Frozen II

Anna, Elsa, Kristoff, his loyal reindeer Sven and the ever optimistic snowman Olaf will have to leave the cozy Kingdom of Arendelle and to go even further North, a journey that will lead them to the origins of ancient legends and will help to unlock the mysteries concerning the past of their native country.

  • Chris Buck
  • Jennifer Lee

Release Date: 2019-11-22
IMDb icon 7/10
  • Country: US
  • Language: English
Shoshanna Dafodil
13 February 2020 | 02:08

The original "Cold heart" fell in love with themselves spectators at the world. The first part deserved this love. And also shook the Studio. Yeah and office — this is a wonderful bonus. Not mention merchandise other merchandising. And the authors, of course, broke the promise not to do sequels. Really, why kill a cash cow?

But, when thee dominates the whole cohort of producers, the authors are already not quite the authors. You need to also got to cater to the modern trends. So the second part appeared black. And more... Well, I can even want to be wrong, but I thought in the scene where Elsa was talking to [in my opinion] Elena, are about to occur an outbreak of feelings. LGBT? Maybe it's just me (must cross).

So, the story. The plot sucked from the finger. And sucked the next. Elsa began to hear the call from the forest. About this forest we know in the flashback inside the flashback, when the girls-Princess was small, their parents. So, "Beyond the horizon!" (incidentally, I do not see the song close contender for the replacement of "Release and forget"). And heroes zasobiralsya the road. The path was not long, but thorny...

... To really graphics in the cartoon is flawless!!! Such beauty to see don't ever! This is especially it in how the drawn water. At this pluses end. In any case, I do not see others. The cartoon is good, not understand correctly. But... just as... I see? (And plus he doomed to compare with the first part)... (this — in the next paragraph)...

The experience ended. To fight with whom. Enemies and detractors are not be seen for several miles around. But the head of Elsa came up to go for a voice came from behind. For a voice that only she and hears. Well, no, this is not the phantom menace, after all there and the elements raged. And so, they went out: what, when and Here's why... so the writers came up with the characters in the adventure.

But worse than that, they did Anna. If Elsa chose to develop, then the younger sister looks artificial befuddling. And Christoph — her lover — he was still a dolt. Olaf by the way the only one who normally evolved. There were fears that he will slide to the level of jar jar Binks of jar jar Binks, but no. Olaf — the only one who do not disappoint!

The essence was reduced to the elements. Almost like in the film Besson. But the benefit of not everything rests in it. Still for the basis is that Elsa endeavor to learn the secret. And Christophe committed to making the offer Anna (but to whom it the story even interesting?)...

Drama is almost there really. Only one was its a small RAID, but I don't enough...

What we have the result? While this is still not bad. But it's not very good. Like me, "frozen 2" exactly two times lower than in the first part. And it's already say that is the third... Not you know... — know. Once the conveyor is running.


5 from 10

Blanche Bunnie
09 February 2020 | 02:13

Rent a sequel to "Cold heart" — the main hit of Disney and the highest-grossing animated film in history. Our film critic Cyril Rogovets looked it and joy says that the atmosphere of the sequel is no way inferior to the first part, and some than even surpasses it.

When in 2013, the Disney Studio had launched "a Cold heart", anybody and did not suspect that in a short time animation about the relationship between two orphaned sisters Anna and Elsa turn into a powerful cultural phenomenon with a loyal army of fans and following world.

Detailed descriptions of the main characters and their contrast between the inner world, catchy song party and unique art style of animation, indescribable atmosphere of Scandinavia with its mysterious folklore and endless Christmas spirit — all harmoniously United in the"Cold heart" and made it the most successful animated musical in history and the characters — main today cartoon idols are not only for children, but for their parents.

The decision to turn a ninety-minute cartoon in darling multiseries franchise does not have to wait long, and this is probably the decision can be called reasonable. But not because demanded the requests of the fans and the appetites of the Studio bosses suddenly decided to new project trudnosgoraemyh commercial potential.

Hardly somebody is going to argue with that the story of the first part left a feeling of incompleteness. And in this sense, "frozen 2" — timely attempt to "mouse" Studio to answer accumulated public issues, the main one which — where did Elsa appeared her magical ability to tame the ice.

Finding an answer to this question occupied the heroes of the sequel, events that occur soon after the completion of the first part. Princess Elsa and Anna, sucker Christoph, funny snowman Olaf and reindeer Sven some time to indulge in frivolous amusements and childish at the helm of the Kingdom and enjoy reigned in the capital of the silence. But not long.

As in the "Cold heart", the story plot of the second part is based on a spontaneous journey of the main characters — a strange magical voice from far away suddenly calls Elsa forward North of the so-called Enchanted forest, which turns out, holds the key to the secret of its origin and promises acquaintance with one ancient people, and even with powerful spirits of the four elements — air, fire, water and stone.

At first glance, "frozen 2" may seem to be visually improved and more expensive copy of the first part, devoid of what would be any it was a philosophical novelty. Here easily traced the familiar the first series themes of sisterly love, sacrifice and acceptance. Strong and independent princesses in again confirm the salvation of the world can do without the man's shoulder. Olaf in again perfectly the role of a comedian and gives out an impressive amount of jokes, confirming the status of the most vivid secondary cartoon character with the days of Donkey in"Shrek". Several grown-up characters continues to speak out about their fears and experience with a solo musical ballads, some of them with unexpected cartoon rock style, such as musical hits from Bon Jovi or Guns n Roses from the 80-ies.

But these six years, passed times the resounding success of the first part, grew up not only favorite characters — matured the viewer himself. If anticipating its willingness to explore along with the characters relevant themes, the creators of "sewed" in the scene fabric painting easy-to-read (with due attention of course), the Manifesto of modern society. In this Manifesto they focus on absolutely unexpected the animated picture of the problem of colonization, it is the enslavement of the weak Nations more powerful and technological advanced.

However, when all of the heaviness lifted the philosophical "frozen 2" — it's still about the princesses, the family, magic and love. From it all also emanates warmth and the approaching Christmas holidays. And something tells me that now in many families will appear on one Christmas tradition more — to review only "the Cold heart", but and the second part too.

Harmony Edme
27 November 2019 | 11:55

First I would like to say the history of this cartoon that I learned from person of direct relevance to this Studio. In the original scenario had to do one of a foster daughters, so some time I was sure it will. How now learned, it was assumed that Anna is a native daughter of Royal family, Elsa — reception. The real her parents were to become some kind of North whether witches, then if the spirits (the type of reproduction in the "the Fairies"). In the finale it turned out, and then it was supposed to happen a different event and happened here, this part of the script left unchanged (except for geographical displacements, initially planned to confine the legal issues).

This episode was very surprised by the audience, uninitiated in the internal Affairs of the Studio. Do not knowing that Elsa was supposed to be a foster daughter, difficult to understand why suddenly such an unexpected and inexplicable turn of events in the final. Fully perecherknuty the story of the first part of 2013. Here if found that she was born in a very another family (as in the beginning and planned) then all would it is logical, but not happened that the audience is left in disbelief. The same, in particular, it was assumed to explain the cruelty of parents who locked Elsa in the room to this strange witch not kill them. beloved, dear daughter.

But then in the manual for "Disney" was a turn on 180 degrees, prevailed those who thought such an open propaganda now unprofitable. First, will smash the illusion of naive people on "sisterly love". Second, in many countries, it will receive an age rating of 16+, and to brainwash the children will be more difficult. Here and had limited time to completely redo the script, spit on the logic, quickly compensating for lesbianism propaganda of interracial marriages. Many viewers noticed that the cartoon is very tedious and slow, as a number of the key scenes had to be discarded, from the original script mentioned almost nothing left.

The plot in the result of all this, was so troubled and delusional that questions to it will arise even for preschoolers. Have an adult also the viewer will appear as a minimum such. If the forces of the forest "roof" of the natives (like "Avatar") then why punish them too? After all, to all this was fine, no "connecting links" was not needed. If people they spit, who created the foggy fence, who were handing out awards for the noble deeds? Who and what prevented this structure to which natives of the claims is not was (the meaning of the dialogue of the king with a leader I and didn't understand)? Even if it is something is not like those who are almost destroyed the city by an earthquake and a hurricane, why they did not prevent his construction and waited for a fight between the people in order to Express their dissatisfaction? As realized the reason is, if this reason does not directly connected with shows crime?

Again, in the original scenario, all it was more or less explained. But after slash, have it is almost impossible to see any connection between the main source of evil occurring the forest of disaster.

It is clear that had mind Hotelski conflict Saami with the government of Norway in 1979. When protested in the capital, putting their huts and fasting in front of Parliament. In the cartoon also. the natives all are happy, peacefully celebrating with white. Not impose any requirements to Elsa, the Royal power in her face.

Even here present brutal femoralis in complete with this story looks rather comical. As "Hunters haunted" 2016, over which laughed just lazy. Setisactive saving the world from ugly straight men (or the consequences of their aggressive behavior) here is only a sneer. Of course, normal people, not those degenerates who paid over a billion dollars for viewing frame-by-frame copy of "Aladdin".

A footage of "Frozen 2" was drawn in 2017, even under the initial scenario, their decided to alter. Therefore, conspicuous by their contradict the final. "Sisters" is here recognized each other in love, hug, sleep together and so on. even most opposite-sex spouses of the other films/cartoons. And the final meeting is generally copied from the "the little Mermaid". Christoph well the second time bawl the song "Reindeer are better than people", and embraces the deer, which calls it"make all as is" (to back off from Anna). But a logical result of all this no, the above reasons. Undoubtedly, girlfriend Elsa will receive, but is likely to side a little later, somewhere in "Cold heart-3". As in the first part, her care opposite sex, "archive" she hate destroys an ice figure of a male character. But Anna, she came down to talk only one person — native girl. Perhaps this will's girlfriend.

In the end, even at a loss to evaluate this cartoon. Hardly can be called a serious propaganda analogichny this nonsense, even with a clear Central removalists idea. In fact, very clichéd superhero comics for doshkolnitsa. In fact, not much different from advertising of the cartoon "Barbie: Super Princess" in 2015.

And moral, because krivorukost writers, even the first part was good. What witches other "minorities" — this is a very dangerous (and at this is useless) for society people. If intolerant to them to be, they will arrange a global catastrophe. From what any normal person would conclude that these need to identify and kill in childhood. After all, the whole state then sit on a powder keg, depend on the whims and the mood swings are most of these "minorities" — the sheer idiocy. It after all, something like a monkey with a grenade. The obvious conclusion that is better to go without an ice rink (not the greatest value in the Arctic States), but to save a life.

In the second part of nothing changed, magic (now black with all the trappings of the occult), so and remained an evil force that can only kill and intimidate (and if save the only itself). She looks like incomprehensible, unpredictable and dangerous stuff, from which is better to stay away. IF there WAS MAGIC, THEN NO STUPID AND AGGRESSIVE ACTS of MEN, NOT WOULD CAUSE a CATASTROPHE (in fact, the main thrust of both parts of "Frozen"). So that the local Homo/makepoly portrayed villains look quite sane people. Only the methods they chose not to those are sometimes susceptible to stupid, misplaced pity. For example, would have drowned. the parents of the witch in the first part of "Frozen" — Kingdom lived would be calm.

In the cartoon "the Swan Princess-3" the heroine said that a magic spell you need to burn, because witchcraft is fundamentally impossible to use in good. And I was right. The same conclusion any sane person would do after both parts of "frozen." An ice skating rink, magic ignition type fuel without matches stuff can hardly be called good, is equivalent to the threat of global catastrophe. For such correct morality can be put

5 10

Who is the director of the movie Frozen II?
This tv-show was directed by Chris Buck, Jennifer Lee.
What is the genre of Frozen II?
The tv-show belongs to the genres of Adventure, Comedy, Animation, Anticipated, Best Animation Movies 2019, Best movies 2019.
Who starred in Frozen II?
Many famous actors starred in this tv-show, here are the names of the most famous: Kristen Bell, Evan Rachel Wood, Sterling K. Brown, Jonathan Groff, Josh Gad.
What is Frozen II IMDB Ranking?
At the moment, the rating is 7.
When was Frozen II released?
The start date for this tv-show on USA TV is 2019-11-22.