where he was beaten with the brother and it will have the confidence that in this life so much depends on the companies, how many from specific people and from yourself.

Don't call me a fucking dad

Luce Spence
03 October 2019 | 09:51

How often do y you she was no longer gives the proper emotions that gave earlier, and your eyes goes to hidden world the author, a low-budget movie. You see a few pictures and with some sadness acknowledge that this movie is not able to fully satisfy. After you start to think why it happens. Every time the early viewing art-house picture you see all that want to see: the background to the discussion of the vital question, an interesting conflict, the visualization is not encumbered by any framework. Everything is from itself is not faceted diamond that you have been looking for. But here is the preview ends... And feelings not reached catharsis. This result interested in more — return watch on, occasionally interspersing the author's vision of ribbons of the world level. And now, the basis of the possibility of comparison, you know what is so catchy low-budget movie, created under the auspices of the author's feelings and emotions. These same feelings and emotions, pure and not in contact neither with anything else. A clear focus and a gradual deepening in a certain subject, which wanted to talk to the author. All third-party storyline raised in questions — all the background, which is the place to be in the framework of allusions, or metaphors for real events. But the topics of these third-party lines almost never have significance. They — decoration. And this feeling is a vestige of the sediment. However, the pillar of the main idea — purpose the indicator of the depth of the picture. The love, which is full of the author's against the ribbon. Those feelings that he is full of against the stated history.

"Goat" — film which is the main engine of the creative process was its writer: brad Land. About in the text his memories of your own flow, Land, along with Mike Roberts, David Gordon green and Andrew Neil wrote the text for which the same Neal and took non-trivial, bold and interesting movie. It is not devoid of those the downsides of film-making, about I mentioned above, however, is not prevent him to be a good movie. Yes, it is a good, strong film.

"Goat" is quite simple and not shy about it. It to the extent of shocking and does not pass certain boundaries, revealed not know, maybe morality, maybe the Overton window.

In any case, the film showing explicit irrational cruelty, placing almost not the head of the corner, criticizes her and makes it not willfully and in the story — with the inherent in the whole film and the history of madness. In this lies another advantage of the picture: the story is very well correlated with the semantic content. Boyfriend brad (Ben Snitzer) beaten severely. Knowing that he did not able to do in response, brad is locked in the imagine your weakness, not taking too serious attempts to find strength. Vision of strength for him is his brother — Brett (Nick Jonas), which is an elite academic community. Understanding that their strength he found through this community haunted: David wanna go to this private club. And the entire film is, in fact, is a kaleidoscope of events with the qualifying "exams" at the time. They cruel, inhuman, dirty, weird and even a little frightening. But they are predictable in those people, which tells the film. However, this is not bad. Why? Because audience want to know what these people. He guess, can't believe... And have to.

In this is the main shock factor. People — creatures are very brutal themselves for yourself. People without a proper awareness of their cruelty — being the most brutal. Young people these are.

In the film, the whole narrative clearly and clearly focuses attention on young boys. There are displayed in the the age, where testosterone rages in the blood, and libido has power over the body Pushcha head. In those realities that create and inhabited by young people, to do violence, and that — one of the principles of survival. For same community — it is not exactly a community of "Gentlemen," about which tells Mitch (James Franco). It is rather beastly pride. And rules in the appropriate.

The main character, experiencing a drop in their ideals, lends itself to the existential crisis that is slowly approaching think about which is multivalue according the final. The film as if by chance, very easy speak the topic is very complex psychological re-education himself.

The end of the picture in this pane is very blurry, what is definitely not the best example. Personally for me the framework of the reeducation all the bad that spoils the portrait of General meaning and narrative. However, along with themselves to those images, thoughts and ideas — they are direct, strong and clearly emphasize the inner struggle of a weak man for the power, which is at each. But it is necessary to determine where it is false, and where — real. And then there are additional issues that require much deeper. But the film is not allow: myself the subtext of the picture is in that the hero is still in the development stage, for Outlook — the thing designed for a constant progression. "Goat" focuses on the same philosophical idea: among the animals to be man — heaviest the most important thing. This understand the course of the film, brad and Brett. It can understand and may not to understand the audience. In any case, the last half hour — this is a direct tight squeeze all that happened in the last hour. All these vile images, irrational behavior. Everything has a purpose — here she is. Personally for me generally it was some nonsense that the film was I have viewed in one sitting sat I watch later because it was the third to leave for tomorrow, for up to work is necessary. But no! "Goat" is not that is not released on final — it is even more captured. It is a no indicator. And it because the film is not hesitate to be what it is: difficult in the frames themselves the chosen theme and simple terms of display movie.

Concise, inducing, memorable, able to keep your rhythm — the madness flows into the melancholy and back. "Goat" has its own style. Manual like Amateur camera — support the most challenging scenes. Special planning of composition, light, perspective — is the companion of the calm moments of history. And here in the combination of all of it.

He's not perfect, but it just... Pushes on reflections. Strong and pretty deep. Of course, depends on age education can be attributed or on the strength, or weakness (I tend to second). However, there is a feeling that truth always, somewhere in the middle. And maybe you should look the movie again? What well, he probably deserves it. Without jokes.

PS Thanks for attention.

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Commercial tv-show fees worldwide today are Cumulative Worldwide $23,020.
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This tv-show was directed by Andrew Neel.
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The tv-show belongs to the genres of Drama, Best Drama Movies 2016.
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Many famous actors starred in this tv-show, here are the names of the most famous: Ben Schnetzer, Nick Jonas, Gus Halper, Danny Flaherty, Virginia Gardner.
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At the moment, the rating is 5.7.
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The start date for this tv-show on USA TV is 2016-09-23.