Fruitvale Station

Oscar Grant was usual cheerful man of twenty-two years old. He adored his daughter, was a model son was unfaithful, but he was able to reconcile with his wife, he also loved to chew the fat with friends in the courtyard of his native area...

  • Ryan Coogler

Release Date: 2013-07-26
IMDb icon 7.5/10
  • Country: US
  • Language: English | Spanish
  • Budget: $900,000
  • Revenue: Cumulative Worldwide $17,385,830
Nannette Petta
21 December 2013 | 06:35

Sixteenth of may 2010 — during a police RAID in one houses of Detroit was shot and killed seven year old Ayana Stanley Jones, who had been sleeping peacefully in her room until her grandma was watching TV. Many of the circumstances of her of death clear up now and process of an officer whose actions caused the death of all the girls is still going on, the only punishment which he suffered the moment, this is care resignation. Twenty-fifth November 2006 — twenty-three year old resident of new York city's Sean bell shot just the day before wedding mother of the child, when left with friends of a strip club, where he had a bachelor party. In Bella his companions were released a few dozen bullets from the guns of three officers who were fully justified in court. Fourth Jan 2008 — a resident of a small town in Ohio the mother of six children, twenty-six tarika Wilson was shot to death in the time of the police RAID, also in the operation time was shot by her year-old child, whom doctors were able to save. The officer who fired the fatal shots in the court was recognized guilty. Twenty-first of November 2006 — the police, who arrived in a false call and did not have a warrant to ensure that the legal right to enter room, their own home was killed devyatnadtsatiletnyaya Atlanta resident Kathryn Johnston, who was a law-abiding woman and a parishioner of the local Church. Three officers, whose actions led to the death of Johnston, were convicted for manslaughter and sentenced to terms ten, six, and five years. "All black, all the unarmed, all innocent" — lamenting the local black community, yet the number of victims of police brutality in USA did not think to decrease. Oscar Grant, whose the story became the basis for the movie "the Station Frutal" also became one of the people who were shot dead by guards of the law without for uniform reason, a video of his death the moment was viewed almost a million people, but what about his life? Ryan Kugler decided to eliminate this gap and tell about story behind fire station, Mutwal.

Such tragedies can be told in two ways — to make a documentary film about the morals of modern police and to analyze the situation with General the country, trying to give specific examples to understand what the current police system allows the existence of so many people, of any race, age and sex, the death toll from bullet service arms of those people who have to protect, or go of laws theories tell about how exactly the man was the deceased, so that people know for justice who are they actually fighting or need to fight. Debutant Director and a representative of the black community Ryan Kugler chose the second option, and no doubt that it is much more simple and the contents but specifically considering the specifics of the story of Oscar Grant, you can find a lot of pluses in such decision of the author. "The station Frutal" the picture is far from ideal cinematographic terms, it used many cliches of the "black genre" and very often the Director is teetering on the brink between tearful manipulation, but its main goal is not only justifies the use of all these prohibited means, but still neutralizes almost all of their an unpleasant effect. And thinking about how would the film is wanted for itself, Oscar Grant, then it was definitely not abstruse documentary, where people, the type of activities which is signed by them on the screen, saying things he would not knew let's be honest — it is not was an intellectual, he was just a man with such a simple value as the Chapter Ryan Kugler took for him a perfect film, where he could the scale one day and a couple of flashbacks to describe all and all who Grant loved all what he dreamed of, everything what he was tortured and all those nasty things that pulled him to the bottom. In the end, "the Station Frutal" was very close to his audience, because by focusing on everyday Affairs and problems of the hero, it allows his audience to feel that its place to be any man, because he was the same as we — celebrated the New Year, congratulated the mother Birthday, cherished dreams, that never will come true, made mistakes, tried to fix, made fun of sister, fought for nothing with its second half and promised myself that tomorrow he will be better, but and did not fulfill that promise.

Despite that most of the film Ryan Kugler built on the classical scheme of modern American independent cinema and contains many platitudes and pictures about the lower class, there is one interesting point, which is often found in films it appears the deceased character, but in the "Station Frutal" it sounded completely new and has to the heart of the matter of fact story of Oscar Grant and dozens of other black and white people who died from people in form all over the world. When the main character's mother tells him that he sat on the train, and go to machine it is later explained in the hospital, guided by considerations of safety, and what is the history of the Grant, as not deceived by the illusion of security? It and friends thought there are limits, which New Year the face of a huge crowd in a public place they can offend, they can roughly put a face on earth, can kick a couple of times, but they are not can kill. "The station Frutal" debunk another one classical myth on a safe place like in a small town where everybody knows each other and all seem absolutely perfect and respectable, suddenly committed a cruel murder, so that the murder of Oscar Grant left for America more less places where people can feel protected and there is even less hope that the local justice system works so well and accurately, so only can run such a thing. And while the relatives of many victims of the brutality of law enforcement officials trying to achieve police reform, Ryan Kugler proposes to implement a reform of a different kind and changes the hearts of the people, telling them a humane story about the guy who tried to be a good father, son and grandson, but not allowed so the big error way, connection youth inexperience, and I would like to see this movie as not only mere spectators, but still the police themselves, many of which it should be noted finally that not only every second COP killer is black, but still what they themselves deprive a person's life became as easy as to eat a doughnut in the break between calls and to wash it down with coffee.

Annabell Shugart
03 July 2019 | 12:31

Before we begin to study the debut tape young talent — Ryan Kugler, I would like to say a few words about this Director. I met the work of Kugler, thanks to the excellent sports drama creed, in which the box and it all the component was only a background (of course playing video the development of the main characters, not last role), in the centre — a simple human story about that behind the glitter of fame and universal adoration, is unknown (many even indifferent to) the victims, who, in the end, be the closest chant. Then Ryan called to rent an expensive blockbuster — 18-th tape the Marvel Cinematic universe — "Black Panther". Here he had rejected pretty stiff rules creating a superhero movie and touched on more important issues (the supply all this course wrapper action movie). Not be naive and recognize racial discrimination (and not only), even in the 21st century, confident in the world. It is on both sides. Kugler via antagonist created the image of an ardent follower of black racism (demonstrating all the filth and the absurdity of such phenomena), and mouth the actions of a hero, conveyed the morality of mutual understanding, respect, support — "People need to learn each other care, as a single tribe". The premiere of the movie in career nastlannogo Director I managed to watch recently. "the Station Frutal" — the movie, based on real events, sanctifying the murder of a police officer twenty-two year old African American. Let's order:


Oscar Grant and Sofina:

Together are getting ready to celebrate New 2009 year and the birthday of the mother of Oscar. For this reason, the latter is sent to store for several ice cream crabs for soup, there is trying to recover the old place of work. The key factor determining difficult life situation where was this family — Oscar — people with a criminal past, seeking to change the best way for daughter Tatiana and its future. Sofina — friend mother of Oscar, albeit not always happy with the actions of the guy (carelessness, once the cheating), but truly loves him. A point in all that can bring trouble family, the hero Michael B. Jordan (in 2013 more little known actor) stage, when throwing out the bag of marijuana stashed in sales of Bay. With the opening credits the viewer shows the video camera mobile phone depicting the lawlessness and the tragic outcome of such behavior "guardians" of the order.

Summary: the Case that prompted the Koogler to tell about this tragedy my opinion, was not just itself incident, "fair" punishment, suffered the killer. Words of film — the Officer who shot Oscar was arrested accused of first-degree murder. After he said that has confused a gun with a Taser, the jury found him guilty of manslaughter and sentenced to 2 years in state prison. He went to freedom through 11 months. Oscar Julius Grant III died, about 9:15 am, 1st Jan 2009-th year.

9 of the 10

Marguerite Hochman
09 October 2013 | 11:22

This memorial film gets its audience to the events of four years ago, when the incident to Fruitvale commuter metro police officer shot in the back unjustly shot and killed an unarmed black guy, making it in front of hundreds of passengers on the train, documenting the entire it course on their mobile phones that became the objective basis of the script of the picture of Ryan Kugler, step by step to restore the last day of Oscar Grant, simultaneously telling the story of a young man, whom evil chance not allowed to rise with knees.

It is difficult to judge about the degree of biograficheskie of this tape, telling about a little remarkable citizen of American society, not perfect his character, but not otpadom the enemy of foundations, whose love for family and friends saves him a chance to get back on the right path, the bailiff, if not to the "American dream", the least to a comfortable life, to finally say goodbye to the past where Shine the remains of deceit and ill intentions, keeping in addition a good lesson.

Without resorting to psychological complications, eliminating frills actor, Director, unassumingly flipping through the pages of the recent transgressions of his hero, cancelling their good aspirations in the future, saying that man, he is not harmful, although unsteadily standing, but still have chosen the correct path, abandoning the criminal temptations to use not lost to him the value of family, illustrating its disposition history new year evening with a predefined story with a sad ending, extraversion which does not diminish the drama of a tragic outcome, with the whole force of the address to the responsibility of the authorities, incompetent implements given to her by law a set of requirements and rights.

Do not expect racism and professional incompetence spreading bloodstain on the platform in front of the startled from fear of people, making death even more ridiculous and ugly, and for even more unforgivable, no matter how long there was a list going after these goals, which do not to redeem the loss, remembering which film appeals to the memory, that such misfortune does not allow to happen again.

How much has Fruitvale Station made?
Commercial tv-show fees worldwide today are Cumulative Worldwide $17,385,830.
How much did it cost to make Fruitvale Station?
According to various sources, the cost of producing the tv-show was at least $900,000.
Who is the director of the movie Fruitvale Station?
This tv-show was directed by Ryan Coogler.
What is the genre of Fruitvale Station?
The tv-show belongs to the genres of Crime, Drama, Biography, Best movies 2013.
Who starred in Fruitvale Station?
Many famous actors starred in this tv-show, here are the names of the most famous: Michael B. Jordan, Melonie Diaz, Octavia Spencer, Kevin Durand, Chad Michael Murray.
What is Fruitvale Station IMDB Ranking?
At the moment, the rating is 7.5.
When was Fruitvale Station released?
The start date for this tv-show on USA TV is 2013-07-26.