Fast Five

Former COP Brian O'conner, along with seasoned Scorcher Dominic Toretto little carried away with life outside the law. After Brian and MIA Toretto Dominic released, they do not risk a long stay in one place, as are desirable to the order of disgruntled cops.

  • Justin Lin

Release Date: 2011-04-29
IMDb icon 7.3/10
  • Country: US
  • Language: English | Portuguese | Spanish | Italian | French
  • Budget: $125,000,000
  • Revenue: Cumulative Worldwide $626,137,675
Jillana Fife
29 April 2011 | 08:11

I'm a fan of cool cars and girls it that I fan of the film series under the name of the fast and the furious! The first three part I really liked the fourth left a controversial impression, but the fifth... her mother!

So cool bright cars you are virtually the will see if just a little in end up which is more desirable not to sleep. The whole movie reminded me of something from the series "ocean's eleven" or"Robbery in Italian." Plot is that the characters all the picture cook super robbery in Rio De Janeiro, carefully hiding from the local corrupt cops, and super squad of the FBI from the States who came to the APC to kick them ass. In General, the idea to make a film about race the impoverished Rio, with broken roads and lack of infrastructure — same as to remove Spider-Man's in the settlement of city type with a five-story building. Machine in Fosage 5 practically play any roles, they are a rare appearance on the screen caused only a tribute to the film title. In short, no cool racing and gasoline of blood there is not observed to sorry.

acting good, but according to the American "dumb". In the first part for not pay attention, all compensated for the races! But here... Especially smeared with butter Dwayne Johnson tired of his pomposity and cool speeches like "I will kick them ass fucking" on the duration of the film.

Very impressed with the scene with safe the end! It too much "realistic"!) Of course money spent on it but better rented for the money of interesting cars, and made the fast and the Furious cool action movie with special effects!

From that in the film, I note the following:

1) All the old characters together again.)

2) the Scene fighting the bald bullies pleased! It looks epic!

perhaps all I guess...

Summary. I fan of the genre, but the fifth part, for my opinion, a failure!

Cristy Quillon
29 April 2011 | 12:55

anyone who read my review: good morning, good afternoon, good evening, good night!

what here us?

And we then the movie, which falls in the category of "not super good, not super bad, but yeah, but with a difference!"

First of all I would like to mention the Director of this picture, Justin Lin, for which shoulders there are two part of the racing series of the militants with a mixture of fiction under the names well known to us all "fast and furious. Tokyo Drift" and"fast and the furious 4".

He isn't bad words gives a pleasant impression of performances of each dialogue in this film, yeah and previous movies, also. Written to film script by Chris Morgan (the fast and the furious — Tokyo Drift, the fast and the furious 4) is very well orchestrated in terms of "race-girl-race-sense of proportion-racing-girls-racing."

We must first consider the fact that in this film seek meaning not need. There was a hint of meaning that family — it, but this hint is melted the end of the movie, when we hear the latest dialogue, between the character of VIN Diesel and Paul Walker that makes a request for the continuation of this fascinating series.

this whole idea of that it is a montage of attractions and in this, as they say, the thrill! All fast rides, everything explodes, everything goes fast and so on and so forth! And we love it! Just like on the carousel favorite!

What we love series "fast and furious"?

Amazing race stunning girl!

The fast and the furious 4, I think, brought a new twist in the franchise.

"These beloved characters, these great music, a new car!"

Justin Lin took all of the pros and put them in this film. All like to guarantee success, but there are several problems.

First — is music written by the same Brian Tyler ("fast and furious 4", "the fast and the furious Tokyo Drift", "Constantine"). She explicit weaker than his work chair composer in "fast and the furious 4". I think of the songs that supposedly convey the mood of the characters, and supposedly no. (!)

Second — it is bloopers of the team makeup.

Overall the film was a success, and what is most striking is the entrance to the climax in this film. It is a must see. You haven't seen.

If James Cameron blew up the bridge in"True Lies", that Justin Lin this film showed all the things for we love the series of films "fast and furious".

And of course inclusion in the film is Dwayne Johnson just had to add cash and stir. Not long ago a Rock is out of Comedy characters such lihachevskoe beard!

a Movie that I must watch at least once.

You don't regret.

The fast and the furious 4. I liked.

8 from 10

Kimberley Romano
03 May 2011 | 11:48

For a film like fast and furious, in the hall has gathered a lot of spectators and it surprised me, because earlier, this series has been so popular. The franchise has strong and weak continue developing with changes keeping his faithful fans, she, becoming, went to the fifth part, which threw the whole head of adrenaline and power, which is partly not so much. Now I understand the beauty of walking in the movie late in the session, and generally, those are the sessions when in the hall a few people — more concentration on what is happening on the screen. Now, on the show racing the fifth part of the Saga, gathered around munching and drinkers absolutely different contingent and age, infants, girls and the elderly. Have all phones, popcorn, juice, beer, and, it seems, every second didn't come first time. The only plus to this farce in that on a single wave of impressions of the film, the crowd starts to react on what is happening, to laugh, to hoot, to cry, to scream and it's good, so how a movie is doing its job — gives emotions.

Director Justin Lin who created the very successful, but a little distant from the entire series of Tokyo drift and not really vpechatlilo me the fourth part, where the visible computer graphics spoils, decided to get together with forces taking more of the production money has made the most expensive movie of the series fast and furious. The fifth part was not movie street racing, girls, excitement and engines nitrous oxide, the fifth part was a real Thriller with all attributes which cars play far not last role. It is another example of the rebirth of the series, if the first person yelling: "I had a gun!" then here the main characters running around with the shotgun and do not hesitate to shoot at parties. "the fast and the furious 5" boasts of its awesome drive, shooting, speed, appropriate humor and the main characters, loved by the fans of the previous parts. In advance of putting them in the fourth, Lin joined cast of characters and the fifth part, making the fast and furious team.

Heroes Paul Walker (Brian O'conner), VIN Diesel (Dominic Toretto) and Jordana Brewster (MIA) decided to sit in Rio, but in the circumstances, they be at the impact of local-powerful mafia, the which has its own small army of mercenaries, and generally, Paul Rio bought. Rest the experienced racers not gives cool special forces sent from homeland, at the head of which is unprecedented Dwayne Johnson (Hobbs) that runs in style Baevsky Bad boys. The script can say, not the best all of the sequels, but it is very saturated and takes its head, offering a couple of interesting plot twists. Someone needs a chip, someone a lot of money to someone Diesel, as another of Microline of the plot intertwine in one, becoming a massive freaky pursuit.

How many actors, so many characters each character could have a little show themselves, as an integral part of the team, though some were not really needed, for example, is quite nice Gal gadot (Giselle) start to annoy with the first minute of his glamorous cat's habits, but creative writing need someone was touching her ass to do... not going to spoil, who was not looking. The most basic Diesel Johnson, with otherworldly brutality will beat each other. Walker even more love Jordan. Tyrese Gibson (Roman Pearce) will anneal, and the newbies the person of Leo and Santos will be similar to the two fools of the Pirates or possums of the "Ice", someone has to be joking. In General, Lin gathered many people, everyone is played a measure of its stiffness or sexuality looked confident on the background of the threat of chase and hot firefights.

What is done in the high level is an action. He already do not like before he really serious, powerful and is with full steep militants. Full-scale and virtuosic, stopping the whole room or stomping feet from happiness. Awesome chase scene shot very masterfully and effectively. Cool trick with the bridge first, reminded xxx, and bound to the cars safe at the end, smacks of episode of the same "Bad boys 2" or"Island", then the spectator may behold in all its glory, as shred cars, crushing the metal hit the glass, flying up and face. Episodes Hiking chases and shootouts do not less steep, a lot of melee fights, that kept the tension on for the whole picture and...Rio. Interesting, beautiful and dangerous city with steep slopes of mountains, which many slums can be lost, where the small courtyards with hanging linen contrast with the prestigious business centre, where and splashes of Latin flavor.

"the fast and the furious 5" is definitely worthy of viewing movie is a high-quality racing action, shot very realistically, as not abusing graphics, with serious acceleration, drive and the sane story. Special thanks for a rich collection of Dodge Charger's from Brazilian cops, and interesting episode in the credits.

8 from 10

How much has Fast Five made?
Commercial tv-show fees worldwide today are Cumulative Worldwide $626,137,675.
How much did it cost to make Fast Five?
According to various sources, the cost of producing the tv-show was at least $125,000,000.
Who is the director of the movie Fast Five?
This tv-show was directed by Justin Lin.
What is the genre of Fast Five?
The tv-show belongs to the genres of Action, Crime, Adventure, Best movies 2011.
Who starred in Fast Five?
Many famous actors starred in this tv-show, here are the names of the most famous: Vin Diesel, Paul Walker, Jordana Brewster, Tyrese Gibson, Ludacris.
What is Fast Five IMDB Ranking?
At the moment, the rating is 7.3.
When was Fast Five released?
The start date for this tv-show on USA TV is 2011-04-29.