Girl on the Third Floor

Don Koch, for all its appeal and charisma, they were not very successful in life. His wife is pregnant, and the spouses acquire a cheap house that needs repair. To prepare housing for the big event in your life, don decides to undertake its restoration, but the building has a dark past which the new owner didn't seem to cope.

  • Travis Stevens

Release Date: 2019-10-25
IMDb icon 4.6/10
  • Country: US
  • Language: English
  • Revenue: Cumulative Worldwide $19,894
Heida Clercq
28 October 2019 | 09:37

Currently in the movie, too much thumb topic of antimuscarinics and development of this female "I". This is probably a worthy topic for fans of smart specimens of cinema, but let's be honest, Directors never with such over the top and add such so far as. "The girl with the third floor" is a very good example of this: an incredibly cheap film with very strange... the message is cleared so that Western critics, openly serving women's issues, was satisfied. What well, like, I think it worked: "the Girl with the third floor" has a high critical reviews, although the film as part of the story, and the implementation is very weak.

Former wrestler and MMA star CM Punk, also known as Phil Brooks (aka serious actor!), plays don Koch — not the good guy and future father. Offender family vow and villain single-handedly renovating an old house while his pregnant wife works in a city communicates with a husband on video. Performing (by the way, pretty bad) simple work in a dilapidated house, don facing a strange substance. Soon the hell will start, although don seems to be it happy: here and attractive young lady for the flame peep, yeah sheets of alcohol scattered on every corner.

"The girl with the third floor" is a typical story of a house of ghosts, but in the story purposefully added some absurdist elements. Generally a script is in the face the grotesque and that curiously, neither the Director nor the crew not give specific answers. This, incidentally, invalidates the basic idea: according to all, if the plot is brought to the red line of madness, finally, is a work is better than hints.

But the main problem is Phil Brooks/CM Punk. Yeah, he talented wrestler, charismatic man, with an internal drive, but it's just hard to interact with anyone on the screen. The man with fish eyes is not just draws a role. More knocking it down. image in the whole covered with tattoos CM Punk (especially with labels Straight Edge Drug Free), well, not draws on the alcoholic in the complication. A serious mine, which poses as an actor, also not make him guy.

Perhaps a high standard of implementation and talent of the lead actor of "the Girl with the third floor" could go stylish film. The premise is really good and if it is correct to draw attention to the details at the time of viewing, it becomes clear the creators knew exactly how the movie should be "the Girl". Supernatural psychological horror starts with big ideas, and ends with a crisis of identity: the roots of trash give this cheap project with a head.

4 of 10

Sindee Woody
05 November 2019 | 03:55

Passing by the old, decrepit, and better yet, sinister and deserted mansion, each of are asks a question about, and what happened here a nightmare, someone was killed here, and can a sorcerer opened a passage to the dimension is now the real gate for the Underworld. Our imagination is able to truly amazing things, and even if old house no. absolutely nothing interesting while we he himself is not will scout ahead, fear from the unknown will only grow, fuelled by rising a little dose of adrenaline in the blood. However, you must admit that most movies about houses with ghosts and other evil spirits frankly disappointing and not able to offer us nothing significant. On each project in the style of "Ghosts of the house on the hill" t-shirt Flanagan attached at least a couple dozen openly walk-through of work that is in all speculate on our expectations, but then promising the synopsis is not leave. The however, waiting to thrill spectators continue to provide the craftsmen necessary credibility, and they turn regularly deliver on the screens of selected slag, which is only with rare exceptions takes a relatively digestible form. To those steady, but not the genius of the creators is true Travis Stevens, in the filmography of which have been movies about house with the ghosts that may be was not an outright failure, but to praise them it was also very difficult. And still Stevens is not even thought about giving up his favorite cause, contact a former wrestler CM Punk going with him in the dark corridors of horror "the Girl with the third floor", which as well as previous work of the Director, initially promises much more than it gives. And like from a similar kind of projects, still with such dubious performers, do not expect anything truly outstanding, and the less still a shame for wasted time and wasted potential of a story that could stand out, but drowned the catastrophic incompetence of the creators.

So, the plot of the film introduces us far the nicest nice guy on behalf of don (Punk) whose wife Liz (Trieste Kelly Dunn) is preparing to give him a child. Knowing that life will soon become quite different revs, don decides his family should move from the bustling Chicago in a small town where they will be able to afford a more extensive building. Money from the don, especially not seeing the in the opportunity to buy the old mansion, over which stands as should work. Having moved to the house, the hero decided to bring it in good condition, but soon it becomes clear that in addition to the don live here something sinister, whose force with every day only strengthened. Acquainted with a sociable roommate Sarah (Sarah Brooks), don temporarily distracted from the urgent problems and there was no off to spend with her in bed, but it has only exacerbated the situation. Now for a cheating husband and not the most talented repairman, the real hunting begins. Lisa doesn't going to stop made literally haunts don with some, not the most safe for his personal life goals, and something sinister living in house and not even think to go somewhere, completes the cheerless picture, causing the psyche of the boy a heavy blow. In such a situation, have any person could easily to pomuchitsya mind and now it is important to understand whether don cope with the situation, or he better fall victim to a script that is scattered all over the timing so many enticing ideas, after which all they turned into something obscure and faded.

Working on most of his paintings in as a Director, Travis Stevens tries not to miss the opportunity to have a hand in the script, but it's critical not lucky talented colleagues to help him to register a convincing drama. In the forces Stevens to prescribe an intriguing overall plot outline, but on closer examination it appears that the smallest details from his paintings are observed, critical issues, and "the Girl with the third floor" is no exception becomes. The most extraordinary revelations that should revolutionize our perception of the history with feet on head, fact is not bring to something sensible, and so here happens repeatedly. It is seen that wrote the script several persons from each of the authors were ideas that would be worth linking to make confident conclusion, but some that if negligence, whether haste has led to that "the Girl with the third floor" turned into another film about the house paranormal activity, which, even when a strong desire not to allocate special. And after all, the saddest thing is that give up several plot twists and something correct, and the output could be out in fact, something extraordinary, able to add to the genre of horror is something fresh. And we received one a film by Travis Stevens, who never will not what a classic, and generally out of the memory of the audience some time after viewing.

In addition to the scenario of problems that in principle it would be possible to fix, from the film has holes and on the part of the cast. The most they apply to figure CM Punk, which never was a talented dramatic actor, but decided that it is able to show something more serious than his colleagues in the ring in the face of Hulk Hogan, Dwayne Johnson and John Sina, which decided to show itself in the casual genre Thriller. Of course, with the one hand, Punk can be praised for that he tries to do in his career, something unusual, but other years of entertainment it had to understand what every person is on their place, otherwise it waiting for oblivion. CM Punk is very pleased to what project to connect to, and in the end, I stopped in collaboration with Travis Stevens. And it does not matter if he played the role of the second plan, which would give him some prospects. But no, Punk decided to conquer all the attention of the audience, really don't understand how to play what to do, so as not to spoil the impression of yourself your game. It is not surprising that with such greed have nothing turned and it says that the further the acting career of Punk without making related findings, will be something outright failure.

In the end I want to say that "the Girl with the third floor no revelation certainly not will be simply upset us that it could be better if Travis Stevens and CM Punk were able to draw conclusions from his previous career mistakes. So we got another film hailing from the genre of the gray mass, which is not should take close to heart.

3 of the 10

How much has Girl on the Third Floor made?
Commercial tv-show fees worldwide today are Cumulative Worldwide $19,894.
Who is the director of the movie Girl on the Third Floor?
This tv-show was directed by Travis Stevens.
What is the genre of Girl on the Third Floor?
The tv-show belongs to the genres of Drama, Horror, Mystery, Best Horror Movies 2019.
Who starred in Girl on the Third Floor?
Many famous actors starred in this tv-show, here are the names of the most famous: C.M. Punk, Trieste Kelly Dunn, Sarah Brooks, Elissa Dowling, Karen Woditsch.
What is Girl on the Third Floor IMDB Ranking?
At the moment, the rating is 4.6.
When was Girl on the Third Floor released?
The start date for this tv-show on USA TV is 2019-10-25.