Florence Foster Jenkins

Florence foster Jenkins always wanted to sing on stage. Here are just a singing voice, its nature is not endowed. But isn't lack of talent is an obstacle for a person who is struggling to realize a dream? And the title of the most useless singer in the world not everyone can spoil the mood!

  • Stephen Frears

Release Date: 2016-08-12
IMDb icon 6.8/10
  • Country: FR, GB
  • Language: English | German | Italian | Russian
  • Budget: $29,000,000
  • Revenue: Cumulative Worldwide $49,052,787
Morgan Ashly
28 January 2017 | 03:59

Fragment of life of the American singer Florence foster Jenkins.

Not having any hear are organized the club of fans of classical music and gave many solo concerts, recorded an album, became famous in new York. At first I decided that Meryl Streep's great replays when singing portrays Jenkins. But it was not. The voice of Jenkins, as I was later convinced when listening to the recordings sounded exactly as it would majority of our modern singers and singers who do not be a Studio Arsenal of computer programs for the adjustment of the recorded vocal.

"Florence, foster Jenkins" — timely movie, and here's why. It can serve as a lesson to artists, photographers, singers, bloggers, falls out in the Internet tons of creativity, marked by their opinion, the divine spark. They are like and Florence, collected a circle of admirers of his "talent", take the huskies and the enthusiastic comments over the objective assessment, and not suspect that are the laughing stock of professionals a living illustration of the effect of Dunning-Kruger. The only difference is in that the Florence fans on really different from the bad taste from the real art, they just paid for the veneration of the singer.

You should not make high demands on the depth of drawing of the characters, although Meryl Streep as always, height. "Florence," not strictly a biopic. It still a Comedy, called, as I think not to show off as much historical veracity as to show the absurdity of the human condition, located in captivity of their own illusions.

Allina Cerelly
16 October 2016 | 09:12

If someone believes that the abundance of voiceless performers on stage — this is the inheritance of the present, this person will be deeply wrong. Even at the beginning of the twentieth century the scene appeared a woman, completely devoid of hearing and singing talent, but no less, speaking to the General public and even appeared on the stage of the most prestigious hall of new York — Carnegie Hall. Name this lady was Florence foster Jenkins (1868 — 1944), and the last years of her life Director Stephen Frears dedicated to the eponymous painting.

Florence foster Jenkins was a woman of cheerful and always loved to sing. The problem was that that it just do not know how, but thanks to the efforts of others and the victory over self-perseverance common sense, she was on the big stage break came the public all the templates. Despite its horrible howls and other laceration of the auricles, Florence became popular, and even managed to perform on the stage of Carnegie Hall. To his death she was sure that fans — not people who just came from a good laugh and devoted fans of her art.

Stephen Frears has long gained fame as a very uneven Director, posing as excellent ("Dangerous liaisons," "Philomena"), so and quite passable tape ("fortune Vegas", "Country hills and valleys"). Biographical drama, dedicated to the "worst singer in history", despite the great actors and a nice retro atmosphere, to regret, to replenish the ranks of his best works is also unlikely to be able. About acting here to say nothing — three-time laureate of the "Oscar" Meryl Streep, this role will play as a nail hammer, and its the background does not lost to Hugh Grant, who appeared in is quite an unusual role. One of the problem is that Frears is not really wants to dig too deep, leaving the complexity of the characters in the plane of easy melodrama. Because of this simplicity of character visible even through a good game of actors, which is difficult to bring more in their characters, limited scenario framework. But it is only part of the problem. Judging by the biographies, Mrs. foster Jenkins was obviously a lady psychic, who suffered from  syndrome"Dunning-Kruger" when the person in hundred sure its uniqueness and genius, she absolutely not to tolerate criticism in your address, and friends the hall was considered a manifestation of envy. Frears also it takes as good, but stupid broad that just don't see his actions with side and also, for some reason trying to justify her behavior is very dubious idea of "if you love something — do not look into the people." This interpretation may not bad, but in the context of human in the art looks very strange, because much more appropriate would have been trying to study for example foster Jenkins the desire of the public to see on the stage of mediocrity. Instead, the Director shows how a lot of people support in the old woman's delusion that she is one of the greatest singers, and critics presents as a negative characters, not trying even though as-that to explain the behavior of Jenkins on stage. So that the verdict is that — nice, but shallow retro with a pleasant atmosphere and great actors, not so much studying the phenomenon Florence foster Jenkins, how many trying to her example to prove that talent success — not the most important thing.

6 from 10

Edithe Sklar
18 October 2018 | 07:54

Today at the screen comes the film "Florence Foster Jenkins" and in the Russian hire — "Diva."

This painting is based on a true story for me was a real discovery, since I have long I am a fan of talent of the brilliant Meryl Streep. In this film she plays a major role and makes it so that impossible to break away from the screen.

I don't know about Florence Jenkins and its history of life struck me. A rich lady, confident in that money can do anything. She hires the pianist, the best teacher vocals he wants to sing on the stage of Carnegie Hall. It seems at this eccentric rich girl has it all what can dream of an earthly woman. Devoted husband, fulfilling each a whim, a beautiful house, a private club, money.

But it's just a sign. Luxury apartment is located in the hotel, my husband goes every night to his mistress, and environment and her voice makes a joke for others.

In the film a lot of close-UPS. The camera is ruthless. We see old beautiful woman and her eyes can't let us to be deceived. She is sick! Soul and body are wounded mortally. Meryl Streep plays divinely! It the heroine is funny and we can laugh about it but in just a second, the frame changes and we see real human suffering on her face.

Hugh Grant plays the husband of Florence. Oh, how he's good at this role! Devoted husband of Florence, living with a mistress, but he does all that it depends on that the wife was happy.

Grant has outdone himself. I don't know his role better than this. Honestly. Especially the dance scene. This extravaganza!

"Diva" is exactly the film, which gives joy to the eyes, the soul, the heart and tormented ears, when Florence sings.

Wonderful, sad and very beautiful Comedy. The magnificent work of the operator. Close-UPS — fantastic! Very beautiful costumes, interiors. And wonderful acting.

Meryl Streep, Hugh Grant especially Simon Helberg in the role of a young pianist. This is a miracle, not an actor! Brilliant!The film was nominated for an Oscar (best actress and best costume design).

Wonderful shooting in new York.

But the film, of course, not about as the audience was incompetent rich Canary. The film is about the dream! Dreams can come true! Always!

The last close-up Florence and she says: "Let the people after my death, will say that I know how to sing. But none say that I was singing"!

The film is recommended to everyone, especially the "girls" are middle-aged. My husband was going to sleep on the first frame, but even he I laughed like a boy on touching the funny of Florence. He loved it. By the way, it hard to believe this is a real story of a woman that occurred in the forties in new York. Very instructive story.


How much has Florence Foster Jenkins made?
Commercial tv-show fees worldwide today are Cumulative Worldwide $49,052,787.
How much did it cost to make Florence Foster Jenkins?
According to various sources, the cost of producing the tv-show was at least $29,000,000.
Who is the director of the movie Florence Foster Jenkins?
This tv-show was directed by Stephen Frears.
What is the genre of Florence Foster Jenkins?
The tv-show belongs to the genres of Comedy, Drama, Biography, Best Drama Movies 2016.
Who starred in Florence Foster Jenkins?
Many famous actors starred in this tv-show, here are the names of the most famous: Meryl Streep, Hugh Grant, Simon Helberg, Rebecca Ferguson, Nina Arianda.
What is Florence Foster Jenkins IMDB Ranking?
At the moment, the rating is 6.8.
When was Florence Foster Jenkins released?
The start date for this tv-show on USA TV is 2016-08-12.