Family United

The youngest of five brothers decides to marry his pregnant girl. The wedding day coincides with the game of Spain in the final of the world Cup in South Africa. And while the country is paralyzed, this family consisting of five brothers (Adam, Benjamin, Caleb, Daniel and Efrain), will play in the most important party in their life.

  • Daniel Sánchez Arévalo

Release Date: 2013-09-13
IMDb icon 6.2/10
  • Country: ES
  • Language: Spanish
  • Budget: EUR7,500,000
  • Revenue: Cumulative Worldwide $4,237,812
Tildy Corbet
24 March 2014 | 06:17

"My big Spanish family" — the fourth experiment is directed by D. S. Arevalo on the field of Comedy and drama (pitch as you understand football). He help familiar to viewers of Kim gutiérrez, Roberto álamo and Antonio de La Torre. In addition, in the team are present and the newbies — Sandra martín, Arantxa martí and Patrick Criado, which was included in this actor's family.

Behind the curtain of jokes are hiding a very serious problem, with which the heroes have to face. The solution of them, admittedly, quite bold and for the Russian audience may not understand. Although, as and any Russian wedding, there will be a fight, a very drunken guest (funny raúl arévalo), all the talks heart and a lot of other things (all this nice music).

The final film will remind you of that sometimes the happiness of the loved person has to sacrifice something, even if that sacrifice will be mutual feelings. The conclusion is, of course, is not new, but filed under this Spanish sauce is much nicer.

Stephanie Marni
24 February 2014 | 10:48

The film, with one of the most poetic titles in the history of cinema, decides to play on the field of Comedy. At this time award-winning Daniel arévalo although departs from the style "Dark blue, almost black", but not lose his own handwriting, skillfully taking in the genre of clean Comedy.

Although arévalo more inclined to work with a small art forms — his filmography mostly consists of shorts — he knows how to make and full meter. "My big Spanish family" is a vivid example of the film combines in itself the intensity of the color and inventiveness of the form with a well written script and value content.

The family history of Montero Sanz begins in literally movie: with love to the cinema the couple decides to build their lives partly according to the beloved film "Seven brides for seven brothers." Of course, in life, everything dreams are executable much harder than this happens on the silver screen. But who said "harder" means "worse"?

One day the life of the brothers Montero Sanz will include in itself is not only the wedding festivities and General merriment at the participation of Spain in the final of the World Championship football, but and much more complicated things. And it — the search for understanding and finding inner balance that is not lends itself to miscalculation and will make some family very happy.

Humor in the style of Michael yuna combined with scenes, as if taken from a dramatic film. Playing on contrasts, arévalo creates distinctive characters and each of them gives the individual a public life. "My big Spanish family" consists of a vicious Aidan, Caleb willful, purposeful Daniel, klutz Benjamin and frivolous Efraín. Each of them is a link in the family chain, without whom she is sure to fall.

From the cast pictures, known to the General public, mention should be made of Quim gutiérrez, who played in the already mentioned film arévalo "Dark blue, almost black" and in the film "Cousins" of the same Director. Gutierrez will certainly allow the film to get the attention of young ladies, charmed by the talent and appearance of the Spaniard. Also in the composition of "My big Spanish family" are known for the hilarious Comedy "I'm so excited", Raul Arevalo and Antonio de La Torre. And not tell about Roberto Alamo, he plays the cute and the good character of the film, and makes it so well that in early February 2014, receives major Spanish movie awards, the "Goya Award" for the role of the second plan.

The Director and writer just learned the rules by the construction of a great Comedy, and it it constructed her film. Sparkling jokes and funny characters, which, thanks to the plot twists, will be not as easy as it seems on first glance. And, in the end, you know that looked at just another film of the "light genre", and met the whole world, which is located somewhere in the neighborhood where ordinary when we first met the characters will be very valuable and profound, capable of acts that not necessarily to understand, and you just need to accept and admire their nobility.

Although "My big Spanish family" is 10 five minutes more than a standard football match, arévalo plays all the moves according to the rules of the game in foot ball. Will be here and dangerous assist missed goals. But, in the end, the hardest way, the members of the family know that is a real family ties and unconditional brotherly love.

Rosalia Elsie
29 May 2014 | 06:32

This is strange... in any relationship Comedy that the language is not turns be called such (but the creators turned the same) shot with support and rather — with the connivance (that's the most accurate word) with Warner Brothers. Need to fire someone. And immediately. Because such a waste of money to good good.

The contractor Arcadia North have this album — "Four brothers and a shovel." For some reason it is the first thing came to mind when I saw 4 older brothers and youngest, dumb as a shovel that is going to get married in 18 years, as promised it in 12. The girl, Carla, on where he gets married, behaves as a teenage hooligan. In General, any stiffness, which usually demonstrate the beauty and the bride, it. As no one bit of femininity. The kid in the skirt. Yes even with big belly pregnant matrons. Ugly spectacle. At this younger brother clearly prefers its sister-twins did to it is not similar, but until he is not understand that it happens, which he wants to really. He — a shovel, remember?

According to family legend, the brothers decided to close up after the father and mother of the family saw the American movie "Seven brides for seven brothers." But it turned out only five. And, fifth, once far behind the rest — by the end of the film it turns out — why.

The brothers strange, as expected to the movie, claiming the awards, and they received — and awards nominations some small local festivals. Very much like the Director of the film, he same — script, straining, trying to create both funny and dramatic film. But doesn't succeed, neither in drama nor in Comedy. So, brothers. One of them are mentally retarded. He is perhaps the most likeable character. Its stupidity, at least, amuses the time from time. Of course, those who likes to make fun morons. I love. Amuses me. Have another — nervous breakdown, so it on antidepressants. So deeply immersed in itself that when his own daughter asks him: "Dad, everyone loves that boy. And I dream — fuck him a goal. I what's a lesbian?", he replied: "Probably." This is probably the funniest episode in the picture. Because the others don't ridiculous. The Director urges us to laugh over these unfortunate people. But the unfortunate I don't laugh. They are not me a lot of fun. The third brother returned from the African the course of action where he was a doctor, and did the "100 operations in day" — don't think it may well Oh well... He — a cool dude, watching a hawk, you see who here is an alpha male. But it girl still left to the fourth brother — which it imitate, lost to like him hung the earring in the ear. Now a girl — and it is calling it"Pie". And was previously called Pie alpha brothers-the doctor.

Father of course of action is preparing to move the horses because of the problems of the heart, but still not die. Along the way, is the world championship football South Africa which Spain, as you know, won. And from time to sit down to television and I shout "Goal".

The film aroused me irritation. Razdelannuyu action. The attempt to show that "all families are crazy" — this fine. Pathetic, really pathetic, vain attempts of the Director to attract the attention of critics. And wrong approval. It looks like you eyes obsequiously asks: "Well how, how, how did I do?" Well, well, let the critics put forward a picture on the nomination, she applaud. I will not. The movie is bad.

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How much has Family United made?
Commercial tv-show fees worldwide today are Cumulative Worldwide $4,237,812.
How much did it cost to make Family United?
According to various sources, the cost of producing the tv-show was at least EUR7,500,000.
Who is the director of the movie Family United?
This tv-show was directed by Daniel Sánchez Arévalo.
What is the genre of Family United?
The tv-show belongs to the genres of Comedy.
Who starred in Family United?
Many famous actors starred in this tv-show, here are the names of the most famous: Antonio de la Torre, Roberto Álamo, Quim Gutiérrez, Miquel Fernández, Patrick Criado.
What is Family United IMDB Ranking?
At the moment, the rating is 6.2.
When was Family United released?
The start date for this tv-show on USA TV is 2013-09-13.