To disclose the details planned by the perpetrators of a major terrorist attack, FBI agent Sean Archer agrees to complex surgery. He takes his new face, the face of terrorist castor Troy, who is in a coma. However, is unexpected: Troy comes in itself and disappears in the guise of Archer. Sean's life turns into a nightmare — he has to fight not only for their lives but also the lives of his wife and daughter.

  • John Woo

Release Date: 1997-06-27
IMDb icon 7.3/10
  • Country: US
  • Language: English | Latin
  • Budget: $80,000,000
  • Revenue: Cumulative Worldwide $245,676,146
Madlin Chere
16 January 2011 | 09:56

A classic of the genre,... but what? Are lost, but can't to determine still, the film can be attributed as to the militants, so to the thrillers and drama like. So in all intertwined in a tight knot, break which cannot be. And so all done skillfully and emotionally. The film is enchanting, intense, exciting in such a way that impossible to resist! And on him power.

the Plot. Extraordinary and fantastic. Face transplantation, change in appearance leads to the forced change of lifestyle, but not the person. And let the characters do not one of growth and complexion is quite different, but not interfere with the perception of new characters, obtained after surgery. Criminal and COP roles are reversed, and the offender begins the hunt for a COP.

Characters. Impossible is possible: to make John Travolta a cold-blooded and ruthless killer Castor Troy was a risk at the presence of well-deserved image of good-natured, but it turned out great. And which it seducer? 5 points! So we Travolta observed only here. And Sean Archer in performed by Nicolas cage — touching the lonely fighter, a loser, not able to survive the loss of a son, not authority to daughter. This way incredible for him, such a hot and strong man, but it goes away and there is helplessness and a feeling of complete loss of all that he had. The other characters individually, almost all pathetic, showing humanity.

Actors. cage and Travolta seemed to revel in such characteristic of their characters, bringing viewers a lot of pleasure. This should see, so they are good!

Director. John Woo — no doubt the wizard, swirling multi-layered stories various turns of events, the many and diverse tricks, high-quality visual effects, all 100%, this film even more.

And special thanks for collections the soul of the moment — when Nicolas cage and stroked the face of their loved ones in the way Sean Archer, it would seem nothing special, but the tears themselves. Skill and talent, one word.

My rating 10 out of 10

"Without a face" can be described in just one word — masterpiece.

Aubree Polinski
12 July 2009 | 10:04

10 years ago this film I looked for the first time... Then I was still young, to analyze and to clearly think about things, that's why my favorite genre in a child was action, a good action with shooting explosions. Then the picture John Woo was one of your favorite, along with  "Rock" Bay and a trilogy about John McLane.

I grew, changed tastes, there are many worthy films, but  Face as a the best fighters ever made. Not one action, of the late shot, so not able to outdo the John Woo movie. Certainly was a worthy work that can be considered great fighters and get in a row with recognized icons of the genre, but one thing I know that the authors directed the film, which in 10 years I will gladly reconsider.

If you close your eyes to fantastic the unreality of the experiences with the change the face and replacing the voices, then the fact of these transformations is an interesting finding. First even close to such had not a must have original, let and fabulous. Well and secondly, the actors were given the space for creativity, they had to play in the same movie different people will agree is a very interesting idea... the Fact that those actors Nicolas cage and John Travolta.

In many reviews of our favorite site was already a lot of praise it is said in the address of this acting Duo. Add something new and original to me hard... cage and Travolta is unmatched, as in the role of good COP, so in the role of the wily bandit.

If I had to choose who still Travolta or cage was in the movie better, I think I'll make a choice in favor of Nicholas, so on his work was a significant difference between Castor Troy and Sean Archer. At the stop! And how the malicious smile and vulgar gait castor Troy in the performance Travolta is same Shine! Or still, the unique fierce face with bulging of the orbits of the eyes of Troy and suffering flour of Sean Archer in the performance of the cage look more preferable!? All stop, not going to single out anyone, because this is unrealistic, the actors are brilliant and this is important.

In addition to this glorious duet in the film, there are a few personalities that I want to emphasize. This Alessandro Nivola (brother of Troy) — perhaps the first serious role of the actor he was able to fame; Gina Gershon (friend castor) — was good in bed, so with machine the hand; Dominique Swain (daughter of Sean) — bright girl with a very changeable style.

Very well chosen location for the shootings. Especially vividly remembered the massacre in hall light heroes faced with your own reflections, in which he saw himself with the face of the enemy. Scary, probably not fun to shoot have which is your face.

I also want to highlight the opening scene with the plane one of the final battle in Church.

Competent direction, excellent cinematography, great soundtrack — here's the ingredients for success "Without a face".

Result. a Really brilliant film, which became for me a cult. The film, which proved to me that the old fighters don't fade what good Thriller must also be able to remove at least as it has made John Woo.

Not judge man in person — it allows only speculate. (© Jean La Bruyere)


10 of 10

Lauri Robyn
03 December 2013 | 06:35

In 1997, on the screens of the world was one of the best fighters who have ever been filmed in Hollywood. A brilliant production by Director John Woo under the name face first attracted attention thanks to gained huge popularity in the 90-ies of the capital actors. Nicolas cage has just received the coveted "Oscar" as the best actor, John Travolta also had literally risen from the ashes thanks to the "Pulp fiction" by Quentin Tarantino his name is not out television and gossip. In addition he John received America, the status of the main Asian Director after more than the successful films "Hard target" and"Broken arrow" and his times and again was invited to lead their projects to some of the most influential producers of the Studio giants. On a picture Without a face inspirers of the project in led Michael Douglas spent a considerable amount in $ 80 million. For 90 years, it meant the use of the best special effects, staging mind-blowing stunts, a variety of colorful landscapes and promoted stars on the first cast. And all of these parameters Without a face and became a model of the genre. However, time getting older understand that the film Wu especially interesting is an extraordinary story, who still is one of the best in rather simply the genre of crime Thriller.

So, the plot of the film is a long-standing confrontation crazy psycho terrorist castor Troy (cage) and the dedicated FBI agent Sean Archer (Travolta). The situation is compounded by the fact that once Troy killed Archer's son, making the agent's life turns into a continuous pursuit of terrorist, the most excellent personal relations with his wife eve (Joan Allen) and daughter Jamie (Dominique Swain). However, in the early paintings happens to be extraordinary: in the consequence of the operational action castor Troy was arrested Archer! But to rejoice too early: the psychopath fell into to and beginning the bomb is in a completely unknown building. The only key to millions of lives saved — Pollux (Alessandro Nivola), the younger brother of castor, safely planted in jail. The trouble is that trust only my brother, who is in a coma. Thus on the FBI for assistance come scientific experts, classified thanks to innovative technologies, peresushivaya the face of Sean Archer castor! Action sitting duck in prison strictest confidence, the hero does not expected castor will come in itself, take the agent's face, as and life as personal, so service. So true Sean Archer begins fantastic, the confrontation with the villain from now in the full power of the FBI and love your own family fooled...

John Travolta. It was his name stands first in the credits, he received a sky-high fee in $ 20 million. Besides Travolta can be called the favorite of John Woo, because before this film, they have already worked on the military Thriller "Broken arrow". However, watching "Without a face", especially when the actor is transformed from a scoring the agent's life is in the unstoppable psychopath, I understand that took it out in the new film because of the huge talent, whom Travolta has always been not to take. As or not, but he always managed to play villains so vividly that any positive character pales against his plan. In "Without a face" from his unique turned out to convey an elegant madness with the unique inner style of a rock star. When the screen appears Travolta, flirting, shouting, gesticulating and laughing grimly, then know that he faithfully worked for their money, showing us one of the best villains of American cinema. And would add that seeing Travolta in a lot trying to look like the popularly beloved of Jack Nicholson in the role of the Joker. And in many details from them the full balance that says the power of the image of Junior colleagues.

Nicolas cage. Received the main prize of the American Academy, J. cage has thrown a favorite genre of militants and for many years was one of the characters of the genre, thanks to such hits as  the Rock, con Air and face / off. In the picture of John Woo cage initially got the role of a terrorist, which reveled in how could the first 20 minutes of the film. But then comes the plot twist and the madness of the hero is replaced by sagnanet, confusion and a thirst for vengeance: mad cage replicates an image of Travolta. To unfortunately, the positive hero Nicholas turns on order boring than a vivid image of John Travolta. However, this state of Affairs happens most of the paintings, in which the action is directed from the person is positive and negative. But still a cage in those years was in his best form and really tried to play. So the monitor it experiences all interested. The more so saturated to the limit of the plot is not give our hero a long time to grieve on one place and makes again and again to take up the weapons and shoot as from their new friends, and the old comrades.

The timing of the film stands out for 2 hours, but watch what is happening is hard becomes. And all thanks to the brilliant script that created not only vivid characters, but and intricate intrigue, which looks like a part of a fantastic film. However, it is recognized that many of the details of working with the damaged organs shown in the picture, look now not as a complete fiction, because scientists have finally created a 3D printer living cells! What as for the images of Troy and Archer, I John it took a lot of screen time on their relationship in the alien they are the true heroes of societies. And it went to the film just for the favor, because the explosions and shooting — it's good, but to sit more than two hours on the never-ending fighting hard. But action of 90 all still preserved in traditional cliches of the genre: the main stars are not just play, and seats are greatly overplayed, the charges are neutralized for second explosions, the crucial moment the main villain always misses and etc. And when it is necessary to recognize that in "Without a face" all it looks so organically that doesn't cause the gag reflex of even the tired the Hollywood predictability of the viewer.

The film face have long been recognized classics of the genre, and gem filmographies as John Woo, and John Travolta with Nicolas cage. The creators uniquely able to balance great action, allowed the two brightest stars of the project as not to completely outshine each other, and have created a tense and exciting equality, additionally, the gunman got tough detective line which in ways put face in a number of the best representatives of the genre. I recommend to view almost all lovers of old Hollywood glamour 90s!

10 of 10

How much has Face/Off made?
Commercial tv-show fees worldwide today are Cumulative Worldwide $245,676,146.
How much did it cost to make Face/Off?
According to various sources, the cost of producing the tv-show was at least $80,000,000.
Who is the director of the movie Face/Off?
This tv-show was directed by John Woo.
What is the genre of Face/Off?
The tv-show belongs to the genres of Action, Sci-Fi, Crime.
Who starred in Face/Off?
Many famous actors starred in this tv-show, here are the names of the most famous: John Travolta, Nicolas Cage, Joan Allen, Alessandro Nivola, Gina Gershon.
What is Face/Off IMDB Ranking?
At the moment, the rating is 7.3.
When was Face/Off released?
The start date for this tv-show on USA TV is 1997-06-27.