Exit Wounds

The name of the detective Orin Boyd of Detroit should be called out. Instead, after he spent days and nights hunting for hired political murderers, he was transferred to the traffic police. Someone wants to remove Boyd from the road, but he should heed the advice: "call in reinforcements"!

  • Andrzej Bartkowiak

Release Date: 2001-03-16
IMDb icon 5.6/10
  • Country: CA, US
  • Language: English
  • Budget: $50,000,000
  • Revenue: Cumulative Worldwide $79,958,599
Traci Sara
14 February 2010 | 01:26

It's on the moment for a really good Thriller Steven Seagal, who is immediately after 2001 left my second-rate bewickii various categories, but is clearly below the one that have "exit wounds.". In the career of the actor was initially tough guy COP roles, then the CIA, and in the end, even the doctor. Personally not like movies Seagal is up to 2001, including those in them. Director Bartkowiak, Ko everything else, have managed to create a good Thriller, like it was with "Romeo must die", and next came a series of failures. Therefore, "Through wounds" still lucky, even if the hero Seagal not here like before.

Orin Boyd always fair detective of the Detroit, completely got their heads and was so reorganized in an ordinary patrol. This fun — Steven Seagal regulating traffic on the crossroads (!), I previously, this and provide be couldn't. However, despite the solid corruption and bases his colleagues, Boyd stubbornly trying to figure out who there a bad COP sells huge quantities of drugs. It the investigation leads to a steep gangster in the performance of DMX, with which all not just as it seems. Well, since the second half of the movie begins almost continuous action, which, however, in the very first scene was not bad. The dignity of the film, in addition to the participation in this Seagal, DMX, Tom Arnold, Michael J. white and bill Duke, in a constant drive and interesting soundtrack.

The script, of course, anything surprising is not capable least fans of Seagal really just — it almost all these films at the same pattern. Boyd comes in his investigation from one "informant" to different, wasting time to talk work exclusively with his fists. However, it should be noted that in "exit wounds" pushed realism, in relations with the character Seagal always gets the head (!!!). Such a thing for him unusual, and is perhaps the only movie where shooting kind of fights a lot more than the crunch of bones and famous creases. However, than all of the subsequent works of Seagal, no matter what is there any was cool staging fights, "exit wounds" — a good detective Thriller that is very lucky to have a Director and a good cast.

In my opinion — the last really good action movie with Seagal, with an unusual for him role.

Ottilie Supat
03 August 2014 | 06:35

"I have no problems with anger. View on my face. It is the face of a happy man." (C)

"Exit Wounds" — last big-budget film in the career of action star Steven Seagal genre. He was worth more than 50 million dollars, but despite high quality by far not the last actors still with failed to hire. Even the international fees are not able to cover production costs on its creation. And it was the last straw in the patience of the big bosses of the film industry, to some time still give podrasteryal the popularity of Steven Seagal is a chance to get back in the"big League". After 2001, the road is in Hollywood movie master of Aikido was closed once and forever. On "exit Wounds" pinned great hopes. The producers believe Seagal and invested the project, as one in turn wanted following the successful box office of your own action movie (filmed in fashionable, youth "advanced" style) to proceed with the implementation of the dream project - a costly and large-scale Saga about Genghis Khan. That Steven Seagal was going to not only put as the Director (remember, experience in this field of cinema-creativity he already in 1994 he took an "ecological" action "In Mortal Danger"), but and play it is the title role -embodying on the screen the image of a historical commander nomad. For this important role Seagal has even gained weight (which later, it unfortunately it and threw), but his ambitious dreams not come true...

In this film, a lot of fights, there's a chase and shootout. A detective line and since a movie about cops, you are not without the topic of teammates. There is humor and unexpected plot twists. There are memorable characters. Movie looks interesting and never "slack." Therefore, it is difficult to say what it the liked the film. It's possible that the masses then gave preference to more powerful blockbusters like the first "Lord of the Rings" and"planet of the Apes" by Tim Burton. After all, when all "tricked out", "exit Wounds" is a typical Thriller of the ' 90s. Only at this time a little more adjusted and balanced, yeah "downstairs" computer graphics. The story in the movie filmed at the scenario of ed Horowitz and John Westerman is twisted with the moment in the most "difficult" police station Detroit translate the "difficult" COP town and then entering through their "arts" on the front page of local Newspapers. The boss is asleep and sees better get rid of the Orina of Bojt, and he have already been spit on bureaucrats in big offices and just trying to do their job of of conscience. In the last time to he saved in the time of the assassination of the Prime Minister. But instead of gratitude, the authorities exiled him in a terrible hole. Where besides hero accept  the mole (because there are only "dirty" cops). He would settle down, but no. Is an armed RAID on the warehouse of the police, at which time the unknown hit-and-run the scene of the crime kidnapped 50 kg of heroin. Orin Boyd suspects in the RAID someone from his colleagues, and with a newly minted partner (Isaiah Washington) starts an unauthorized investigation. Than naturally confuses all card cyber criminals. Now against the hero as criminal elements and corrupt police. Look at the development of the plot interesting. So as we parallel history of the Boyd show some of the Walker (screen debut of rapper DМХ, songs which are often heard in the picture as the soundtrack)-a black millionaire so same is involved in the dirty work, but clearly not bad guy. To follow how he's trying to make and the cops and thugs so interesting. The more a funny assistant -fat man Tee Key (Anthony Anderson). Have Boyd so there is "comical," a friend is a neurotic host of a talk show, Owen (Tom Arnold -partner of Swarzenegger in "True Lies"), with which the hero met at a compulsory psychologist sessions (to which it sent the new boss (Jill Hennessy), from his "tendency to violence"). Especially funny is getting in the end of the picture when these two "comic relief" are. Their talk to record a TV show goes to the credits, I think many will want to see it. So how talking two geezer is very funny, discussing everything from gunshot wounds and weed to sexual perversions. Among the other performers in the film lit is not need view Beat Duke, Bruce McGill and Eva Mendes (in the role of girlfriend of Walker's). What Yes, the Steven Seagal, then but still waving his arms and legs himself, without understudy, although pretty pogresna. And operator the time trying this hide chooses the angles that would face exploding main star was not as noticeable. Filmed a frequent operator of this photography-Glen MacPherson. Filmed in high-spirited manner, with a stylish "sleek" picture and clear views at the time of action (often using slow-mo in the spirit of John Woo that only went cool moments in favor).

What to the author of the picture, then it is an experienced operator who decided to move in the Director's chair — Andrzej Bartkowiak. As the operator he has directed such hits as "I've had Enough!" "Devil's advocate" and the first "Speed" (by a curious coincidence - the directorial debut of another operator -Jan De Bonta). And as the Director of it had been known action of Jet Li "Romeo Must Die". After you will remove the "From the Cradle up To the Grave" (again with DМХ-ω) and long-suffering "Dum" (which killed him mainstreaming career). In this film, the pole has shown the ability to put quality fighters and have shown themselves confident professional. As in terms of the formulation of the action in terms of actors.

"Exit Wounds" -the last great action movie of Steven Seagal. After his camp appeared only cheap DIY going bypassing the cinemas directly on TV and video. Thank you to all the fans of the actor and fans of quality fighters to pay attention to this picture. My:

9 10

Freddie Lossa
19 December 2004 | 09:14

Very good action movie with Seagal. Action shot on high enough, in principle, fairly standard for him, the film is quite literally Packed with spectacular car chases and fights.

The actors play very good Thriller, although DMX quite SOR for the rest, Volume Arnold is traditionally good, bill Duke (sister of Schwarzenegger at the movies "Commando" and"Predator") is also quite good in the role of the police, he, in General, is not used to such characters.

Seagal himself actually plays as always; cool guy that anyone will split your head open for five seconds. In overall rating somewhere in a four with a big minus.

How much has Exit Wounds made?
Commercial tv-show fees worldwide today are Cumulative Worldwide $79,958,599.
How much did it cost to make Exit Wounds?
According to various sources, the cost of producing the tv-show was at least $50,000,000.
Who is the director of the movie Exit Wounds?
This tv-show was directed by Andrzej Bartkowiak.
What is the genre of Exit Wounds?
The tv-show belongs to the genres of Action, Crime, Thriller.
Who starred in Exit Wounds?
Many famous actors starred in this tv-show, here are the names of the most famous: Steven Seagal, DMX, Isaiah Washington, Anthony Anderson, Michael Jai White.
What is Exit Wounds IMDB Ranking?
At the moment, the rating is 5.6.
When was Exit Wounds released?
The start date for this tv-show on USA TV is 2001-03-16.