Peter sees the same nightmare, in which humanity is attacked by unknown aliens with superior forces and technology. When these visions begin to interfere with daily life, Peter gives in to the entreaties of his wife and the chief, and visited the clinic's sleep. And then it turns out that such visions come not to him alone. One day comes the dreadful day when the dream comes true and to Earth the aliens arrive, bringing death, destruction and horror.

  • Ben Young

Release Date: 2018-07-27
IMDb icon 5.8/10
  • Country: US
  • Language: English
  • Runtime: 1h:35m
Eileen Alleris
03 August 2018 | 04:43

Hard to say about the feature films Netflix. With one hand this online service did some revolution in the TV field, adding huge competition in quality, budget, but most importantly — freshness. Almost all his designs are made with a very interesting angle, and courage streaming Internet cinema practically does not know borders. However... the TV Series actually, often as not sinless. In General, it is difficult to find a perfect series, especially when the seasons more than two. But if you inquire for a full-length movie on Netflix database, it becomes even more sadder. Yes, the budget forces you to make some clumsy CGI that generally are not necessarily a bad thing, remember how much it is the CGI was worth years ten ago, and it nor the strong possessed. Now as something a time when CGI saves the writers and producer of low budget — watch carton of destruction, even professionally filmed, to put it mildly not very nice. No, but the problem occurs again in the budget, but from a different angle. Service is hardly attention to critics at large, this the Bane of any TV projects — criticism is useless. Subscription has paid (or the cable is already been paid, or advertising is inserted, does not the essence), and that means even failure to be paid. Therefore, it appears to save not just as a CGI, but quality writing, as actors, on quality equipment, on as a Director and other stuff. By a low-budget turns out at all. And generally, only one project Netflix from a great movie. it turned out a little better. Of course, it is about fantasy Brightness (Birght), certainly not without the help of famous stars. The rest remain inflated shorts. But why?

The film itself is an ode to itself, one twist, or as a moral perception changes from sufficient information. For film to the authors, perhaps the preferences of the audience should be changed 3 times. The first, we see a simple, plain guy. We don't really know why we he needs to empathize. But funny attempts father some feature are still in a way to cause certain feelings to him. A pretty young wife in the principle is a pretty face, but the at least, some extremely negative feelings for her too, especially not occur. With children interesting, because they we almost show, but talking about the classic smothered with caresses a little child with its a very important toy and teenager in puberty. But in General, the characters fairly flat and this is a significant drawback, especially when you see some... Illogical behavior? Hard to say, so as the surroundings is not clear-how-distant future clouding his mind. And back to the twist, a moral issue that the authors wanted to show, or not want to, but showed really category and class inequality. In our world, the world LGBTQ person at work, black presidents, women presidents and other social equity, when seriously talking about the reverse discrimination in principle, the world moves rather in the direction of global acquisitions and and processing cultural experience than in the direction of rejection. In such a world scenario unfolding in the film seems stretched and implausible. Though, probably trite not enough details. Despite the abundance of flashbacks designed to explain what is happening, the film is inferior in exploring the War of the Worlds (War of the Words) or Pacific rim (Pacific Rim). I mean that the latter, for example, facing a huge problem with physics some problems with logic, fact is not less than a vast world with a good story. Here it is not. And this is another stone in the garden of the film.

The entourage finishes. Not matter just not bad effects in the course of the film (I'm sure most viewers don't understand where the effect, where static and where real shooting), it still feels wild cardboard world. And this plays on my mind. From interior postmodernism, to horrible physics electronics (any person with a technical background eyes on the forehead climb). And could be bad, but the writers not corny were taken, not able to open Wikipedia. It and virtually hand-made props for video from youtube. And terrible story line that even is nonlinear, but the residue still remains. And unfortunately, the flat action. And the efforts are visible, but here the Director doesn't taken to deliver normally. Pro flat game to start a conversation not really want to, because by and large it is even explains the plot, but the it adds the cardboard happening.

And therefore the picture should collapse. Because of discomycetes. Because of the physics, sociology, cardboard, plane and very noticeable in the field of CGI. But why it has not collapsed. But sometimes even heart sank. It is seen that the picture is trying to be like best pieces are here and seat the corners of the spirit of the war of the Worlds, here and the plot twist in the spirit of Sixth Sense (The Sixth Sens). Ah... If not these suits,

That is why think I look extremely bloated short film. And lucky she is quite fit to stand the face to the twist, which really here-and you three, one steeper another. When you look bored and in the head knocking the piano. And it gets interesting. When I start to get bored again — pounding piano, which really gives more questions. And after some, not very long time, throw the final chewing events, but not those who do not understand. Guess it will be very hard for this film. It is not a mystery, it is a movie one twist. Why one? Because the first two nothing changed. Even more, whether they two (plot) this the film would have sunk to the war. But turning the situation inside out, the creators put quite a deep problem about which think, especially in our age. And I would said that about one is not think, on the contrary. The theme would drop very much, but that is the merit of the ideology of the film, extremely hackneyed themes he didn't just try and not even just could not, and succeeded. Because associative also works inside out, and waiting for one, get a few more. Because of this, the film is not associated with others. And there is a certain duplicity, of course. But from the song words can not erase, but seems off not sent.

What can I say? Whether the helm of some of J. J. Abrams (Lost, Star Wars), in the main role of the conditional will Smith (Legend, Brightness) with a girlfriend Ellen page (the Beginning). Whether the scenario of the pen... Yes, even Charlie Kaufman (Eternal sunshine of the spotless mind, being John Malkovich), then we could get something with something. Stretched on two hours and a half, holding in voltage start to end the advanced edition with a scene after the credits.

But we have what we have. A sort of gum for the mind. What it's not bad.

Germain Coppinger
19 April 2019 | 06:35

What if your dreams are real? They could portend something good or, conversely, to face terrible events. They make a night jump hero Michael peña in the film "decline of civilization".

Peter — protagonist — once per time dreams of the attack of alien invaders who destroy the city and shoot people. Wife Alice (Lizzy Caplan) urges her husband to go to the doctor, but soon, a dream is becoming a reality. Now Peter must save wife and two daughters.

Netflix bought this unfinished project from Universal Pictures and has released a budget movie with unexpected plot twists. Therefore, you will not see shocking special effects, exciting battles with hordes of aliens. All done very austere by the standards of modern blockbusters.

The action takes place in the modest decorations of premises and underground structures. The characters in the fear rushing in the shade of the ruined rooms. In them look strange "flying balls" and the invaders are bursting in mysterious suits. A distinctive feature of recent — mirror mask in the movie "Vidocq" and a weapon which is bound to a media. But these guests as not to scare the heroine Lizzy Caplan — after "Cloverfield," she nothing scary. And Michael generally opens in his skills of special forces.

I waited for a breakthrough action. I was interested to learn that behind this nondescript cover. And content places was pleasantly surprised. The writers wanted to convey the important thought of humanity, the desire to become gods on this planet and little of family. The idea is decent, but looks understated and obywatel. And on the logic of action heroes (alien too) I want to ask a number of uncomfortable questions.

In short, the picture is mixed. She gives the impression of the start of the series. We only outlined the origins of the conflict and his implacable hand. At this film may well brighten up your evening if you fan of post-apocalyptic genre.

6 from 10

Marie-Ann Detta
29 July 2018 | 10:52

Plot twist plot twist alike. In one case, the plot twist needed to surprise the viewer, to add a few points in the Treasury award just watched the movie, to give that extra push experiences. In another case, the twists serve the larger goal, allow you to have a look at the material in new ways, turning the story from feet on its head (or Vice versa). What well, the "decline of civilization", the new project from Netflix, contains in itself the worst kind of plot twist: twist for twist. I deliberately not going to lead because of the policy of spoilers, but say that is, first, the only thing that gives the "Sunset" of any individuality, and, secondly, it is totally uncomfortable and awkward plot device, why you want puzzled shrug.

So, Peter works for a factory and suffers from vivid nightmares. In the dreams unfriendly skies looming and strange ships destroy the entire family of Peter. What well, man tries to warn others about the impending end of the world, but he none believe, black chief in the face of Luke cage offers to appeal to the hospital, soon comes the alien invasion.

The story follows the actions of Peter, his wife Alice and their children as they by a strange coincidence, was in the midst of the invasion. For large script is subject to some common structure, comprising in itself the attempts of the heroes to escape, does not become pieces of meat and etc. The Director Ben young no any clear vision of what was supposed to be painting, so that everything is just chaotic running around. The action constantly jumps and stalls in passages emotionless characters. Even the alien threat in the face of a humanoid, well, not the most original: the monsters are here like some of the workers with a way the minds, whose tweeting is not exactly making them universal danger number one.

Equally hard to get attached and to Peter with Alice. Have characters do not any real depth and objectives; is normal people, which spread the threat. The question why are they? Sometimes to look at the cataclysm through the lens of an ordinary person even curious, but not exactly here. In this case, it is actually devalues the film! So weak characters effect on acting: Michael peña and Lizzy Caplan felt lost reading memorized lines of a script. At stake is life, and heroes certainly not behave like a family. On comes to mind comparison with the recent "Quiet place" where the quality of the acting was much higher.

The less, even without a compelling characters and the alleged plot to  the"end of civilization" would be any grain, especially considering the main plot twist. The thing that the twist gives the film a highlight, the opportunity to appreciate the fragile morality and the complexity of the situation. However, the scenario in sufficiently explores the opportunities offered to him a basic plot detail. According to everything "ears" from early version of the painting, before processing script by Eric Heisserer. Very strange that people in the record which rebut "Something", "there goes the light..." and"Arrival", chose so... one-sided variant interpretations of events.

In fact as script fundamentally flawed and not afraid of the word, stupid, the play is also lame. The young Director, in whose filmography has registered only the operating picture of the "Hounds of love" my opinion, suitable for the role of powerful Director of the sci-Fi Thriller. Not only that, not good and rudimentary CGI effects, reflectoscope due to the low budget hurt the eyes. Netflix's recently experienced a failure of failure the fantasy genre ("Tau", "the Paradox of Cloverfield", "How it ends with"), but such a shame them in the first and hopefully the last time.

3 of the 10

How long is Extinction?
2h 15m
Who is the director of the movie Extinction?
This tv-show was directed by Ben Young.
What is the genre of Extinction?
The tv-show belongs to the genres of Sci-Fi, Thriller.
Who starred in Extinction?
Many famous actors starred in this tv-show, here are the names of the most famous: Michael Peña, Lizzy Caplan, Amelia Crouch, Erica Tremblay, Lex Shrapnel.
What is Extinction IMDB Ranking?
At the moment, the rating is 5.8.
When was Extinction released?
The start date for this tv-show on USA TV is 2018-07-27.