DuckTales the Movie: Treasure of the Lost Lamp

Hop on a camel grab a map and get ready for a thrilling fun adventure with your favorite feathered friends, Scrooge McDuck, Huey, Dewey, Louie and Webbigail Vanderquack! Join the team ducktales crossing the Egyptian desert in a fearless search for the legendary treasure of Collie Baba. The exciting moments will haunt the main characters every step of the way, as you get closer to the fabulous treasure, and the evil magician Merlock will go along. But the brave duck and could not assume that together with treasures find a magic lamp with a real Genie to grant wishes! Filled with fun, adventure and beloved characters, the movie "ducktales: the precious lamp" — a true classic from Disney, where you will enjoy Your whole family!

  • Bob Hathcock

Release Date: 1990-08-03
IMDb icon 6.9/10
  • Country: FR, US
  • Language: English
  • Revenue: Cumulative Worldwide $18,115,724
Stormi Mehala
26 April 2014 | 07:29

"Ducktales: the precious lamp" — family adventure Comedy cartoon 1990, and is another highlight and a small masterpiece of Disney. Cartoon this wonderful: kind, positive, bright and interesting. It can be recommended to view any child. I watched this cartoon twenty years ago is now revised, and enjoy watching, because it is a Disney animated work takes us in the carefree childhood.

We see Scrooge McDuck and his ducklings at the Webby. They went to treasure they got the magic lamp, in which the hidden gene. With this incredible discovery, they hadn't know that a lamp for many centuries to hunt the evil sorcerer, who will go to her back. We see them a fun adventure, and the cartoon takes us in the world of magic and miracles. This fantasy brings a smile and only positive emotions. Cartoon was made qualitatively and dignity, I personally to view it my children's audience, so and adult. In all well, ranging from the history, the fun characters and catchy music. As I remember this cartoon, song from him in success.

Thanks to disney for another beautiful and wonderful cartoon!

Of 9 10

Joline Beitch
27 August 2011 | 05:09

The animated series "Duck tales" for me is one of the most loved cartoon serials of the childhood, along with such wonderful creations as "Chip and Dale rush to help", "Black cloak", "the adventures of Winnie the Pooh, the little Mermaid Ariel" and"gummi Bears". These small masterpieces is certainly decorated with the days and give us a lot of heat. In the moment they are itself, tiny pieces of the era of the 90s, without which wonderful decade seems just impossible. Some twenty years ago TV have had full various now — adults gusto was expecting another series Mexican series in order to enjoy the love Affairs of the rich, which was crying too, but we are children literally longed for the weekend to experience in another episode of "ducktales" and "Chip and Dale", which takes us world in miracles and fantasies. In the time, these the cartoons were shown exclusively at the output it's hard to convey in words the long wait. Now with such nostalgia I recall summer holidays from grandmother, when an exciting game in the courtyard friends 18:00 sharply interrupted, for the kids ran by home to your TV to the next day to discuss the next seen the series, according to the grounds of which a little later, the little punks will come up with the new one for a game. These memories me too expensive — yeah, what I say — they are priceless, especially in the current routine of life with its constant problems, worries and gray weekdays. And great, that there is a possibility at least occasionally to return to an hour and a half crowd times watching a favorite cartoon with characters that were and remain infinitely family.

In this review we will focus on a full-length animated film "ducktales: the precious lamp", which started in 1990-m to year on the success of the original television series. This tape was for me huge surprise, — a real treasure if you want, because I know about her existence recently. Of course, seeing the colorful poster with your favorite characters, I can not could not to purchase this cartoon on DVD take a little excursion into the child she the warmth lost in a great a bit of sad nostalgia. And know — my journey for more than managed — adorable duck in the feature-length format look so amazing how and short episodes. However, despite the full-length, cartoon looks like stretched on hours tail 20-minute series of the famous series. It is not much catches the eye, because plot the painting invented in the best traditions of the original and because for all viewing entertainment not necessary. Funny jokes, funny situations and adventures of our heroes is quite fun and interesting. Commendable and that in the film, in addition to colorful duck entourage and childishly cute story, there are so well and exciting action scenes in atmospheric-painted locations — this gives the cartoon a little bit of the dynamics and allows only nostalgia at the time of viewing, but covers great interest to observe the events.

The beginning of the cartoon and is open to us in the best traditions of adventure movies. Uncle Scrooge and his nephews touching roam the desert in search of the mysterious pyramid, which is fraught with a treasure of Collie Baba. Accidentally discovered a building our heroes get to the cherished treasure even not knowing that they are pursued by the evil sorcerer Merlock, who also covets the hidden wealth. Drove the ducks in the trap, Merlock steals the treasure leaving the poor fellows on the mercy of huge crabs — finally, he found that have been looking for! No, not gold coins and rubies Women are attracted to the thief, and more powerful — magic lamp which is located inside a gene could fulfill any desire. But trouble — Merlok not finds light amongst the piles of gold and understand that this thing got into the hands of those whom he so ruthlessly left in the dungeon. And this time, Scrooge and his nephews with grief in half out of the prison go to your native Ginsburg, — going to your favorite money, and the guys the usual games in a large mansion. There, darling webbigail have begged uncle's Golden lamp for the games tea party, let the outside of the Wishmaster. Hence, that "ducktales", which again will give the audience a lot of bright and exciting adventures.

In General, what is happening on the screen very much gives the television format and today, it is difficult to imagine a similar picture on the big screens. The plot is quite naive and have the taste is probably the smallest audience, and animation on the current standards, quite simple and unpretentious. But my opinion that hides all the beauty of "ducktales". Despite that compared to today's cartoons famous studios that have scored a clear focus on the broadest possible audience, "Covenant light" spectacle in mainly purely for children, — tape is still a memorable and infinitely dear. After all, it carries a whole era, for someone is the most warm, bright and light life time. Hand drawn animation of the 90s and today is able to captivate children with its bright and creativity — Yes, the backgrounds in her are designed and detailed as modern cartoons, — but how beautiful all drawn! In the picture is wonderful recreations of the fictional town Catsburg where is a Bank filled with Scrooge's money and gold, where he loves to swim jumping from the high jump, duck stunning mansion with huge rooms and hallways, forever green Park children all sorts of slides and the railroads and finally the stunning scenery of the desert, which is a huge pyramid with dangerous traps, monsters, well and of course, treasure.

PS Seemed more yesterday, "ducktales" was an integral part of a small child's life, and today — it's a nice nostalgia gone somewhere very far away. Accidentally finding "the precious lamp", I like found the little boxes with a treasure, which was very appreciated and once firmly buried in his memory. For someone's just a cartoon, and someone — a fascinating journey into the magic world of childhood!..

8 from 10

Jacqueline Eckblad
04 January 2013 | 05:20

To be honest, was surprised to see so few reviews on such a wonderful cartoon, he deserves more! The full-length version of our your favorite of childhood "Duck tales", I think, met the expectations of many. Yes what really there are many — most! Because the movies come out either almost worse than the original. Not at all. Because all was the original story: stunning animation, great drawing scenery, great music, kids, a bit naive, but not without its zest story. For our adventures with you friends ducklings just interesting to see not is those moments that at the time of viewing someone got bored! Because this cartoon truly have to be quite interesting and masterpiece of the animation of Walt Disney!

In conclusion, I can say that a cartoon you can review and revise infinitely many times, so as all those same "ducktales", but only the full movies she is one, but but what! View all not recommend to skip this creation!

10 of 10

How much has DuckTales the Movie: Treasure of the Lost Lamp made?
Commercial tv-show fees worldwide today are Cumulative Worldwide $18,115,724.
Who is the director of the movie DuckTales the Movie: Treasure of the Lost Lamp?
This tv-show was directed by Bob Hathcock.
What is the genre of DuckTales the Movie: Treasure of the Lost Lamp?
The tv-show belongs to the genres of Adventure, Comedy, Animation.
Who starred in DuckTales the Movie: Treasure of the Lost Lamp?
Many famous actors starred in this tv-show, here are the names of the most famous: Alan Young, Terence McGovern, Russi Taylor, Richard Libertini, Christopher Lloyd.
What is DuckTales the Movie: Treasure of the Lost Lamp IMDB Ranking?
At the moment, the rating is 6.9.
When was DuckTales the Movie: Treasure of the Lost Lamp released?
The start date for this tv-show on USA TV is 1990-08-03.