Earthquake Bird

Tokyo, 1989. A few years ago, closed and lonely Lucy, fleeing from family problems, moved to Japan, where she now works as a translator. When in Tokyo Bay finds a woman's hand, the girl becomes a suspect in the alleged murder of his missing friend and compatriot Lily. The police interview Lucy tells how one day on the street she met an attractive photographer Taiji, and as Expat friend brought her to a Lily, so unlike herself, and as continued friendship between the two opposites.

  • Wash Westmoreland

Release Date: 2019-11-15
IMDb icon 5.9/10
  • Country: JP, GB, US
  • Language: English | Japanese
Idelle Boylston
10 December 2019 | 07:19

1989. An immigrant from Sweden Lucy flea, five years and two months living in Japan, is suspected in the murder of his Caucasian girlfriend Lily bridges. Excellent knowledge of the language captivates the attention of two stubborn cops, and now, rare visitors country sentimentality, they are ready to drop everything cause, only to listen to would be a strange story about a love triangle and congenital curse. Maybe Japanese intrigue "Birds of the earthquake" sounds exciting, only told in manner cheap neo-Noir by Director indefinite Wash Westmincom, it is losing its budget — Oscar winner, Ridley Scott in as a producer, granddaughter of Elvis Presley, an exact copy of her mother, and Japan neon burst as a soap bubbles in the absence of the main person to set — cool Director willing to risk everything for the sake of cinema. After watching "the earthquake Bird" wash Williams may be entered only in the rows of dull concomitenta who stole my time and the main hope to enjoy a masterpiece, do without loud statements, it is certainly a charming film, able to captivate the attention on for one hour and forty seven minutes.

Not what happened? With the text of Susanna Jones I do not know, but the impression is that the Director is too straightforward, despite the ragged flashbacks and reference to severe childhood heroine. It is clear that  "the earthquake Bird" the Central figure is a Alicia Vikander, but can you single-handedly create an exciting story? Heroes Riley Keogh and Naoki Kobayashi for a queue drop out of the storylines — first too late in it appears that it seems very strange, because it's what I think the Tokyo Laura Palmer, and the second shows not the highest class of acting, he seems to hard English-speaking atmosphere, it looks more uptight than making a mysterious and alarming impression, and as with Riley, but is closer to end, the film is the moment when the existence of its hero forget. With out of sight, out mind — is on them, the odd couple Riley and Naoko. All the triangle broke up, I realized wash Williams of Westmorland failed schemer that then we — Japan Alicia.

Start with the second. Alicia Vikander time to write a book for the younger starlets on that way to Oscar lying across the bed. She one of the most untalented and overrated Actresses of the new century. Not know anyone media sad face, but don't me. In annotations the film the heroine is described as a closed loner, God, I saw seven movies with her participation and judging by the example person, all his most popular paintings, it plays a morose and unsociable personality. Imagine how the producers read the fresh unfinished scripts, and bumping into lonely closed girl involved in a Frank bed scene, unreservedly declare — we need Vikander. As the actress and she watch on a partner or under him, and here to play love, passion, sympathy or confusion the same eyes of her under force. To show emotions it starts a desperate to use the whole range sharp, clumsy antics. In 31 she looks insincere child whose even the most common reactions seem fake. In situations where I have to sympathize with her character in "the earthquake Bird", I over the laugh. Accident colleague a string Quartet, an attempt to break into dance to win the attention of the guy liberated heroine Riley Keogh — her emotions are so ridiculous in these scenes that they look really treshovye.

The only pluses of the film can be called an interesting idea with photographs, consistently telling stories about girls, a cool soundtrack and presentation of authentic rock band, and beautiful cinematography — views the Fuji is really exciting, it is static the only want to take with a memory.

Sorcha Philippe
19 November 2019 | 09:34

So we have another new from NETFLIX released 15 Nov. The movie "earthquake Precursor" is a screen adaptation of the book by Suzanne Jones. If I am not mistaken, that the book was published in limited edition. What it is noteworthy, Suzanne herself lived in Japan for some time. Therefore, the surroundings, the culture and the spirit of the rising sun, passed in books the most plausible. Did the film's a wash Williams Westmorland to move all of this on the screen?

Plot on first glance quite simple. The events take place in 1989 Tokyo. A few years ago closed the Briton Lucy (Alicia Vikander) has moved in Japan, where got the work of the translator. Local police found in Tokyo Bay woman's hand, Lucy is suspected in the alleged murder of his missing friend and compatriot Lily (Riley Keogh). But before met a photographer Taiji and between them began a relationship. Lucy asked for the acquaintance with her new boyfriend and it is not Bode well for all three.

When it comes to demonstrate their dedication to roles, actors, as you know, gain weight, go to the gym, shave their heads and even pull a tooth. But it shows signs of physical commitment. It is much harder to learn a foreign language — or fake it well enough so the audience doesn't noticed the difference. "Death will follow me", — says one Vikander, creating a line on a completely convincing Japanese.

Westmoreland is coming to project same respect the custom in Japan, as and Jones, although only some of her ideas penetrates into the film. The writer can explain social differences that finds its main character in as viewers of the movie required a more practical kind of attention to using surveillance to catch some unspoken nuances. Such as Lucy is his pinning the yukata, how she manages to look seductive when she is eating noodles or embarrassed to go to three steps behind her boyfriend.

Vikander did a great for his role, showing the maximum of your character introverted and unsociable. And Naoki Kobayashi — large opening, dancer J-pop, model and choreographer, debuting here on the English language (the film is a mix of English and Japanese dialogue).

The source focused on local delicacies, and compared to the rare bird, which can only be heard after shocks of the earthquake that is happening in Tokyo, but the song mixed with the sound of a car alarm. The metaphor does not quite match the book written by her, although it provides a poetic sensibility that the film aims to cover and that means it is better suited to patient spectators and those sincerely interested in Japan.

Lisha Arondel
19 November 2019 | 10:12

If you're "gaijin" in Japan, you — special: I think it can formulate the main implication of "the Harbinger of the earthquake." The cinematic experience and the atmosphere of the film recreate what using pop culture to us, the audience, the European, gently say — de facto, Japan has become the backdrop for projects on the people who feel the world otherwise. From "Tokyo drift" up to"translation Difficulties": Land of the Rising Sun is often depicted as a place where  the"gaijin" can go beyond the comfort zone. Many of these films, to be honest, not contain nothing but the atmosphere of Japan (the form, which imagine Europeans), and the distance between the country and outsiders are not always served in the right way. "Forerunner" is no exception was. Although the film may be too confusing (in a good sense) and is an example of a psychosexual Thriller, the concept is still a little lost when browsing.

Lucy flay lives in Japan of the late ' 80s and, of course, stands out. This the tough girl living in Japan more than five years, speaks quite freely and works as a translator. Once Lucy is taken to a police station and interrogated her friend-an American is missing. Begins a story that unfolds in reverse chronological order. Roots grow from Taxi — an attractive young photographer who started to twist romances with harsh foreigner.

The most convincing scenes are the mysterious Japanese landscapes and moments, lifts the veil on this foreign country. Lucy dresses up in a kimono and plays the three Japanese women, goes to mount Fuji, or found a friend night. Some of these scenes challenge the viewer's consciousness, its expectations. Character really helps to associate themselves with her thus, it builds a relationship of trust with the viewer: the reality of the streets of Tokyo passed well.

The main strength of any Thriller is that even the most incredible plot twists and ill-conceived weaknesses in the ins and outs of the characters seem believable. With"Harbinger" as it is not so. The characters here too wooden, and dialogs — difficult for perception. Despite the presence of minimum sexual chemistry between the main characters, the erotic component is also not particularly thought out. At some point, "the Harbinger" impudent so that allows the most significant events of the film occur at the scenes!

At the implementation level, "Predvestnik" — polished empty. The action takes place in mostly dark autumn color palette, appropriate to the mood of film Noir. The operator worked systematically control the list of attractions of Japan: from mount Fuji to the Tokyo tower; from kimono to -karaoke bars. Perhaps japanophile there will be food from the excitement, but because of its special atmosphere (which is supported in particular, soundtrack from Atticus Ross) this is not like to all. The actors also got a stream: Wicander, according to everything, really learned Japanese, although than Riley Keogh  & Naoki Kobayashi it too much peretyagivaet attention to himself. For her character was important to be organic, and she still out I climbed to show mental anguish.

To be honest, "a Harbinger of the earthquake" — the film is not for everyone. Generally, because of realization, the film is quite possible to call some homegrown production: it here everything is too pretentious, but this looks cheap. Nice shot, but totally inert "Harbinger" is wasting its full potential: a psychosexual Thriller has too low an energy level, which is probably inexcusable to have such a prominent representative of the genre.

5.5 of 10

Who is the director of the movie Earthquake Bird?
This tv-show was directed by Wash Westmoreland.
What is the genre of Earthquake Bird?
The tv-show belongs to the genres of Crime, Drama, Mystery.
Who starred in Earthquake Bird?
Many famous actors starred in this tv-show, here are the names of the most famous: Alicia Vikander, Kiki Sukezane, Kenichi Masuda, Chiaki Kawamo, Ken Yamamura.
What is Earthquake Bird IMDB Ranking?
At the moment, the rating is 5.9.
When was Earthquake Bird released?
The start date for this tv-show on USA TV is 2019-11-15.