Full Moon Renaissance

On the eve of graduating from high school, ordinary guy will Kidman still manages to attract the attention of beautiful women Elina winter. Young people are happy, but suddenly revealed a terrible secret past will — the hour draws near when he will become a werewolf. Not wanting to accept my fate, the young people break the ancient mystical cycle and now behind them begins to hunt a ruthless army of demonic creatures. In the meantime, to keep growing thirst for blood will become harder...

  • Joe Nimziki

Release Date: 2011-10-18
IMDb icon 4.1/10
  • Country: CA, US
  • Language: English
  • Revenue: Cumulative Worldwide $180,871
Shaun Mungo
25 November 2011 | 07:51

So, after viewing this movie left a strange feeling. The film is not so bad, maybe it a little modified. But I will criticize.

I don't like it. When I watched it, I thought that I have saw a similar movie, only with vampires. The game is the main characters I also not like it. Landon Liboiron like and attractive but still, that he is not enough. Lindsey Shaw like me so in General a complete nightmare.

The plot is also not particularly pleased. Why the main character is not turned and only after 18 years. The creators of this masterpiece hinted to us 2 part, how many remains unclear, but I think should not be.

About music. And whether it? I did not even noticed, well, or maybe I looked.

So, my the verdict is not all so bad could be still bad.

5 10

Morissa Oneil
12 October 2018 | 01:32

you me found?

Hard to explain. As if the whole world black-and-white, and you mixed...

(about 47-th minute of the film)

the Howling: Reborn (the Howling 8)

Preface. I here laughed when he was called "Howl 6" — trash twilight for boys. Have posmeyalsya. Here have all in all seriousness...

Cool classic movie werewolves — "the wolfman" with Cheney (the younger). Cool horror drama about werewolves — the first "Howl" from Dante. Cool black Comedy about werewolves — "an American werewolf in London". Cool Thriller about werewolves — "dog soldiers", Neil Marshall. Cool thrash about werewolves — "Howling 3: the Marsupials". Cool modern thrash about werewolves — canadian "Wolf COP". Cool romance about werewolves — "Wolf" with Pfeiffer.

What is "the Howling: Reborn"? The word on the letter G space or the unwillingness to create. Yes, that's right. The creators just don't want to please. The care for the viewer. Why create your own when there is fashion? A more easy way. Fashionable, then eat. Too lazy to have a long time ago captured the cinema of the 21st century. This is especially significantly in watching horror movies. "Howl 8" — another clone bell and Pattinson. Nothing more to add. You can close the review.

The main character — cute kid. Have got a friend-merry and muddy for the past back. Cute girl? Of course! Hanky-panky, tears, boys with open-chested on the background. Damn, you remember Konagi? For table, it there were talked to God. As it's a movie called, "True detective", I think. woody yet he played great. Have Konaki of beer in hand he looks up — "Hey in fact so important, I indeed, such special pay on me attention!". If you watched it, understand.

Why I have to admire films where some pimply children (with unstable hormones) play in special selected? What a horror movie, forget it. Werewolves — it's stupid cover. In old movies not to show (normal) werewolf, affected by the lack of money and computer chips. And those in what's the problem? Better be pouring snot. Circle after continuous issues — parents of the opposite gender, high school students beat and etc. I after all, such a special — fuck!

Yes, you might say that same Dante released movie "My girl — zombie." Lads, prioretety-s-s-s! Dante can do to remove the pants and run an hour and a half in front of the camera. He can. He it all has proven shown. And the creators of "Rebirth" attached to the franchise, attached to Brandner (writer dropped the hoof a couple of years later, brought) and poured the sauce the name of "fashion sucker".

Number! In real — would obscene tirade on two to three hours. Heroes — nasty. Directing — mediocre. Scenario — senseless and merciless. Acting — weak. The real trash.


Tale? Tales filmed Ptushko. Closed the topic!

1 of 10

Jaclin Mikkel
27 December 2011 | 06:48

Clearly not about this rebirth dreamed of the franchise, which came in a standstill in a distant 87th year. With each new sequel to "the Howling" turned into a low-budget Amateur-home-video Pro rubber Cheburashka, whom the people affectionately referred to as werewolves. What also prompted the creators to return to the movie series of the last century — the human mind does not understand, but here than you can be absolutely sure, so in that this continue galaxy second-rate trash-horror films, the origins of which originate from already the moment, the classics of the horror genre — picture Joe Dante's "the Howling" series, in fact, not required as the audience really did not expect the appearance on the screen another pathetic attempt to become a spoon of honey in this sad and long history of mediocre costume designers and the losers-the writers.

The first in creating the image of a werewolf to still are guided by the Holy canons monster-movie 50 years, and other only enough to izezzhennoy along and across stamps suplementow love story between two standardized to the possibility of the school amoebas. So, symbolically sounding "Rebirth" rebirth left only on the no raised the deductible on a new level of quality, as not brought anything new, except another old tired cliches, limited failed attempt to modernize the remaining in the past century horror series. As independent project at eighth account "Howl" a typical representative of the special category of films to the universal delight of the audience pass through the vast halls of the cinema, to go immediately to video.

Obeying the fashion trends today is to turn the legends of vampires, werewolves and other evil spirits in amorous tales, Joe Nimziki is on the audience something between neomelodici and negoiesti, here is only the desperate attempts of the Director to capitalize on the popular theme of forbidden love was doomed to failure. All these disney tales boys-nerds, they a magical transformation, changing in the root of a dull and quiet life of the main character, school beauties who suddenly itself the viewer decides to be inflamed with passion for the local scapegoat and all-powerful evil evil dreamer to take over the world, appearing in front of his face disgusting tailored rubber suits, so monotonous that nothing but a gag reflex to not cause can have not to mention that just leave it myself indifferent.

The plot and story of the collision of sounding pretentious "Rebirth" is built on multiple borrowing and plagiarism of the same second-rate paintings of category B, in consequence of which predict each further turn of events is not will be difficult. Another variation on the theme: "boy's adventure-loser" — finished and God forbid, she will launch the new "twilight Santa Barbara". Absurd, but it turns out some Directors, in the number of which includes Joe Nimziki, at this day hold the opinion that the long-awaited appearance of the monster should be delayed until climax. Of course, if the plans of the creators of the film is to surprise sophisticated public appearance skillfully modeled the werewolf — it might but why to the bitter end to hide from the werewolf, which is more like a floppy bag with G,

Response to too simple: it's a SHAME the misery the Director was to show the good citizens, except that only hens on laughter. An hour and a half in waiting, and when anything in this movie will be reborn, an hour and a half unbearably boring formulaic dialogue, occasionally interrupted pseudophilosophical thoughts of the protagonist, a half hour of candid Amateur, to contemplate which is so as enjoyable as and picking your belly button, — and all for the sake of forgetting about the existence of this "masterpiece" through those the hour and a half after watching.

4 10

How much has Full Moon Renaissance made?
Commercial tv-show fees worldwide today are Cumulative Worldwide $180,871.
Who is the director of the movie Full Moon Renaissance?
This tv-show was directed by Joe Nimziki.
What is the genre of Full Moon Renaissance?
The tv-show belongs to the genres of Action, Fantasy, Drama.
Who starred in Full Moon Renaissance?
Many famous actors starred in this tv-show, here are the names of the most famous: Landon Liboiron, Lindsey Shaw, Ivana Milicevic, Jesse Rath, Niels Schneider.
What is Full Moon Renaissance IMDB Ranking?
At the moment, the rating is 4.1.
When was Full Moon Renaissance released?
The start date for this tv-show on USA TV is 2011-10-18.