El Camino: A Breaking Bad Movie

Jesse Pinkman got away from the neo-Nazis. Not knowing where to go, he is hiding from the police, the kidnappers and the past. Now he needs to understand how to live further.

  • Vince Gilligan

Release Date: 2019-10-11
IMDb icon 7.4/10
  • Country: US
  • Language: English
Anastassia Minette
14 October 2019 | 01:59

Start with that from Netflix I didn't expect anything. Let's be honest, this is another attempt to milk the cow once successful, so after seeing the movie, I looked only respect to the series and the warm rays of nostalgia, which wished to receive.

It turned out, how strange, not too bad. Sucked, literally from the finger, the plot keeps in suspense until the end, then again clear that love for the first product or in this finger was really not so bad plot? Some say that it's more of a long series of original full movie. I this is not agree, have it is an important reference than crutches, on which the movie rests.

The actors are enough to make it wasn't nasty, but what, stars the sky is not enough, but and "Yes, I love you" here. There is, however, little claim to Aaron sex, why is it after this incarceration all so as full, as and was? Still stress clearly "power over time" should be.

Summary — is that can not see, however, if you still, you you it from it's disgusting because it's a pretty average product, which did not apply for a masterpiece, remember it PR Netflix, there is a worthy end of the series, one of the best endings of the series in General, everything else is done solely with the purpose of Commerce, after all, loud the name you can gather a good cream. So you that the film is not complete rubbish. It is important.

Farand Supen
21 January 2020 | 09:17

I think that every fan of the show was looking for a picture, fortunately the wait was not long.

"El Camino: A Breaking Bad Movie" — a great continuation of the cult series, unfolding in a few moments after the original ending.

This film is dedicated to one of the most memorable characters on TV — Jesse Pinkman —  the"co-founder" Mr. no drug Empire of Heisenberg.

The plot of seeking the salvation of the former offender is not unusual, as and method of the narrative, but I think these techniques fit well in the context of this extension.

The work of Vince Gilligan nepobedim filled with a sense of alienation. Jessie very rarely appears in the center of the frame, and also rarely a particularly tense his face fully out from behind cover that helps the viewer better understand the sense of isolation of the protagonist. The character Aaron Paul was strong after the events of the last season after all hell in the thrall of the neo-Nazis, now he has nothing to lose, and he is ready to do everything towards a better life.

The city, in which Jesse is forced to seek refuge, have not like the Albuquerque, to which viewers are accustomed in the series. "Full" Albuquerque is empty without of Heisenberg, in it is no longer the vengeance full of life, but it perfectly complements the oppressive atmosphere of helplessness. Now it is just a depressed city is a prison for the main character in the border with Mexico.

You can see how 6 years has increased the skills of the team, the quality of shooting and the ability of the Director and operator to build the scene on the picture became even more pleasant to look at.

Well, we have to mention a pleasant sense of nostalgia, warming the souls of the fans of the very first seconds. It is impossible to convey on paper the feelings that I felt at monitoring adventures which I am native Jesse LAST.

And Yes, I hope that this is the final story; it is I ended exactly how it should have been. Fans can be glad that Jesse found his salvation, and his character is forever entered in history of filmmaking and the hearts of fans of the series.

Of 9 10

Myranda Madelene
11 October 2019 | 06:15

Mankind is divided on two categories. Those who worship series "At all serious", calling it one of best works by TV. And those who thinks the story is no drug Empire Walter white is overrated and wildly prolonged. Objectively, among the 62 series is sleepy and boring. But they pale in comparison to the backdrop of global conflict and the incredible chemistry between the main characters. For five seasons, the characters are changed to recognition, and the ending makes you scream and cry tears of joy. "In all serious" — this is a perfect example of the series, as minimum of the point of view of the script. The announcement continued, as and most cases caused double feelings. With one hand, delight and ecstasy, because it is the same characters, but still Vince Gilligan in the Director's chair. With the other, an original story reinforced concrete is finished, and any changes can screw up the franchise (full of such examples). "El Camino" ("the Way" on Russian) is teetering on the brink and leaves mixed feelings after viewing.

With the technical side of it still "all serious". The author's writing of Vince Gilligan recognized without work. The position of the frame, camera angles, music and color palette create a time machine that sends to six years ago. The overall quality was noticeably better, so it seems, if you look pumped version of a familiar series. No change cost, but they are extremely organically woven into the General process. Easy nostalgia is not leave on for two hours and such is rare.

In one of an interview with Vince Gilligan mentioned that "El Camino" can be viewed in apart from the original. It really, the story is independent, but without the source, the viewer risks losing the lion's share of fun. Have no emotional attachment inherent in fans of the series. Therefore, the Council — first, Walter white, and then Jesse Pinkman. This film revolves around the heroes of old, a new are the extras. Not spoil your impression. By the way, references are not many, but they make you smile.

After viewing there is a feeling of bewilderment. It is hard to say if the feature-length continuation. The main problem of the film lies in the words of Gilligan. He wanted to understand all of this has played a cruel joke. Those who have not seen the show, blames "El Camino" in the superficiality and lengthy. Because the plot could be summarized in two sentences. On the background of the maelstrom of events of the original looks ridiculous. Army of fans, however, are not receive proper satisfaction. Want to see more old places, familiar characters (at least in passing), in the end, more of the story. Seriously, I feel like Vince isn't know that say didn't want to do "picture for their". The pace of the narrative tends to series "Better call Saul!", rather than to "all serious". Strange decision.

"El Camino" cannot be called a failure. But and an incredible finale that shed light on familiar events, too. The picture starts cheerfully, but after marking. The ending rewards the good sadly, but its openness akin to the series. We spend another two hours with Jesse, but and know about it is nothing new. The question is: "do we Need this film? Will perception of the source after it safe?" To unfortunately not. Vince Gilligan created a long epilogue, which quietly fit in the format of the time series. Remember the prologue of the first episode of "Better call Saul"? "The way" gives similar emotions. We are returned in Albuquerque, but there was empty.

6.5 out of 10

Who is the director of the movie El Camino: A Breaking Bad Movie?
This tv-show was directed by Vince Gilligan.
What is the genre of El Camino: A Breaking Bad Movie?
The tv-show belongs to the genres of Action, Crime, Drama, Best movies 2019.
Who starred in El Camino: A Breaking Bad Movie?
Many famous actors starred in this tv-show, here are the names of the most famous: Aaron Paul, Jonathan Banks, Matt Jones, Charles Baker, Todd Terry.
What is El Camino: A Breaking Bad Movie IMDB Ranking?
At the moment, the rating is 7.4.
When was El Camino: A Breaking Bad Movie released?
The start date for this tv-show on USA TV is 2019-10-11.