Enemy of the State

Every moment of his life man is in sight, even when he was sure that no one sees him. In the hands of a prosperous lawyer Robert Dean's got a terrible piece of evidence exposing high-ranking official. But the secret service knows about it before Robert and immediately took action. In the course went the latest technology in the modern world do not need to be a magician, to change human fate, — simply to come to the computer. Within days of the Dean law-abiding citizen turned into a dangerous criminal, who was declared a real hunt. When the lawyer will find allies and give them the secret evidence, will fly a head... if he won't lose his...

  • Tony Scott

Release Date: 1998-11-20
IMDb icon 7.3/10
  • Country: US
  • Language: English
  • Budget: $90,000,000
  • Revenue: Cumulative Worldwide $250,849,789
Fifine Faye
11 August 2014 | 09:24

Movie high quality. Interesting, it touches on topical issues, with good actors, well-constructed plot. Heroes, thank God, are well written and behave accordingly. Only surprise from nowhere have a regular, though highly professional, lawyer skills of a superspy, well, Oh well, the main character is allowed.

Much more interested in raised in the film, the problem of the global total control. When telephone conversations are listened, everywhere, even at home, there are cameras to the cash accounts and personal information can easily be accessed by intelligence agents. For five minutes you can learn all about man use this against him knowing it, to destroy life in direct and figurative sense. Here and the main character was faced with a similar problem. From an involuntary witness, was not in place not while (as facut it turns out that the who, how not him could save the state's population), it becomes first a fugitive from the state system, and then the worst enemy.

Can not to please focus on the value of family ties. Wife children the main character is what he is this and who can apply in a difficult moment.

Surprised by the behavior of employees of national security, blindly trusting his superiors and deliberately creating mayhem. What they would not told about security of the state, but still, they were tied to the with the beginning knew subject to the threat of the petty tyrant, ready to take the control of all and everything, ready to go on one murder and tens. As a rule, those who thinks himself unattainable for the laws of the majority, is buried under the laws.

It's funny to see at this is undeniably a modern film (though 1998) the old bulky tube cell size with the palm. In addition I would note the good work of the operator, beautiful shot, excellent installation, appropriate inserted jokes. Will Smith, Regina king, gene Hackman and Jon Voight was on top. Like the game Italian mafia leader. Explosions and tricks film 1998, also performed at all five. Here we return to statement early reviews: "an enemy of the state" — interesting high-quality Thriller.

Laetitia Gabbey
09 September 2009 | 05:55

The film — one of the best in the filmography of the Director. Many have positioned it and not as the best. Unable to argue with this, but film — really strong.

Scott continues the adaptation of political Thriller and makes it is masterful. Pushing the at this field even Phillip Noyce, the most successful ekranizator agit-thrillers by Tom Clancy.

And the story and many of this movie borrowed from many other Directors. A recent example — a little more high-tech version "On the hook".

Now even surprised that glavgeroya plays Denzel Washington. But this is the only "neponyatka". To young and the talented rookie tandem charge hardened the wolf in action movie: Jon Voight and gene Hackman. Voight was back in favor of the filmmakers after the success of "Mission: impossible" and Hackman again became popular after "the Firm" and"Unforgiven". Old actors will show an excellent master class of the game.

Powerful intrigue, mad dynamics and hero bind the system — just fertile soil. In this time Scott made any misfires. The film looks great with first to the last frame, and the adrenaline subsides only to the final credits. High charges tape only confirms the level of quality.

8 from 10

Therese Jacey
02 February 2016 | 02:57

Yesterday Robert Clayton Dean was a successful lawyer with an excellent reputation, and today it — questionable identity, for which is a long trail of crimes and misdeeds, and blame — random incriminating evidence, evidence that is able to "grab the gills" ambitious, high-ranking official with the far-reaching, but not neat plans. And now for Dean starts after a whole flock of lackeys of the National Security Agency, with feet to head bedecked with automatic weapons and modern advanced technology for surveillance, search, control and tapping. And care for that the persecuted innocent. In this mad race, an ordinary lawyer is not to win just not survive as long as the hand he will not last one who knows the ins and outs of intelligence is not first hand...

Joseph Vissarionovich Stalin, the great leader, the teacher of the Communist party and the Soviet people owns the word, who later became the winged "No man — no problem". And let it will become clear later, the authorship of these words will be doubted, this fact does not me, an ordinary person just a cog fragile, weak-willed element in common state system and any second can easily die under millstones unyielding government machine, it is only the first get in that way. Strong Director-artisan, the author of a number of iconic belts and a true luminary of the entertainment genre, Tony Scott, unexpectedly left this world in August 2012, in the end of 90-s he made cute, even now, technically impeccable, driving and virtually the first seconds categorically imbue our eyes and mind a political Thriller — "enemy of the state". In addition — this is not the last work of Scott Jr., taken at the patterns of the "old school", after which the British Director will go to experiment with video and installation, dazzling color the acid delights of the operator's chaotic rhythm and ragged stylistic layout of the footage. And we bottom line get a powerful action film with ekologicheskoi plot and a strong plot basis, where the dynamics of events that are similar to gradually decompress the spring, growing with every second. the leading idea of the work: the government's fight against terrorism is everywhere to use technology to gather intelligence, surveillance potentially dangerous subjects and subsequent prevention of crimes, terrorist attacks and other acts that threaten the lives of civilians. It would seem that all of the above is directed exclusively to our good. But where is the guarantee that particular, are endowed with virtually unlimited power, personality is not will send these capabilities, knowledge and resources against any innocent (but disliked that) person? Too great a temptation to use the axe when the eyes of Themis and the eyes of the law aimed in a different direction. Impunity generates permissiveness.

The Central role given to the long-eared grizzly Adams and just Alaska with a capital letter will Smith and not to it can't handle, but not failed and truly the top of their acting capabilities, he will show only three years later Michael Mann, in the biographical drama about Mohammed Ali. Here is he Bunny from advertising batteries "Energizer", jumps of the angle angle the entire movie, showing a good "dyhalku" and trim figure. And more is not necessary. Here's where it looks much more interesting character Gene Hackman — character is an element (albeit ex) of the aforementioned system, struggling with the public enemies, external and internal, but his words and position reflect the nature of the work inside the security services — everyone who devoted his life to, such craft must be initially prepared for the fact that the role of personality in the context of such a process — negligible. The political situation is volatile and easily who was the enemy of today can be a friend, and he is a dedicated performer simply be forgotten on the front line. With the point of view of humanity and of humanism — sounds depressing and bleak, with the point of view of practicality and international adaptation — quite acceptable. The lesson here is simply not valid on personal motives is to forget. Hero interesting and talented veteran of the acting profession gene Hackman played its part. Well, Jon Voight as always organic in the image of the bad guy. But as you know, the retinue plays the king and here is displayed complete the as role in the image of the unscrupulous mercenaries there are then more nobody is known, but is already noticeable to the eye Barry pepper, Scott Caan, Jake busey, Gabriel Byrne, Jamie Kennedy and Jack black, the charismatic Tom Sizemore plays a fat-cat mafia, and Apple men's eyes is an exotic beauty with Lisa Bonet in the role of a girl-informant. But the antagonists here don't seem clichéd villains, and seem like a pragmatic professionals with cold impartiality perform their work and accordingly it is not cause banal hostility characteristic of the belts of this kind of the genre.

The tandem of experiencing then inspired producer Jerry Bruckheimer, responsible for such hits as top gun, Bad boys, "Rock", con Air and no less talented than older brother Ridley, Tony Scott, joining forces, took to mount a vigorous, dynamic, a main — intelligent in its advanced relevance spectacle. In fact "the movie last night Scott" in light available form displays the fears of the public today. Then, in the late 90s, this film was perceived not otherwise a terrible technological tale, today — it is almost a reality. Bugs, cameras, Fax machines, telephones, satellites, email, Internet — here in the course is everything to find, stalk, defame or simply to destroy a man (prophetic note is the date of birth of the main antagonist in the performance of Jon Voight — September 11, 1940). Delight also we, the Europeans, only serves the idea that is seen is a reflection of likely the situation, most likely, only in States where after the tragedy of 11 September natural increase control over widespread supervision and compliance with national security. It is in US as nor any other country, developed computerization and to human benefits and needs of technology may one day turn against society. Than more often the person uses the technology, the more vulnerable it becomes the government and already there until total control is not far. In essence it turns out that the film Scott — this movie is American and removed it for Americans. But not cancels the other, the essence is important for of the questions raised in the final picture of Larry king: how to draw the line between caring for security and compliance with civil rights? the Fight against terrorism nor under any circumstances have to cross the beyond which are granted and guaranteed to everyone in the democratic state of law, in particular — right to privacy. After all, we all know where the road paved with good intentions full.

How much has Enemy of the State made?
Commercial tv-show fees worldwide today are Cumulative Worldwide $250,849,789.
How much did it cost to make Enemy of the State?
According to various sources, the cost of producing the tv-show was at least $90,000,000.
Who is the director of the movie Enemy of the State?
This tv-show was directed by Tony Scott.
What is the genre of Enemy of the State?
The tv-show belongs to the genres of Action, Thriller.
Who starred in Enemy of the State?
Many famous actors starred in this tv-show, here are the names of the most famous: Will Smith, Gene Hackman, Jon Voight, Lisa Bonet, Regina King.
What is Enemy of the State IMDB Ranking?
At the moment, the rating is 7.3.
When was Enemy of the State released?
The start date for this tv-show on USA TV is 1998-11-20.