Max Klein survived the horrific plane crash, but it's a shock changed his whole life. He no longer feels the fear of death and considers himself invulnerable, while distancing himself from family and friends. But, following the advice of a psychiatrist, Max begins to communicate with a heartbroken Carla, who also survived the crash, but lost her young son. Maybe if max will be able to help Carl, he can help himself...

  • Peter Weir

Release Date: 1993-11-05
IMDb icon 7.1/10
  • Country: US
  • Language: English
  • Revenue: Cumulative Worldwide $6,995,302
Elane Uund
31 March 2014 | 04:41

This places chamber drama, why do not use in Russia is not can get a row with such masterpieces of the Director Peter Weir, as "dead poets Society" (1989) "the Truman Show" (1998), but viewers ' attention and audience sympathy is definitely movie worthy.

"Fearless" belongs to the number of paintings is quite rare in nature, the focus of which is aimed not the person inside it. Wear sets like a science experiment when the help of docile subjects (Jeff bridges Rosie Perez), trying to understand and make understand others what are the people who survived the disasters but have lost loved ones or themselves.

On one side of the scale Max, who was terrified in the last moment before the plane crash, but he survived, and settled in thought about their own invulnerability, and another — Karl, who lost in hell child. Max is beside herself and family, trying to find at least some boundaries of my own fear (after all, something so have to be afraid in this man's life?), Carl breaks into chunks of his soul for what does not protect the child. Whose "mangle" worse, can they cope with this aftermath of the disaster?

Wear your film in again confirms the conventional postulate of Aristotle: "Man nature — a social animal". People need another person in joy, but we need each other sorrow. By helping others, we whenever help yourself. This simple but a very important truth.

Courage — this is a special kind of knowledge: how to fear what should be feared, and how not to fear what you do not be afraid (David Ben Gurion, 1st Prime Minister of Israel).

This movie is not provides clear and meaningful information on what is to fear in this life and whether at all, but it is very soft, but pushing hard to this kind of thinking. A virtuous person is probably not need to be afraid of. Fear dulls, deprives the will and freedom, but and to be fearless — dangerous path, out any constraints to the framework, sooner or later can lead to trouble.

Once again think about that bridges — is a very good actor, with the understanding that its"goodness" to all comes in viewing, not the very cool well-known works. Its game here, I recalled the role in "the Road to Arlington" (1998). Also not the most popular cinema, too, is not the powerful role of bridges, but what is organic and arresting.

8 from 10

Virgina Market
01 December 2013 | 09:25

Miraculously survived the plane crash that claimed dozens of lives, architect Max Klein (Jeff bridges) is trying to return to normal life. His family and all around insanely happy that he managed to escape, but Max share of joy, because feels dead. He haunting the streets, imagining himself a Ghost, which is a place among ordinary people. Oppression from this thought can not get rid of only when Klein starts reckless to risk crossing the street on red light, exceeding the speed for car or climbing the cornice of a tall building in the city center. Because of this, he less time with his wife Laura and young son that now he has seen very strange. The only person who, as max seems aware of it, it Carla Rodrigo (Rosie Perez) — the mother, flying along with him, whose the child died in the fall of the ill-fated plane that meets group therapy dedicated victims of the psychologist. Karl torments himself by the accusations of that she did not made for the rescue of the kid and Klein decides to help her to handle this grief. But who will help himself to the architect, which considers himself almost not invincible?

Drama with a significant psychological slant, depicting a curious condition, in which flows of people have looked one in the eyes of death. The film is stocked with an impressive cargo of a variety of emotions, ranging from euphoria recklessness in which flows into Max, who left the place a terrible accident at the foot to a complete rejection of the thinking of others who do not see the world as now he sees. Max just not understand those who are trying to return it back in society, it is almost no notices. But when she notices, they cause it is irritating because wasting precious seconds on all earthy stuff, like the filing of collective lawsuits on the airline with the purpose of obtaining monetary compensation for the pain. This, by the way, a key element of the entire picture — Max believes that he just fine. Moreover, he calls a catastrophe, the best moment in my life, because she opened his eyes absolutely all have delivered it from fear. The paradox is that Klein enjoying life, which no one but he sees. Therefore, every time its that is called, letting on heaven the literally starting to suffocate when you thought about that had to be dead. In one word, the script from work out of complex to explain it with words is pretty hard, but he becomes extremely interested when you are in him, finally, to delve into the process of viewing.

Another notable advantage of the movie was the cast. Relatively young Jeff bridges produces a wonderful game, pretending detached from the reality of a man who ceases to perceive everything as this way other people perceive. The bridges we must pay tribute, in particular because he was able to sustain the balance of nature max, do not it crazy. In some extent bridges made of his character sort of alien, who understands the words, but not to understand their values, making interpreterpath the thoughts of other differently. His successful, your image becomes even more pronounced on the background Rosie Perez, who played Carl, because she just not explain anything needs. Their tandem creates a lively atmosphere as two people United by something understandable only to them one, clinging to each friend. Apart from them, still pleased with John Turturro, with its a small role of a psychiatrist bill Perlman, who is well aware that happens these two purposely makes them together, hoping that they will be able together to find a way out of your situation. Hope all the red thread running through the entire picture gets its logical conclusion in the sentimental final scene, in which it is difficult not to shed a tear.

"Fearless" — perfect all the relationship drama, demonstrating a rare situation and easy push on philosophical reflections on its existence. Recommend.

8 from 10

Ardelis Mahan
09 September 2013 | 08:12

To understand what life is meaningless, you need at least times to be on close to death. To ensure that life is precious, it is also necessary to meet face to face with death.

Max Klein (Jeff bridges) went through both stages: from denial of the meaning of life as such to stage of firm belief that you can live in spite of everything.

"Fearless" — drama 1993 Australian Director Peter Weir. The Weir, which in 1989 took "dead poets Society" with Robin Williams, and 1998 — "the Truman Show" with Jim Carrey. For unknown reasons, "Fearless" is less known than two of the above film. Not offense to all the other films Peter Weir (he's like one of the few Directors whose films you can safely watch all the row), but I was really surprised by the fact that an interesting side-stepped, deep in all plans strong drama, which also has many nominations and awards: Berlin film festival prize award Boston film critics Association, award Chicago film critics Association award Association of critics of Los Angeles, the nomination on"Oscar" and"Golden globe".

"It's amazing how before you can view work stereotypical thinking. The thing that the name "Fearless" sent by the subconscious to blunt the militants of superheroes, but the movie was so awesome and surprising that I made a one fast, he just had me pinned to monitor" — here's a comment I read on one of sites and in order to dispel it the stereotypical thinking, I will give the will impressions of the film, until they are not migrated to the form of Intrusive thoughts.

People tend to cherish life. If the person suddenly realizes that alcohol — the reason for his second heart attack, it stops drinking; Smoking — the beginning of cancer, it quitting Smoking; strawberry — the culprit of severe allergies, it life and piece bite, for life to him more for in such hands, in the coffin he saw drinks, cigarettes some strawberries with whipped cream!

Architect Max Klein suffers from the "strawberry" Allergy, where he almost is not dead. With long max strawberry was the forbidden fruit.

But what should happen to people again began to consciously play with death? Something more terrible than a heart attack, cancer or allergies? Something of a larger scale?

The crashed "Boeing" has claimed the lives of many people. Max Klein — one of the survivors, or rather, "survivors", since the plane crash fundamentally changed his Outlook attitude.

When life is tainted by death, life falls in the cake and you want more like at least one shake, so that everything fell on its place.

The scene of the accident Max Klein sent to "date last". On the background of all the other victims, its behavior differs originality: instead of first to rush to phone call loved ones, Max Klein takes a taxi and goes to the first hotel.

What is the point to let my family know he's alive, if he he is not sure this best?

Meanwhile, Klein looks at himself in the mirror, as if for the first time; touching the body, as if had not knew it.

"Runaway" soon found out. Grief — for some, work — to others. Lawyers, insurance agents, psychologists, journalists — they want something from Klein and he wants — to left alone. But Max Klein as not just a survivor, he:

a) star media — a hero who saved the boy, child and voice pointed to quit the wreckage of several victims.

b) the only one who can help the wife of his best dead friend to obtain the maximum monetary compensation from airlines;

C) husband and father, who must continue to be a husband and father.

Difficult max Klein given the last paragraph. Seventeen-year experience of family life is bursting at the seams, as "fearless," as Klein dubbed the reporters, all stood up with legs on the head. It love perenapravlenie from those who is he connected by blood to those who became his soul mate, to people who have experienced the same horror that he is, revealing to each other their fear of death. Now, the main character prefers not your own son, and the boy, who is saved; not his beloved wife, and Carla — the woman flying with him in  Boeing lost the crash of the employee's child.

Whether to talk about that family max Klein is puzzled, jealous, just come in the rabies? The paradox is that Klein realizes his mistake, but it is not able to set or at least myself clearly explain the reason for such behavior. Carla (Rosie Perez) calls it his "guardian angel": it is the only one who helped her return if not the very meaning, the least belief in its existence. But Max was a man, who, by helping others, not decided to ask for help for yourself.

To part with the title of "fearless", the most recognize that it — same crash any living creature on the planet — whether it completely desperate man? If so, first you need to stop to check out the brick wall on the durability and the roof of high-rise building — high.

"Nothing you are not will be released! You want to kill me, but can't" — a challenge to God, not there is no answer. As Max Klein in terms of learning vital information was "giraffe", destiny, become generous, gives him a second chance.

"I plucked you from the clutches of death, not giving it to wrap in your hoodie your skeleton. I did for you all reinterpreted and further appreciate life more than ever and not so, standing on the ground, you tried to spit me in the face. Let's repeat the lesson, once you don't understand the first time" — like this could to answer God Klein, unless, of course, he would be in the role.

But you need to learn to understand without words, expecting the help of the most highs. You need to learn to "say good-bye like it's nothing means."

The Director of "Fearless" managed to get an audience with the immerse yourself in the tragedy, even after a week after watching the film feel a touch of sympathy and empathy.

Bravo, Peter Weir! Bravo, Jeff Bridges! Bravo, Isabelle Rossellini, Rosie Perez, Benicio Del Toro! Bravo to all who have done to create this brilliant picture!

How much has Fearless made?
Commercial tv-show fees worldwide today are Cumulative Worldwide $6,995,302.
Who is the director of the movie Fearless?
This tv-show was directed by Peter Weir.
What is the genre of Fearless?
The tv-show belongs to the genres of Thriller, Drama.
Who starred in Fearless?
Many famous actors starred in this tv-show, here are the names of the most famous: Jeff Bridges, Isabella Rossellini, Rosie Perez, Tom Hulce, John Turturro.
What is Fearless IMDB Ranking?
At the moment, the rating is 7.1.
When was Fearless released?
The start date for this tv-show on USA TV is 1993-11-05.