Dr. Frankenstein decided to play a gamble with life and death, creating an eerie monster from body parts borrowed from the dead.

  • James Whale

Release Date: 1931-11-21
IMDb icon 7.8/10
  • Country: US
  • Language: English | Latin
  • Budget: $291,000
Arlyne Cohl
31 August 2014 | 06:57

After Bela Lugosi became famous in the role of Dracula in the eponymous film made by Universal studios in 1931, he immediately suggested that the role of the dumb monster in the film "Frankenstein" based on the immortal novel by Mary Shelley. But after reading the script, Lugosi refuses to the role as the Monster was replicas (unlike books), and throughout the film he would be a massive makeup.

Future film Director James whale begins to search for the actor on the role of the Monster. In the dining room acting wale met the then little-known actor — Boris Karloff. Wale was impressed by the structure of the face of the actor, that led to offer him the role.

By that time, the Englishman Boris Karloff odd jobs and has for many years played a cameo role in the movies. To 1931, he played 60 but has remained obscure.

It was not until a while in order to him was approached by James whale with the offer to play the role in"Frankenstein". Karloff agrees.

For the role of Monster Karloff on for 4 hours put on the makeup. Make-up together with suit and great boots fun for more than 20 pounds. Grim was putting Jack pierce, who was  the"magician make-up artist" Studio Universal. To give a more "dead" look of the Monster, in the eyelids Karloff pierce put a wax designed for dead. Karloff removed a dental prosthesis, for the expense of what it cheeks sunken. All together it has created the look of the most famous movie monster of all time.

Karloff played beautifully. At this day, he remains the best performer of the role of the Monster.

He gave a great compassion for my character. It Monster understood by the people, it afraid while he wants to do good to people. Main fans of the film are the kids who like no one knew of the Monster and sympathize with him.

The role of Frankenstein is brilliantly played by Colin Clive. He is a managed to convey the obsession and madness of his character.

As in case mad attendant in"Dracula", Dwight Frye played in "Frankenstein," a similar role. He plays the hunchback assistant to a mad doctor.

Edward van Sloan is also present here in the role of Dr. Woldman — University Professor, in which he studied Frankenstein. Dr. Waldman embodies the moral side of the story. He initially aware of how terrible the experience of Frankenstein, and tries out this, resulting in as arguments of different scientific theories. But Frankenstein is not interested in theory, he was completely obsessed with his crazy idea.

The film has everything classic ingredients of the genre: the graveyard, Gothic atmosphere, and a sinister laboratory.

The film itself is very different from the original novel by Mary Shelley. But this is a separate product.

In the book Frankenstein worked alone, and the film and his hunchback assistant on behalf of Fritz, that later became common in the genre.

One of the main differences from the novel is that in the film, the whole emphasis is on that the Monster initially transplanted the brain of a criminal (that happened because of an error by Fritz). In the book is not been describing, whose the brain used Frankenstein for his Creation. To in the film image of a Monster is completely different from the book. In the novel the Monster was endowed with a brilliant mind, which was even greater than that of men. In the film is a Monster endowed with reason an infant who has a little that understands.

In the original, nor describes exactly how Frankenstein created his Creation. In this film was first used the idea of reviving with the help of electricity. This the concept was used in the subsequent films about Frankenstein.

"Frankenstein" was a tremendous success, and was even able to Eclipse the success of "Dracula". Subsequently, he became one of the most famous classic horror films.

The role of the Frankenstein Monster Karloff glorified on life. Thanks to her Karloff was the greatest star of the genre.

In the future, Bela Lugosi regretted refused the role of the Monster. Now, besides the fact that Karloff and Lugosi become icons of the genre, they became professional rivals.

The result: brilliant classics from Universal brilliant Boris Karloff in the title role. Masterpiece.

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Maye Weyermann
04 June 2016 | 08:17

Dr. Henry Frankenstein, to collect the bodies from the gallows and cemeteries, did a horrible monster. Having done many experiments, checking all waiting for the full moon and terrible thunderstorms, it with his partner Fritz decided to a huge step. Having done all frauds, they saw the creature has become alive.

"Brain dead will live again

In the body, which I assembled with your own hands.

With HIS own HANDS..."
 — happy Henry, but it still didn't know what ills bloat is being, as it will destroy lives!

The plot I seemed pretty interesting, it is very different from books by Mary Shelley, probably because the writers and Director wanted to create their own history, in order to get more "respect", but they missed the main point. The first the book Frankenstein was pretty sweet, kind, but due to the ugliness of him took not everything, to create it refused. Then start being to avenge that it was pretty logical. In the film is omitted all rests on what he was given the brain half-witted bandit. It is destroyed the main idea that people are not ready to receive the man if he apparently not like all, even though they are not know it inner peace. Of course, it wasn't book is destroyed the main idea, but film is still found to be entertaining, the plot is all still turned out interesting, though it was not that the most important thoughts, and he was angry, ready to kill all of Frankenstein! I really liked the acting. It was 1931, but the same Colin Clive (Henry) — the Creator of the monster, plays much better in its genre than many people today. He was able to show joy when he created the monster, anger, when his wife almost killed, care. Mae Clarke (his wife) were able to show their concern when she felt the rising threat, care, help, love and faith. I liked Dwight Frye (Fritz), he was able to show his "crazy" character for which was paid by his death to those whom they tease. He said, "come on, Fritz", "take the fire, Fritz," but he is nothing understand and were always that wanted! The Frankenstein was played by Ted Billings. He played great, he showed their anger, and the screaming is just class! I think he is able to play better than any current villain, according to the type of Joker, etc. He was able to show not only hatred and anger, but and a bit of kindness at the game near the lake with a girl. Special attention I he pays because he is able to show without words!

Given some of their disadvantages, this film is one of the best of his time, and the first half of the 20th century. After seeing this film, you can nervous, you can a little bit scare, but you going to some scenes to worry about characters, which are waiting to be attacked. Even after reading the book Mary Shelley, this film anyway you have to look.

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Vikki Fast
08 February 2012 | 09:42

Must be in the moment with the mouth of the character Colin Clive flew — not afraid — mythic intoxicated by the exclamation "It's alive!", then all the future movie-monsters had disembodied soul that is strongly hope for his full embodiment in a short time.

About the classics (fundamental true classics) wrong to say it is impossible, but with a wonderful film "Frankenstein" is not applicable for tribute, but because of the exceptional spectacles. I'm having the spectator look of a modern human, and would still just mesmerized by what is happening on the screen.

This innovation is a particle of the first steps of the scientific terrible cinema of the thirties, when humanity stood on the threshold of the run of the course with a desire to know and seek the unknown the verge of a discovery, considering man purely as organic basis for living of the mind. All this put into the movie, while in the small beginnings of their progressive era.

If not trying to go into all the companions from the outside for the sake of creating this film, and to focus purely on the consideration of the on-screen creation, attractive, it first and foremost an actor, on the surprise was so stunning in its horrible disfiguring makeup and a monstrous big boots. All I well remember how was surprised Bela Lugosi, easily abandon this role after seeing an unacceptable mistake — it is the history of the former iconic personalities of his era. And now you can not less wonder and us, watching the natural talent of Boris Karloff and his Monster.

This monster — bouncy body and plastic clumsy bright and huge, and horrible compassionate for nature. It generally the first occurrence is ambiguous, even to take the fact with random presence in the skull of a dead brain of a deranged killer. The viewer is not right to condemn the Monster, he something unprecedented (and this is not dead, but stitched different pieces of flesh together) and therefore, it is unknown what they move in one or another. I think this aspect of the build history only adds to admiration at the view, even in my naive years of cinema, creating a dualism of concepts as and promised the narrator in the prologue, turning their speech-precaution for us directly in the screen. Some scenes just is supporting, for example, is to remember the fascinating meeting of a Monster with a little girl throwing flowers where the freak will be adopted in the game it but after... the Brink of discovery, interest, life, death — expressed no less here than in the beginning a revival of the creation of Frankenstein. The symbolism of contrasting bright and peaceful scenes and dramatic failure of violence permeates every layer of the scenario, hand in the trembling hand to do the painting of the story with a soulless experiment to put on the legs are something that has to be buried. Such nervous downturns and the audience into an unwitting surveillance of them will take a scary future weapons movies, where the interest is full of compassion in the particularly fragile moments on a possible manifestation of aggression — it is a skillful suspense early thirties.

Managed and entertainment. The monster will erupt in a residential location and will start to get snatches here and there, spreading panic death. Involuntarily, no matter how did not seem bright carefree footage of the preparation of the wedding of the son of harrow, and have relax not possible, waiting for the catch. About final mill there is no question: a hunted wild beast, the flames, screaming crowd, dogs, blazing blades of the mill...

Not to compliment in addition to Boris Karloff with his classic accurate picture of the movements of the lanky Monster with cold, aloof facial expressions and Colin Clive plays Henry Frankenstein, who decided to imagine himself a God, unscrupulously ambitious giver of life in the inanimate flesh. Even in the stroke black and white pictures of his the game is not particularly the theatre, she star believable empathic touch of tragedy.

In General, for the whole grim spectacle of the calling horror misstep of science to create a stitched Monster and in the Zenith of his out of control "life", for artists excellent technical components without pleasant feelings impossible to observe! But if not tested this amazing feeling when you look at places frankly naive (remember even reset ridiculous dummy with the balcony of the mill), but an exciting first step for a long, long life a classic creation of the scientist Frankenstein, it is apparently the Golden age-horror film with a disturbing game of shadows — no You.

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How much did it cost to make Frankenstein?
According to various sources, the cost of producing the tv-show was at least $291,000.
Who is the director of the movie Frankenstein?
This tv-show was directed by James Whale.
What is the genre of Frankenstein?
The tv-show belongs to the genres of Sci-Fi, Drama, Horror, Best Sci-Fi Movies, Best Horror Movies.
Who starred in Frankenstein?
Many famous actors starred in this tv-show, here are the names of the most famous: Colin Clive, Mae Clarke, John Boles, Boris Karloff, Edward Van Sloan.
What is Frankenstein IMDB Ranking?
At the moment, the rating is 7.8.
When was Frankenstein released?
The start date for this tv-show on USA TV is 1931-11-21.