Flight 7500

The movie actors — a group of passengers of Vista Pacific 7500, traveling across the Pacific ocean. Dimensional and dreary a period of time during the overnight flight, and the characters are faced with some kind of supernatural force, making not the most pleasant variety in a confined space.

  • Takashi Shimizu

Release Date: 2016-04-12
IMDb icon 4.8/10
  • Country: JP, US
  • Language: English | Japanese
  • Revenue: Cumulative Worldwide $2,871,035
Jacquenetta Vaasta
16 December 2014 | 06:24

American cinema is not just experienced a wave of immigration of foreign Directors, who are always ready to bring their fresh ideas to relative to the hackneyed genre clichés of Hollywood cinemachine. For this way, Directors such as Paul Verhoeven, Peter Jackson, Peter WIR and many other only cemented their positions in Hollywood, but and inscribed their names in her story. When the involvement of Japanese Directors is always guided under the genre of horror films, considering the fact that it's the Japanese take off a really terrible, terrible and strong horror movies.

Thus, Hideo Nakata gave the world "the ring," Takashi Shimizu "Curse" and so on. But if the roll is long "gone in oblivion" and it for a long time heard Shimizu attempted to rehabilitate himself after the commercial failure of his previous works and released the audience of this film, which has long been considered perhaps the most promising project in the genre. It is sad is that hopes justified and the film is not even got to half way he had in early production and review trailers.

Of course the movie on the bottom pull is the scenario, which is absolutely devoid of any action. The whole movie is based on numerous blah-blah-blah that kills at least some of interest present in the beginning of the viewing of the tape. The main plot complication is beginning to stand out only towards the end of the film and just started to give signs of horror movie genre, but it to myself a crush of spectator interest a little dulled it's not interested. Commendable in the story just how much volume and deep was opened each of the characters tape how even the flawed script over the film in the end. Nothing original and quite predictable, but on the background is completely "boring dvizhuhi" in the whole picture, this is only the culmination of a very pleasant surprise.

Another advantage of the painting can be considered a truly magnificent cast, which in many ways pulled the movie on myself. So each of actors over Les that once it is to the interest of the audience and maximum to get used to image, which naturally and want to see the end. After all, according to an amazing coincidence, you you begin to feel sympathy for each actors. Quentin once again proved that he's a really decent actor who unfairly lost in the role in the television series, Smart makes a loud itself felt after a relatively long period in her career, and Leslie Bibb, Jamie Chung and Jerry Ferrara willing to delight the eye with their solid game and pleasant characters.

Poor is that having it would seem a very promising idea and a really decent cast, the film directed by Takashi Shimizu not was able to beat it all on a decent level. Moreover, giving again ensure that since the "Curses" leaked too much water and once the Maestro of horror films cavity lost the passion and the talent to scare the viewer and keep him in suspense. So as a decent shooting in the locations of the aircraft and even as the atmosphere of intrigue and lost it all good, that can you say about direction Shimizu. Directing, in which is completely absent at least some suspense, terror, scary moments and a strong atmosphere promised us from the beginning due to the past achievements of the Director Takashi Shimizu.

3 of the 10

7500 — is absolutely not the movie many have been waiting for more at the stage of production and 2 years, until he couldn't find the path to the viewer as a finished product. Shimizu completely lost the ability to even like something to scare the viewer and due to this, the film is very boring, monotonous and even lengthy not despite its small duration in 80 minutes.

Gabriell Tucker
16 October 2015 | 08:07

You may want to look into the Director Takashi Shimizu and the plot, which takes place in the plane. Such films are always interesting to watch in mostly because of the closed space and changing of the characters.

In the beginning of the film we represent a host of characters: the couple, the girl neformalka, the couple that broke up, the girl flying to her boyfriend, a young man who sells phones, a pair of cute styuardesy and others. The plot takes place on the death of one passenger and the captain of the plane deciding to fly with the corpse making stops in near the airport. Well, then tell makes no sense. everything is clear and understandable. Theme vengeful ghosts beaten and everyday, you want something that bright and scary or non-standard plot, in this movie, all pattern, predictable and not scary.

Remember the Curse, there is a call atmosphere of terror, forcing the anticipation of fear. Phobia 1,2 cheerful and fun movies with the puppet master and is just as great. beautiful movies with the aesthetic side. In same there anything that could to catch hold of the eyes and so remembered in memory, some meaningless dialogues and stewardesses in mini skirts, boring and monotonous. Not save even sudden squeaks and sounds, no scary moments. And the ending is strange and illogical if script for more fantasy is not enough, generally full of nonsense and confusion.

From the pros can note the ugly doll, even though she did not carry special semantic loading, and nice actors who tried to play. The film is average not reach the Curse, Marebito, Reincarnation, but no worse than modern horror movies, for once, to view I recommend this to fans of Takashi Shimizu.

5 from 10

Myrtice Marigold
16 January 2016 | 01:45

Movies, most of the action takes place in the walls of the cabin, on myself — a kind of subgenre. Vicious and separated from earth world filled with strangers, but forced to be together in a few hours people — this scenery defines a certain specific atmosphere outside depends on the genre of the film — horror, Thriller or Romka. And I must give credit to the Director of "Flight 7500" — it is quite fascinating the spectator in its own version of this little world, clearly outlining (thanks and decent actors, of course) portraits and life background of those who will act on the screen. For the living passengers of flight 7500 with natural no blank dialogue interesting to watch and without any mysticism, when it begins... the film begins to rapidly lose altitude.

Obviously, Takashi Shimizu wanted to make something more than the banal horror. The death of one of the passengers of unknown origin attack sets unhackneyed, Vesko (as possible to the conversation casual acquaintances) voiced characters the theme of death, our willingness to her ability to understand the inevitable. Coupled with, as already mentioned, quite alive (in the most part cheerful) the characters in performed by good actors is promises an interesting development of the plot — the conflict of life and suddenly appeared literally in the next chair of death — the end of everything. Here only when it finally comes to the mysticism, the Director suddenly and rapidly and easily slips in broken track genre clichés — bravely and in defiance of all logic wander in complete darkness with a flashlight little girl, even more recently, quite a from world sane ("Boo!"), of nowhere holding mist from sex popping someone's hands ("Boo! Boo!"), in the reflection off of the monitor flashes the kind of hell ("Boo! Boo! Boo!") Though — and thanks for this — violence victims unlike traditional horror films, remains behind;the scenes of blood and meat the film is almost no — but it still the question is purely aesthetic, the logic of events, this fact, of course, not adds. And that we until the end I haven't seen that/those when looking at which the heroes yelled that might die — it is a violation for the "Boo,"Canon, which the Director, as soon as he decided to climb on the territory, to prevent, seems not supposed.

In a word, no fish a philosophical drama, no horrornot meat is not got Shimizu, how do it nor dragged in both directions, that your Swan Yes cancer. Was emerging at first the atmosphere of such irregularities to the end deflates, extra bold, for beauty, detail (the doll, tubes hair) is not what do not help explain what is happening, and further confusing the viewer. And finally, finally and awkwardly cuts off this short (1,20) movie the strange double ending, another inedible salty-sweet sandwich: the ideological climax of the film with a reconciliation catharsis all realized characters + black screen + still very strange 2 minutes for the final "Boo!" before the credits roll (typically, these bits are the promise of a sequel, and put them after the credits).

So once again: all clearly feel the experience of the Director and the operator, the talents of the actors turned out at Takashi Shimizu "no mouse, not a frog, and unknown little animals" — strange not viable. And her sorry by this awkward conglomeration of all the same is a kind of idea, which the guidance of an experienced Director could clearly to play good local actors.

How much has Flight 7500 made?
Commercial tv-show fees worldwide today are Cumulative Worldwide $2,871,035.
Who is the director of the movie Flight 7500?
This tv-show was directed by Takashi Shimizu.
What is the genre of Flight 7500?
The tv-show belongs to the genres of Sci-Fi, Horror, Mystery.
Who starred in Flight 7500?
Many famous actors starred in this tv-show, here are the names of the most famous: Ryan Kwanten, Amy Smart, Leslie Bibb, Jamie Chung, Scout Taylor-Compton.
What is Flight 7500 IMDB Ranking?
At the moment, the rating is 4.8.
When was Flight 7500 released?
The start date for this tv-show on USA TV is 2016-04-12.