Extremely Wicked, Shockingly Evil and Vile

Single mother Liz (Lily Collins) thinks she's found the man of her dreams in Ted (Zac Efron). But their seemingly perfect life is turned upside down when Ted is arrested on suspected kidnapping charges, then linked to murders in multiple states. Adamant that he's being framed, the showman and former law student defends himself in America's first nationally televised trial while Liz struggles to come to terms with the truth. Adapted from the nonfiction memoir by Elizabeth Kendall (aka Liz Kloepfer) Extremely Wicked, Shockingly Evil and Vile recounts how she was manipulated for years by a seemingly adoring boyfriend, yet future death row inmate, Ted Bundy.

  • Joe Berlinger

Release Date: 2019-05-03
IMDb icon 6.6/10
  • Country: US
  • Language: English
  • Revenue: Cumulative Worldwide $10,219,049
Jeannie Cannon
19 May 2019 | 01:09

A serial killer probably always forced to languish in the images created by pop culture. Many people forget about the fundamental truth: the freaks, and the fear and horror that those bastards called, are not only cruelty, but and appearance of these criminals. In real life, these person posing as ordinary citizens-ordinary people, sometimes they even have families, friends and interests. One of the examples of this dualism is the Ted Bundy. He was first murderer, who became notorious in the age of mass media, however, so just became one of the most monstrous due to his nature of a chameleon. In as such maniacs as Charlie Manson, that in pop culture that in real life look ominous and threatening, and many also ordered a pass into the new season of "hunter of mind", Ted Bundy on first glance looks innocent and sympathetic. Beautiful and presentable young man was so charming that during the trial, many wonder about his innocence, though the evidence was obvious. What well, "the Beautiful, the bad and the ugly" — drama, filmed by the veteran documentarian Joe Berlinger, trying to understand this phenomenon, focusing more on the "normal" side of Bundy, omitting all his atrocities.

So, who is this Bundy? Attracting to myself, a daring handsome man uses his charisma to seduce Liz — a young single mother. Ted care for the naive that thinks that no man might be interested in her in her presence Bundy suits the real performances of the tenderness, kindness and warmth. They love each other, but Ted would soon be arrested. Begins a surreal circus of horrors, turn a further life, Liz into a nightmare.

The dramatic engine of "Beautiful" — attempt of Ted Bundy to convince the jury of the display, Liz and other involved in that he is innocent. Killer denies guilt so passionate abruptly, that had very familiar with history, can believe in a miscarriage of justice. All that leads to several unexpected plot twists, which, as oddly enough, also took place in reality: from a daring shoots up to hint cannibalism. Enjoyed it all, again, rather with the part of the observer: the point of view of the viewer coincides with a point of view Liz. With such an approach does not over the top monitor Bundy in this context, is able to intrigue all the same. there is something graceful in the mystery of his personality and solved in the script "Beautiful."

The problem is that this approach distracting and wasn't in the absence of violence (one act is Bundy really show, however, towards the end of the film). All, or at least, people are going to look at the picture, you know who the Ted Bundy what it was a crazy imagination, so his playing the innocent is just a ploy for the viewer. Yes, the creators were more interested in telling about Bundy as a person or Bundy-the deceiver than on Bundy killer. However, since ordinary side of his practically to open; even a well-known fact that girls were found sitting on the dock Bundy attractive served only as the remark about the appearance of the hero Zac Efron and its prototype.

Speaking of the Efron. The actor draws on myself "Beautiful". His choice for the role of a serial killer may seem counterintuitive, given the recent filmography Efron, but here the actor did a good career jump, giving role. Lily Collins also noted sensual performance, although her grief is not very touches. Noted and John Malkovich in the role of dry and witty judge.

Serious biopic, perhaps, came in the right time: in the era of fake news, such a cinematic statement is probably relevant. The however, the tone "Beautiful" at times really painful uneven: the decision to tell the story with the perspective of a longtime friend Bundy (not on the part of any detective or even his most, for example) is not always emphasizes the duality of the apparent ordinariness of a maniac, although the makings for this is the opening scenes. Actually, crimes and not shown, only the pictures and the stories that encourages the audience to not a very pleasant thought. And as soon as the story dives into side of the court procedural, the story Bundy-the man and forgotten how to put the judge of the same of the film, "everything turns into a farce". The however, knowing the real facts in the same "Wikipedia", it becomes clear that evil can disguise itself simply masterful and sweet talk hero Efron not can, especially at such a difficult background. What well, even without these details of "Beautiful" remains a metaphorical story about who to believe, but who does not and how ironically, who is the individual in case or other positioning its entity, although given all the above the shape of cool and a little blurry drama.

6.5 out of 10

Georgine Simmonds
22 July 2019 | 11:38

World cinema and a serial killer is literally created each for other. The most dangerous maniacs has always attracted filmmakers, which transferred the true story of criminals on the big screen. And this tape is by American Director Joe Berlinger, as time of them. He has already been told about one of the worst killers of the American continent in the documentary series. At this time he decided to show this story feature film. The painting met with mixed reviews from critics and viewers, in part because of the trivial author's approach.

Before us is the story of one of the worst nonstandard serial killers. Ted Bundy was very controversial figure, thanks to his natural charisma and charm he was easy of people on his side, was part of the trust not raise suspicions. However, the filmmakers do not rely on the bloody scenes, of which there are almost none. Instead, we show that the public outcry that occurred in the outcome of this case. In the main centre of attention the psychology of relationships Bundy and his girlfriend Liz. This story line is in the head of the narrative and is the main intrigue until the very end. Of course not be without unexpected twists. It is a mixture of biographical drama crime film and court — legal Thriller.

The authors thoroughly demonstrate the chronology of events. The thing that this process was first broadcast on television of course turned it in the show. And the image of the prison from stars stuck to the main person involved in the sensational case. In the ribbon has elements of a documentary style, giving the viewer the necessary information on the real state of Affairs. I want to recommend not read about real events and to watch a movie not knowing all the twists and turns of this case. The main psychological confrontation will happen in the final it is able to surprise the unsuspecting viewer.

The film features an interesting visual style, energetic editing and perfectly conveys the atmosphere of the 1970's. Well illustrates the situation of the time with its characteristic attributes. The picture looks easy so as no Gory details, and the basis of the delivered dialogues, through which reveals the main intrigue of the tape. Also shown and archival materials of the case.

For Zac Efron is definitely acting success, allowing to escape from a comical role. He is perfectly accustomed to your screen image and was able to convey the contradictory nature of his character. Lily Collins is also interesting in as a friend of the protagonist, whose doubt experiences are of key importance for the development of the plot. To secondary roles involved great actors, in features John Malkovich.

Beautiful evil is a very interesting project that tells the story of a terrible crime, but not by showing shocking, and creating a psychological portrait of how the protagonists, so and the whole of American society. This exciting and intriguing movie based on spooky real events and carries a definite moral. The painting is finish and food for thought, however, to recommend it to anyone not worth it. This project is designed for those who are interested in this genre and sensational crime stories.

7 out of 10

Hailee Jimmy
03 May 2019 | 08:52

Ted Bundy — one of the most famous serial killers. It victims were more than 30 women, whom he brutally killed, raped, and according to some claims even used in food. Here only if you look at a photo or video him, never will to believe this charming and handsome man could be evil in the flesh. The external data helped Bundy to lure his victims and to gain a group of fans who don't believe in his guilt is up to the latter.

A fascinating biography (processes, escapes, self-defense in court, public proposal of marriage at the time of the hearing) and the public interest such stories did Bundy iconic character: about him, sing songs, make films. In January Netflix out the most interesting documentary series Joe Berlinger "Conversations with a killer: records of Ted Bundy". A few months later, we see "Beautiful, the bad and the ugly" of the same Berlinger. In the reliability is shown doubt is not worth it. The Director managed to create a short (compared to the 4-serial documentary) artistic story about the highlights the trials of Bundy.

The role of a charming maniac went to Zach Efron, which initially seemed to many a candidate not only strange, but and ridiculous. Actor for many years tried to outgrow his youthful role in a musical melodrama, but could be only a sex symbol, which is still not taken seriously, but in each new film and strove to undress. Rare interesting works like "the Paperboy" was held by the public, and Efron seemed so not out of dominates him stereotypical images. And the new role was the fact that can finally open for the way to serious movie.

Don't exaggerate: "the Beautiful, the bad and the ugly" — not the pinnacle of cinema and not to Wade bones acting work, but it's an interesting movie, telling a compelling story. Efron (thanks to a certain resemblance to Bundy) seems the best candidate for this role and his years of experience playing heroes of the lovers makes us doubt the guilt of the character, like do friends, girl, public, as it couldn't believe the witnesses of crimes and his surviving victim. It maniac — not crazy madman, not a frightening one glance Hannibal Lecter in the performance of Hopkins. In no mystery, mystery and engraved to the face of sin. It an ordinary man, but because it the crime even more shocking and amazing. Not in vain the only murder that we see happening in the last minute of the film. About you hear the retelling of the charges and journalists.

The film will be especially interesting for those who not familiar with the history of Bundy and along the way will surprise cast: John Malkovich, Lily Collins, Jim Parsons and even the singer of "Metallica". Not think that the creators are trying to convince the audience of the innocence of the offender. Every adequate person understands that doubt not be here may. But the story of Bundy at once makes us think about the nature of evil. About that sometimes monsters are hiding under the mask of attractive people and can be dangerously close us.

7 of 10

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Commercial tv-show fees worldwide today are Cumulative Worldwide $10,219,049.
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This tv-show was directed by Joe Berlinger.
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The tv-show belongs to the genres of Thriller, Best Thriller Movies 2019.
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Many famous actors starred in this tv-show, here are the names of the most famous: Lily Collins, Zac Efron, Angela Sarafyan, Sydney Vollmer, Macie Carmosino.
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At the moment, the rating is 6.6.
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The start date for this tv-show on USA TV is 2019-05-03.