Eighth Grade

The story of Kayla's day — eighth-grade girl, who is YouTube channel about confidence and self-esteem, it helps her to cope with puberty.

  • Bo Burnham

Release Date: 2018-08-03
IMDb icon 7.4/10
  • Country: US
  • Language: English
Leta Florie
24 March 2019 | 11:30

"Eighth grade" as is no corny — about the difficult life of a teenager. After graduating from high school and preparing to enroll in a senior, Kayla has about this the most contradictory emotions. As and many other, in General. School for her,  & exist — a constant stress. She plump a few spotty among classmates, the reputation of a demure, lives entirely without friends and one father — in combined with a thousand other little things can make the life of the student intolerable. All that we saw once, movie such a synopsis barely is bound to attract us. However, there is in him a wonderful and unvarnished sincerity with which the Director Bo Burnham introduces his character to the viewer.

Kyle — from the generation where already despise Facebook, but actively use Instagram. Headphones, telephone and Mac — here is her loyal friends, providing the girl a disservice. So confident in the network, leading even his own video blog, where gives advice, it cannot be alive and natural out there, "outside", pamira from horror of shame every time is in the unusual situation. As and all the youth of today, Kayla saucy — but only the comfort zone, full of reflections — but only alone, which neither in anything other than a simple "Yes", "type" and"cool" flow of feelings not result. Director with a painful and disappointing truth shows us the reality. The one where the ability to establish contact and to be yourself is becoming less attainable. But even brutally simplified communication, ignorance of itself, and around the world leave a place of empathy and sincerity. With regard to the characters of the Burnham — almost inevitable.

Touching and ridiculous love of the father, attempts to be cute, fun and all, wanting to have a normal and happy life for themselves, the constant change of anxieties, fears, to the death of the embarrassing circumstances — all served as is. The Director does not flirts with us paints a picture of idealized existence, young people — free and immediate. School here is not like which you spend the best days of their lives. Modern romance, friendship — samples of something so the poor, awkward and forced that I want to turn them for truth is not recognize. But it it is, in all its glory. Disarmingly imperfect and obvious — and relaxed. The question is that do it — the task for the film is more serious and by Burnham't put.

6 from 10

Roseanne Basilius
21 December 2018 | 07:35

I love movies about growing has revised their lot.

This film is realistic, and so watch it difficult. Someone in the reviews wrote that it is cozy, but not so. Music in the film is almost there, heard every sound of chewing food, visible zits close-up, crumpled it and fuzzy, the character says and thinks at the same time, the picture is not decorative — a normal life.

Many shy people will see the shy heroine yourself, remember eighth grade, but it's bad memories. Vulnerability Kayla feel inside, it is a great pity, and rejoice, when there is at least some harmony. I watch movies growing up due to hopes for a future feeling that whole life ahead of you. It is also in this movie, but only the end. But still need to tide you over.

5 from 10

Andy Eydie
24 October 2019 | 03:51

This review is not be marked as positive or negative, because the film left mixed feelings.

Kayla — unsure yourself vosmiklasnitsa 13 years, which has its channel on YouTube dreaming of that in high school, her life will certainly change. The reality of her scary, so much easier to hide in headphones, laptop and social networks. It is worth noting that Elsie Fisher, the actress chosen for the role of the protagonist, just amazing blended in the film. Almost immediately her character inspires confidence and empathy. To the word, once we are talking about the positive traits of this picture, editing, dialogue and acting is also good. What is not enough in this film?

As we know, among the other elements the plot contains in itself the complication and the climax. And it was the culmination on my opinion, was emotionally Dorata. The whole movie seemed to consist of one large disclosure of the plot at times turns into a kind of climax, but not her. Yes, there was a conflict. Yes, there was an emotional outburst character after him. But may not enough of the hyperbole, so this emotional outburst was almost past.

The film is certainly worthy of viewing and deserves a good rating, but if you want to watch something else from the "teen movies", then I advise you to pay attention to "Almost seventeen." And then compare the emotionality of these two films.

Who is the director of the movie Eighth Grade?
This tv-show was directed by Bo Burnham.
What is the genre of Eighth Grade?
The tv-show belongs to the genres of Comedy, Drama, Best movies 2018, Best Comedy Movies 2018, Best Drama Movies 2018.
Who starred in Eighth Grade?
Many famous actors starred in this tv-show, here are the names of the most famous: Elsie Fisher, Josh Hamilton, Emily Robinson, Jake Ryan, Daniel Zolghadri.
What is Eighth Grade IMDB Ranking?
At the moment, the rating is 7.4.
When was Eighth Grade released?
The start date for this tv-show on USA TV is 2018-08-03.