Shameless and fearless Erica are ready for any antics, just to feel the real adult life. To do this, Erica has two funny friends, one unusual hobby and a CA. Far from innocent fun changed when his stepfather introduces Eric to his son. I seem to have this awkward and vulnerable guy with no girlfriend nothing, but soon it will change her life, and daring indie Comedy will turn to the heroes of the criminal road movie on the Sunny expanses of the valley of San Fernando.

  • Max Winkler

Release Date: 2018-03-16
IMDb icon 6/10
  • Country: US
  • Language: English
  • Runtime: 1h:30m
Jacquetta Aschim
24 April 2018 | 11:14

Overall impression: That need to a good movie? Interesting plot with unexpected twists and turns, talented acting and love. In front of us Eric — a girl who knows what she wants from life, it an unusual hobby (oral sex — a lover of male genitalia), but is important in this story? The main purpose of the film — love, it understanding and achievement. Drop all you realize we have older Teens (and it is!) getting good intentions, but not a very good side. In General, three girlfriends find pedophiles, provoke them, and then require money for the silence. But everything changes when the mother of Erica results in the house of the stepfather and his son.

In the ribbon, in bulk and it appears the teenagers, but the film deftly switches from genre genre. Typical teenage movie runs in a crime and then jumps to lives, none walks of water. Because of these unusual fluctuations in: the pursuit, then the ambush pattern looks cheerful and does not get bored. To emotionally, I was satisfied, time to laugh, time to cry, caught the smirk on his face. Yeah and just enjoyed the story, in which the R rating 18+. Want to see the film did not looks ugly, on the contrary, plunging into the story was intrigued by the middle, because with it starts the adventures of our main characters.

We must pay tribute, the main role is Erica Luke played talented guys — zoey Deutch Joey Morgan. Zoe times show your talent, here she is bold and provocative girl with becoming fluffy ball (though she this has been, is only to fall in love). And her emotions and a dazzling smile caught my attention as the viewer. it is Difficult to imagine another girl to this role! Joey — this is my second acquaintance with guy again positive. Here on the first look has a closed guy, but with a male character, where it shows your guts, action and determination. These two main characters are imperfect and them both have problems and spaces that need to be addressed. Would it together?

how do something tape? Of course! For every things you need to pay and whatever you were not good intentions, remember — for some, these intentions so good. Sins then all there is in the film they are very interestingly presented. Plus and values play a role, and the fact that was expensive, disappears and Vice versa.

Who to watch: those who do not see only penises and a trivial story (please note members are drawn!)

Who does not worth a look: those who will start to pull their finger at the view and say: Shame!

8 from 10

Bendite Weld
27 May 2018 | 02:02

Near the girl Erik (zoey Deutch) surely even the most daring and uninhibited guy could hang on to which Eric — it is a fountain of lust and concern. If she does not draw male genitalia in her diary, she says male genitalia. If not is no one or else it is engaged in oral sex...

The tone for the film by max Winkler sets the very first scene after which it becomes clear about what an unusual hobby said in description the film. After her view have an idea to what will be the narrative, but given the passion of three friends begin to guess what problems can lead their panevino entertainment.

"Adult game" it would be quite possible to call some kind of alternative to "American pie", about Horny graduates only place of the boys here come the girls. If not for one thing: if there were at least some rudiments of morality, instruction of adults, then it all beaten like the behavior of three friends — is that beyond the framework of generally accepted principles. It is clear that many of the films can be seen as teenagers drink alcohol how to have sex how to commit petty crimes. This is just so full, but the audience is not say that the very good. Talking about the carelessness of three friends and their "good intentions" to bring the pedophile to clean water, a film from the beginning to the end justifies the steps, hiding behind the guise of justice. Even with the given interchange is not to say that this movie makes any conclusions. On my opinion, those things that were presented here, so and meaningful all the heroes. None of them to end not understand that their acts was good and what was bad.

The main hero and heroine in Luke Erica — victims of their own parents who are finding their happiness, simply hammer on all around it, enjoying the fellowship with other giving the mercy of the fate of their offspring. Judging by the mother of Erica — daughter about the last and the first — the search for the next boyfriend who could to brighten up her a boring evening. In connection this heroine Zoe Deutsch too early becomes independent, and too early starts to grasp the basics of sexual life, wanting to unbutton his pants almost everyone (and not interested too).

Paying attention to the moment when an innocent prank turns serious consequences, I would like note that in the power of teenage ardor and rashness, Erica along with her friends are a great example of the phrase "do first, think later". Taking in the basic argument of the words of one man, not confirmed other facts, rejecting the dubious past of this man, provoking his victim on a number of things, they(three friends) to discover adventure on my girlish ass, in a jiffy transgressing the line between innocent fun and dangerous hobby. Though if to take in calculation the fact that they just for the sake of triumphing justice begin to implement your plan, and even for the sake of financial gain, can and does doubt that they decided to bring someone in and to make life in your area is safe. And again it can be noted that the screen justice...

However, to watch You. Your opinion is not impose.

Pleasant viewing.

4 of 10

Sallyann Demetra
01 April 2018 | 03:13

"In the light as if not left entire families..."

"Adult game" — this is a film of a young Director max Winkler on... and so just impossible to what. As in any good film there are a lot of intertwined problems, which form a single story. One word — the film is about life. And teenage life is always interesting. If and difficult teenager — the plot twists are specially you don't even have to look.

You know, when it mind I recorded all condemnatory epithets to those who came up with this story, these twists and these characters... And after the movie you go street — and the sun shines brighter, and I want to smile, and life is beautiful. How happiness became a little closer — almost skin. Here what effect do you can expect from viewing.

So brave, young and crazy Eric is saving his money for his big dream. It makes a very unconventional way, but who are we to to judge someone. The life it measured, as possible: gossip and chit-chat with mom (by the way, who remember that the Queen second plans — Kathryn Hahn?), entertainment with friends, the rejection conceited classmates, but suddenly — their small world, small house, and so little to tear down Erica's new stepfather, — he is a stepbrother (the son of his stepfather), who is chubby, awkward, shy and very nervous guy. And here is the "hero" and turns a girl's life, though seemingly all was supposed to happen the opposite...

What you can definitely count on going to the cinema for this movie: Comedy, drama, crime, outbreaks of madness and despair, interspersed with audacious hope for happiness.

Resembles the story of Katayev "Loser". Remember that the sinking feeling when you know you're doing it wrong, but it's not can stop — and falling, falling in a black abyss. The film as if the end illustrates this status — a constant risk, frustration, pain and lack of brakes.

To the end I sat feeling that my brain, my heart and my conscience tortured with a hot iron. How to stop it how to cease to run on a circle of wrong decisions?...

This is not a family film, but it is ideal for all the lost, all who have nothing to do, anyone who wanted to escape and anyone who thinks the movie does not have anything good. Left. Goes.

By the way, Zoe got another two (I liked it) movie: "Why him?" (2016) "For the catcher in the rye" (2017). I decided to write about them here because it is so sweet that you want to reconsider all her tape. Have her special beauty, in my opinion. She is able to transform the elusive — so that almost know in different images. For example, lost not only the hair color or the makeup, but lost its the person is forgotten, and its place comes the hero of the film.

In the "Adult games" she unmatched naive, fresh and full of hope. In "Why him?" — a confident student, a little feminist, a little strict and very correct, "Over the abyss in rye" — impregnable, fun and delicate, very subtle for her bright makeup 40s.

In my opinion, this is the 23-year-old mix of Emma Watson and keira Knightley, so I think it waiting for the big dramatic roles in the future.

10 of 10

How long is Flower?
2h 10m
Who is the director of the movie Flower?
This tv-show was directed by Max Winkler.
What is the genre of Flower?
The tv-show belongs to the genres of Comedy.
Who starred in Flower?
Many famous actors starred in this tv-show, here are the names of the most famous: Zoey Deutch, Kathryn Hahn, Adam Scott, Dylan Gelula, Eric Edelstein.
What is Flower IMDB Ranking?
At the moment, the rating is 6.
When was Flower released?
The start date for this tv-show on USA TV is 2018-03-16.