Colonel Shaw was an officer in the army of the Federals during the Civil war. He volunteered to become the commander of the first U.S. history unit of black soldiers. The Colonel must teach them and lead the fight. But preparation time is too little, and ahead of a decisive battle with the regular troops of the southerners. Colonel Shaw will have to deal with racial prejudice and their enemies (who ordered commanders to shoot black battalions), and his fellow officers, who begin to despise him for the selection.

  • Edward Zwick

Release Date: 1990-02-16
IMDb icon 7.8/10
  • Country: US
  • Language: English
  • Budget: $18,000,000
  • Revenue: Cumulative Worldwide $26,979,166
Sara Osborn
05 November 2014 | 09:36

The theme of the identity of the American people has always been vividly reflected in the movie. And although most Russian-speaking audiences the themes of War for U.S. and the Civil war of the United States, are mediocre interesting and far, it does not negate the artistic value of some of the individual projects. Personally, I couldn't more to ignore the rather frequent mention of the film Edward Zwick, although the view is not can call its remarkable historical films.

The creators of the film decided to combine the two the unpopular definitely a difficult theme: a fratricidal civil war and racial segregation. And if the military component, yet to view all or more less clear and expected, the story of the first black regiment is a lively interest. Not expect the disclosure of incriminating historical truth — the format of the film is quite gently describes the topic of segregation. — emphasis made in Patriotic motives. In the most seemingly intense scenes the writers, according to feel not modified. And it is not even the veracity of historical basis. The film is aimed at a wide audience and come in for the format of school education.

Of the notable shortcomings, we all allocate them unevenly interesting plot. To the final scenes of the almost two hours of viewing are from a sense of a certain acceleration events, the film just ends, as if on the middle of the story. The logical end of the events described occurs, and that's feeling remains a sense of understatement. In this sense, this aperitif is not enough time to cause a sufficient number of bright emotions, to look with a gasp. Although after watching quite expected the interest to see the real historical events.

After the final credits in the head is clearly formed statement that to see "Valor" and not to mention acting — the result is unlikely. And if sometimes willfully businesslike expression Matthew Broderick, especially in the context of a long camera perspectives, causes a double feeling, the game Denzel Washington deserves keen attention. Have it turned out an interesting character, more memorable than the titular hero.

7.5 out of 10

Clementia Margalit
01 July 2009 | 08:43

In 80-e years in Hollywood had filmed a lot of paintings devoted to the struggle with racial intolerance. This film is precisely this theme.

The events unfolding at the time of the Civil war in USA, and specifically, 1862-63 years. the Central figure is a young Colonel of the feds (Matthew Broderick), tasked to train and command a battalion of black volunteers. In order not to repeat the content, I note that the basis of alleged (?) the real historical story are purely human relationships, with all of the then inter-racial and inter-class prejudice. But going this in the background, it would seem that common interests as white and black. Gavny the hero always is facing the problem of necessity justified the officers ' stiffness to the soldiers. And then he doesn't want to look racist, so his contingent are just released from the bondage of black recruits.

In the overall picture created in the best traditions of American cinema "for all". All nice shot, quite expensive by the standards of the time. The characters are quite "smooth", the characters not particularly controversial, but it and not spineless. The film looks easy and with interest, and the expense is correct, classically structured story line, live dialogues and charismatic actors. In accompanied by an excellent soundtrack by James Horner, who something in common with his brilliant "Brave Heart." It is not surprising that this film took a lot of nominations.

But my opinion, the spirit of time here passed very poorly. Hardly the battalion commander, especially in the time so the contingent, could be so soft and sentimental. The more this man was given the main historical battle in the story! Also, the blacks are hardly could be so loyal to all hardship is alien to them then military service, Yes still under the command of the hated white — because the entire film is not were no one of the actual defector! Denzel Washington, who received an Oscar for the best role of the second plan, not draws on a runaway slave of the 19th century, and looks more like the usual brash rapper nowadays. Also not feeling that the character Morgan Freeman has been inserted solely for the conciliation of young blacks with white command — otherwise it questionable identity not disclosed.

I think this film is worth a watch to fans of pure Hollywood quality standard — surely it not the worst product of the "factory of dreams". But for lovers of historical cinema viewing will become more of wasted time.

My rating 6 out of 10

Maggi Kati
24 February 2016 | 09:10

The civil war in US as a historic event is rich in different issues, and different phenomena, some of which are curious about other — the rapture. One of such events was the famous 54th infantry regiment, consisting of black soldiers and led by Colonel Robert Shaw. The story of these soldiers went to the basis of the military drama "Courage."

synopsis Civil war in US in the midst. The young Colonel Robert Shaw, the son of an American abolitionist, was offered to lead the first infantry regiment composed entirely of black soldiers. Show reluctantly agrees, so he will not just to teach these people, but also simultaneously deal with racial prejudices who will not disappeared from the North. However, he will manage to turn these guys in these soldiers, who with valor will take his first fight.

I really liked the cast, including Matthew Broderick, Cary Elvis, Denzel Washington and Morgan Freeman. But most of all, I was impressed by the game the last two. Denzel Washington who plays the role of a runaway slave Trip, embodied the image of a cocky "Niger", which is so long endured humiliation in bondage that, he found himself on freedom, decided to take it out also to all around him people. Morgan Freeman, who played the role of a black major Rawlins, embodied the image of a wise black man, who understands what this is a bloody war.

So is it that with the work of Director Edward Zwick I met at the time of viewing it the latest picture of "pawn sacrifice," which, in really like independent film made a positive impression. Speaking of "Prowess", we can say that Zwick took the epic war drama about the exploits of the Northmen and, above all, a free black, who with enthusiasm, eager to fight. From the positive aspects of the film I would humanity and, indeed, impressive battle scenes. However, the film has a significant disadvantage inherent in many war films, but it is the excessive pathos and tragedy. I think you do not need to instruct the viewer on the desired emotions. The viewer must understand that it feel.

I like the history education was always interesting to watch historical films. Frankly, I difficult to assess the reliability of the script of the film, as the Civil war in USA — is the area of my scientific interests. However, having General knowledge about this event, I can say that the film vividly recreates the atmosphere of tog time when the country is literally split into two camps in both of which was chaos and darkness. The film tells the story about the life of the regiment with the moment of the formation to the drama, but a heroic defeat in a failed capture of Fort Wagner. We demonstrate how to change the participants of the regiment, what they were before, and what became after.

Summary In General "Valor" I loved it. The film is not just about feat, and about the sincere desire of ordinary people to go to the struggle for their freedom. And although the film as it seemed to me, somewhat biased to the causes of the war, all I think it a good reproduction of the events of the Civil war in USA.

8 from 10

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Commercial tv-show fees worldwide today are Cumulative Worldwide $26,979,166.
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According to various sources, the cost of producing the tv-show was at least $18,000,000.
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This tv-show was directed by Edward Zwick.
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The tv-show belongs to the genres of Drama, History, Biography, Best History Movies.
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Many famous actors starred in this tv-show, here are the names of the most famous: Matthew Broderick, Denzel Washington, Cary Elwes, Morgan Freeman, Jihmi Kennedy.
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At the moment, the rating is 7.8.
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The start date for this tv-show on USA TV is 1990-02-16.