Give Me Liberty

The story of three generations of Russian emigration, about the small scams and the charming misfits who find themselves in the same minibus on the way at a noisy funeral.

  • Kirill Mikhanovsky

Release Date: 2019-08-23
IMDb icon 6.7/10
  • Country: US
  • Language: English | Russian
  • Revenue: Cumulative Worldwide $624,152
Matti Tempa
27 July 2019 | 11:33

The independent movie has its charm. Taken as said in people, the knee, this kind of pattern a priori to be successful, if not in artistic terms, the least on a spiritual level. The author puts himself in the film, viewer — enjoys these emotions. and the absence of the author in the picture plays in the plus, but often — author as if tries to deceive the viewer, deepening it with his presence. Here and Kirill Mikhanovsky ("Dubrovsky") through the prism of human kindness, tries to confuse the viewer, to him after watching "Giv mi liberty" remained as many warm memories. However, his painting once again confirmed that independent film — not always a good thing.

All the characters in the movie is clearly copied from the living people, all of them the Director likes, each of them reflects its vision of the world. As and Vick, Kirill Mikhanovsky — the immigrant. He also helping the disabled, working as a social driver, it is like and hero, saw the patients, but happy struggling people's lives. The Director was faced with problems of human life far from their homeland. You can go from Russia, but the Russian soul out of themselves not will never. About all Mikhanovsky and says, trying to charm all and Sundry, which "Giv mi liberty" in the result is sinking under the weight of its own pretentiousness. Initially, the tape works perfectly, its crazy, easy pace and the video installation is not bored, turning normal conversations of people in the bus the verbal action.

The characters speak Mikhanovsky about all: on culture of the racial stereotypes about life and death. The bus becomes a kind of international zone, in which there are two different, but at the same time, two such similar people. In this respect Director fails to discuss the theme of life "over the hill". Wherever the person is not has left it will wait for the same problem, those of the dissatisfaction of the population and the same social inequalities as and home. Mikhanovsky visually says that human selfishness will always prevail over the common sense. All I always want the best only for themselves, clearly not appreciating the life around. The movie is not enough freedom because it from them too much. They suffocating it and the Director offers them a breath of fresh air — service to others.

Despite that most of the actors in film — debutants, with acting in "Giv mi liberty" all in order. Most of the characters do not just there in the frame, they live in this, the actors are living their characters. Especially memorable Maxim Stoyanov, his Dima — a typical hard-nosed hooligan of the region, in the stereotypes familiar to anyone who at least time in Russia was going to walk after twelve. Its fists are forever broken, and physical force — main achievement. It is a perfect reflection of the scene in which the character Stoyanov tries to open the jar with pickles, twisted so dense starting to think it even shot of the tank remove do not can. Working with actors — fifty percent of the charm of the film.

The Director chose a very good pace and theme for your picture. "Giv mi liberty" — independent at first a simple movie extolling humanism as the basis of human nature. Happiness is not somewhere far away, happiness is there — where people love and support each other, don't live for himself and for the sake of others. And given the genre of the road movie, all these thoughts and ideas would work in the context of the story is, if not the second half of the film. About means all the ribbon events begin to take black color. Stereotypes begin to crumble on the heads of the audience some other. Rotated on the festivities, vodka, cheating and permanent discussions hooligans Russian — the most stereotypical, giving cranberry a look at Russian the Russian people.

The Americans in the picture Mikhanovsky and does resemble one of the walking joke that is repeated again and again dozens of times. The stereotypical behavior of black people fighting for the American dream, their rights and dreaming career REP-the kills, but not deepens the image of the person in the picture Mikhanovsky. The Director defies stereotypes and strives to lead their own struggle for humanity, making all of the above form of execution, not ridiculing this content. He has been trying to portray the characters funny, alive, adds to them notes of satire, but all loads the picture up to the limit of what it eventually is starting to break down, turning into a set of beautiful colors, mixed in one.

American painting with Russian soul, this the soul just the same, somewhere in the course of the story and lose. "I know you, I know you you" — one of characters in the film. The Director has lived in America for a considerable time, he saw the sick and the healthy, aspiring to the success of people. It obviously understands how human selfishness and struggling wants to rid the world from it. Real freedom — it is service to others. Kirill Mikhanovsky says on this subject only in the second half of the film, which first looks like one big, tight and not vpisyvaya in the rest of the duration of exposure. When the audience is relaxed began to enjoy the perfect in all respects, the road movie, the Director throws in the stage piano of the bushes.

The decision of the Director to divert the story in a art house — is detrimental to picture. Moreover, "Giv mi liberty" as a whole and completely as the Arthouse. The film is an independent art films, but not the Arthouse. This film many artistic decisions with logic and value of history only for the Director, but not the viewer. And here it should be noted that despite ruined building and General pretentiousness charming "Giv mi liberty", the Director managed to get into the point. The mass audience loves this movie, she can not see half built into thinking of him, but will remain as or otherwise pleased with him. the attention of the masses rarely attaches to an independent cinema, but unfortunately, when that happens, they are not look something worthy, and, most of all, to ruined by the script of the film, like "Giv mi liberty".

"Giv mi liberty" — movie, all of your timing running on a very thin ice that one wrong step in the end fell through the ice, dropping to the bottom of the social youth seamy side. Kirill Mikhanovsky — festival Director produced by festivals of a different sort of prestige, they have shaped him into a master of independent cinema, who know how to work with the film crew, actors and visual language. But whether Mikhanovsky so no luck, it to work with content is not able, but his times time we get curious, but very empty picture. Freedom want to give the viewer weary of the obvious symbolism of "Giv mi liberty", and not the characters in the picture.

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Carleen Press
01 August 2019 | 02:41

"Giv mi liberty" cool movie. The film by Kirill Mikhanovsky, which comes out today in our rental, similar to a summer trip to family country, you should go. There its all the same as . Just giving this is USA.

Ease of storytelling, where as if there is the scenario framework is striking. Here people don't feel differences between them, despite what they are of different generations and views. The Russian people, living their life in USA — it's like flirting on the theme of "home among strangers", with the difference of others then no. Characters can the first time met 3 minutes to cuddle and massage each other's feet.

In many ways, such a mental effect on the viewer — the merit of the actors. Great work Maxim Stoyanov, Ekamasova and Chris na, where everybody has a background, has a soul and heart. They deliberately and not without a pleasure is given to their feelings and impulses, because it is thanks to them they feel real, alive. These fresh faces that give the novelty, for the expense of which is 110 minutes of time fly as a moment.

Pleased that all events take place within a single day. On over 24 hours, the heroes incessantly swinging on the emotional swings, the way it is with us with you when we Wake up in a good mood, to Seredina day silently hate, but in the evening ready to have fun on the full. Such storytelling makes all the events in the shot more realistic and understandable to everyone. And is no account of humor, clean, not vulgar and really funny.

Every day we are faced with some challenges which do not is something serious, but we put to a standstill. We tend to dramatize, to go through an empty place, nothing to worry about that what we are sure. But here is the Director Mikhanovsky, offers we look at life without all this to try to twist in the idea that sometimes I much simpler and easier. Yes, forget about important, not necessary, but today is the most important — the funeral or vocal concert in living — be solved only by us.

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Kaye Brookes
25 November 2019 | 08:08

A rare case! Seriously, very often had to skip being at sure that didn't miss. So, the film consists of conversations (neither of and everything) and major plans (budgets not rich, yeah). Remember the films of Herman senior, in which several chaotic mnogogolovy swam a fantastic study of the environment and attention to detail: you went to these communal and understand that not fiction. Here is exactly and lived in that year, the same people — a cast of the era. Here, too, talk a lot and interrupt each other, but there is no ambiance and wealth of form, and there is only the annoying chatter.

You know, there's this excuse of enemies ""all art house"". ""I have these spat of the building and in real life you see regularly not want to movie watch this"". So here in the majority of cases (Zvyagintsev, Khomeriki, Bulls, well you get the idea) these claims — groundless. The film ""Giv Mi liberty"" — just the case when this phrase fits perfectly. Irritation — main emotion after watching.

The kid drives a van: lucky old men on a funeral, a disabled girl is not remember where the sofa... no no separation of conditional fragments, it is an endless conversation with haphazard changing sides. I know who's movie, but that real person that have a month would be shot — sure!

How much has Give Me Liberty made?
Commercial tv-show fees worldwide today are Cumulative Worldwide $624,152.
Who is the director of the movie Give Me Liberty?
This tv-show was directed by Kirill Mikhanovsky.
What is the genre of Give Me Liberty?
The tv-show belongs to the genres of Comedy.
Who starred in Give Me Liberty?
Many famous actors starred in this tv-show, here are the names of the most famous: Lauren 'Lolo' Spencer, Chris Galust, Maxim Stoyanov, Darya Ekamasova, Zoya Makhlina.
What is Give Me Liberty IMDB Ranking?
At the moment, the rating is 6.7.
When was Give Me Liberty released?
The start date for this tv-show on USA TV is 2019-08-23.