Escape from New York

1997. The entire island of Manhattan is one big prison. Many years comes the Third world war. The President captured by a band of revolutionaries and sent to prison. Veteran Plissken must rescue the President from this area, limitless cruelty, and the time he has very little. If he doesn't save the President in time, then he will die. He introduced the lethal drug and the antidote he'll get back.

  • John Carpenter

Release Date: 1981-07-10
IMDb icon 7.2/10
  • Country: US
  • Language: English
  • Budget: $6,000,000
  • Revenue: Cumulative Worldwide $25,244,626
Winni Eileen
14 July 2010 | 02:55

John carpenter met the beginning of the eighties on the rise. Genre cinema has blossomed riotous color, the viewer demanded adventure and comrade Plotnikov was one of those who could give to hungry real spectacle. Having their shoulders are some interesting and successful projects, and the franchise, "Halloween", carpenter was ready to make a breakthrough in the field of sci-Fi Thriller. And made.

Six million dollars of the budget, the script, written several years ago, is tense plus hard work led to the creation of cornerstone in the genre of post-apocalyptic fiction — "break new York"

For a start, carpenter has astonished audiences with a completely new concept of the Apocalypse. In his view, the Third or the Fourth World War was a global conflict that turned the entire planet populated by punks in the wilderness, with a few splashes of government bunkers. The idea of limited nuclear war took possession of the minds of military theorists of the West, therefore, in the world carpenter after the exchange of the first blows tactical nuclear weapons, USSR, China, and USA enthusiastically harnessed in a long war on attrition along the way is not oblivious talks. Full PE it was relatively local, bestowing his visit to the extensive site, which is preserved in more or less one piece. The main weapon of war, a new type of steel of various special forces in one which formerly served as the main character — snake, call me Snake, Plissken, performed by Kurt Russell on all the money.

Here the carpenter for the second time sent the audience into the knockout, demonstrating to the world exceptionally colorful type. Snake is actually not a hero. He actually, scoundrel and villain, signed in circumstances against his will to commit a heroic act. It is not a lone wolf, but rather, tempered life of a rat, if not steel, then just concrete. His main life principle is to save his own ass with any conditions, for what snake will go absolutely on everything. He will use anyone as anywhere anytime any their needs, demonstrating an amazing object lesson in social Darwinism. In the past experienced soldier, distinguished at the Leningrad and Siberia, snake does not Superman. He can't one dvadtsatimetrovy a place to dump a hundred other enemies, but can easily drop the necessary equipment, it is quite possible to hurt and make it three times — four strong men to subdue him. But here will finally get rid of the snake Plissken absolutely impossible, he will come out alive and healthy where polyagut Fantastic Four and believe in complete.

Obviously, such a great man needs a great entourage, and then the carpenter succeeded in the third time to jump over your head, presenting the main part of the main American cities in a stunningly futuristic look. On the notorious Manhattan Full PE roam in all his athletic prowess in the result in the former financial center of the world spiteful hordes of cannibals, the border areas are marked by the Palisades of the heads, oil is produced from under the asphalt, and the city mayor inspects departmental area at decorated with chandeliers Cadillac. And all the magnificence used by the U.S. government for guaranteed of disposing of human waste. But and the old lady is porushka, in which the head of the government is utilized among the garbage runs the risk of be disposed of. The head must urgently and without fail to save for what the maximum-security prison regime the Island of Manhattan is thrown snake. Not to suddenly became a patriot, but implanted in the artery of the capsule with plastidom ensure that the snake will give you hundred ten percent.

Should say that when such wonderful input, I carpenter turned the masterpiece fallout fiction for all times? No. It so it is obvious. Escape to a couple Mad max have the third decade high altitude proudly carries the banner of the Apocalypse. In this movie stunning realism combined with absolutely wild and fantastic fiction, and in well-designed action scenes involved extremely colorful characters. Excellent in every frame of "Escape of new York" is a brilliant example of what we call a Movie. With a capital K.

10 of 10

Kathrine Behl
26 September 2012 | 01:07

1997. Manhattan surrounded by a tall wall and developed in jail which put the most dangerous criminals. Moreover, in the very specific. In particular, inside Manhattan no no prison guards, however, out of this prison is impossible. The offender is placed in Manhattan, stays there forever one day, disaster struck. The plane of the President of the United States falls Manhattan. It is known that he is still alive, but it took captured refuse to extradite prisoners. Then the US government sends an experienced war veteran Snake Plissken in Manhattan for the salvation of the President. Time a few — he was given only 24 hours. If he will not have time to save the President for this time, die, T. he has introduced the lethal drug and the antidote he can only get at the condition of the return of Manhattan from saved by President...

This film is difficult to watch without smiling face because he hopelessly out of date. The it doesn't mean "Escape of new York" is an uninteresting film. On the contrary, on my view, John carpenter managed to create a wonderful and fun atmosphere of the future with those times. First of all, it for the life of the prisoners in prison Manhattan. Despite what they have many skyscrapers, many people live in the dungeons. Have them has its own theatre, tournaments, fighting survival. They are the original hairstyles and ride vehicles attached to the hood chandeliers. I think only in order to feel this atmosphere, "Escape of new York" worth watching.

Special mention deserves the acting. I want to emphasise three. Kurt Russell perfectly entered in the Snake Plissken. Donald Plesen was also good way cowardly President of the United States. Isaac Hayes in the role of the Duke surprised me. The first time we see this actor only after an hour after the beginning of the film, although many the heroes of the film about it is spoken, and speak of him with great respect. Of course! The Prince — this is sort of the leader of the prisoners of Manhattan, the local authority. And when I first saw Isaac Hayes on screen, were somewhat surprised that it is... African American. Not expect that people with this skin color will be the leader for"white" people (although, if to draw analogies with modern America and Barack Obama, the to say that John carpenter in 1981 year was able to predict the future). Perfectly complements the image of the original jacket and earring ear. Of the other characters worth mentioning taxi driver, and also punk, which was a kind of "right hand" of the Duke.

Music "get new York" is great. Over to the way, worked as much as in the film is directed by John carpenter. I think this group of composers tried to write music in an original style, unusual for the early 80's. I Think they did it. Also particularly noteworthy is scenery of Manhattan, thanks to which the audience was able to feel the dark world of the future. Looked natural and amazing!

The final picture is beautiful.

9 of the 10

Vere Root
27 December 2013 | 05:27

So was that I watched this movie in young and led to 18 green reviews and a rating of 7. I nothing are against the movie 70-90 years, I also on it grew and among them a strong showing a lot of movies, which even now look and revised udovolstviem much more than modern movies, but this film is not just one of them.

That it may be like? The idea is good, but the implementation is very weak. Dialogues for with the exception of a pair of phrases is completely normal and unremarkable. Weapon plastic and will strelau from him in anywhere. Cardboard skyscrapers on which sits a cardboard plane. Machine cut mine exactly in half — are you serious? And how do you want to enjoy the atmosphere at such imperfections? Where it is not look solid props. Directly in the new York is only one stage removed. About the acting and a fight I even say it is not will.

Yes, it still has Kurt Russell with a patch eye that what? It's easier to buy it somewhere plastic action figure, put on shelf to enjoy, than to watch this movie before the end. But if you have any desire to get nostalgic, so better 100500-th time to review the Predator, Alien, Teriminator, Robocop, Running man, Running down the blade, right same Something of the same program with the same Kurt Russell — there a true classic and the atmosphere.

How much has Escape from New York made?
Commercial tv-show fees worldwide today are Cumulative Worldwide $25,244,626.
How much did it cost to make Escape from New York?
According to various sources, the cost of producing the tv-show was at least $6,000,000.
Who is the director of the movie Escape from New York?
This tv-show was directed by John Carpenter.
What is the genre of Escape from New York?
The tv-show belongs to the genres of Action, Sci-Fi, Adventure.
Who starred in Escape from New York?
Many famous actors starred in this tv-show, here are the names of the most famous: Kurt Russell, Lee Van Cleef, Ernest Borgnine, Donald Pleasence, Isaac Hayes.
What is Escape from New York IMDB Ranking?
At the moment, the rating is 7.2.
When was Escape from New York released?
The start date for this tv-show on USA TV is 1981-07-10.