Eyes Wide Shut

Bill and Alice Harford — married couple, producing the impression of happy people living their lives measured in full abundance. But behind the facade of a perfect relationship hidden flows of jealousy, frustration, secret desires and thirst for something beyond. The first step makes Alice, telling her husband about their fantasies. Tormented by jealousy bill goes further, beyond thoughts and words. He was awake sent to the heady sexual Odyssey, driven by temptation and tickling the nerves experiences. If in the beginning he knew the limit of his ambitions will be able to return to their usual family life, he would not have believed, because the temptation to taste the forbidden fruit was too much...

  • Stanley Kubrick

Release Date: 1999-07-16
IMDb icon 7.4/10
  • Country: GB, US
  • Language: English
  • Budget: $65,000,000
  • Revenue: Cumulative Worldwide $162,238,658
Agathe Mickey
29 November 2012 | 08:28

In my opinion, this film belongs to the works of the author's message which will remain undisclosed. When you want this film is a lot to see, but given that the Stanley Kubrick died in work on the film, to find out what does it meant to say with his film, we hardly we can. However, the film, as an art form that will execute the provisional manipulation of symbols, is extremely fertile ground for secondary creativity, and I its secondary work (reviews), would like pomanipulirovat a symbol of made in the name of the picture, — "eyes wide shut".

The title of the film as would say something, however, not clear on that — because the eye is closed. But before like trying to understand what is not see eyes wide shut I would like to decide on those who eyes closed.

In the literal sense, widely closed eyes musician nick Nightingale, provides the sound of the infernal gatherings of some camouflaged elites. And his attempt to slightly open your eyes and see the surroundings ended for it tragically. However, the fact that he saw the corner of his eye, the audience of this film may well consider, though it may be seen and not everyone will like it.

But in a figurative sense, the eye is much wider closed from main character — Dr. bill Harford. And, on my opinion, is the first scene of the film gives the audience the right point of view.

- How do I look?
Is perfect.
But you don't looked at me!

Dr. bill is not even watching his wife, though, and believes that it looks perfect. This glamorous yuppies just don't want to see the surrounding as it is to really ignores that not him like, for example, on the inevitable shortcomings of other people. And for some people (for example, on workers unknown persons) he do not pay no attention. But even those people, which bill still have to pay attention to, somehow, see him in some specifically-sterile light. Wife — definitely a loyal in principle, not capable of treason, host Christmas reception, have fun with an expensive prostitute, — all the same man, a respectable and authoritative, patients — only patients who wish to not more than to receive medical care, and so on. However, the will of the author, the hero of the movie still have to have a look at some things in their true form.


And how it seemed to me, the doctor bill is not tested again seen a marked disgust. And something, such as street girl, by contrast, caused the visible interest. However, even viewing some things can hide in mortal danger.


Crying yuppies — a combination almost impossible, but this yuppie does not just crying, he crying — he is so shocked by what he saw that wants at least tears to conceal from yourself the reality. But tears — it's not glamorous, and not for American yuppies to mourn life (and his, and the more someone else). And maybe so, as a happy ending, the author found the hero of the new the shore — his own wife, who is now (and forever?) will determine what will see Dr. bill. And to start (and maybe for the end), she asked him to look inside of her skirt...

Also, I would like to mention acting of this film. On my opinion, the performers of the main roles played not just well, they just played themselves. And in addition to spouses Harford played natural the spouses Cruz and Kidman, very natural, in my opinion, turned and the character Sydney Pollack — elite Victor Zeigler, who strongly advised the main character to close his eyes on some things...

PS Also has been widely closed eyes the girls Mandy, which they still opened and saw Dr. bill, and then to the doctor has closed your eyes, it has closed its...

Of 9 10

Isabelle Blinni
25 August 2015 | 02:20

The last film of Stanley Kubrick, as always in its genre: a study of psychological problems of the individual, digging in relationships trying to find all sorts of flaws.

The film frankly exposes the personal life of the spouses, bill (Tom cruise) and Alice Harford (Nicole Kidman), who argue for an empty place, coming up with ridiculous arguments and defend their case, despite the number of years they lived together. Makes you wonder about how often you behave well with his half, and how silly is it looks side. Women are always all dump men, they, in turn, amazed at the ordinariness of the weaker sex. Sounding phrase: "And you remember it was before..." cut the ear, you begin to understand that, at times, for holding on to the past more than the present. But when you act out the secret desires of the characters, all turned upside down.

Blurred lines of the frame give a sense of haze, as if everything is — a strange half-dream, from which it is impossible to get out. He otological and soothes you under the effect of confusing the drug, and languid voice actors intoxicate the mind in the most Frank and personal scenes between the protagonists. Mystical landscapes, night, lights on the streets — all extremely atmospheric. Mystery, thanks to perfectly selected music — an important part of the films of Kubrick, — into your needles. The thirst for the transcendent, fierce desire to taste the forbidden fruit, disabling thoughts and the intensification of the senses — all this is guided by desperate spouses. The most ominous scene — in the house of debauchery with people masks. It seems that do not look the drama and the horror, tension builds up. Medieval brothels, orgies, rules — ways bill not to feel like a loser.

However, the film tightened. As mentioned above, the action flows slowly, smoothly, flowing from the frame frame. Dual attitude: like issues level, on the other hand, all the way too common. No nothing spectacular, the dynamics of the plot developments. There is a chain of "come, quarreled with my wife-gone-cheated on her-back." No, the film has its depth, but most likely it will love the true connoisseurs of Stanley Kubrick, so he is clearly not available to all mortals.

Let's get the dynamics of events. With the middle begin to feel the element of a detective. It interesting story line, but again laced. Just want to drop the talk about explicit scenes that the film is teeming with. At this each is clearly my opinion. The opportunity to lay down puzzle full vision of the film is only available after viewing. It is not film, which the first time we can say that you think about it. Usually easily share movies on black white here we have some gray mass, for bad good one.

The film made on me an impression, but it easy to say that he told me I can't. In General, the plot is not bad, but he really doesn't have enough acceleration 3 hours the movie — too long. In plus I record music and acting, although moments felt the stiffness and not the emancipation of Tom cruise. That's probably why almost the entire movie he spent a single expression. The funny thing is that music such, almost no — a few blows to the keys of a piano, but it emphasize mystical atmosphere, forcing us to expect the worst from upcoming events. About camera work nothing to say can: well known to all large plans, beloved Kubrick.

This film is certainly worth seeing at least in order to understand how to treat this kind of paintings. And my condition after viewing was similar to the name — I and left to sit "eyes wide shut".

5 from 10

Meara Clarhe
27 April 2016 | 11:31

Stanley Kubrick as a great Director, how much and controversial. On one side of the scale it great movies — a Clockwork orange, Paths of glory, Dr. Strangelove, and on the other outright toxins like Lights, Space Odyssey and eyes wide shut.

The first suspicions about that the movie sucks, I had to the beginning, when the showed the scene as the couple are preparing for a celebration demonstrate how Kidman, puts himself between your legs gasket. Simply, that's what for this stage? She stupid, senseless and disgusting. I know that the extravagant Kubrick the Director, but still, why was this stage?

And then I was just pissed and amused at the same time the essence of the conflict in this family. Just think, the wife of the protagonist to freak out due to the fact that her husband never wanted to, no who her to change, and to her, he wanted. It is generally tupizm? Spouse rage is not from what it correctly, but rather, what General wise guy got the idea in your head?

Well, the main problem is that the film is well sooo boring and stretched impossible. Hero Cruz is on street — sitting in restaurant — is party — there — then again goes - with someone says — goes, he goes. And all are so boring, tedious and bessmyslenno that I'm a result, the film was cut down sometime after the middle of not able to look further. The film is empty, uninteresting and no hidden meaning in it. Of course at the desire of the hidden meaning and a certain message from the Director can be found is anything but everything the actions of the characters seem meaningless and empty as myself film.

Sadly, such a great Director as Kubrick had finished his life on this crappy movie.

1 of 10

How much has Eyes Wide Shut made?
Commercial tv-show fees worldwide today are Cumulative Worldwide $162,238,658.
How much did it cost to make Eyes Wide Shut?
According to various sources, the cost of producing the tv-show was at least $65,000,000.
Who is the director of the movie Eyes Wide Shut?
This tv-show was directed by Stanley Kubrick.
What is the genre of Eyes Wide Shut?
The tv-show belongs to the genres of Thriller, Drama, Mystery, Best Erotic Movies.
Who starred in Eyes Wide Shut?
Many famous actors starred in this tv-show, here are the names of the most famous: Tom Cruise, Nicole Kidman, Madison Eginton, Jackie Sawiris, Sydney Pollack.
What is Eyes Wide Shut IMDB Ranking?
At the moment, the rating is 7.4.
When was Eyes Wide Shut released?
The start date for this tv-show on USA TV is 1999-07-16.